Lost instructions and the images I've found online aren't the clearest. Are these correct? Or does it even matter? Thanks, y'all!

2022.01.28 02:19 tubsonabike Lost instructions and the images I've found online aren't the clearest. Are these correct? Or does it even matter? Thanks, y'all!

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2022.01.28 02:19 Groovy_Grav_ Anyone else have a odd number of gems

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2022.01.28 02:19 bromclist Real cost of living App

How about gathering data from every popular city (for retirement/early retirement) in India and post the average price of veggies groceries, Any other (like public transport) price for X kms (x could be 2 - 10 kms radius ) Weather (temperature) and posting it in a common place
What will it get us? - Approx basic Monthly expenditure per city - Cost of living graph over a period of time (true inflation). - Helps individuals decide on the best city to FIRE based on lot of true data.
How to do it - Prepare a list of essential veggies and fruits and groceries - Circulate it and look it up online on delivery Apps and record the prices and upload it to the central repository. (do not actually make the purchase he he ) :) - Weather graph may be easier and may be readily available
Just a thought folks. I might as well do this as a full time hobby (of collecting relevant data) Feedback / possible / not possible / ?
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2022.01.28 02:19 thisusernametaken11 Messican is walgin so many dudes bag to their truggs this weekend in Vegas.

# payback time
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2022.01.28 02:19 Phoenix_lady Navigating through my bi sexuality

Hey everyone. I’ve been in communication with husband about my sexuality for some time now. We have a healthy marriage. Last year I had strong urges to begin expressing myself as a bi sexual woman. I really want a female partner that would accept my marriage and only have a relationship with me. I know I know that’s a lot too ask for because I will be shared by two people: I don’t want this person to be sexually intimate with my husband but to see him more as a friend. Im seeing a therapist to help me navigate through this chapter. Anyone else going through the same thing? I live in the Central Valley so this topic is way taboo here.
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2022.01.28 02:19 weirdironthrowaway 🎡 Theme park scares 🎡

My Scooby Doo-heavy childhood left me with a predilection for scary stories set in and around amusement parks and I thought this was far and away the best place to find more!
I’ve read and enjoyed Something Wicked This Way Comes and It, and Fantasticland is on my holds list.
Doesn’t have to necessarily be straight horror—mysteries, thrillers, and plain ol’ contemporary lit with vaguely uneasy overtones all work for me
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2022.01.28 02:19 TheDarkSkinProphet Would anyone be able to help me figure out why YUZU 2440 wont run on my computer? My specs and settings down below!

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2022.01.28 02:19 GrenobleLyon EDF : un géant sous tension - Complément d'enquête - France 2 TV

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2022.01.28 02:19 motty0109 their new favorite thing is to chew down literally everything lol. time to order metal clips

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2022.01.28 02:19 mihir_48 Nice project

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2022.01.28 02:19 PhotoKaz F-150 or Tundra?

I'm currently in a Tacoma and it will be a few years before I can get into one of the electric pickups (Cybertruck or R1T, but that is not the point of this post). I want to tow about 6500 lbs. and my Taco just can't do it. I have talked to a few friends and they recommended an F-150 and right now I'm thinking of a 2018/2019 crew cab, short box, 4WD model with the 10-speed auto and either the 3.5L Ecoboost V6 or the 5.0L V8. Probably XLT or Lariat trim, don't really need the fancy options at the top.
However, I wouldn't mind comparing a similar Tundra (I do like Toyota) but don't know much about the changes over the years (like the Ford 10-speed coming in late 2017). Is there a good engine/transimission/trim combo that would compete directly with the F150? Similar towing performance? Reliability? Price?
Thanks for any insights.
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2022.01.28 02:19 lss_mobile_mod_10 ddd

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2022.01.28 02:19 Cats_have_teats Limerence group chat

I hosted a group chat which I recently left for some headspace. I have just been messaged to ask where it has gone. I'm so sorry I didn't know leaving would end the group. I have set up a new one and I won't end it this time by leaving now I know!
Please use this link if you would like to join: https://s.reddit.com/c/18ed4kmq94048
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2022.01.28 02:19 zorosbiggestfan trading/selling these items, if ur offering diamonds then nyp

the ones with a red x are nft
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2022.01.28 02:19 JuneRunner11 The Worst SHOW EVER- THE MR QUARTER SHOW!!!

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2022.01.28 02:19 screamxqueen_ I want to ask someone out but I have autism

I'm 16, female, and I have autism. A guy and I have been flirting back and forth for a while and I really like him. He's one of the only guys I've met in a long time who's supportive of my differences and for the first time in a while I have good self esteem.
I want to ask him out but I have no clue how to do that. I'm very awkward (which most people are in that situation) and I don't know how to let him know special he is to me.
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2022.01.28 02:19 Call_Mindless Gf talked about me to our friend and she won’t tell me what it’s about

She talked about me and she said that I don’t have to know what she said
But I said it’s about me and it’s upsetting. She said well you make reddit posts about me and I don’t like that so she thinks it’s okay To shit talk about me
I asked the friend what she said I’m waiting for a reply
My gf is at work and I highly doubt she will even talk about what she Said
She feels like she doesent have to share even tho it’s about me.
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2022.01.28 02:19 oo_annie Three Rivers, CA

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2022.01.28 02:19 hhjhbbfcx People that carry a slice of balogne between their ass cheeks for an entire day, how do you prevent your cheeks from getting tired and losing the meat?

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2022.01.28 02:19 riptothafallen Rest up🙏🏾🕊

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2022.01.28 02:19 ShortAlgo $MSFT Waiting for buy signal https://t.co/cHOF4Va7br https://t.co/j3lVcKhhoU

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2022.01.28 02:19 MegaTron10000 Just going to drop this analogy of what getting sober is like from Clare Pooley’s book “The Sober Diaries”

From Clare Pooley’s book “The Sober Diaries”
“I read loads of sober blogs, and I get hundreds of e-mails and comments from readers of Mummy was a Secret Drinker.
The ones that really make me want to cry, and yell in frustration, are the ones written by people who do the first few days over and over and over again.
They do four days sober, then back to day one. They manage ten days next time, then go on a bender. Three days. Four days again. Ad infinitum.
I get it! I really do. I've been there. We all have. And you do just have to keep persevering until one day it just sticks.
But now, with the benefit of six months of hindsight, I just want to grab them in a big bear hug and yell "Nooooo! You're doing the hardest part over and over, without ever making it to the good bits!"
And the problem is, the longer you spend wallowing around in those early dark days of despair, the more you manage to re-enforce the idea in your subconscious that that's what sobriety is all about.
So, if that's you, then think about it like this:
Imagine you're standing in a field which you've been in for a long, long time. Initially it was beautiful - filled with wild flowers, friends, sunshine and fluffy bunnies (maybe the bunnies are a bit too much? But, hell, I'm going with it).
But, over time, it's got more and more miserable in your field. There are still some sunny days, but there's an awful lot of rain, and some terrible thunderstorms. You keep thinking the flowers are growing back, but they die before they bloom. The bunnies are few and far between.
Then you start meeting people who tell you about another field, not too far away. They've seen it. Some of them live in it. It's everything your field used to be, if not more so. And they appreciate it so much more because they've seen what your desolate home looks like. They used to live there too.
"Hey, come and live with us!" they tell you. Because they're not mean and selfish. They know that there's plenty of room at their place for everyone, and they genuinely want more friends.
You really, really want to join them. But there's a hitch. There's a huge great obstacle course in the way. You can't see the whole course, only the obstacle directly in front of you. And you can't see the promised land on the other side. You have no idea how big the course is, how long it takes to get through it, or whether you're up to it.
But you know that you can't stay where you are. It's only going to get worse. So you take a leap and throw yourself at the first obstacle....
Initially it's not too hard. You've got bags of energy and enthusiasm. But, after you've been over a twelve foot wall, through a leech infested, waterlogged ditch, and dug under a fence with your bare hands you're exhausted. Fed up. You have no proof that this place even exists. You have no idea if you can ever make it that far, and you're desperate to go back to somewhere familiar, where you're not so tired, and cold and scared....
.....so you go back to your field. And initially it's great to be home. The other people stranded there welcome you back with open arms and tell you that the alternative field doesn't really exist. You're comfortable. You know what you're dealing with. You think you can see the sun coming out and a bunny in the distance....
....but you were fooling yourself. There are no bunnies left any more. The thunderstorms come harder and harder. Eventually you throw yourself at the twelve foot wall again. You brave the leeches again. You dig the tunnel. You make it to the fifth obstacle this time before you go back to the beginning.
You go back because you have no proof. You don't know how long it takes. You don't know if you can do it. You're exhausting yourself by doing those first few obstacles over and over again. It's just too hard.
So, if that's you, then listen to this. Because I do know (as do many people reading this who I'm hoping will back me up in the comments below). I am going to say it really loudly:
The truth is that the hardest bit of the obstacle course is the beginning. So you really don't want to keep re-doing the wall, the leeches and the digging. Once you're through those, the other obstacles get easier, and they're further apart. And you get stronger, and fitter and more able to cope.
One thing to look out for is 'false summits'. Sometimes you think you've got there. You've seen no obstacles for ages, and you think THIS IS IT! Only to be confronted by a whopping great wall. (See my post on Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms).
But by now you know how to scale those suckers. It's no biggie. You almost start to get a sense of achievement from making it to the other side of each one. After all, a field with no challenges at all in it would be a little....flat and featureless.
So, my fellow adventurers, pack up your bags, say goodbye to your field, throw yourself at the obstacles and KEEP ON GOING! Do not look back until you get to the end!”
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2022.01.28 02:19 Draxusdemos ANTON PLZ JUST LET ME PAUSE

Anton please please add a pause feature to take and hold it's so freaking frustrating when you're 10 holds in on an endless run and you run to the bathroom just to get killed by a random patrol
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2022.01.28 02:19 ElektreecK there's still time to start praying

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