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Hard work pays off! Its been a beautiful Friday for me!

2022.01.28 22:42 Mommyof2818 Hard work pays off! Its been a beautiful Friday for me!

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2022.01.28 22:42 hopelesslyhopeless29 My first post - solo skiing

I feel horrible doing this but I’ve been craving blow for ages with the lockdown and all. I don’t have any connection where and haven’t been able to get any. I went out with some gfs last weekend and got drunk and just asked a random guy for some blow and low and behold he was able to hook me up. It was late last weekend 3 am so I didn’t do it last weekend. I thought about the blow sitting in my purse all week and now here I am… did two lines.. while my bf plays video games in the other room. I feel bad but.. my face is so numb… it feels so good!
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2022.01.28 22:42 MarsThron I'm looking for my dad

Hi, my name's Oakley. I use They/Them/Fae/Faer pronouns. My dad left when I was around three, and we lived in the Seattle area. My mom's name is Kelli, her middle name is Amber (I'd rather not include last name). She went to multiple highschools, one was a Christan school and the last one she went to where I'm guessing she met my dad had a Gator as the school mascot, and colours were blue and gold. Her parents names are Dennis and Sherri, and moved to where I now still live from Walla Walla Washington. My mom has two siblings, Rory and Gina. I'm transgender, assigned female at birth - I know my dad wanted to name me Haley, but my mom decided J**** Marie Linn. I now go by Oakley Dennis-Merlin W****y. (Censoring last name and birthname for privacy). I'm now 15, my birthdays 4/14/2006. I do have some pictures of my dad, and I believe his first name might be Robert. He did graffiti art and I also have a drawing he did (dm and I'll send). The house I lived in when he left was red, and we had a orange tabby named Stogie, and I believe our cat Colors was still alive then. My mom was studying to be a nurse, and worked at a fitness place. I'm pretty sure my dad smoked, my mom smoked (nic and weed) and drank around this time. My mom doesn't have a good relationship with her parents, and didn't at this time either. I've been wanting to find my dad for a while, but never got the courage. To be honest I don't think I'll have much luck, and on top of that - even if I did, I don't know if he'd accept me. I'm Gay/Bi, trans, Agender, polyamorous, and Asexual. I'm both physical and mentally disabled, I have full body arthritis and beginning stages of scoliosis, and diagnosed with graves disease when I was 8 - and I have ADHD, bi polar, beginning stages of schizophrenia, phycosis, C-PTSD, OCD, Dyslexia, epilepsy, and possible Autism. If this is you and you happen to read this, just know I'm not mad. I'm not angry. More, confused and upset to think about how bad you and mom's relationship had gotten that you'd leave me with her to get away. I'm upset to not have a answer, and never have a supportive mom or dad - because I know she was the same as she was in highschool, at least similar. If you're someone else just reading this or happen to know me in real life, please don't share this with a shit ton of people who will drag and make fun of me for this. I genuinely just want a conversation with him, cause I'm starting to think he also just didn't want me.
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2022.01.28 22:42 blackjackgabbiani Stores that enforce masks?

Was just at the Albertsons on Baseline and Cornelius Pass and saw three people without their masks, and the manager said that the store won't let them do anything about it. Well, I'm not about to shop at any place that doesn't give a shit about basic safety, so does anyone around here actually enforce the mandate instead of being doormats to douchebags?
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2022.01.28 22:42 SpatialBasilisk Help for my 58 year old father who has NEVER played and RPG

Title explains it all. My dad plays a TON of fps shooters. Apex, Overwatch, COD. Lately he has been growing tired of those games so I bought him The Witcher 3...the growing pains are many. He has been playing a few hours a day and only level 4. His brain simply doesn't understand the concept of a story based game.
Thoughts, tips/tricks for a rookie RPG player would he appreciated.
submitted by SpatialBasilisk to thewitcher3 [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 Clothes_Kindly Most of the Time

Most of the Time submitted by Clothes_Kindly to bobdylan [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 patelster Cheers fellow apes! 💎🙌🏽

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2022.01.28 22:42 cchhaazz NKD SOG Terminus XR - First knife I’ve ever seen with T6 pivot :( and it’s seized

NKD SOG Terminus XR - First knife I’ve ever seen with T6 pivot :( and it’s seized submitted by cchhaazz to BudgetBlades [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 hahalolxddddd [USA-CA] [H] Paypal [W] Right Airpod 1st gen

Hey, I am looking for a right airpod, 1st generation.

So far I have ordered this from 4 people and received:
- A broken right airpod
- a broken left airpod
- a second gen airpod
- a working left airpod

To reiterate, I am looking for a working right airpod, 1st generation
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2022.01.28 22:42 Deinos_Mousike 2012 Macbook Pro 15" won't charge - charging starts and stops repeatedly

The old battery had never been replaced, and it's had a 'please service battery' warning at the top for who knows how long. I also just replaced the battery like 20 minutes ago with a battery from iFixIt. No luck.
I also just ordered a new 85W Magsafe charger. The charger I've been using is a weird off-brand charger I got a few years ago.
I've also reset the PRAM and SMC.
This isn't the first time I've seen this. A few months ago this same thing happened, and the same macbook wouldn't charge. I just waited a few days and tried charging it again and it suddenly worked.
Any ideas? Is the Magsafe charger a red herring? I've upgraded the mac in a few ways (new SSD, upgraded RAM, now a new battery) and would much rather keep using it than spend $2k+ on a new one.
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2022.01.28 22:42 jpthecross Explain « compression » to me

In a previous post some of you talked about Death Magnetic and how it is a good album musically but « compression » makes it hard to listen to for some of you. I am familiar with music and some aspects of production but not sure what you mean by compression when you talk about a recording.
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2022.01.28 22:42 Embarrassed_Corner37 US East Eden on Maintenance?

My friend are playing on the server right now and they don't have a problem. I get an error that the world is under maintenance.
submitted by Embarrassed_Corner37 to newworldgame [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 pinkypigs How to deal with a grudge against my (19) father (50)?

My dad is a great dad in many ways, but my biggest issue with him is his short-temperedness. He is extremely snappy when he’s stressed or busy. For example, he will get mad at me if I so much as make a small noise while he’s in a meeting, if I point out something he’s doing wrong, or I try to speak up about an issue I have with him. He has physically hit me in the past because of this and I feel like I haven’t fully recovered from it.
Believe me, he truly is a great dad in all other aspects and I enjoy most of my time with him. But sometimes, something will just trigger my grudge and I’d feel so bitter against him. He can be reasonable and listen to me sometimes, but I am afraid that if I do bring this issue up with him, that I might get punished instead.
I feel like nothing can get rid of this grudge unless I talk to him, but as I stated, I’m too afraid to. What should I do? Should I talk to my mom or my sister first? A friend? Or should I try taking to my dad directly?
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2022.01.28 22:42 Practical-Animator87 [wanted] early/original GONG albums

Looking for Allen/Hillage era Gong albums. Prefer to make trades but willing to purchase at the right price. I already own Angels Egg so I’m mainly looking to round out the Radio Gnome trilogy.
submitted by Practical-Animator87 to VinylCollectors [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 BadSociologist [H] Custom GI Joe Classified Alpine, Spearhead, and Scrap Iron Figures [W] Paypal

Looking to sell three custom build 1:12 scale GI Joe Classified figures. They are all full poseable and playable, from a smoke free home and include all the accessories shown.
Alpine $50
Spearhead $60
Scrap Iron $50
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2022.01.28 22:42 lyric07 [chat] anyone know where i can get one of these? i love them but only have one and the only ones i can find come from australia and cost 20 just to ship, if they even come at all. anyone got any or know where i could find one?

[chat] anyone know where i can get one of these? i love them but only have one and the only ones i can find come from australia and cost 20 just to ship, if they even come at all. anyone got any or know where i could find one? submitted by lyric07 to CrossStitch [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 cruud123 How am I supposed to beat a guy countering all day?

Now let me say that Im alright as a player and I play on console. Im not the best but I can feint and counter.
I know about kicks and punches and trust me none of this works on this guy.
This guy is on PC and he always does feints but when I want to kick or punch he has his spiderman senses tingling and strikes
And guess what, even spears arms dont work on this guy. I could go with small weapons but he would counter me most and I will lose stamina
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2022.01.28 22:42 Pure-Au Electronic Sounds. (2) Photos

Electronic Sounds. (2) Photos submitted by Pure-Au to beatles [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 lazybandicoot When your mate walks in on you with a prostitute

When your mate walks in on you with a prostitute submitted by lazybandicoot to 2007scape [link] [comments]

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2022.01.28 22:42 napouser question about lights and ups

so i have a quite big base the unfortunately runs at 20fps and i am trying to optimize certain things
one question is lights
i am using alot of them
about 24 per city block for like 10000 city blocks
also each station has indicators that are made from 40 lights with colors changing based on the size of the buffers
that means circuit network that runs and updates those lights constantly at about 500 stations thats about an other 20000 lights
how much of an impact is that in ups?
kinda hard to test it myself since i have to manually remove all them
submitted by napouser to technicalfactorio [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 VioletClover229 Trading my extra heart cheek Violet since my grandma got me her for my birthday and 12” fuzzy Malcolm (tags are in tag binder, so they don’t get damaged.) 💖

Trading my extra heart cheek Violet since my grandma got me her for my birthday and 12” fuzzy Malcolm (tags are in tag binder, so they don’t get damaged.) 💖 submitted by VioletClover229 to BSTsquishmallow [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:42 ScrappyPeepee Tren E “kick” in time

Just out of curiosity when do you guys notice the effects or maybe the side effects letting you know the tren is trenning?
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2022.01.28 22:42 ljwild Swollen 3 week old Industrial piercing, is this normal?

Swollen 3 week old Industrial piercing, is this normal? submitted by ljwild to piercing [link] [comments]