Quin Father of the year KEKW

2022.01.25 01:24 clip_mirror_bot Quin Father of the year KEKW

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2022.01.25 01:24 bruhmoment12343118 Ryzen 5 5600x best overclock?

I am between two options right now for my 5600x, 4750 at 1.32 volts (or 4700 on 1.31 volts, testing stability) or pbo with a negative 15 on the cores with curve optimizer and max boost clock override at 200, the pbo seems to have the voltage WAY higher than I thought was okay, but I’m not sure, would it be better to manually overclock it or let pbo do its thing?
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2022.01.25 01:24 ryryguy_13 Took delivery last month, which was almost perfect. Went on two 600 mile road trips, and have been relying on public charging. I’ve loved every minute of it so far.

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2022.01.25 01:24 SkidrowVet Recommendation needed for new PLA

So many pla types are to choose from. Looking for a spool of red, blue and black. Amazon seems to be a good source what do you folks use? I’m really new at this, Thanks in advance
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2022.01.25 01:24 FrankWilliams514 26 [mf4f] looking for a threesome with my gf

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2022.01.25 01:24 ThreeBlindIce Vote FedReps or Liberals to prevent the rise of fragile commies!

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2022.01.25 01:24 Desperate-Ad-8291 Logos I made

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2022.01.25 01:24 Fun-Youth317 Any advice for someone trying to get an IW pup? I’ve emailed three IWCA breeders to just get on a waitlist and haven’t heard back.

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2022.01.25 01:24 InvalidFiles_ for the better of society… maybe

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2022.01.25 01:24 Giblaz Asuka fanart by me!

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2022.01.25 01:24 t3webb Homage to the precision of check swing decisions…all balls lol

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2022.01.25 01:24 OldGamesOldGuy Hard to see your food when you have squid ink in your eyes. If you enjoy the video and think we are doing a good job consider subscribing. Thanks for watching.

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2022.01.25 01:24 leonpcgames SARUMAN - The Lord of the Rings Cosplay!

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2022.01.25 01:24 Lmaoart Plastic exists in Genshin Impact?

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2022.01.25 01:24 JetPilot- Please stand up / aplaude en mis mañaneras o eres de la mafia del poder

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2022.01.25 01:24 xponentialdesign Jazzy Voronoi Monochrome Motion Pattern | by Xponentialdesign

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2022.01.25 01:24 Sea-Marketing-6935 Friend wants help building fingolfin (sorry if I did this wrong I was sent here)

A video on character if you don't want to read https://youtu.be/xnX2hUEy7XE Abilities: 1.super human speed, strength and resistance (even many leagues above any other elf) and the most skilled of the eldar. 2.Capable of magic probably far stronger than most elves(due to being a second generation elf and exposed to the trees of Valinor which were so powerful they were used to create the most powerful artifacts in their world and so pure they weakened the strongest of the valar and source of evil Morgoth(gods or angels just below the omnipotent God Eru Illuvitar) but we never see much of it. 3. Went into a berserker like rage that made all who saw him run in fear (Valar and maiar included) believing the valar Oromë had come 4. Was king of the noldor. 5. Cursed with the curse of Mandos (a Valar) that said that any that went to middle earth only pain would follow them they would all die terrible deaths none would be allowed to return to the land of the valar, and Tolkien elves reincarnated but any who went, except for one, would not be reincarnated
Most notable Feats: 1. Lead others through the Helcaraxë Which had only been passed by the Valar, a quite possible incarnation of the void itself, and possibly the maiar(lesser gods or angels and fingolfin was stronger than many) though it did resultbin a lot of death 2. Went took out Morgoth's until forces with his army knocked on his door and challenged him to one-on-one combat for revenge for his people and the death of his father and brother. 3. Lead a 400 year siege and held back Morgoth's forces until it was broken by the first of the dragons made to kill the high elves and went undefeated during the entire thing 4. After he thought he people were defeated and all were going to die went into a berserker like rage and in a final attempt to save his people went and challenged morgoth (who of the valar alone knew fear) who feared him but when he was made fun of couldn't lose face in his Captain's and came unwilling to the fight and the passage is "he donned black armor, took up a great mace, and emerged from Angband. Fingolfin drew his sword, Ringil and the duel began. Many times Morgoth attempted to smite Fingolfin, but the Elven King managed to dodge all of Morgoth's blows, and wounded the Dark Lord seven times. But after a time, Fingolfin grew weary, and Morgoth beat him to the ground three times. Fingolfin rose up and continued to fight each time, but as Mandos had foretold, no power of the Elves could defeat Morgoth, a Valar. Eventually, Fingolfin stumbled backwards into one of the many pits carved by Morgoth's failed strikes, and Morgoth stepped on the Elven King's neck and killed him. However, Fingolfin's last, desperate stroke managed to cut into Morgoth's heel. (Which gave him a permanent limp and was one of the only two permanent wounds the other was from an eagle who saved his body)." The only mortal to ever fight him till the end of time, sure Morgoth was weakened at the time but he was still as strong as the the strongest of any angel in dnd.
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2022.01.25 01:24 MysteriousTank9516 Gave him his 30 day notice!!’

I have a 36 year old man child for a roommate. He has trashed his room to the point of me having to do major repairs. He hasn’t paid rent for this month and hasn’t pitched in for food or households in 2 months. He has no license or car so it was his idea to pitch in for bills. He constantly asking me and my girlfriend for rides. He was unemployed for over a month and he borrowed money from her without my knowledge. (He lost a good job for being drunk on the job) He never helps with anything around the house. And tonight he asks me can we talk sometime when I’m sober. I forgot to mention he’s an alcoholic. So you can buy liquor but can’t pay bills or buy food. Also, this is the second time he has fallen behind on bills and it took months longer than he told me to get caught up. He spends his money on himself first and doesn’t take into consideration that me and my girlfriend spend 6 7 hundred a month to have food, bathroom stuff, laundry stuff. Yet he has no problem using it and eating. And now he tells me he can’t pay me off and move out. So I said sell or leave me your tv. And he had an absolute shit fit. Our rent/utilities are 960 a month. I’m asking for 320 for the month of January and half the month of February. I am also only asking for 200 dollars for 2.5 months of food and households. Granted we spilt things three ways. But I’m giving you a free half month and a little over 300 hundred off on feeding you. Also, because his room is so bad he takes over the living room. I’ve had to hide me and hers alcohol otherwise he’ll drink all of it. He’s also always asking me to smoke him up. He’s so irresponsible it makes me sick to my stomach. Right now as I’m typing this he’s in the living room yelling at rocket league drunk, keeping me up when I don’t feel good and need sleep. It’s also 1020 at night and he has to get up at 4 but let’s be drunk yelling at rocket league. Christmas he lost his job but buys extra gifts instead of paying me. New Year’s Eve instead of paying me he goes to a rave. Fuck this guy!!!!!!!!
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2022.01.25 01:24 _Puhoy_ Old man McGucket OC concepts for pathfinder or Dnd?

Just had the idea to make the crazy old scientist/miner from gravity falls named old man mcgucket and was wanting to get some suggestions from all y’all. I was thinking some kind of artificer base but can’t quite think of a good multiclass if I went that route.
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2022.01.25 01:24 Uncle-Jeezy I don’t know what she wants from me.

I(M16) have known this girl(F17) for about 4 months. We never really talked a lot but we did talk enough to be friends and get to know each other decently. After coming back from winter break we haven’t really talked that much. We don’t sit close to each other and most of the time she’s either talking to someone or she looks like she doesn’t want to be bothered and is alone. A couple of days ago she texted me out of nowhere and asked if I was mad at her, and I told her I wasn’t. Then she said she feels like I’m avoiding her and I told her I wasn’t. So then she texts back and says “if you say so”. I’m legit confused because we’re not even near each other that much and she never seems like she wants to talk anyways. I don’t get why she feels like I’m avoiding her and if she really wanted to talk why can’t she just come and talk? I’m confused and don’t really get why she is asking me these kinds of questions when if she wanted to talk she could’ve. She almost never talks to me first unless it’s to ask questions like this and it doesn’t make sense why she thinks I’m avoiding her if she doesn’t really talk to me that much in the first place. I don’t really understand what she wants. We don’t argue with each other so I don’t think she’s mad at me. Is there something I’m not doing or what? What does she want? I don’t get it.
TLDR: Girl(17F) thinks I’m avoiding her when I’m not. She doesn’t really talk to me much and wonders if I’m mad at her. What does she want?
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2022.01.25 01:24 Correct-Cry8526 Rui have both. The scientific genius of Senku, and the speech ability (?) of Gen

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2022.01.25 01:24 Windthrow37 Mario vs Huggy Wuggy who will win???

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2022.01.25 01:24 FallsOfPrat Item says "shipped by Amazon.com" and "sold by Amazon.com" but what arrived was third party?

I probably wouldn't care if I received the item correctly. What happened instead is that a few days after ordering I got an odd email from a third-party seller (a strange name I'd never heard of) saying that "there was a mix-up at the factory and they sent the wrong item. Go ahead and just keep what we mistakenly sent you and we'll just refund your order." Well, they did do the refund, and I ended up with a cloth coat that doesn't fit nor would I wear it if it did.
I was waiting for the item so this mix-up was frustrating, but I figured, "oh well. Shit happens. I'll just re-order." Only now the item is 30% more! That's the part that really sucks.
So what's the deal? Why would an item that says "sold by Amazon.com" get fulfilled (or not, as in this case) by a third party?
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2022.01.25 01:24 barecowboy21 I know it's. Long shot but any sugar daddies looking for a 21 year old tatted country boy😊

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2022.01.25 01:24 kk7766 It would be dumb to release TRUTH Social while it's still $DWAC and not $TMTG

It's okay to be a bullish investor with valid criticism. They are definitely behind on the S-4, should have happened by now.
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