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2022.01.25 01:47 Spiceman27 Anyone wanna talk

I am a femboy, and I like to talk about history, politics, and cars
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2022.01.25 01:47 ChickenEngulfer The last 13 years my dreams have only been me getting killed or me killing.. AMA!

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2022.01.25 01:47 The_Third_Legacy So apparently death doesn't stop taxes

So he was dead. That much was pretty obvious. What was not specified in the books, were that you had to pay taxes. Unless you were perpetually a child. WHOOO. But he did need a job. And so, he signed up for becoming an accountant for Death. Gotta get the gold to pay for rent after all. And so he worked as a paper pusher. Can't screw up anything about that. And so, he would push the papers through portals he couldn't cross. Later, he was finally given an actual job. Becoming the Intern of Death. But, it's not as glorious as it sounds. He just orders special deaths that Death wants to reap, and the closest thing he has to a scythe is a full-sized shepherd's crook pointing towards the right direction. And yes, he did look good with it, and yes he used it to guide other people, but it looked utterly ridiculous. That darn thing was taller than he was! But it was his job, and so he continued on. Eventually, he finally got enough to pay rent for a year and was finally able to... Do more work. The Syndicate's utter destruction meant many souls that Death had to reap personally, and so he was stuck doing all the paperwork. God damn it.
(Counting this as the intro for Ghost Eclipse, that Picture is essentially Eclipse's Sheperd's Crook)
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2022.01.25 01:47 colorful_happy I’m afraid of the dark. Is anyone else?

I’m in my thirties and I’m afraid of the dark. Like little-kid afraid. When I sleep alone, it’s impossible for me to sleep without a nightlight, and I have to play something on Netflix on my iPad and put it in bed beside me so I don’t just listen to the silence, thinking I hear things. I have to hug my stuffed sloth too. Sometimes if I get really frightened, I’ll build a pillow fort. And I’m an adult.
The power went out one evening last month while I was home alone and the house went completely dark just like that and I was in the shower when it happened and it was terrifying. I wanted to curl into a little ball and wait for an adult to turn the lights back on and tell me everything’s ok now. But I’m supposed to be the adult.
Is anyone else afraid of the dark like this?
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2022.01.25 01:47 kay_ky08 What are griffin worth? I have some and they are out of game but I get trash offers at least on servers. ( I have a fly one and a normal one if anyone has an offer :D )

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2022.01.25 01:47 PurpleProducer What are some staples of starkid?

Potty humor is a given. What else is synonymous with Star Kid?
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2022.01.25 01:47 iisacrabman Gus Johnson

I haven’t seen anything about this topic at all but as a genuine question after hearing about what happened what is smosh’s standpoint with gus because I know they’ve done MANY videos with him before but yk
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2022.01.25 01:47 Limp-Leadership-9738 The local mall creatures stole my nephew, and I'm going to get him back [Part 1]

There are just a few words I'd like to say before I explain my situation and how I ended up here:
Franky, this is most likely not going to be the best introduction, and I'd understand if you find it to be unimpressive. The entire point of this is to get some sort of input from people that understand more about the paranormal than I most likely ever will. For all the hundreds of hours I've spent trying to get help for my nephew, you guys were the first to pop up on Google's radar so... Take of that what you will.
Second of all... This story will not be without violence... If you aren't a fan of that sort of thing, it'd be best for you to just close this tab out, and move on with your lives as this story didn't exist.
But for those that still wish to continue... Let's just get on with it.
The day that my nephew got taken was supposed to be a fun, light hearted day. It was his 10th birthday, and all he could talk about was finally reaching his double digits. It was, in all honesty, a great way to spend the evening. There was nothing to complain about, something which was a rare commodity in the world of adulthood. I won't go into incredible detail about his birthday specifically, due to it not being pressing to the topic at hand, but I'd like you to think of it as a peaceful time.
I had been sitting in a chair just outside my sister's house, wine glass in hand. I'm 27, so it was acceptable for me to be drinking wine, at least legally. There were a few cars pulling into the driveway, belonging to various members of my family, one of which belonging to my sister Jessie. My sister wasn't the worst sister, to be fair, but she did have her flaws. She had never been that much of a caring type. While she did show a lot of affection to our dad, she always seemed apprehensive around me and grandpa. We rarely spoke after I moved out, and she clearly didn't seem too eager to chat when she got out of her car and saw me.
Jessie: "Oh, hey Elliot! It's been a while. I'm sorry about the long wait, I was going to pull Ryan out of school for his birthday, but it turned out had tests today. Well, um, how have you been?"
Me: "Oh, yeah, well I haven't been up to much recently. Well, I guess one small thing is I did get a job at target, but that's not really something you can brag about. I heard that you've been having some success with your coffee shop, right?"
Jessie: "Oh, yeah... It's not really too special, we have a few regulars, but it's not really booming with business, at least not at the moment. One thing I guess I could say about it is that at the very least it's sustainable, I haven't had any trouble paying bills, or Ryan's school lunch fund for a while."
Me: "Oh yeah, where is the birthday boy anyways? I hear he's been acing his classes, or at least that's what your Facebook would like to tell me."
Jessie: "Oh, yeah, he's pretty gifted, according to his teacher. Give me just a moment, let me go grab him."
Jessie had started walking away, car keys in hand. She had forgotten to unlock the car doors, and Ryan was left locked inside. For some reason, their car didn't open from the back on the inside, so she had to open the door for Ryan on the outside.
After a small click of the car keys, the doors were unlocked, and Jessie was able to open them. As they opened, I heard a small giggle from Ryan as he stepped out of their small pink Toyota. He had been a great kid, at least for the time I had known him. Since my sister was too busy with work to take care of him 24/7, and since Ryan's dad was out of the picture, she would always drop him off at my house. He was a computer geek, so it wasn't hard for us to get along. I felt a sort of pride every time I saw Ryan, because despite not being his actual parent, I believe I played a small part in raising him. He started running to me, holding a game case in his hand.
Ryan: "Uncle Elliot! Guess what! Mom got me crash bandicoot, come look at it!"
Me: "Ah, alright! I'll come take a look."
The display case had a slight amount of peanut butter and jam residue plastered around where his hands were. It showed the main character for the game, of course being Crash Bandicoot, with a large obnoxious grin on his face. I personally didn't love the Crash Bandicoot series, but it wasn't a bad game. And, since Ryan did enjoy it, it wouldn't do me any harm to play for a while.
Me: "Nice! Didn't they like, just release this game a few days ago? Great pick, Jess."
When I heard no response, I turned back to look at where she had been. Jessie was already inside, she had already left us to our devices, and was presumably going to speak with our father.
Me: "Ah, it looks your mom's already gone, bummer. Anyways, how was school today bud?"
Ryan: "It was awesome! The teacher had us do a celebration once she learned it was my birthday!"
I could tell Ryan was bursting with excitement. While I tried to make small talk at least for a little while longer, I could tell Ryan could barely contain himself.
Ryan: "Do you wanna play Crash with me, Uncle Elliot? I have a PlayStation in my room! We could go play on it, if you want."
Me: "Well, sure! Let me just go ask your mom if it's okay if I pull you away for a little while longer."
Ryan: "That's fine! I'll go over to my PlayStation and boot it up! Come back quick!"
With that, I made my way over to the living room, searching for Jessie. While I couldn't find Jessie, I was able to find my dad. It was a little weird that she wasn't talking to him like she always did, but she probably had her reasons.
Me: "Oh, hey dad!"
Dad: "Oh, hey bud. How have you been since you got that job?"
Me: "Oh, it's fine. I'm getting paid enough to pay the bills at least, so I really can't complain there. Anyways, do you know where I could find Jessie?"
Dad: "Oh, she's talking to Grandpa in the master bedroom. If you wanna go talk, be my guest."
Me: "Alright, be right back."
When I finished talking to my dad, I started making my way over to the master bedroom to find my sister. Like my dad had said, I could see she was talking to my grandfather. I could see both of them holding a console of some kind, though it looked unfamiliar to me. I could see my sister turn quickly to make sure I wasn't Ryan.
Jessie: "Oh, Elliot, you scared me. Do you wanna help us wrap this? Grandpa paid for this himself, I was just coming in to thank him getting this for Ryan."
Grandpa: "I wanted it to be a surprise for the both of you dear, you just came in at the wrong time. As for you Elliot, it's been a while. It's really nice to see you, really. I was starting to get worried about you and Shari, none of us have seen you two in a bit. What's been happening?"
I had no response to his question, despite knowing exactly what the answer was. It had just barely been a month now since Shari and I had both decided split up after a solid 4 year relationship. Neither of us did anything wrong, we just fell out of love almost as fast as we fell into it. While I was surprised he didn't know about it at first, in retrospect, neither of us had posted anything about it on social media, and I hadn't told anybody in person, so I could understand why he didn't know.
Me: "Sorry, me and Shari are no longer together..."
Grandpa: "Oh, I... I didn't."
I could see Grandfather's face say it all. He instantly regretted even bringing up our recent absences from family activities. Jessie's face had also told a similar story, feeling second hand embarrassment for my Grandfather.
Me: "Oh, no, it's... perfectly fine, I probably should've posted something about it so this wouldn't have happened."
Grandpa: "Well, I'm sorry about your breakup, I really am. If you ever need to talk about that, I-"
Me: "No, I'm fine, it's... Fine. I'm fine, Grandpa."
Grandpa could see straight through my lie, and Jessie probably could too. I was doing my best to steer the conversation to a different topic, or try to leave it, but I was unable to.
Me: "Well, I just came in to ask if I could pull Ryan away for a 'sec, he wanted to play that new game you got him."
Jessie: "Oh, yeah! That's... perfectly fine. We're just gonna finish up in here, you two have fun."
I scurried off as soon as I could, feeling rather defeated. That feeling quickly faded though, as Ryan appeared back into view. He no longer had the crash bandicoot game in his hand, presumably already having put it into the PlayStation in his room. He looked up and gave me a face that told me he was excited, but slightly annoyed.
Ryan: "I've been looking for you! I started the PlayStation already, where were you? I got us both of us Capri suns, don't let them go warm, or I'll drink them!"
Me: "Oh, sorry, I just had to have a quick talk with your mom. I'll be right there, just give me a 'sec outside."
Ryan: "Alright! I'll be waiting in my room, do you mind if I start the first few levels without you?"
Me: "Be my guest."
With that, Ryan hurried over to his room. "I was just going to take a second to recover from the conversation I just had with my grandfather, then I'd be fine," is what I told myself. I was very clearly wrong, however, it sounded like a completely fool proof plan in the moment... I took about 5 minutes to think to myself, sitting back outside on the patio chairs, in the position I was in when Jessie had first arrived. However, I decided to stop thinking when almost nothing positive was coming to my mind. "I'm at a birthday party, what the hell am I doing?" I thought. I took a second to get up and brush myself off. I couldn't let this effect me this much. At the very least, I could put a façade for Ryan. Speaking of which, I had completely forgotten about for a moment. I got off of the chair I had been sitting in, and made my way back inside. As I brushed my way past the small crowd of prepubescent pre-teens and family, I could see the staircase leading to Ryan's room. I made my way up the stairs while an annoying squeaking sound played under my foot.
When I had finally gotten to Ryan's room, it appeared as if he already had the controller for me ready. And, it seemed his threats to drink my Capri sun were empty, as he had just gotten a bag of ice for it. I felt a little bad for leaving the guy on his birthday, even if it was for such a short amount of time. It also appeared as if he had made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the plate displaying it cut into the shape of a stegosaurus. It also had a pile of cool ranch Doritos on the side, as well as a small cup of fresh pulped orange juice right next to the plate.
Me: "Hey, bud! I'm sorry man, I just needed a breather. I'm here now though, what level are you on?"
Ryan: "I'm on level two right now, just let me know when you want a turn and we can swap controllers. I tried putting in two controllers, but this game doesn't do co-op."
Me: "Oh, no it's fine! I'm just gonna be here snacking. If you want help, just let me know and I can take over for a bit."
Ryan: "Alright!"
Ryan then proceeded to absolutely dominate the game he had been playing. Even though I was only half paying attention to the game, I could tell he was doing very well. After I finished my food, which only took around 10 minutes, he was already on level 5.
Me: "You're absolutely destroying this game, dude. When did you get this good?"
Ryan: "I was practicing the last game to come out before I played this one so I could be good at it. The controls are a little different, but otherwise it's fine."
While I was about to reply to that with something like "Wow, that's some good foresight, nice job", or "You're probably smarter than most of the adults in this house", I had heard a voice beckon out from the living room, belonging to my grandfather. "Alright guys, we're heading out to the mall soon, get ready."
It was an old family tradition of ours to go to the local mall on special occasions, at least for an hour or two to get into the festive spirit. It started as a rare thing we'd do only maybe once a year, however, our family started making it more of a tradition once they realized that these trips were perfect for getting last minute gifts. Even so, the family love for the mall didn't just come from the forgetful side of the family. A large part of the love for the mall was due to the pet section that we'd always tour, featuring a large gallery of some of the weirdest and some of the cutest creatures on this planet. It was, in all honestly, an ingenious idea that we had all thanked our grandfather for starting.
Me: "Alright Ryan, do you wanna come with us to the mall?"
Ryan: "Sure, but I'll probably just stay in the car."
Ryan saved his game, got up, turned off the PlayStation, and started heading downstairs, searching for Jessie. I started heading down too, brushing past the small crowd of people, and exited through the front door. I went over to my small, white rinky-dink Chevrolet and put my keys into the ignition, then turning them in an attempt to start the engine. It ended up taking a few attempts to work, but eventually I got the pile of scraps moving.
I sat on my phone with the car running for about a minute, before the other cars started to pull out. I would've turned off the car to save gas before we left, but I don't know how long it would've taken to start back up, and that'd be too much trouble just for some gas. While they pulled out, I sat and waited for my turn, right until the point where I was up next. When I started pulling out, I saw a small red Porsche quickly pull up and cut me off, almost hitting me in the process. This car belonged to Kyle Connors and his father, a well known infamous popular kid in Ryan's school. While Ryan was a great kid himself, he did have one small issue: He just wasn't able to see how terrible of a friend this kid was, and would always hang out with Kyle no matter what he did. He would bully Ryan constantly, sometimes Ryan would even come back from school crying just because of what Kyle had done to him. I wish I could attack the brat, but that'd land me right in a jail cell, so I decided against it.
I rolled down my window, put my head out of it, and then I... Rolled it back up, remembering all of the other children around us. I figured I'd just have to let it be for now. Anyways, I would've gotten an earful from Ryan if I ever bothered Kyle, and Kyle probably just would've taken it out on Ryan at school anyways. I just opted for muttering choice words under my breath. After that, I just followed behind them, making our way to the mall.
around 30 minutes later, when we finally arrived at the mall, I pulled into the parking lot, and tried to pull into the nicest spot I could find that wasn't disabled parking. However, wouldn't you know it, Kyle Connors and his father pulled right into the spot right before I could take it. I was starting to get really annoyed with this guy, but I had to suck it up for Ryan's sake. Instead, I took a parking spot a little farther away. After a minutes walk, I finally managed to catch up with everyone else, who were already at the mall.
Me: "Hey Jessie. Sorry about that, I got a little... unlucky with parking spots."
Jessie: "No problem. Do you mind taking Ryan for a second to the game isle? We're gonna go grab some presents, and I don't want Ryan seeing what we're getting."
Me: "Sure, no problem. Call me if you need me or Ryan."
Now that I've given you at least some sort of background on our connection to the mall, and how we ended up here in the first place, I'll get into the actual meat and potatoes of my story. Which, of course, is the mall itself. It was, of course, nothing all that special. boring white laminated checkered flooring, boring white walls, and pretty boring white lights. It was exactly what you'd expect from a mall, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. All Ryan and I did for a while was just walk around, as there wasn't much to do when you weren't shopping.
Me: "So... How are you enjoying your birthday so far?"
Ryan: "It's... pretty nice. I'm just excited to get back home, I didn't really wanna come inside, but mom forced me to come in."
I could tell Ryan was a little bored, to say the least. While I had known the reason Jessie kept him in the game isle, and not the pet isle, was probably because she was going to be getting him a pet. Despite that, I still felt bad keeping him here.
Me: "Hey, Ryan, why don't we go over to the Arcade section for a bit? Your mom probably wouldn't like it, but we might be able to sneak over there for a little bit."
Ryan: "Really? We can really go? Awesome!"
I saw Ryan race past me, clearly excited about being able to go anywhere that wasn't the game isle. I didn't blame him, it was his birthday, and he was just standing around doing nothing. I quickly followed, trying to sneak over to the Arcade. I didn't really want Jessie seeing us, or she'd give me an earful.
It wasn't long at all before arriving at the arcade. The entire place smelled like a musty combination of Cheeto dust, pizza, and sweat. Luckily for us, most of Ryan's favorite games were unoccupied, and there weren't any creeps playing the adjacent machines either. Before Ryan started playing, I wiped off the controls with a makeshift disinfectant wipe I made from hand sanitizer and the nearly unused tissue boxes they had by the snack shop. I bought both of us some pizza, soda and about 100 coins, the games costing about 5 coins each play session. "That should be enough for now," I thought to myself. I soon let Ryan know of my purchases.
Me: "Alright, that's enough for about 20 games. If you need more, just let me know, I just have to let your mom know where you are."
Ryan: "It's enough for now, thank you Uncle Elliot!"
Ryan then ran over to one of the machines, and started to play Ms. Pac-Man. I started chowing down on my pizza while texting Jessie.
Me: "Hey, sorry, I brought Ryan to the arcade because he was getting bored," I sent through messenger. Jessie replied quickly.
Jessie: "That's fine. We're actually almost done, can you bring him back to my car?"
I was slightly annoyed that I just paid a solid $20 for coins that Ryan wasn't going to be able to use, however, I remembered that the coins themselves, at least at this establishment, had no expiration date, so we could always just come back tomorrow. I gazed back up from my phone, over to Ryan, who had just lost his last life to the orange ghost. I stopped him before he could insert any coins to try again.
Me: "Hey, Ryan, we need to go."
Ryan: "Aw man! I was doing so well! I made it to level 3 too!"
Me: "Are there even levels in Ms. Pac-Man? I thought it was kind of just... the same level, but slightly faster."
Ryan: "It's a little hard to explain... I'll just say you're half right."
Me: "Fair enough. I'll probably play the google one when I get home to see."
Ryan and I had left the Arcade, were making our way past the crowds people, trying to avoid any of his friends or people we knew that were getting presents. For all of the great things about this mall, navigation was certainly not that great. I had almost gotten lost, before Ryan pointed me towards arrows on the floor. I was slightly annoyed that this mall was so terribly designed that you needed arrows just to get out of the place, but at the very least they were helpful.
Really quick, apologies for wasting your guys' time, but I would really like to give out just one last warning: Please, if you are in any way squeamish, or you don't like creepy stories, I beg of you to stop reading, to turn back. This is the point of no return, and reading further will almost certainly lead you down a path you might not want to be taking. You could stop reading, you could... I don't know, do literally anything else... But, if you're sure you want to hear the rest...
Me: "Hmm... Are you sure this is where we came from?"
Ryan: "Wait, no... I've never seen this part of the mall before. Did they build a new section...?"
Me: "They had to of... But, at the same time, how would they have done it so soon? Didn't we just come here last week? And why does it look so rundown? And... Oh, god, what's that smell?"
Around us, there were several completely new parts of the mall that neither of us had ever seen before. The white floors had now taken a greyish tone, the walls themselves having almost no hue either. The paint that had previously been in pristine condition were now extremely decayed, a brew of dust and mold plastered all over them. The previous nice and cool environment had now transformed into what felt like a sauna. The smell though, it was... The most terrible smell I had ever smelled up to that point. It smelled like a strange mixture of burnt hair, vomit, and fecal matter... All I can say was that it smelled absolutely abhorrent.
Me: "Jesus... Christ! That smell is horrible, come on Ryan, we're turning back."
But, when we turned around, I could feel my stomach drop. Arrows we had previously used to get here had disappeared, and there was a ginormous wall that had appeared in front of us. I don't know how we didn't notice it before, but the previously normal walls had grown exponentially. There was no way but forward. Upward, you could still barely see a ceiling, or more accurately a glass dome. What I saw past it was something I could only describe as... Space. And I know that doesn't make much sense, but I don't mean space as in the night sky, but space in the most literal term there is. It was just pure and untamed emptiness. It was like we were in a completely new reality, and it made absolutely no sense to me. "What in god's name were we looking at?" I thought to myself.
Ryan: "What...? Please, I'm scared, let's get out of here... Where do we go?"
Me: "I... I don't know, Ryan. Look around, we have to get out of here... Now!"
Before we could think of a strategy, or a game plan to get out of here, we heard something that sent ice pumping through my veins. I felt like I could die in that very. In fact, given the option, I probably would have rather died and ended my intense dread than turn around, but, that wasn't an option, just yet. When I came back to my senses, I quickly snapped my head backwards, and viewed something that shouldn't have existed.
It had a monstrous 9ft frame, its entire body was void of any features, besides saggy pinkish skin, similar to that of a mole rat. No hair, no nose, no eyes, all with the exception of arms, legs and one particular feature. Its face had huge rotting black teeth, each tooth an entire foot long, to the point where its' teeth even cutting through its' own gums and jaw. Even from here, we could smell the personification of death and decay radiating off of this beast, burning our nasal cavities. A strange purple liquid, which I presumed was this monster's saliva, leaked from its mouth, and burned the flooring.
Both of us were completely petrified... But, for now, that didn't seem to be an issue. It had felt us arrive, but it couldn't see us, at least not when we were still. That's when I heard footsteps behind us. When I turned around... I saw another monster coming close.
Kyle Connors' Dad: "What the hell are you two doing here? We've been looking for you two for-"
Kyle Connors' dad went quiet. He stared the beast down, but it was too late. It tilted its head up, and smiled, tearing its gums and jaw even further, as a strange mixture of red and purple fluid squirted out from its mouth. Kyle Connors was hit on the arm with the strange fluid. "Oh my god!", I heard him scream, as his arm seemed to slightly sizzle, leaving behind burnt skin.
I had to act quick. I grabbed Ryan's hand, and sprinted past the monster that was occupied with Mr. Connors, carefully dodging the small holes in the floor where the fluid had splattered. When he finally took his head out of the clouds, he had started running after us, trying to escape the monster. The whole mall had gone baron, there looked like there was no escape. Right when that freak was gaining on us, we saw a fire exit nearby. "Thank god" was the only thing that came to my mind as we raced for it.
But, tragedy would soon strike. I heard the monster hacking and gagging, which brought delight to my ears. "It must finally be tired", I thought to myself. I was completely and utterly wrong, as I heard a giant ball of spit fly by my face. Ryan and I raced past it, but when it came Mr. Conners turn to run past, I could hear him trip over the small hole the acidic loogie had spawned.
"Agh!" was the only thing I was able to hear him scream before hitting the ground. "Please, please, come back! Help me!" I heard him beg. "Wait, no, no no! Stay back, stay away!" was all he could say before his stomach was pierced by the large teeth. I could see blood seeping out from his chest, he was screaming incoherently. But, the monster wasn't done yet, as I saw it sink its teeth into the man's chest. Its teeth had started to turn purple, and before I knew what was happening, it was filling the man up with the neon violet fluid.
I heard more gurgling from the man, but it was far too late for him. I could see the purple liquid melt through his insides, and he became almost hollow, the only thing remaining inside of his body the purple liquid, held by the last layer of his skin. The liquid, which at this point was a mishmash of liquified guts and purple slime, was being drained by the monster. Then, I hoped, he was finally dead, and his suffering was going to be over, but this place had other plans. When it had finished draining the liquid, leaving nothing but a skinsuit, it started to fill his body with red fluid. Slowly but surely, I saw the liquid rebuild the man's insides. He was coming back to life once again, similar to that of a haunted doll.
"Oh my god! Please, please, please, come back, come back, help me!" I heard him screech. His screeches were soon drowned out by his chest being torn out by the monster once again. Like clockwork, purple goo filled his insides and began to melt them. I was frozen, I couldn't take my eyes off of this nightmarish scene, terror filling my brain. My legs only started moving when I had noticed the monster had looked up at me and Ryan. When we did run, though, the monster seemed like it just didn't care. It had succeeded in its terrible mission, and now it had an infinite source of food.
We ran away from the grizzly sight, traumatized, and were finally about to get to the fire escape. "Get inside, now!" I shouted. Ryan peered back to look at the man who was now being reanimated once again, terrified. I had to tug on Ryan's hand to keep him moving, and to stop him from having a similar fate. When we finally reached the fire exit, I pressed my hand against it. "No, no, no, no!" Were the only words coming to my mind when it only lead to more of the hellish mall.
Past the fire escape, the flooring, walls and ceiling in this strange new section, were dark red, and appeared fleshy. All of it was pulsating, and was bleeding, each new pulse leaking more and more blood. What I saw inside, though, terrified me to my core. There were mosquitos drinking the fluid, which itself might not sound too bad, but there appeared to be hundreds upon thousands of them. As soon as I went to close the "fire exit's" door, it wouldn't budge at all. What the attempt at closing it did do, though, was make the deadbolts emit a loud creaking sound. I heard a symphony of buzzing, and the mosquitos were coming straight to our location.
Ryan: "Shut the door, shut the door, please!"
I tried shutting the door with all of my might, but it just wouldn't budge. The mosquitos were far enough before, but they were approaching both of us rapidly. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, but I had a feeling that these hell-mall brand mosquitos weren't going to function similarly to normal mosquitos.
They were approaching rapidly, and with the door not moving, all I could do was scream for Ryan to run while still tried to close the door. If I was going to die, it was going to be with some purpose, and if that purpose just so happened to be trying to save Ryan's life, I was just going to have to live with it. Or, in my case, die with it. Puns aside, I was fighting for my life, but the door wouldn't budge. Due to the fact that it was a fire exit, and it didn't have a knob, I had to try and close it by holding the edge of the door. Suddenly, right as the mosquitos were about to close in on me, I felt the door instantly snap shut.
The door shutting, though, didn't feel natural at all, it felt almost like the door was closing itself, rapidly. One huge issue with this, of course, were that my fingers were on the door when it closed. Luckily though, I managed to pull all but one finger away. However, I wasn't out of the woods yet, as I still had a finger on the door. I worried, for just a split second, that my finger was going to stop the door from shutting, and the mosquitos were going to get inside. I would soon learn, though, that was not a concern. Before I could even process what happened, I heard the bone in my finger give way. Next thing you know, I was screaming, violently shaking, and holding the bleeding stub that I used to call my finger.
In that moment, all I could do was scream. And so, that's exactly what I did. By now, the mole rat monster was gone, and had likely taken Mr. Connors to an entirely different section of the mall, but that didn't matter to me. All that I could think about in the moment was my missing finger. As my screams emanated out, I shut my eyes, all I wished for in the moment for all the pain to go away. Despite all of this, I had to get a hold of myself, snap out of it, and get back to the objective at hand: Escape this hell we were in. Through tears, I slowly opened my eyes, and grabbed Ryan's hand once again, with my good hand of course.
Ryan: "Are you... Okay?"
Me: "Let's just go, follow me, please."
Ryan was clearly traumatized, and so was I, we had just gone through hell. I saw a corridor off in the distance, with what looked like sunlight. "Come on, that way!" I cried out to Ryan. We were in the home stretch, or at least that's what I thought until we reached the corridor. I felt a hand come over my mouth, and I instinctively bit at whatever put it there, leaving a small bite mark.
???: "Jesus, what the hell man?"
I turned around to see a tall figure appear before me. He was well built, and he wore an eyepatch. He looked to be about my age, however, he wore the age better than I did. The man had brown hair, and was dressed in a grey t-shirt, dark green jeans, and thick brown boots. Another notable thing was that this man had a rifle on his person, which could be a good thing, or a bad thing.
???: "You would've died if you'd have gone that way. Come with me, I'll ignore you biting me for now. Try that again, though, and I might not be so peachy. When I get you two out of here, do not come back."
Elliot: "Who are you? Where are we, how do we get-"
I stopped myself, as the mystery man had already started running. As instructed, I took Ryan's hand and began to bolt, trying to keep up with the man's pace. He wasn't too fast, at least not to the point where he was impossible to keep up with, but he clearly knew his way around this place. Suddenly, though, he stopped right before turning a corner.
???: "Stop, don't move... Don't let it see you, hear you, anything."
Me: "What the hell are you talking about? I don't see anything-"
I was suddenly cut off by a loud, demonic screech in the distance. I peered over the stranger's shoulder to see what the sound was, and saw what I could only describe as an abomination. It was a humanoid creature, and was very, very pale. Its arms and legs were extremely skinny, almost to the point where its limbs were just bone surrounded by skin, devoid of blood, muscle, or fat. But, its stomach though, was very bloated, and it appeared to have had a large amount of liquid build up inside. The moment it heard me take a step closer to it, its neck turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and gave me a bone chilling smile. I could feel absolutely nothing but fear pulsate through my body. I could feel Ryan was feeling something very similar.
The stranger, though, was prepared. He raised his rifle at the beast, taking a shot at it when it started running towards us. When the bullet connected, a large pouch of fluid exploded from the beast. It looked like liquid chalk, and it spread all around the floor and walls where it had blown up. The stranger seemed extremely scared, but not for himself.
???: "You two, keep following me, now! Come on, let's go, fast!"
Suddenly, without warning, I saw the white fluid start moving. It was connecting, coming together to form something... It was a white wooden door, and it slowly started to creak open. I felt a tug on my shirt from the strange man, and started running before I could see what came out. It didn't take long at all for me to figure out, though, as it started chasing us through the halls. It appeared to be 10ft tall, and had 8 arms, almost like a human spider. It was an extremely pale and skinny creature, almost like it hadn't had a meal in decades.
I could hear it running behind us, and it was laughing, like a small child who had just gotten a new toy, or a predator who had just found easy prey. The strange man turned quickly, and fired a bullet at the monster, before quickly turning back around to catch up with us. The gunshot did absolutely nothing to the monstrosity, as it continued to chase us. In fact, that only seemed to make it angry, as it started mutating. Its arms started changing position, I heard flesh and bone grind and crunch against each other, but this beast didn't seem phased whatsoever. It had shifted from being a bipedal creature to a walking on all 8s.
???: "Run, now!"
I heard him cry out to us as the beast caught up with him. However, right when I thought that this mystery man's fate had been sealed, the monster just pushed him out of the way. No, this monster wasn't just trying to get prey, it was coming specifically for us.
Ryan and I desperately tried to flee, but there was nothing either of us could do to escape this apex predator. It quickly caught up, to the point where we had to face it. I turned around to face the beast while Ryan kept running. I tried to tackle the beast, but all it took was a second for it to knock me over and subdue me. It sunk its large teeth into my neck, and ripped out a majority of it. I could feel, and taste, the blood as it seeped into my mouth. I tried to talk, but of course, it was just gurgling that came out. I saw Ryan try to scream, but the monster grabbed him before any sounds came out.
The monster, though, didn't hurt Ryan at all. For some reason, all it did was start dragging Ryan away from me. With terror and dread filling my body, I saw as the monster violently gagged, and had vomited all over a wall near us. The liquid that came out of the monster was the same white chalky liquid that the previous beast had spilled out when it exploded. Soon, a white door was formed, but that wasn't all. I saw the monster swipe a finger under Ryan's eye, catching one of the tears Ryan had shed.
The freak took the finger with Ryan's tear, and seemed to insert it into the door's keyhole. At first, nothing was happening, but soon the door started violently shaking. The door's coloring rapidly started turned pure black. Before entering the door, the monster turned to me and smiled. Soon after that, he left.
I could see Ryan was trying to scream, however, the monster kept its lanky hands over his mouth. My heart sank when I saw that door close, almost certainly sealing Ryan's fate. As the door closed, I started to feel sleepy. There was a pool of blood around me, but nothing was hurting. Of course, it's never a good sign when it stops hurting, but at that moment I had no hope left anyway. The door soon disappeared as well, leaving no trace that it had ever even been there.
I saw the stranger running over to me. He appeared to be calm, but concentrated.
???: "I know you might not believe me right now, and I know you might be really tired, but I'm going to ask you to hold on for just a moment. Trust me, you're not going to die here."
His voice sounded like he wasn't lying, but I had absolutely no reason to believe him in that moment. Not only was I missing half of my neck, but, I also wasn't able to breathe. Right as my vision started to turn dark and I couldn't understand half of the things that the man was saying, I heard him pull out a flask. He poured the fluid inside of the flask onto my neck, and I felt a sudden burst of flesh flowing through me. My heart was beating rapidly, and I felt the flesh travelling around from my body, as the muscle, bone, veins, arteries, and skin started replenishing in my neck.
I got up, and felt absolutely no pain at all. I looked at my hand, and my finger had been completely healed as well. "What... What is this?" Was the only thing I could ask him.
???: "Listen, there's not much time for me to explain, at least not right now. Just follow me, and I'll try to explain what I can."
And just like that, we were back to running. I didn't want to leave without Ryan, but believe me, at the moment there was nothing I could do. Right when I was about to start asking questions, the man started talking.
???: "We're almost at the exit. Look, I know what I said about not coming back here, but I know you're not going to listen to me. You're going to try to come back for that kid, I know, but just listen."
I perked my ears.
???: "Next time you come into the mall, don't follow any of the arrows, signs, directions, anything at all. If you just walk around for a few hours, the people will slowly start to disappear, and you'll end up in Section 1."
Me: "What are you talking about? I don't even know where we are!"
???: "There's no time, this isn't the time, I'll be waiting for you. I promise you, when you're back, and we're in a safe place, I will tell you everything you'll need to know about this place! But, for now, you need to not only get out of here, but let me prepare, okay?!"
Me: "I... Okay."
We didn't talk after that. We just kept running until we finally reached what appeared to be a fire exit. Right when I turned around, to get one last good look at the man.
???: "I promise you, we're going to get Ryan back."
With that, I turned around, and took a step outside. The moment I looked up, and saw the sun, I fell down onto the floor, and lied down for a solid 10 minutes. Of course, I got a few weird looks from some people, but I was too tired to care. I just wanted to go home, cry, and then go to sleep. But, I knew what I had to do next.
I picked myself up from off the floor, and slowly dragged myself over to my car. I had to go tell Jessie what had just happened to her son. There we no police outside, which felt odd to me, but I just chalked it up to a mistake. Maybe they thought Ryan was still with me at the mall. I unlocked my car, opened the doors, and climbed inside. It took me a second to get my car starting, but with a few key turns I had gotten my car going.
I started driving haphazardly. I admit, it must've looked to other people like I was drunk driving, but I was too shaken up by the incident. It only took about a 30 minute drive, and soon, I was at Jessie's house. I got out of my car, and braced myself for what I had to do.
I knocked on her door... No answer, so I rang her doorbell instead. I dreaded the moment when I heard footsteps approaching the door. Then, it opened.
Jessie: "Oh, hey Elliot... What brings you here?"
Me: "Jessie, I..."
I started choking up.
Me: "I think Ryan might be dead."
Her next words sent fear down my spine.
"Who's Ryan?"
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2022.01.25 01:47 panashechd Georgia from S3

In my opinion, she had zero development as a person. She has serious commitment issues and only broke off her relationships because the men were becoming too emotionally involved not because she wanted to be an “independent woman.” It’s upsetting that nobody on the show addressed her inability to connect on a deeper level, she left the same person she was when she came in the house. I also don’t like how she would tell the girls “it’s because he’s moving on too fast” then would tell the guy “I think we’re just really good friends” and didn’t actually address the real reason why she wanted to stop their relationship. The show tried their hardest to mask her behaviour as her being independent and knowing what she wants, but people paying attention know that’s not really what was happening. Even her peers chose to vote Nathan over her, another person who I think didn’t grow at all and was used as the Harry for this season, the “bad boy turned good” storyline they repeat every season.
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2022.01.25 01:47 CookSpecialist2336 What stopped human federation and tau from dicovering wormholes instead of warp travel?

This question stuck in my mind, you would think that at the time where humans didn't have much psykers, they would have discovered a way to use wormholes instead of tearing holes to another dimension. Back then humans were more in the path of technolagy then psychic powers.
Is it because of federation's(name is headcannon) had encounters with psychic species like eldar?
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