Congratulations. You discovered one of the Best crypto projects before the majority of the world. #DefiBay is eBay of Crypto launching its own Marketplace!

2022.01.25 01:24 mrNewbCrypto Congratulations. You discovered one of the Best crypto projects before the majority of the world. #DefiBay is eBay of Crypto launching its own Marketplace!

DefiBay - A revolutionary Long-Term hold. Currently at 1.9M MC
DEFIBAYecosystem's is a start-up which has a vision to create A comprehensive DeFi ecosystem, where they integrate cryptocurrency into the real world; trying to make it as simple as FIAT.
Utility: DBAY’s primary goal is to bridge the needs of everyday businesses with the crypto ecosystem that enables them to use cryptocurrency for goods and services in a simple and intuitive manner, removing complexity from the current cumbersome process.
This is better explained on their Whitepaper, Available at:
Supply: 180 Million
Buy Tax: 6% -3% to liquidity -1% Team -1% Development (in BUSD) -1% Marketing
Sell Tax: 14% Goes down 1% 2 times a week until it reaches 6%
Visit the website for more info:
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2022.01.25 01:24 AFCBlink People who pre-rinse their dishes don’t have a dishwasher; they have a sanitation assurance device.

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2022.01.25 01:24 Mr_Informative Lore Friendly Fanfic Help

Hi friends,
So I get that it’s just fanfic but I still want it to be good and lore friendly/consistent.
I’m writing a story about a new Primarch, not one of the old ones (that comes later) but a new one, made from genetic templates from the Emperor but also from taken from Magnus the Red while he was on Terra after the events of Magnus’s Folly. The new Primarch is made by none other than Belisarius Cawl under the orders from a Thorian cell of the Inquisition but with the blessing of Guilliman. The goal of this new Primarch is to be Magnus reborn but also represent everything that Magnus could have been (since I understand there’s no real way he could ever be redeemed) and take the Emperor’s place on the Golden throne. So, the first story I want to write about is how this new Primarch, named Sargon, will have to do a few tasks before replacing the e big E on the golden throne, one of which, will be the recovery and awakening of the Primarch Lion El’Johnson.
My questions are: 1. Is this lore friendly? 2. Do you think something like this could ACTUALLY happen while Guilliman is Regent?
Thanks for your help!
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2022.01.25 01:24 UnradicalVibes Ever since her cage upgrade , Skinner has been kinder and more trusting than usual ❤️

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2022.01.25 01:24 UmerPlaysalot Ms reward comming to other countries ?

Hello ,
Sorry for my old posts , but is ms reward comming to Pakistan , India ? Just wanted to ask as ms doesn't even sell their stuff here so i am not sure if they are comming any time soon but still wanted to know .
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2022.01.25 01:24 Killer-Angel23 Don’t have any friends on here I can talk to anyone want to be friends

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2022.01.25 01:24 BFBPen_FillerFiller when t*xtpost🤮🤮🤮🤮

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2022.01.25 01:24 freshkicksss That tongue game tho

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2022.01.25 01:24 Feeling-Voice-3907 Mining WIN 24/7 code: qaok-lsa4

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2022.01.25 01:24 Introvrted_Extrovrt If Vampire Diaries/ Twilight or anything similar was real and you are a vampire too, what will your daily routine be like, as a person engaging engaging with humans everyday and being in love with a human? (Serious)

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2022.01.25 01:24 valdeeeez MERV body I airbrushed.

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2022.01.25 01:24 ricky209 iPhone 11 boot loop

Hello All, I am having issue with an iPhone 11 stuck in a boot loop. I have tried various forms of resetting, nothing works. I am using the apple configuration 2. Any tips? Or other methods? Everything I see is a paid service. Any ideas or know how to go around it? Anything helps thanks y’all!
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2022.01.25 01:24 exosam

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2022.01.25 01:24 JuicySmooyay13 Stutterers of Reddit. How has stuttering impacted your life?

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2022.01.25 01:24 bongdaso247 Nhận định Royal Antwerp vs Sint Truidense, 0h45 ngày 26/1

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2022.01.25 01:24 JamieTheMuffinhead Just drank a shot of gin

Feeling slightly heavy headed 👍
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2022.01.25 01:24 Connect_Share_6857 Katiana Kay - Deep Throat !!!

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2022.01.25 01:24 Old-McJonald Do I really not win this?? Plat

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2022.01.25 01:24 Anonymousss710 FOR SALE CUSTOM GLOCK PEAK TOP ! Comes with 2 pendants, one bullet pendant and one mini Glock pendant, along with a matching carb cap ! And a safe box. ( ALL GLASS )$700 or Send me serious offers, buyer pays shipping ! ( last time reposting )

FOR SALE CUSTOM GLOCK PEAK TOP ! Comes with 2 pendants, one bullet pendant and one mini Glock pendant, along with a matching carb cap ! And a safe box. ( ALL GLASS )$700 or Send me serious offers, buyer pays shipping ! ( last time reposting ) submitted by Anonymousss710 to GlassSales [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 01:24 MichaelSamuelZupidi When would the US Military be deployed on domestic soil to catch a criminal on it?

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2022.01.25 01:24 ThrowRAmomblog [UPDATE] I found my (28f) sister's (41f) 'mommy blog' and don't know what to do.

Well the last almost year has been a LOT to process and work through but a bunch of you nice redditors have been begging for an update, though I didn't want to do one until things calmed down. But now things have settled enough for me to do so, so here I am. This is a SUPER long one so please bear with me.
To start, June is no longer living with me and my family.
First off, I sat Daniel down the next day and told him everything. I showed him the blog and he was incredibly disturbed by it and upset too. He didn't like how many photos of Lea were up online (we don't post many pictures of her and the ones we do are on our FBs, which are private) without our knowledge. He was worried if June was mentally okay because this was nuts to him and I said I wasn't sure but I was worried about her too. We agreed we needed to talk to her asap. So he took Lea to his parents house to stay the night before coming back home.
Then I contacted our parents for a video call and told them about June's blog I found. I felt like they needed to know what was going on. Our mom was shocked but our dad didn't believe it so I sent them a link to the blog. They were quiet while they looked through it, and I talked to them about how we, Daniel and I, were understandably weirded out and concerned for June. Out of them both Dad looked the most disappointed while Mom just looked stunned. I told them June couldn't stay here anymore because of this but we didn't want her out on the street, and they said she could come stay with them.
They wanted to be there on call while we confronted June but I said all of us together would probably make her feel like she was being attacked so I said we'd call them afterwards but do the confronting alone. But they'd probably have to help her move her stuff afterwards. Then after hanging up with them I made sure I had my laptop there half shut with the blog open in case she tried to deny it. And I'd screenshotted/recorded countless pages of the blog in case she tried deleting to rug sweep like some people warned me she might do. Which ended up being a good idea.
When June sat down she asked what was wrong and I asked her if she had anything she'd like to come clean to us about. She's still my big sister and I love her, so I wanted to give her a chance to own up to this on her own. But sadly she said no so I told her I found her 'mommy blog'. She was silent before saying she didn't know what I was talking about. So I opened my laptop and showed her the blog. She still tried to deny it and said it wasn't okay that I was blaming her for this when we didn't even know if it was her doing it. She said she'd never even seen this thing (the blog) before nor ever been to the site it was on. Daniel told her to get her laptop and they'd start typing in the blog url and if no shortcuts appear then she was telling the truth, she'd never been to the site. But if one did come up? Well she was lying.
She said we were being ridiculous but I insisted she get her laptop and just prove us wrong. If we were wrong then we'd apologize. She hemmed and hawed for a bit before reluctantly getting her laptop. I noticed she was gripping it really tight and after she opened it and signed in I guess she realized she was backed into a corner, so she just broke down into loud sobs. She started babbling out apologies and I asked her why she did this, why even fake being me and starting a blog? I asked if it was for money or something and she said no so I asked her to please explain to me why this was a thing she felt the need to do. She explained that she did it to feel happy and that she started it a little while after moving him with us. She said it wasn't fair that I 'had it all' while she was 'old and unwanted'. I told her she wasn't old or unwanted, we love her and so do our parents and so does the rest of her friends and family.
She got angry and said it wasn't the same. And there was no way for me to understand what she's going through because I was 'everyone's favorite'. I didn't know what she was talking about and said I wasn't everyone's favorite and that's when she exploded and said I was a blind asshole if I didn't see how everyone in our lives always prefers me over her. She claimed everyone loved me more and I 'always got what I wanted no matter what' and I'll admit hearing that set me off.
I told her that was actually not true? She was the oldest, and if we're being honest she always got what she wanted before me. Especially from our dad. I reminded her that he's bought her THREE CARS over her adult life, a $2000 laptop when she started college, and even paid off her first set of student loans for her. Meanwhile he never did any of that for me. I didn't get to attend college because I didn't have the money and didn't want loans because I wasn't sure I'd be able to pay them back on time. The closest I got to what she got was when our dad offered to SELL ME his old car for cheap and gave me his old laptop after he upgraded with a brand new one. I said I loved her but told her she had to see how delusional she was being if she thought I was somehow the favorite. (I'll admit this was a sore spot for me.)
We got a little heated and argued back and forth so I told her she needed to pack her things because she couldn't stay here anymore. My trust in her was severely damaged and I didn't think her living with us any longer would be good for anyone. That's when she started bawling and begging me not to kick her out onto the streets. I told her she wasn't going onto the streets and she could just go stay with our parents. They live a couple hours away so it's not like she was going to be homeless. She kept crying and said she'd delete the blog if we let her stay. I refused and said she needed to go to therapy, not stay here. While we were talking, her trying to compromise and me rejecting it, she opened the blog and began deleting everything. She kept repeating through tears "I'll delete it, I'll delete it! I'll get rid of everything and won't post anything else!" as if to convince me to take back my decision.
I made it clear through all of this that she was not staying here anymore no matter what she did. Once she deleted it she said we were "all good now! it's gone!" but I told her it didn't matter, she wasn't staying here. That's when she got pissed and said "but I deleted it! there's no problem now!" like deleting it made it not happen. We told her to get ready because our parents were on their way to pick her up and they knew the situation. THAT caused her to start really flipping out. She was furious that I'd told our parents about the blog and said she wouldn't be able to look at our parents now.
Things got messy and police were called by a neighbor because of just how loudly she was screaming. The cops arrived before our parents and she almost got taken into custody for being too aggressive and not settling down when the officer told her to calm herself the first time. So we had two cops there while she packed her stuff up. And then our parents arrived and it was just a very tense affair. I told her I loved her as she was leaving but she practically spat at me that she hated me.
That hurt a lot. But I tried not to take it to heart.
A few months passed and our mom kept me updated on how June was doing. Our parents said she needed to go to therapy, it was a condition of them letting her stay there. She started going and seems to be doing a lot better, but she still won't talk to me. Mom says she looks sad a lot but she also sounds remorseful when they talk about me/my family. So I think the therapy is helping her come to terms with how not okay what she did was.
And a couple months ago she finally got in contact with me, called and apologized for what she did, how she'd acted, and for saying she hated me. Talking with her felt nice. She sounded sad but happy too, much happier than she had when living with my family.
Those who said she made the blog to cope were right. It turns out June was in a really not good place mentally after the breakup and being let go from her job, way more than she'd been letting on to anyone. She also told me she'd been on medication for anxiety and depression before/during when she'd dated her ex but he'd shamed her for it and eventually he convinced her she didn't need them with him in her life, which was wrong. Turns out the argument that ended their relationship was him being mad at her for 'being such a downer' and making HIM sad... Yeah. So after seeing her therapist she was put back on them and is doing much better she says.
So things didn't end all happy sunshine but they didn't end as scarily as some people said they might. Which is more than good in my book.
Thank you everyone for all your advice. It really helped.
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2022.01.25 01:24 Blueruby22 Issues getting rid of mattress these days?

Has anyone encountered issues with curb side disposal of a mattress in recent times? Asking because the city website states “Large, bulky items: During COVID-19, we ask that you hold on to bulky items like furniture, mattresses, couches for the months of April, May and June.” I was really hoping to be able to get rid of a mattress on next garbage day.
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2022.01.25 01:24 JohnDeereLover But mah personal freedoms!11!!!!1!

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2022.01.25 01:24 Connect_Fig8050 The ritual: FP summon - 3 silver, 2 gold EXP and then 1 summon ticket

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2022.01.25 01:24 No_Beginning_6989 $SWAK | 🔥 Audited | Presale on this Thursday at Pinksale | nft metaverse | Big marketing campaign | Swak collection of 1000 nfts | unique art to take the lead

SWAK is a new utility token for SWAK NFT metaverse. The original token assets are deployed on multi-chains including Ethereum chain and Binance smart chain. A cross chain bridge for $SWAK will be announced to enable users transfer their token between different chains in Q1 of 2022. And in addition to $SWAK being like the fuel of SWAK NFT, it will also be used for community rewards or as even a medium of exchange in the SWAK universe, including games and our forthcoming Metaverse platform. Not limited to Web3, you’ll also be able to use it or earn it by providing utility to our community, drops, physical items and for meetups.

Swak Metaverse
Many people would perceive nfts as mere images of digital artworks or collectibles which they can sell for massive prices. However, the frenzy surrounding digital art in present times has pointed out many new possibilities with nfts. For example, the nft metaverse connection undoubtedly presents a promising use case for NFTs. The road for the future of nfts brings many new opportunities for investors, enterprises, and hobbyists, which can shape up nft usage and adoption in the long term.
One of the most notable use cases of nfts, which has been gaining attention recently, would refer to accessing the metaverse. The metaverse nft interplay is undoubtedly a prominent highlight for anyone following the blockchain space.
All nft holders of SWAK can use their nft in the world of SWAK. Each nft is the one-of-one role, so SWAK nft is limited. Also, members can build their nft as they want. This will cost the token for creating and adding the function. All this design increases the fun point for SWAK.
10,000 unique collectible characters with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. This spoof art project is inspired by the modern art brand KAWS. All nfts of SWAK is 24x24 pixel art images, generated algorithmically. Most are sharp-looking Companion images, but a few rarer types are mixed in different marketing series: Bendy, Companion, Accomplice, Chum, BFF, and even the jointly designed ones with Dior, NorthFace, or Nike. Every SWAK has its profile page that shows its attributes and ownership/for-sale status.
🚨$SWAK Presale
We are thrilled to introduce you the $SWAK, a new utility token for SWAK NFT metaverse. Presale starts on this Thursday at Pinksale.

⏰13:00 UTC
Min/Max Contrib: 0.2/8 BNB
SC/HC : 420/840 BNB
Presale Rate 1BNB = 3,000,000 SWAK

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