Wikipedia editors try to prohibit "Chinese academic publications", i.e written by people from mainland China, on "subjects censored by the Chinese government" including, according to them, COVID-19 or the Tiananmen Square Incident.

2022.01.19 16:36 Inevitable-Shake8488 Wikipedia editors try to prohibit "Chinese academic publications", i.e written by people from mainland China, on "subjects censored by the Chinese government" including, according to them, COVID-19 or the Tiananmen Square Incident.

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2022.01.19 16:36 CatThug295 Not sure what I'm doing but could definitely appreciate the help

The title says it all idk what I'm doing and not sure what sites are safe to use I could definitely use some help
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2022.01.19 16:36 rpforme11 Haven’t came to her in so long. Pm me if u can Rp or just make me cum, can show off (big dick)xx

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2022.01.19 16:36 IridiumBunny Oculus Quest Referral Code (Australian but works for EU, UK, NZ, Asia/Non-US)

If you have not set up your headset yet and want to get the US$30 equivalent (AUD$47 for me!) store credit, hit me up with a DM and I will do my best to sort you out.
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2022.01.19 16:36 99AlexSteinOTG If Kitties Was Such A Neglectful Awful Mother Why Didn't You Say Something Mersh?

or is it because it's all lies and projections? because thats what me thinks
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2022.01.19 16:36 AlphaFrowns Tunneling through the Tremors franchise for its 32nd birthday.

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2022.01.19 16:36 Bre-rochelle Rant of the day 🙄

I accepted a add on for $10 extra because it was only 14 items and I always check how far away from the store to make sure it’s worth it and it said 4 miles, when it finished shopping and put in the address it was 9.2 miles away? For $10? No thank you. I’m a little pissed. Has this happened to anyone else?
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2022.01.19 16:36 BrandonApplesauce I DONT UNDERSTAND - Everyone wants to put Miner outside?

I dont understand why everyone wants to put their miners in a box outside on the pole in the elements?
1) Miners are expensive and hard to get.
2) DBi loss from LMR400 cable is minimal.
3) Hard to get to - in the elements etc.
If you want a pole flat black and stick it up as high as you can - its kinda hard to see. Protect the miner. Run 30-40ft of LMR400?
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2022.01.19 16:36 enigma_omegaone At least someone is having a good time

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2022.01.19 16:36 diarvom I showed my mom a picture of Hisoka and she was like what's wrong with his nails. HAhaha same mom

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2022.01.19 16:36 joe_christman Set of 3 vintage iron for £5!!

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2022.01.19 16:36 blitzkrieg987 [3010] [Medieval Fantasy] Prologue of a side project I started working on

Prologue: Ill-fated
Lord father perished yesterday, at long last. Kelwin had almost wished for it whensoever he had received the letters from the royal physicians, which informed him of the spread of the putridness in father’s right leg. King Arwyn’s skin had ashen as if no blood nourished it; he had flooded his sheets with his sweat, which forced the handmaids and nurses to make him drink even against his will, and he had wailed for nights until the lack of sleep gnawed at his sanity. Kelwin always tore the letters asunder when he reached the descriptions of the gangrene. He was only seventeen; no need to learn such details.
He folded the letter in quarters, hid it within his charcoal-coloured overcoat’s inner pocket and sat atop the hill. He clasped the grass until the dew dampened his fingers and stared at the plain stretching towards the fog on the horizon. Above, the homing pigeon Sir Samuel had sent transported the response already, caught the updraft and vanished within the black clouds, which covered what little the afternoon sun could illuminate.
For the following three days, no one would raise the flags of the Crown of Kalicia. People would cancel and avoid festivities, and the musicians would walk down the streets without their instruments, as they had done after mother’s demise. And on the morrow, brother would sit on the throne.
Prince Owen was six years older than him and, therefore, stood as the rightful heir. He would have no time to discuss it between his advisors’ counselling, diplomatic missions, economy, and trade lessons. “He shall become a splendid king,” everyone would say. Lord father himself had assigned him so many tasks that they called him the co-monarch.
Howbeit, dear brother would describe the inheritance as a bit of blessing hiding an overwhelming curse. The most powerful kingdom of Ridford bowed to him. And yet, the only things he saw were the insides of the citadel of Myra, the myriad of books his schoolmen had provided him, nobles, and generals. He had not even chosen to marry Princess Clairy. He could decide to cancel the wedding, but like enough, he knew that such action would sever their relations with the Crown of Gael.
Kelwin had no such curse. The outside world had way more to offer than the golden prison he had escaped. The times he would—perhaps—envy dear brother was whensoever the nobility spoke of him. Prince Owen always showed himself as a powerful future monarch, a hope to end the turmoil of the kingdom. He would stand taller than anyone around him, show pride either in silvery plate armour or scarlet silk, and saunter in public betwixt the royal bodyguards. On the other hand, the people always referred to Kelwin as a lurdan who walked with hair so neglected that the curls and tangles reached his eyes and neck and spent his days finding comfort in wine and in the arms of all the harlots the brothels had to offer.
When the silence could not deepen further, footsteps approached him from behind, crushing the grass dancing with the rhythms of the wind. He had wished for a moment of tranquillity, but the only thing it had accomplished was to remind him of his loneliness.
Ylos put his hand on his left shoulder and showed the smile he would always give him whensoever his thoughts muddled. And for the first time since he had received the regent’s letter, Kelwin returned a hint of a smile.
“How are you feeling, my friend?” Ylos asked.
He failed to hide his chuckle, lay on the grass and watched the clouds rack across the skies and the flock of crows that the mad wind carried aloft. “What do you think?”
Ylos lay beside him with both hands beneath his head. He was a handsome young man, with hair so thin they fluttered even in the mildest breezes and with eyes so blue that one would believe they emanate light on their own. He had fair skin, devoid of warts, and white enough to refer to him as a traveller or stranger.
“All my condolences,” Ylos said. “But no need to sorrow over that to the point of secluding yourself.”
“Sorrow? ‘Tis a blessing that Owen will take over. Father was but plague to our demesne.”
“Do not say that—”
“And why would I not? Am I meant to forgive that man that had spent his days reviling me? For the sole reason that he met his demise?”
“He loved you.“
Kelwin snorted.
Ylos smiled. “Hey, I am not jesting! He wanted only to discipline you, Kel. You spent your days drinking and whoring. Did you expect King Arwyn’s acclamations? Conflicts do arise between father and son. Yours were harsher because he stood as the monarch of Kalicia; he had a reputation to preserve.”
“How do you even know? You have never met him.”
Ylos rolled his head to the right; his eyes twinkled when they met Kelwin’s. They shone in this scenery of greyness and emptiness. “‘Tis what all parents do.” He rolled his eyes and puffed out his cheeks. “Well, perhaps not Jess’.”
The memory of Jess’s father’s teeth alone caused a raw snort to burst out from Kelwin’s nose without warning. They sneered, then laughed at that together, then cackled.
Ylos heaved as he sat, then looked into his knapsack. “Well, well. If it be his soul’s anger you seek...” He took out a waterskin. Knowing Ylos, like enough, it contained wine. He grinned and handed it to him. ”I suggest we honour his death with what he loathed the most about you.”
“‘Tis hardly the moment!” Kelwin said with wry amusement. “Moreover, I do not fancy it.” He fancied it.
“This one differs from the others. Steffon and I reserved it for you.”
He snatched the waterskin with a grimace and unscrewed the cork. “Curse you, and curse Steffon!”
‘Twas warm; the wine offered his body respite from the bleakness of winter. The fruitiness spread all across his tongue and throat. It smelled like grape juice, but the alcohol’s tartness was harsh enough to make him desist from chugging. Howbeit, the more he drank, the thirstier he grew.
By the time the crescent moon came up, they were still cackling at the memories they had told each other. The ones regarding the One-eyed Butcher and Jess were the most recurrent. At long last, Kelwin dismissed the thoughts of lord father, the burial he could not attend, the ceremonies in the silent churches to assist, and the condolences from the Overlord of Ridford and other monarchs he would receive. No, he lay with his friend, his best friend, and with nary a soul around to disturb, even when neither said aught. If only this moment could last forever.
Ylos never knew and would never know the pain of losing a family member; he bore no family name and would introduce himself as “just Ylos.” Howbeit, for four years, he had succeeded to spread his smile to whosoever brooded over their loss; no other man could for Kelwin when lord father had restarted to dwell upon him with his scornful warnings.
The night settled in, but no light from the stars pierced through the clouds. Naught but darkness afore them; the two saw their surroundings only owing to the lanterns and torches that shone in the village of Pirm behind.
“Best not tarry any longer,” Ylos said and stood up.
Kelwin tightened his lips—how disappointing that they had to leave. Thankfully, over yon, he would walk down the streets without anyone laying eyes on him, for only Ylos and a handful of compeers knew that one of the king’s four children walked beside them. Kel wore the same fabric as the peasants—plucked from litters, colourless and with the smell of every soul’s sweat lingering on it—for that was all he had found in these wastes that lord father had ô so neglected. He knew the faces of all the fifty-four villagers, but he had only visited the insides of Steffon’s inn and Ylos’ house with the fear that the ceiling would crumble upon him. That had happened to Esma.
On their way back, their boots browned, squeaked and ejected water that numbed Kel’s toes, and the first rain droplets dampened his face, hair and shoulders. His hands struggled to scrub one another enough to preserve the last whit of warmth within them, and his nose and lungs burned with every breath.
But when Ylos opened the inn’s door, the innumerable torches and candles made Kel squint. The sound of a cello, four violins, maracas and a recorder greeted his ears, and the chattering and jesting, laughing of men and women, and the sound of tankards clash restored the warmth in his heart that the weather had stolen. The smell of boiled wheat, fresh bread, wheels of cheese, beer and overcooked mutton caressed his nostrils. The muscles in his cheeks disobeyed—he grinned like a five-year-old. Almost a third of the village had come—even Sophie and Jan danced there!
“Ah, here ya are!” This coarseness in the voice; could be none but Steffon.
Kelwin grinned and shook his head. “Steffon!”
Steffon hugged three tankards that had been waiting on the worktable for eternity and strode to Ylos and Kelwin. He spilt over his shirt, about to burst away from his belly. “Here ya go, boys… Kel...” They drank together with alacrity. “Thought ya’d never come. Ya’re s’posed to come an hour ago!”
“We faced some—unexpected matter,” Ylos said.
“What matter ya talkin’ about?”
“Nothing important,” Ylos blurted. “Anyway, hither we came!”
“Yea! And I must say, Ylos, ya did more than I expected for this party. I never had this many customers in my inn!”
Was Ylos the one behind this? Ylos winked at him surreptitiously.
When Steffon went to greet a group that had hailed him, Kelwin faced Ylos. “I assume most of them know not of the recent intelligence—”
Ylos raised his hand to interrupt, then approached his ear. “You would do better to desist from this consternation, Kel, and enjoy the party.” He glanced at Kelwin’s left, then back at him. “Look yonder,” he whispered.
She was looking at him. Jess smiled in his direction while her four friends bantered with each other.
“You cannot be serious,” Kelwin murmured with a half-suppressed smile.
“Time to give her a chance, my friend. I shall let you have some time to think it over.” He ambled away and grimaced. “Prate not!” he shouted and blended in the dancing crowd.
Jess’ smile broadened when their eyes met. She would show that smile whensoever he looked at her, relax in his embrace, and laugh at every jest even if he had not meant to be funny. Howbeit, Kelwin always distanced himself on purpose; she was baseborn, after all. The citadel would void a potential wedding.
He sighed, then faced Jess and smiled back at her. After all, why not? They approached each other.
“Well, well, look who’s here,” she said with a smirk.
“Good evening, Jess.”
“GoOd eVeniNg, Jess,” she repeated, imitating his voice, and laughed. She crossed her arms. “What do you want?”
“Oh, I came to greet you, of course. Why would I not?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Of course.”
“Of course, of course. And I assume you told Ylos to go away so you would greet me, of course?”
“Of course. Furthermore, I suppose that it is safe to say that you also came to me because of the dullness of your friends’ jests, of course?”
“Of course. Let us say that they’re not to my taste...”
“Of course, of course...”
“Of course, indeed.”
He could not win at this game―something possessed his lips; they stretched further and further.
“Well,” she said, “if you have finished greeting me...” She spun and headed back to her friends. Kel’s patience crumbled; he clasped her wrist and pulled her to him.
“Oh, come here, you…” he jested with a grimace.
They laughed, swayed and drank, then drank and drank again. They shouted so they could hear each other. The rhythm of each song was faster than the previous—even a crippled would dare stand and dance. No lord would ever listen to such music in his castles; they deserved no such bliss! Kel let out every drop of sweat his body contained while dancing with the melody of the recorder; Jess and he spun, hopped, and experimented with Elvish and Utorian dances―but they only succeeded in colliding into an elder and spilt his wine. His heart pounded, he panted, and his insides melted. They tripped, cackled, then drank again and again.
The following music soothed their effervescence at last; only two out of the four violins and the cello played. A fourth musician abandoned his violin, favouring a lyre, and played with the same pace as a lullaby.
Kel and Jess embraced each other in this moment of rest. He stepped on her feet, or perhaps she had stepped on his… A spark shone in her eyes when they met his.
“I’m gonna miss you tomorrow,” she whispered.
He chuckled—he had forgotten that he told her about that already. “I would never leave any of you; I shall be back in less than a fortnight. Howbeit, ‘twill be an outrage if I miss Owen’s coronation.”
And what joy would it be to see dear brother with the golden crown he longed to wear. They would have so much to discuss after these two years. And what was to say of sister? She had turned fifteen; it would not surprise him if he would not recognise her at first sight. And the little Aeolus… Howbeit, Kel would first have to clean the chaos of curls and tangles his hair formed; “The sheep of Myra,” dear brother had called him the last time they had met.
The hours felt like minutes, and the minutes felt like hours. When Kel emptied the wine jug, he took it to Steffon. He collided with a table. He felt no pain. It turned out that it was not Steffon but another man resembling him. He squinted and glanced right and left. He grinned when he found him.
“Steffon!” He shouted. “I shall see my brother on the morrow! I want everyone to experience your finest beverages! Everyone! Every accursed soul!”
Steffon said something. Kel cackled—he had not understood. He spun. He collided with a man. The man’s beer spilt over his overcoat. ‘Twas warm.
Jess waited. Her hair swirled when they danced to the songs the entire inn sang in unison; it looked like wheat under the breeze on a cloudless day of summer. He stroked the lines of freckles on her face—her skin was smooth, delicate, hot. They stopped dancing, stood in front of each other and panted―their eyes met once more. He could feel her chest inflating with every inhalation and the warmth of her breath on his skin. Then, no matter what the nobility would think, no matter the citadel’s objections, and no matter what the other Crowns would say, he kissed her.
Never had his heart raced thus—he felt he was about to die. Even so, he continued. Even if he died, he would have died happy; he would have died doing whatsoever he wanted. The history books be accursed. The historians may write about him as “Kelwin, the fool” or “Kelwin, the drunk” if that be their will. No, they would write about him as “Kelwin, the free” or, better yet, “Kelwin, the happy.”
When his eyes opened again, Kel sought the warmth of Jess’s skin, since naught but the woollen blanket protected his naked body from the frigid air. Sparrows sang beneath the window, where the silvery light came from to fill the room. Midday already. He had wished to leave for the capital at dawn.
He stroked her arm and kissed her neck. She woke up and let out a moan. “You leaving now?” she mouthed.
“Yes,” he murmured. “‘Tis late already.”
He wore his pants—sand-coloured riding breeches—and linen button-down white shirt, then reached for his boots and overcoat. He stood, stretched and removed the rheum from his eyes, then gave Jess one last look and smiled. Perhaps dear brother will remove this law regarding marriage with baseborn people.
When he opened the room’s door, the hubbub outside the inn deafened him and bludgeoned his head.
“Mind your own damn business,” a voice said in front of the inn door. “Just tell us where lord Kelwin Allen is.”
What is this, again?
Steffon retorted, “Ya all in my damn inn, and I when I tell ya to leave, ya―”
One of the three guards grabbed him by the collar and shoved his back into the door with a bodkin beneath his throat. “Listen here, you fat, disgusting―”
“Stop that at once!” Kel commanded, and the guard let go of Steffon and straightened. A crowd stood in a semi-circle outside, some whispering and some shouting. A fourth guard remained outside guarding their mounts―there were five steeds for four guards.
Those were not chain mailed guards from the city watch―they wore plate armour and tabards with the emblem of Kalicia embroidering them. Envoys from the citadel. The guard advanced by one step, sweating. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out of it. No guard had ever stiffened thus in Kel’s presence, especially not a royal guard.
“I believe I made myself abundantly clear in the letter I had Sir Samuel send,” Kel said. “I had no intention to attend father’s funeral, and I shall be there for Owen’s coronation. I needed no escort.” He spun.
“My prince,” the guard muttered.
These two words echoed in his mind. His heart skipped a beat, and his stomach rolled over. He stopped and, very slowly, turned his head to the side with a frown. How did he call me?
The guard continued, “Lord Owen perished this very morning, poisoned. You are to present yourself to Myra today for your coronation.”
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2022.01.19 16:36 LFGlab Labswap ⚗️ | DeFi | DEX Live on | Stake & Yield Farming Incoming | Organic Grow | Low Market Cap | Huge Potential | 0% Tax fee | $LAB | Don’t miss this rocket🚀

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2022.01.19 16:36 GeoffdeRuiter This Alberta cat loves to ski, paddle or 'meow-taineer' with his human

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2022.01.19 16:36 iamgxd1 What is that font?

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2022.01.19 16:36 HeXxXuS_Bot Bassjackers at Time Nightclub in Costa Mesa, CA, US on January 22, 2022 at 09:30PM

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2022.01.19 16:36 unibrowshow When your life is over, what statistics of your life would be fun to see?

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2022.01.19 16:36 toronto1999 If it 'feels like' 5 outside, why say it is 10 degrees?

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2022.01.19 16:36 MrSchmup Roman Gladiator tactics in Battlefield 2042

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2022.01.19 16:36 will5023 Netgear GS724TP for home network; good choice?

I want to add a switch with vlan capability to my home network which currently consists of a cable modem, Asus router, and a couple of unmanaged switches. My plan is to replace the Asus router with Opnsense on an old Dell Optiplex and add a managed switch and a wireless access point. I have a couple of Raspberry Pis running Pihole and Pivpn, respectively.
I want to do this to learn more about networking and hopefully improve speeds over wifi. I want the switch to support POE in case I add cameras at some point.
I'm in a small apartment now but plan on moving into a house within a year so I want a switch that allows for my network to grow.
Does the Netgear GS724TP (available on ebay for ~$120 used) fit the bill? Anything I'm not taking into consideration? Would a Unifi Access Point work with this configuration?
Here's a drawing of my planned network.
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