Buy Low Cap Gems on Uniswap with Swap Hunter

2022.01.28 21:55 crytoloover Buy Low Cap Gems on Uniswap with Swap Hunter

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2022.01.28 21:55 CampanianBadboy Based?

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2022.01.28 21:55 CH3MD3N Got the hat, made a meme.

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2022.01.28 21:55 dataentrytard Enter to win the Premier Poké Ball Replica from Sideshow Collectibles. (02/01/2022) {US}

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2022.01.28 21:55 iccaecumsa 🐶MrHusky 🐶First News doge | IOS and Android App | Early Low Cap just launched, the Next x1000 GEM | Huge Marketing | SaFu | LP locked

MrHusky is a progressive token that pays out give aways just for holding it within your wallet! Our team has spent extensive time developing MrHusky and MrHusky News to be more than just a meme token.
Introducing $MRH token, an actual utility case. MrHusky collects all the information from the crypto scene in a way never seen before and visualizes it on his own platform.
MrHusky represents the tenacity and endurance of a true crypto enthusiast, embracing the philosophy of HODL.
Warning: Not for the faint of heart! MrHusky will use its powers to burn through tokens at an alarming rate, rewarding those who have the strength to stay the course.
MrHusky is founded on a strong and fast growing community, sophisticated source code, burning and redistribution strategy, an experienced marketing team, and philanthropy.
✔️ Marketing plans: 👀
1 NonStop Reddit Threads of our project
2 Dedicated marketing team working on getting the project to the moon
3 Special Marketing to promote the News Platform
4 Regular AMA Sessions
✔️ Tokenomics:
Total supply of 10 Billion tokens
0 % buy tax, 10 % sell tax
• 5% back to LP
• 5% Marketing wallet
• Symbol MRH
✔️ Links:
💥 Contract : 0xd082bf5534f6790df4967941605f8b17ef8fe10e
🌐 Buy here :
🔒 Liquidity Locked :
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2022.01.28 21:55 yeahborris (Xb1) W:Leo ring and ornstein soul or his armour H: ask

Simply cannot win, smo is easier
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2022.01.28 21:55 crypt0kiddie Does anyone here work at uBreakiFiX home office?

Curious is anyone here works for home office?
I have a question related to a um, "corporate" level issue.
Thank you.
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2022.01.28 21:55 ntcplanters Moxie, Our Lynx Point

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2022.01.28 21:55 Comfortable_Lock9694 What happened 🤦🏾‍♂️

I remember when I first joined this jawn it was thurl a/s now it’s just a whole bunch of weirdos trynna finesse or thirsty niggas asking about bitchs they too scared to text I’m about to create my a new sub with rules
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2022.01.28 21:55 SisterParish A real mother and beautiful person at play with her child. RIP

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2022.01.28 21:55 forily I forgot to spend any of my macaroons 🤦‍♀️

I'm so upset in a way no one but yall will understand. I had 2000 to use and just... didn't. Dang.
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2022.01.28 21:55 A_Placed_Present260 [Question] Plucking noise

My low E string makes a plucking noise whenever I play it from the 5th fret to the 12th fret. None of the other strings have this problem except slightly on the A string. Does anyone know what's wrong with it/ how to fix it? thanks.
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2022.01.28 21:55 iswearimhereforeal I think I might have an issue

Hey everyone, please dont delete me bc this is a burner - as my name says, "i swear im for real"
I need some advice.. I've been masturbating literally since I was a kid & it's basically always been a "daily activity" for me. Then in middle school, I started doing it when I woke up and before I went to bed. I've been in a deep cycle of habitual masturbation for over a decade now.
Now I'm in college & my increased free time has me jerking off basically whenever I want - at least twice a day, usually more.
My private folder was full of thousands of pictures and dozens of videos catalogued so I could masturbate to whatever I wanted whenever I wanted just by searching tagged words. I say "WAS" because I completely deleted everything a few days ago.
My gf pointed out that we arent having sex as much (when i do get to see her) and it made me reevaluate how i'm living. Instead of doing it every night that we're together like we used to, it's now less than half the time. We both work a lot and are pretty exhausted a lot of the time so that has something to do with it. But I also know that my decreased libido has to be linked to how much I masturbate when I'm alone.
I don't want to give it up - I like doing it & I can't even remember a time when I didn't do it. But I definitely need a healthier relationship with masturbation. This community is the only place I know to turn to besides some friends who see the problem with porn/fap addiction but also aren't doing anything to fix it.
Whats your insight? Anything helps.
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2022.01.28 21:55 kaanktlk Unpopular Opinion: The Picture Ryan Cohen Tweeted, Is One of The NFT Submissions, And He Is Hinting NFT Marketplace Release Soon, MOASS Incoming!!!

The picture RC tweeted looks like a fan art and I don't know if anyone ever posted that picture before anywhere, but I think that might be one of the NFT submissions that RC really liked, and decided to tweet it, hence hinting us that the NFT marketplace is releasing soon.
MOASS Incoming, hold tight! BUY, HODL, DRS!!!
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2022.01.28 21:55 Ciara19 Robert Redford the great gatsby

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2022.01.28 21:55 Lightartnft Hey everyone! :) How do you like this new nft collection?

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2022.01.28 21:55 Usual_culture_2078 Behavioral Issues

What kind of behavioral issues do you experience with your foster child and what age? Do you feel these behaviors are connected to social/emotional problems?
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2022.01.28 21:55 Assek14 Global politics case study

Hi everyone, We got to write an essay in GP subject and our question is "To what extent can state actors achieve greater change in the international system when operating multilaterally?". Can someone please explain it for me because I find it quite complicated to understand it. My case study is UN peacekeeping and we're in topic 1.
Thank you so much! :)
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2022.01.28 21:55 hSkrtOvo $550 e-gift card

Received a $548.96 gift card, was wondering if anybody wants it for ~$500? Thanks
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2022.01.28 21:55 TheJMG37 Back in stock

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2022.01.28 21:55 Retroagv 'Short term' GIA until ISA reset?

I'm transferring my current ISA so I won't be able to add funds to the new one until April. I have around 3k to invest in a GIA. I currently have the money in PB and planned to just keep placing it in there until the reset.
I saw a comment talking about this exact situation but I found find much by search. If I were to use a GIA, I understand that it is a lot more risky than keeping it as a static amount in PB but also I'm missing out on some possible gains.
I've been thinking I would place it into a low fee index such as UK all share income as opposed to accumulation, as it has a decent distributions too. Because the amount is so small I doubt i would go over the tax allowance. Hence why I wanted to keep the fees low.
I could essentially just stick it all in global all cap and hope for the bounce, as this is where it would be if it was in an ISA.
I'm interested in what you guys would advise?
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2022.01.28 21:54 TinyElderGod First appearance friday. Journey into Mystery #86 First appearance of tomorrow man. 2nd odin

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2022.01.28 21:54 Barbos_17 I have made low carb spaghetti squash dinner, very easy and tastes amazing

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2022.01.28 21:54 throoawyyy Dolores’ power is inconsistent and also the worst to have

Dolores tells Mirabel that no one was worried about the magic except her, the rats in the wall (Bruno) and Luisa. But we clearly saw Abuela Alma talking to the picture of Pedro concerned about the magic.
Also when her power isn’t being inconsistent she can hear an eye twitch, so imagine just how horrible it must be to be her, hearing everything that goes on in that house including things like intimate acts, any and all private conversations etc etc etc. If i had hearing that good I’d want to be in the most isolated spot on earth.
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2022.01.28 21:54 gay_goats_dont_exist How my mom holds the steering wheel

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