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2022.01.28 23:17 PrideAutumn Stolen from Discord

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2022.01.28 23:17 oreocookielover What's happening near SW Marine Drive and Main Street?

There's alot of cars driving through the small alleys and streets next to Main Street near SW Marine Drive, presumably because Main Street was closed. I live near but I can't find anything in the news and I'm too scared to go out to see because I think I saw a cop through the window.
Thank you! Sorry if flair was wrong!
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2022.01.28 23:17 BooOnClay Always has been

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2022.01.28 23:17 Cookiefan64c Made Some OCs. Hope You Enjoy Them!

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2022.01.28 23:17 Sofargonept2 Nicole Kidman in all denim, 1992.

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2022.01.28 23:17 Show84 What’s your fandom?

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2022.01.28 23:17 SnazzyFry Week 2: Noodles—Smoky tomato carbonara

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2022.01.28 23:17 E9124 Are friends there to keep you happy or to simply do things with you for everybody’s singular benefit?

I have a group of 7 friends, 4 of which I play games daily with. This group of friends only really talk when they want to play games. I have always had substantial mental difficulties and lately it’s been really bad but in the past I’ve realized that every time I’m down and I bring It up to them, I am blown and nobody seemingly gives a shit.
Most of the time this isn’t a problem for me because I’m used to not telling people about my problems. I brought up to them that I found it hurtful that I have a group of friends I’ve known for years and not one seems to care for one another.I brought it up and they made me look stupid and said that I need to deal with my own “dumb” problems.
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2022.01.28 23:17 A_Few_Mooses I've fractured a rib, the head of my shoulder and my ulna/radius over the years. Am I allowed here?

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2022.01.28 23:17 row_pool420 My dogs an epic gamer

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2022.01.28 23:17 __slumpgod__ Why isn’t Thanos or Legend of Zelda on Spotify yet?

I thought it was because they would be on MOW3 but looking at the track list they aren’t listed…
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2022.01.28 23:17 MrsBeautyMoseley I really need help

Going through a depressed time in my life. Basically lost everything and I am pretty much homeless like couch hopping. My family pretty much gave away my dog without my knowledge. Family doesn’t care about me and pretty much have no one. That was the last thing I had that brought light to my life was my dog. I no longer speak to them. I’m on my own and could really use a lot of help. Anything helps really. $Beauty307
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2022.01.28 23:17 Im_Possibly_Black What subject is considered political that really shouldn’t?

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2022.01.28 23:17 TarmboPoster2 more art of gibbous dave (dfac dave + fnf dave)

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2022.01.28 23:17 Bot_Highlights Crazy how so many people don't know this Only real gamers know this! | /u/kazzakhyle

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2022.01.28 23:17 kokoissocool i think joe not standing up for taylor is so odd

i’m sorry, but how in the hell is the president of CHILE going to comment on something basically attacking taylor but joe doesn’t. i don’t think it has anything to do with publicity either because if a literal president, who sure as hell needs to watch his image more than joe, can speak on it then so can he. i find it so frustrating how hes given all of this credit for doing absolutely nothing. they show two seconds of him hugging taylor and a bunch of videos of taylor in which the identity of the person behind the camera is riddled with ambiguity on miss americicana, and suddenly he’s this amazing boyfriend.
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2022.01.28 23:17 harry_tell11 🔥🔥BREAKING NEWS: LOCKED LIQUIDITY FOR 1 YEAR 🔥🔥

🔒 We are proud to announce that we have locked liquidity for 1 year on Unicrypt.
✨We locked $BAoE with a smart contract. This contract has been verified open source on Unicrypt for everyone to check.
👉 You can check it here:
👉 You can buy here:
Thank you for always supporting us! ❤️ ———————— Contact us:
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2022.01.28 23:17 Redpill_the_youth I was just trynna get an ancient tablet

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2022.01.28 23:17 Mighty_Vex Does require an if verification

For those of you who have bought hhc from yolk’s shop I just wanted to know if they required an id or ssn verification to order
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2022.01.28 23:17 ASU_Bot A-State Third After Day One at Prairie View Invitational

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2022.01.28 23:17 grognekthedestroyer Coolest-looking cats?

Who do y’all think was the coolest looking cat (or cats)? For me, I’d say Ember of TC or Brambleberry of RC. I’ve been drawing a lot and I need inspiration, so I’m trying to remember which cats looked the most unique.
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2022.01.28 23:17 SirJBiscuit [Homemade] Crispy Crepe with Espresso mascarpone frosting with cheesecake filling w extra creamy whipped cream and strawberries n blueberries

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2022.01.28 23:17 pizzzapaasta RIP Battlefield 2002-2021

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2022.01.28 23:17 MrT0620 What's a good sled for ~3k

I want it to be very fast, able to go in deep snow, and not break
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2022.01.28 23:17 JY_WorldTaker Lord Byron understood

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