Yuukrp ve biz

2022.01.19 16:29 Extreme-Hat6577 Yuukrp ve biz

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2022.01.19 16:29 Kiritsugu066 Better show?

You can be bias to an extent.
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2022.01.19 16:29 ReWhyte If life was a game in how and in what way would you level up?

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2022.01.19 16:29 Positive_Addition_17 Haven't seen this in the sub reddit so hppe everyone enjoys it

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2022.01.19 16:29 SL2505 Paranoid Mage

So I’m reading paranoid mage right now. The book is good don’t get me wrong, but I feel that it’s a carbon copy of Legion by Marvel. 30 or so years old guy has had to pretended he’s normal his entire life and that he’s just crazy.
He then finds out he’s not just crazy and everything about his powers are real. The story is good and interesting but it’s copied almost all of the interesting qualities with a spin on the plot and backstory.
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2022.01.19 16:29 pekaramartin3 Juno :( (Shuniihx)

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2022.01.19 16:29 Ilfirion Germany’s Baerbock faces down top Russian diplomat Lavrov in Moscow

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2022.01.19 16:29 Krakengol Help pc ds3 high wall of lothric.

Lets play together pass 000
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2022.01.19 16:29 vaonex I have premium and a samsung galaxy 21 , when i have youtube playing and turn my screen off itll play for 30 seconds and then pause , i have to turn the screen on again to unpause

It never did this before like 2 months ago
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2022.01.19 16:29 marechal_de_flandre China financiert onderzoek naar mensenrechten aan VU

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2022.01.19 16:29 CEMN0ME Purchasing COS Tokens in the US

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2022.01.19 16:29 Silver_Temporary_175 New Season - are all the players we used to have gone?

I had a really good team last season (that's when I started playing) and I don't have it anymore. Do we start all over with new players?
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2022.01.19 16:29 FloatyFerret43 Crossplay issue

I'm on ps4 and my friend is on xbox, it says I'm offline on her end even when I'm not, I've checked my connection and everything. Any suggestions?
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2022.01.19 16:29 BlubberMcflubber Some strange fights with Kyoshin! Rep 50 Kyoshin duels

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2022.01.19 16:29 thedude37 Would like to review/analyze someone's original music on my patreon

Basically what the title says. Do some sort of a react video/analysis hybrid (a la "The Daily Doug" on YT). Still getting details in line, but would love any volunteers! Music can be up to 10 minutes long.
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2022.01.19 16:29 Rare_Disk_1237 Free Adult Games

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2022.01.19 16:29 Ye_olo What is THE best mw assault rifle, (that isn't the as val)

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2022.01.19 16:29 Captain___19 GME - I said we green today 🤜🏼😤

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2022.01.19 16:29 alignurchakras [Method] ALL GAS NO BRAKES!

Yeah I said it. We have to give life ALL GAS NO BRAKES! "What does that mean?" It means continuously picking ourselves up when we feel down or lose motivation and confidence. Having our own back when we feel alone. Being the kings and queens of our own life. Believing in our own power to overcome anything in order to accomplish everything we desire. To never expect anything from anyone but ourselves. To remain on your feet through any storm. It also means handing the SMOKE to people and situations in life itself. "What is smoke?" SMOKE in this context is being assertive and standing your ground to resolve any issue that comes your way. Notice I used the word assertive instead of aggressive.
Begin to give life ALL GAS NO BRAKES. You start this very moment. All it takes is figuring out what keeps you going. My main motivator is past traumas and failures. I use my negative experiences to keep me on the right path towards being my best self. We all make mistakes. We must make mistakes so we can better adapt to life.
Goodluck yall! You got this! I will be routing for you spiritually! Everyone deserves the best in life!
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2022.01.19 16:29 b_ub_u-1 hmmm

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2022.01.19 16:29 LordMemington Found symbiote spidey today, picked venom up a few days ago. These are my first MLs!

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2022.01.19 16:29 I-wanna-fuck-SCP1471 LPVO magnified optic, including canted aiming with lasers

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2022.01.19 16:29 confused554 I Am Not Getting Any Firemaking Xp At Wintertodt… Any Help?

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2022.01.19 16:29 valkaress Best classes for pvp at levels 6 and 7?

I'm thinking of joining a server that has pvp, and I'm considering making an Archer Battlemaster that will be a powerhouse (at least for pve) once he picks up that extra feat at level 6. I'm curious how it would fare against other, more dedicated pvp classes though. At level 6 because that's when I get the feat, and at level 7 because level 4 spells could swing the pendulum towards a certain class.
Forget about my archer though. What are the actual best classes for pvp at those levels? No multiclassing (feel free to talk about MC if you really want to, but me personally, I'm not an MC guy).
Wizard/Sorcerer with Hold Person?
Monk with perma-stun?
Paladin with the aura?
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2022.01.19 16:29 ecgorz 5S Center Console Carry

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