Why aren't the two country club courses used?

2022.01.19 15:59 69blazeit69chungus Why aren't the two country club courses used?

I didn't even know there was a back 9 until I saw it in practice.
Why aren't they in the multiplayer, challenge the valley, etc? They are fun
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2022.01.19 15:59 AnarchicMetric Istg this is why dating sucks. This shit. I honestly am beginning to blame women who hate men less and less but then again there's also bs for dudes too and we're all equal after all. Modern dating is a shitshow if I'm honest.

Istg this is why dating sucks. This shit. I honestly am beginning to blame women who hate men less and less but then again there's also bs for dudes too and we're all equal after all. Modern dating is a shitshow if I'm honest. submitted by AnarchicMetric to awfuleverything [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 15:59 PFVoyiaa Can You Guys Let Me Sleep!? I Can't Believe It's Not Exorcism

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2022.01.19 15:59 Lethargickitten-L3K Favyn's latest take

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2022.01.19 15:59 sm_rollinger Fear Factory, Static-X, Dope & Mushroomhead tour postponed to 2023

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2022.01.19 15:59 Luna2469_was_taken fuck my body for being so good at not dying

i’m still surprised i’m not dead after taking a pack of paracetamol and then getting pissed like an hour later
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2022.01.19 15:59 bucket--bot ANYMORE HORNY RESISTANCE POSTS FROM REDDIT ON 3 a failure.

a disbeliever—those are you didn't know who can go in it soon
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2022.01.19 15:59 Frankjd29 Who is TPE?

I keep hearing about this guy and possible trades involving him but i can’t find anything about him. Anyone know who he is or have any highlights from him?
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2022.01.19 15:59 Sethbeast185 People with Windows 2000

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2022.01.19 15:59 mishalcbd Have been using IQOS for 3 years. Now i stopped using it for 2 days.

Before starting Iqos in late 2018, i used to smoke marlboros for around 14 years. For the past year i have been experiencing heart flutters almost almost on a daily basis with chest pains and shortness of breath as well as pinching randomly in my chest and feeling at the same time another pinch in the neck and left arm. Not to mention feeling anxious almost everyday for no reason. Visited the doctor after even lessening my heets intake by half since these symptoms kept appearing, was told to stop using IQOS and quit nicotine all together. Which i did and for 2 days now i feel someone was using my lungs as a punching bag, it hurts sooo much, im coughing all the time now with a headache that comes and goes and a really painful feeling along my esophagus. I really think that the withdrawal symptoms of iqos are worse than cigs.
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2022.01.19 15:59 RockingHorsePoo Will you still be wearing a mask after the restrictions are lifted?

Might be a silly question to some but I’m curious. I think I’ll still be wearing mine, though I use neck hoods / bandanas because of my beard (normal masks get pushed up into my eyes when I talk, rather annoying). I kinda prefer it, especially when I notice I’ve forgotten to trim my nose hairs.
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2022.01.19 15:59 smokebomb_exe Are we allowed to post anything other than anti-vaccine articles here

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2022.01.19 15:59 HueArolo My Green Day vinyl collection

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2022.01.19 15:59 followingthecolors Player scavs currently dominate popular raid locations because they spawn too early.

I say this as someone who has abused over 300 scav raids this wipe and have 100m+ stash value because of it. Scavs being such an effortless and profitable way to play maps like lighthouse, reserve or interchange is not healthy for the game.
This issue has been brewing for a few wipes but voip+karma really pushed it over the edge. I do not feel like i have anything challenging me from running to a high value loot area and draining it before a PMC can even get a chance at the loot or at stopping me.
I would say that P-scavs simply spawn far too early into a raid and the risk/reward ratio is completely skewed because of it.
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2022.01.19 15:59 DennyGReal How severe are the long term effects of using dxm once a week?

I don't use it that often but I'm curious. I've heard so many conflicting things on how toxic dxm actually is.
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2022.01.19 15:59 theGluttonous The current events seems to be leading to this

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2022.01.19 15:59 thelakelayblue 'Surface Pressure' question

Does anyone else find it distracting when, among all the great visuals of Luisa struggling to heft donkeys and boulders and Casita and the entire village and the entire Earth, suddenly we see her blithely smiling and dancing, while still singing the same words: all about fear and stress and being massively overburdened and thinking she's going to crack? During the song's bridge, she and Mirabel fly on their donkeycorns through the fluffy sunlit clouds, and it's adorable - but that's while she sings about how much she wants to relax and just enjoy herself! Is it just me, or is it jarring to watch her happily dancing under a spotlight while singing "who am I if I don't have what it takes?"
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2022.01.19 15:59 Galaxymicah ELI5 How does grounding work with electricity?

So a conductive material like copper allows electricity to flow while insular materials do not allow that flow. And grounding is basically a safe guard conductive route that leads into something like soil away from a house.
What happens to the electricity? Is soil a less insular thing that I imagine it being and it becomes just a super diffuse charge? Does it just superheat the soil and it's expelled as heat energy. Has science been lying to us and ground wires are a government conspiracy to recharge the earth's core? None of these quite feel correct. So I'm asking the internet.
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2022.01.19 15:59 iPorkChop 12 Vows of Medicine Buddha - #9

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2022.01.19 15:59 techsucker Researchers Introduce ‘SeMask’: An Effective Transformer-Framework That Incorporates Semantic Information Into The Encoder With The Help Of A Semantic Attention Operation

Researchers Introduce ‘SeMask’: An Effective Transformer-Framework That Incorporates Semantic Information Into The Encoder With The Help Of A Semantic Attention Operation After demonstrating the transformer’s efficiency in the visual domain, the research community has focused on extending its use to several fields. One of these is semantic segmentation, a critical application for many areas, such as autonomous drive or medical diagnosis. The classical approach to this topic has been to use an existing pre-trained Transformer Layer as an encoder, tuning it for the segmentation task. However, this approach lacks insight into the semantic context during fine-tuning due to the relatively small dataset size compared to the one used for pre-training.
The Picsart AI Research team, together with the SHI Lab and IIT Roorkee, proposed the SeMask framework to incorporate semantic information into a generic hierarchical vision transformer architecture (such as Swin Transformer) through two techniques. First, a Semantic Layer is added after the Transformer Layer; second, two decoders are used: a lightweight semantic decoder used only for training and a feature decoder. The comparison of the existing methods general pipeline and SeMask is shown in the image below.
Paper Summary: https://www.marktechpost.com/2022/01/19/researchers-introduce-semask-an-effective-transformer-framework-that-incorporates-semantic-information-into-the-encoder-with-the-help-of-a-semantic-attention-operation/
Paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2112.12782
Github: https://github.com/Picsart-AI-Research/SeMask-Segmentation

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2022.01.19 15:59 charming_sam Hina Khan

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2022.01.19 15:59 verbeniam Are nyc small claims cases being heard yet?

I have had my case pushed back for almost two years and am unable to get through to them to ask if i have been pushed back again. So thought i would ask here!
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2022.01.19 15:59 MissDebbie420 David Hogg on Twitter

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2022.01.19 15:59 sasdie Penne mit Bolognese aus Wildschwein-Salsiccia

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2022.01.19 15:59 FolknemGrave24 GSXR 750 need a Fuel Pump

So im looking at a bike rn (Gsxr 750) and the guy says the bike needs a new fuel pump, so it wont start or run. Any other ways I can make sure the bike actually runs??
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