2022.01.25 01:32 feetonfootonfeet Vampire

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2022.01.25 01:32 UFCStrike Announcement

UFC Strike: Fully Loaded Pack Update
Thank you for participating in our first-ever UFC Strike drop. We are so incredibly excited to break new ground in the MMA space with this community. And while we are thrilled that so many fans were able to make history with us, we discovered after the drop that there was a bug with the new pack-stuffing tool that didn’t meet our expectations or standard of excellence.
For additional context: we utilized a new technology to assemble & distribute the packs in an effort to provide a smoother experience to our collectors and new UFC fans. After the drop, we discovered that the new tool did not work as intended, and did not properly include the expected amount of Champion Tier Moments in the packs just sold.
The good news is that we have solved the problem and are taking the following measures:
For each pack purchased that did not contain a Champion Tier Moment, you will receive an airdrop of a randomized UFC Strike Moment by January 31st, which will be packed from a pool of Moments that will include a total of 348 Champion Tier Moments, with the rest being from our Contender Tier. This will return the odds to what was contained in the pack description at the time of sale. For each pack purchased that did contain a Champion Tier Moment, you will receive an airdrop of a randomized Contender Tier UFC Strike Moment by January 31st.
As a thank you for joining our first-ever Pack drop launches, we will also be issuing a $50 Dapper Credit for each UFC Strike pack purchased to your Dapper Account. You’ll be able to use that credit for future Marketplace and Pack purchases –– consider this a head start on the next generation of UFC fandom. Credit will be delivered to your Dapper Balance by January 27th. Expect more updates to come shortly on the opening of the UFC Strike marketplace.
If you have further questions please feel free to reach out to our Support Team here -
You can find this same information on our blog here -
We look forward to seeing you for the next drop, and all the amazing experiences we have in store for you in 2022 and beyond.
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2022.01.25 01:32 naturevalleychewy two equal opinions

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2022.01.25 01:32 SIRMAXIMUS99 Tokyo marui Mag-Well

Does anyone know how to put on a flared mag well I just bought one for my 5.1 Tokyo marui and can’t seem to figure it out?
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2022.01.25 01:32 crashdaddy Social Credit -∞

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2022.01.25 01:32 Megalomagicka I feel like puzzles should be removed from your Worlds after you've completed them.

Some of them take up quite a bit of space, so I think once you've completed a puzzle that the next day when you revisit the World the Everkin should have removed it for you.
Now I'm only talking about the puzzles that spawn on the overworld of generated Worlds, not the ones in caves or the ones that are naturally present around Alaria.
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2022.01.25 01:32 tagatoo Need help understanding dango!

Hey everyone! So I wanted to do dango but it was hard to find the asked ingredients (joshinko and shiratamako). After a lot of research I buyed mochinko and glutinous rice flour instead because i didn’t have any other choices and i thought to have understand that you could substitute originals ingredients with them. I’ll post what i bought specifically. But now that i have receive my order, im starting to doubt how to use them to do the most close looking traditional dango with them. Can someone help me by explaining how i can use them please? Thanks in advance! :)
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2022.01.25 01:32 firstladymsbooger Daphne is a toxic and abusive wife.

From the perspective of a rape crisis/domestic violence counselor, what she does is SO fucked up and abusive on so many different levels. Her three biggest unforgivable acts:

  1. Forcing Simon to marry her. Simon makes it clear over and over to her that he does. not. want. marriage. Yet, instead of allowing her bother to duel, she stops the duel, and TELLS Simon that he will marry her even after he tells her for the umpteenth time that it isn't possible. Yes, in society, this scandal would have ruined her but she played an equal role in kissing him.
  2. Raping Simon and reproductive coercion. I don't give a shit about whether Simon lied to her or not or what consent looked like back then. If a man had forcibly held a woman down in order for her to finish her orgasm, that would be rape. What she did was rape, 100%. The visceral horror in Simon's face when he realizes that she won't be dismounting him as he finishes, was so awful to look at. He withdrew consent and she kept going for her own selfish desires. The scene afterward where she holds her knees to her chest in order to try to keep his semen inside of her made me sick. And finally when she wept to her mother after getting her period? So fucking gross. Like "hey sorry I raped my husband but lets all cry for ME because I couldn't get pregnant after the fact."
  3. Snooping through Simon's personal belongings because she still cannot take "no" for an answer. Simon obviously had tons of trauma about his abusive father and kept that aspect of his life buried deep inside of him. By digging through his things and FINDING a reason for his consistent "no" to having kids, she broke his trust again. Even afterward, she makes it her Mission to get him to change his mind. Now, imagine if a man consistently went out of his way to bully and attempt to coerce his wife into giving him children. Horrific. She refuses to take "no" for an answer, because all that matters is what SHE wants.
Lastly, I don't agree with Simon lying to her and DID feel sorry for her before she raped him. But what she does is so, so much worse. I have no idea why people love her so much when there are so many other dynamic and interesting characters in the show like Eloise, Anthony+Siena, Penelope+Marina and Lady Featherington.
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2022.01.25 01:32 GimmeThoseMuffinTops Blake Lively

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2022.01.25 01:32 D1553N7 Aleister Growley approves of his PJs

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2022.01.25 01:32 Minnieme916 Scarlett 4i4 Gen 3 Broken

Decided one night, " I want my room to be completely dark " I turned off my Powered USB HUB that was connected to my 4i4 so it wouldn't emit a hella bright blue light from the powered usb hub and a green/red light from the 4i4.
Next day I try to turn it on and bam, the green light won't come on anymore and won't be picked up by my computer.
I've tested, reinstalling the drivers, trying different usb ports, trying different cables, and different computers (mac/windows) nada. Video of me plugging it in to show the green light won't emit
Search up on reddit that its an issue with Gen 3s and sent a Support Ticket to see how much repair cost would be, $75 per hour and whatever part cost there is. When the 4i4 itself is around $200 used to $250 new.
Does anyone know what chip or transistor that would need to be replaced? I've looked at every thread and haven't found a single answer. I could try to take it to a repair shop or just try to tinker around on a multimeter I don't know how to use but would really love any help fixing this.
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2022.01.25 01:32 Wiffleboy1 Caption this

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2022.01.25 01:32 hossLJ Does anyone have the video of x at a party or bar or something like that and he says “i know nobody know who the fuck i am all i ask is you give me a chance”

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2022.01.25 01:32 melanomma Guide to watch the donghua in novel order?

Seasons 2 and 3 of the mdzs donghua are still a blur in my memory (I've seen them twice and I just remember season 2 making no effing sense and nothing happening, while season 3 has too much going on in very little time). I was wondering if someone here knows of a guide / episode list to watch the donghua in novel order? Would it make sense with all the cuts and changes in season 2/3?
I will try to write a guide (as close as possible to novel order given the circumstances) but I wanted to check if it already existed first. Thanks!
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2022.01.25 01:32 Chimeguy22 💎💵$5 for trying Cashapp real easy!!💵💎

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2022.01.25 01:32 Herclinze La castration chez Lacan

Je vais démythifier la castration chez Lacan, car j'ai remarqué que beaucoup qui se tiennent pour les contempteurs de la psychanalyse ce jourd'hui, croient que la castration lacanienne s'homologue à la freudienne. C'est faux. Lacan est très peu lu. Les ennemis de la psychanalyse ont une vague connaissance de Freud. Comprendre Lacan demande pas mal de temps, en fait. C'est difficile. Donc Lacan ne parle pas de la castration comme une phase temporée, il l'abstrait jusqu'à la dignité du concept, si l'on peut dire, pour l'épingler ensuite dans le champ lexical de la structure. De sorte que castration, ça devient un synonyme de "structure". Pourtant, semble-t-il, il y a plusieurs phases dans la structure, dont l'Œdipe nous décline les types essentiels, y compris une phase d'avant la structure. Mais le reste relève de l'imaginaire, pour lequel nous sommes réduits à des conjectures. Vers la fin de son enseignement, peut-être Lacan a-t-il été bergsonien, puisqu'aussi bien il a critiqué tout ce qui prenait sérieusement la forme du conditionnel dans la question. Il a répondu : si l'on a une question, c'est qu'on a la réponse. Bien plus que Heidegger, Lacan a nietzschéisé le problème de la question. C'est à mes yeux ce qu'il y a de meilleur chez lui. Car toute autre forme de pensée semble condamnée au moyen du lit de Procuste, etc. Et l'on se rappelle ici la phrase que Saint-Preux s'avise adresser à sa Julie, à laquelle il voue un culte pour le moins délirant :

Comme on décrit l'olivier sur un saule, ou le palmier sur un sapin, et que j'attende à juger du premier peuple observé que j'aie observé tous les autres.
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2022.01.25 01:32 I_late_sorry Anyone study with A level and GCSE curriculum and is now applying to colleges?

I’m in IGCSE right now and is going ti have to choose my A level soon. I’m considering changing to an American curriculum school, since it might be more convenient when applying to university in American. So that I can learn AP classes. Is it more work as an A level student? Also what subjects did you pick? Any revision tips? I have my mock in two weeks and I’m so scared. My only concerns are the three extended science tests
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2022.01.25 01:32 OkCapital5961 Quien para hablar por telegram? Con todo tipo de morbo

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2022.01.25 01:32 The-pygmy Week one omad

SW:72.7kgs CW:71.7Kgs GW:49kgs
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2022.01.25 01:32 BurnerBurnerBurns20 Pincus: "I’ve actually heard Lakers have passed on Jerami Grant. He doesn’t want to play a tertiary role behind Bron/AD.”

“I’ve actually heard Lakers have passed on Jerami Grant. He doesn’t want to play a tertiary role behind Bron/AD.”
Eric Pincus,
The Latest NBA Chats on @19MGroup is out! A huge thanks to my amazing guest, @EricPincus
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2022.01.25 01:32 Esperaux Nonprofit Industrial Complex 101: A primer on how it upholds inequity and flattens resistance

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2022.01.25 01:32 KittenTheSecond [Serious] Redditors,This is a time capsule thread which will be revisited exactly 3 years from now. Today you will make a prediction which you believe would happen or would’ve happened by the year 2024. The prediction could be about anything of ur choice. What is your prediction??

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2022.01.25 01:32 SODTX Can anyone ID this guitar?

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2022.01.25 01:32 snyderjr Domino ❤

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2022.01.25 01:32 AliBarberTheSecond Fucking hate being on iso. And my bike isn't running either 😩

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