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First time using benzos as trip killer

2022.01.28 22:52 MaxTeare First time using benzos as trip killer

Hello everyone, I hope your having a nice day.
I just ordered some 0.7mg blotters of Fluclotizolam for the intended use as a trip killer. To be completely blunt I have never used a benzo and the thought of addiction scares me. I was wondering if anyone else used benzos only for trip killers and if they felt any sort of additive pull towards the chemical after.
On top of that, what would a recommended dose be for a trip killer benzo? I am planning on volumetric dosing the blotters since I usually have a pretty low tolerance but if anyone has any dosage tips I would greatly appreciate it.
I mainly want to have them on hand in the case of a traumatic experience. I am very tentative with psychedelics and seriously doubt I'll ever need to use them, but I would like the peace of mind knowing I can escape a psychedelic hell if it happens.
Tldr: could using benzos as trip killers lead to addiction.
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2022.01.28 22:52 Slightly-Blasted How can I be the LEAST annoying as an eBay seller for my postman?

Homie is always working his ass off I don’t want to make him do a ton of extra stuff by handing him boxes and envelopes and mail every time he comes through.
They are always small, under 2 LBS.
But I’m just curious do you guys get annoyed at people doing this?
Is there any way I can make it easy on him?
I pre weigh everything, it’s all pre paid.
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2022.01.28 22:52 JavaleONeal [FREE FOR PROFIT] Nostalgic Oldschool Hiphop Type Beat "DaTitle"

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2022.01.28 22:52 Final_Steak8545 Been feeling unattractive for most of my life and now trying to make efforts to meet people and date. I still can’t get dates though! Am I unattractive?

Been feeling unattractive for most of my life and now trying to make efforts to meet people and date. I still can’t get dates though! Am I unattractive? submitted by Final_Steak8545 to FreeCompliments [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:52 FibonacciZeppeli Do I have any legal precedence for a neglectful salesman?

So back in June, I bought my first car. I live in Northern Ontario, for reference.
When I purchased the car, I asked about a block heater, and getting one installed. They're basically non-optional where I live. The salesman was absolutely insistent that I didn't need one, so I took him at his word.
Fast forward to now, and not being allowed to purchase a $90 car accessory has cost me $700 in repairs, $300 in cab fare, and a parking ticket while I was waiting for a toe truck as an extra slap in the face.
$700 for testing the battery, charging it, and eventually replacing it when it was deemed completely dead (plus a block heater)
$300 for unnecessary cab fare to and from work. When I bought the car, they said take it to them for repairs. Then when I did, they had to send it to a different dealership because it was still under warranty. They just dropped my car off, didn't tell them why it was there, and told me I'd hear from them once it was done.
Do I have anything to back me on getting at least some of my money back? A lot of these expenses were due to negligence on their end
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2022.01.28 22:52 oscarilllo ¿Alguna idea de inversión rentable? ¿ Alguien ha tenido experiencias con compras de franquicias de restaurantes o bares? o saben en cuanto andan algunas y como es el administrarlas?

A mi mamá le están ofreciendo un préstamo los del banco ($60,000) ahora que ya casi termino de pagar la casa en la que actualmente vivimos, ella quería usar ese dinero de aquí a 2 años para comprar otra casa y alquilar la actual. Pero no sé, me entro la curiosidad de decir ¿Y si mejor lo invertimos? ¿Sera que alcanza?
Actualmente tenemos un negocio de bisutería en la cual nos ha ido bastante bien desde hace 2 años (como negocio a parte, ya que cada quien tiene su profesión) pero aja tenia esa curiosidad para tener una idea si vale la pena meterse a ese mundo.
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2022.01.28 22:52 Educational-Half1306 unable to unstake, app. wonderland is down

When I tried unstaking, app failed and now I cant access app.wonderland from two pcs with apps connected to avax network. Since they maybe ending the project, can anyone else unstake?
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🎁 NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 UPVOOTE 🔥 AND DROP YOUR WALLET ADDRESS! 🛸 WIN 1 FAMOUS CRYPTOALIEN ⚡ READ COMMENT! 👁️JOIN US DISCORD 👽 [X-post from /opensea] submitted by NFT_DigitalArt to DigitalItems [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:52 Katerinalina Seeking help finding McLaren 2021 F1 Setup Shirt

I'm searching for the above desperately. Anyone have any ideas where I might find one? New or used, XL or XXL. It's wanted for sentimental reasons 🥺
Have tried ebay and marketplace.
If anyone has one they'd be willing to part with, I'm certainly willing to pay a lot.
Thank you
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2022.01.28 22:52 YouAreThe4thWall Part of the Demo gameplay of our horror game, "elemental". What do you think?

Part of the Demo gameplay of our horror game, submitted by YouAreThe4thWall to IndieGaming [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:52 MrBurns32X Secret videos of dev team Creative Media found on Whack a Bubble disc (Philips CD-i)

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2022.01.28 22:52 tacomeup Grammatical error in SOP

How serious is a grammatical error in an SOP? I was re-reading mine and I missed the word “is” in a sentence and it’s pretty evident that the sentence sounds wrong.
Will this affect my chances of acceptance? It was an honest error 😭 I read it multiple times before hitting submit and I don’t know how I missed this! In my head I probably said the word while reading the sentence but it wasn’t written.
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2022.01.28 22:52 pcwildcat How long until #1 JD fan, Cuckson Crinkle, becomes a conservative?

Was wasting time today wondering why Grayson Binkle goes around acting like a complete fucking sociopath. A couple possibilities crossed my mind. 1. He's simply a grifting sociopath. That's it. 2. He's simply a grifting sociopath planning to do a dave rubin someday. We already know he's socially conservative. I'm thinking that's just so he can make his right wing transition a bit more believable once he becomes "disillusioned" with the left.
What yall think? Nonsense or am I on to something?
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2022.01.28 22:52 mallermike How will GME the movie portray people. This is my summary after reading this article (vlad=villain, HF- will look ignorant but will come out unscathed) more below

Looks like vlad will be the villain in the movie when I read this article. Griffin, plotkin, will come out as guys in the wrong side of the trade and there will be no mention of their “questionable practices”
Apes will be depicted as degenerate gamblers.
It will be interesting how they portray the congress hearing.
One positive is this could be a good launching point to announce future GME announcements.
Another positive is it may put GME in the spotlight and attract new investors.
This is just my view and I was around back in January so others view are welcomed
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2022.01.28 22:52 dragonfist897 Welp!!

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2022.01.28 22:52 dmlbot43 Picked this up from my local comic shop and FMP probably has my fav cover art!

Picked this up from my local comic shop and FMP probably has my fav cover art! submitted by dmlbot43 to MangaCollectors [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:52 Zrothschild9 Which is a better option for machine learning Statistics or Computer science ?

Hello I'm currently starting my college life interested in machine learning and it's applications. I was listening to yan lecun's on lex fridman's podcast where he was describing intelligence as Statistics.
I'm very much interested in pursuing theatre or drama education with my college major to work on my presentation & build up my social life. So which college major will be better to work on my phd in machine learning, math or computer science (or should I take extra classes to fill up requirements for both?)
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2022.01.28 22:52 Strider359 Tive com ela a primeira vez

Eu estou a falar com uma moça há quase 2 meses, e estamos a gostar um do outro e ambos sabemos disso... Eu tive com ela em pessoa, desde terça-feira até hoje, sexta, foram dias maravilhosos, passeamos juntos, cozinhamos juntos, mas a melhor coisa foi sem dúvida poder dormir abraçado a ela e beija-la, eu não vou esquecer esta viagem que fiz, 3 horinhas de viagem, valeu muuuuito a pela, tenciono voltar a fazer o mais rápido possível, e talvez peça ela em namoro...desejem boa sorte
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2022.01.28 22:52 GateCityGhouls What happened to the podcast?

I had a feeling they would abandon it after a couple months.
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2022.01.28 22:52 Aknav12 Thoughts?

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2022.01.28 22:52 Merdapostador Na Ucrânia, é muito perigoso sofrer qualquer acidente ou ferimento

Lá todo traumatismo é ucraniano
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2022.01.28 22:52 chunkynymph I’ve heard my smile is also nice!

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2022.01.28 22:52 Sporting_Green Ken Griffey Jr.’s best MLB moments | SportsCenter

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2022.01.28 22:52 Agreeable-Dog-1131 was anyone else pissed at stephanie downplaying that abusive phone call between liz and her troll?

i was wondering if it would be mentioned at all, and it was! in the worst possible way. i couldn’t believe the way stephanie downplayed it. “i’ve had boyfriends yell at me too” as if that’s all it was.
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2022.01.28 22:52 mcadams312 Join now

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