akt2f 6tyzz 69t6h 89n9k kkkd2 tn82a 93ktk yn6e9 r9995 h85z7 d8fsb 79r52 s5k6i 3n3tt 29s28 i77bt 4es92 t7282 irs2h 5k2s7 ed625 MetaSquidFingers (MSF) πŸš€ πŸ”₯ Stealth Launched JUST NOW πŸ”₯ HUGE 8% BUSD Rewards πŸ’°ONLY $1K MC πŸ“ˆ LP Locked πŸ”’ |

MetaSquidFingers (MSF) πŸš€ πŸ”₯ Stealth Launched JUST NOW πŸ”₯ HUGE 8% BUSD Rewards πŸ’°ONLY $1K MC πŸ“ˆ LP Locked πŸ”’

2022.01.27 21:22 galloj87 MetaSquidFingers (MSF) πŸš€ πŸ”₯ Stealth Launched JUST NOW πŸ”₯ HUGE 8% BUSD Rewards πŸ’°ONLY $1K MC πŸ“ˆ LP Locked πŸ”’

Low Cap GEM opportunity!!!!!!!!!!Now live on pancakeswap
MetaSquidFingers is a new meme token dedicated to our mate who tends to get dancing fingers after a few beers deep. Backed by Crypto enthusiasts and experienced Devs. At only $1K MC this squid is worth Apeing in too!!!! HUGE 8% BUSD rewards for holders. Come for the memes and bantestay for the BUSD rewards πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅πŸ’΅
Contract: 0x09d8f1f3d55fe51990e4255a5d01ebbe0aa30d27

12% total fees including:
πŸš€ 8% BUSD Rewards
πŸš€ 2% LP
πŸš€ 2% Marketing
πŸš€ Liquidity locked

MetaSquidFingers Key Features:
🌟 Trustworthy
🌟 Rewards Users
🌟 Community focus and community lead initiatives
Join our movement!
πŸ“² Telegram: https://t.me/MetaSquidFingers
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2022.01.27 21:22 n7776 https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/3881125396645262105631625984598903416981226680791559629879640297877075394561/

https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/3881125396645262105631625984598903416981226680791559629879640297877075394561/ submitted by n7776 to opensea [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 21:22 DPearcey Tang Breath

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2022.01.27 21:22 alexstonks34 Copyright-free music

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2022.01.27 21:22 StuntmanMike-28 Dont Push ME!

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2022.01.27 21:22 stlouishoods2 Wopblock or WooBlock In 613 in wanut park

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2022.01.27 21:22 My_Friend_Dane My Friend, Dane: 65. Family Values

It's always a treat to hear Dane describe things because he organizes information unlike anyone else. The value system which most of us utilize in sifting through facts is totally foreign to Dane Johnson.
For example, he once described the family of a friend as such:
"He's got a brother who's pretty weird, his dad is a lawyer, and his mom is a lunatic."
Not exactly how, say, Norman Rockwell would portray a family.
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2022.01.27 21:22 Dalebreh Following in Skyrim's steps

Hey guys, you think it's possible for the console games to have mod support like Skyrim Special Edition?? That would make endless possibilities, and make this game replayable for years to come. It's hard to believe Skyrim is an 11 year-old game that's still strong in player-base. HL could have the same potential maybe or is this a pipe dream?
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2022.01.27 21:22 GRXDYR My Crypto Wallet was hacked!

Firstly, I woke up yesterday and I had been logged out of my wallet. I tried to log back in and it asked me to verify via email which I tried to do. Everytime it said they had sent an email i would go and check but there would be nothing there in my junk or main account. Eventually after speaking to support for a few hours I managed to get back in as I finally started to receive my emails again.
Everything was normal my balance was still there and no unusual transactions. My 2FA was enabled so I assumed it was just some kind of bug that logged me out maybe due to the recent hack.
However today I woke up and again I’d been logged out. Went through the same email process and managed to log back in. Someone had converted my ETH to BT and then made a transaction to purchase an NFT from crypto.com.
How is this possible with Google Authenticator 2FA enabled?
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2022.01.27 21:22 deadmonstera Is it really worth it to maintain your CPA license after you leave public accounting?

I left public accounting for banking 3 years ago. Because I left mid-way through a license cycle and already had ~40 CPE credits banked, I scrounged for 40 more credits for free online and renewed my license a year after leaving. I am coming up on a renewal again in June and I sort of kept up with my CPE but it's going to be a cram trying to get to 80 in time.
I am questioning if having an active license is really any better than just talking about the fact that I was a CPA in interviews, especially since accounting isn't even a function of my job anymore. I have no plans to ever return to public. Banking is way more lucrative for a lot less hours.
Anyone have any insight?
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2022.01.27 21:22 scgco US People - Please tell your Congresscritters to vote against America COMPETES Act

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2022.01.27 21:22 Zaligee625 OUR ALL STAR 2022 CAPTAIN!

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2022.01.27 21:22 Specialist-Cry-4446 Iwftr

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2022.01.27 21:22 PuzzleheadedWave2318 Smart offers for smart people - Crypto mining equipment Winter SALE

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2022.01.27 21:22 ZRAINH20 Properties around Auckland's light rail likely to face 'value capture' tax

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2022.01.27 21:22 AquaRing79 Thanks.

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2022.01.27 21:22 FaithHopeLove26 Helpful exercise to drain eustachian tubes

Yawn- fake yawn again and again and there is a real difference.
Plug nose, close mouth, slowly blow out of nose.
These two exercises helped me with very uncomfortable, tight eustachian tube pain and I wish I knew it sooner. Hope it helps.someone.
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2022.01.27 21:22 apoxifid Can't invite even when they are online.

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2022.01.27 21:22 Penthesilean Looking for experienced/expert ship suggestions for a narrow role-play requirement.

Hi. New player here.
I have a single Starfleet (Science) character using the Connie, both for role-play reasons. I want to create a very different second character. My idea is a sort of good-hearted independent Romulan mercenary with a diverse bridge crew (think Firefly, but resisting the Tal Shiar instead of the Alliance). I haven't decided on Tactical or Engineering - the ship type can dictate it. I'm hoping to find a ship that meets my rough preferences, which are:
1.) Tier 6. 2.) No Federation ships. No phasers. 3.) As small as possible in both size and crew. 4.) No hangers/pets. 5.) Preferably not a Science ship. 6.) Preferably has a cloak.
It doesn't have to be Romulan. Things like D'deridex are out for many reason (too large, too iconic, etc.). I'd like something somewhat rough-ish looking with an independent vibe rather than 'clean and curved' if possible. Ships that have caught my eye but I have zero knowledge about the effectiveness (or cool factor) of the abilities are:
1.) Andorian Chimesh, Kuthat, and Thozyn Pilot Escorts. The Thozyn ability seems like it might tie to role-play ('minimal injury / loss of life'). 2.) Cardassian Detapa Intel Escort. It's not pretty, and has a cloak! 3.) Engineering Pilot Escort - Ajax Class. It's different enough from Federation ships, with an interesting-sounding ability. 4.) Faeht Intel Warbird - the plasma weapon & cloak are selling this thing to me, along with the design. I'm not sure how 'small' it is, but the smaller the better. 5.) Hathos Warbird - amazing design, but I'm unfamiliar with using kinetic damage. 6.) Kholhr Temporal Warbird - seems interesting, has a cloak. 7.) Malem Light Warbird - if it was possible to make this thing look like the original classic 60's Romulan Warbird design, that would be amazing. 8.) Tebok Class Miracle Worker Warbird - Great look (love the brown), interesting-sounding abilities. 9.) QeHpu' Class Advanced Light Battlecruiser - this ship is so good-looking that I had to include it, on the chance that someone can make a case for it being worth purchasing cross-faction to get access to it.
All Jem'Hadar ships are out despite looking interesting, because I don't want two fighters buzzing around me.
I'd really like to have a cloak just for the experience of something different, but it's not a complete deal breaker. I never care much about chasing meta, because more often than not in games it's about splitting hairs of effectiveness rather simply being viable.
I'm hoping that the Romulan storyline will give me access to a crappy old 60's Warbird until I settle on my final ship. But I thought I would ask for opinions now while the sale is still on.
Thank you.
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2022.01.27 21:22 muzlumuz beyler gece gece tuvaleti tΔ±kadΔ±m amk

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2022.01.27 21:22 teajasminegreenhot Your average antiwork mod

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2022.01.27 21:22 Sorry-Fisherman7769 Poor guy… he chose the wrong partner. Had you chosen retail instead of The Mayo Man, Kenny G. Your company would be thriving….. see what he did to you?? Throw him under the bus Vlad. Do it.

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2022.01.27 21:22 h20vendetta Retained eyelid/eye infection help

My gecko has retained eyelids on both eyes and they are both really cloudy/milky looking, I used a few drops of repti rinse but I really don’t know what else to do, there are no vets near me that treat geckos.
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2022.01.27 21:22 Apprentice_Jedi Qui-Gon’s Updated Appearance Is Amazing

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2022.01.27 21:22 FlipMovieScript Hidden Lake (Logan Pass), Glacier National Park, Montana (OC) (6000x4000)

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