Reality check

2022.01.27 20:14 AbruhAAA Reality check

It’s not dropping. Jeeez its painful. Reality check 😭.
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2022.01.27 20:14 stringtheory42 Okay google when my pension arrive

Okey googel im margareth hello google im margareth im 84 year. Where pension hello
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2022.01.27 20:14 Eaoghan_Fin Curious Courier Chang'e fanart

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2022.01.27 20:14 wattydanny shows finale part 2

when lex and clark talk in the burned down mansion, clark says he can't save the world on his own. but lex replies they both know who can.
who is talking about? I assume it was The Blur or whatever but making sure I understand that reference
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2022.01.27 20:14 Maleficent-Fan-3545 Looping this song since I found it

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2022.01.27 20:14 Scho18 iPad usage on Step-1 test day?

To anyone who recently gave the step 1 this year or late 2021,were you guys allowed to access iPad and phones or study materials during the breaks? Where was you pro-metric test center if yes.
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2022.01.27 20:14 thelastbucket I always cite my sources

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2022.01.27 20:14 pl335 No network connection on fresh install

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2022.01.27 20:14 evilducky611 Sazabi working

Sazabi working Chars gotta pay for that Sazabi somehow.
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2022.01.27 20:14 Circle-O-Willis Dog tries VR for the first time

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2022.01.27 20:14 PsychologyTasty4798 Idk what this is but I sent it to my brother

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2022.01.27 20:14 Comfortable-Web2627 dm

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2022.01.27 20:14 shamystrawberry Many women are protesting because women have experience abuse and/or mistreatment or lack of support (financially, spiritually, and mentally) from many men. God said women are the helpers not slaves. This is why many women are taking authority because they have too when men fail them.

We have always had oppression of women by men, and it's only been spoken about now. That's why women are so rebellious because they know the truth and don't trust men/husbands or want men to lead them. It's not just rebellion, but frustration and hurt women have had to deal with because of men so that's why women want authority too. But God did not permit this, so that's why women don't want husband's anymore and want to lead themselves, or marry a man who is not so authoritive.
Example of women oppression or suffered because of men: Tamar, Bathsheba, Jephthah’s daughter, the woman who was raped in Judges 19, and Dinah.
Have you seen the "The Last Duel" movie. That's what many women faced. Many women still face this oppression.
Women just have more independence now and are enraged and protesting because they don't want what happened to them what happened to their mothers and other women in their life or the past. They never could make their voice known before because they had no power or influence in the past. Their husbands and fathers could just punish them, ignore them, or deprive them if they complained.
I am a victim: my husband thinks sometimes think he can just command me and treat how he wants especially when he mad. He has thrown water bottles, yelled at me like I'm a child, but because women have power I can just leave him and go to my sisters where I feel safe. He knows this and because he loves me and believes God he tries to do better.
My mom is a victim: my father accused her of being lazy because she didn't work( she really couldn't because my sister were little and childcare cost more than what she would be making if she worked). My dad made enough money too, but he was just greedy, wanted more, and gambled alot of it. He made all the decisions and snapped at my mother when she wouldn't agree with him. My dad had a temper problem. When my parents finally got a divorce, my dad wouldn't even pay child support unless my the government made him
My mother-in-law: her husband cheated on her, and left her for another women. He wouldn't even help to pay for his son's school like my mother-in-law asked him too.
My grandma: Her husband would beat on her. She married two other men and divorce them too because they were loyal or cruel.
This is just my family and the women who were married. My friends have their stories too.
Women are only protesting because of their experiences and they don't want to be abused or demeaned anymore.
I have no doubt that women are becoming leaders because they do not trust men.
We don't even allow children to stay in abusive homes so women are definitely not going to let themselves be abuse unless they have no support outside the marriage.
However, there are some good Christian men. But they are running out so women are taking leadership male roles because they have to.
Many women support themselves now (spiritually, financially, and mentally), because man can't or won't. And because many women are independent, they need Christian women leaders to preach to them.
Women don't need a man over them unless they want to marry and have children, or want a romantic partner. And if the women are taking on as much responsibility or more than the man then I believe they should make decisions together although the man is the head.
The man's role doesn't even reflect what use to be in the past.
People married in the past for partnership to make families and support each other's need, and men were their head to financially support and lead their families. Women took care of the children and chores. Now many women have to do it all.
People now get married for romance. Something that wasn't done in past. That's why there are so many divorces, because women don't need man as much. So as you said they don't desire husband's as much. Many women don't even desire children anymore. They desire passions that sometimes God puts in their hearts.
Their are still traditional marriages, but our cultural has change the way many marriages happen.
I respect my husband, he is my lead, but I won't let his leadership abuse me especially when I pay more than half the bills and do the household chores. We are married because we want to have a family and we do love each other.
We have decided that when we have children, I will stay at home to raise them when they are young and he will go work and support us financially. However, I know how my husband is with money, and I will work partly if God allows me. I once asked him to buy a heater before cold weather arrived and he wouldn't. I would have bought it but I didn't have alot of money. I was so made because I had bought our other heaters and just needed one more to keep our home warm during freezing periods. He just didn't want to buy it because he didn't think it was necessary, but he can spend $500 on his basketball team, $100 on his nephew shoes, and hundreds of dollars eating out continously. That's when I realize I had to depend on myself for thing I believe the family needs.
So yes, this is probably why women are not pursuing husband's as much. They cannot or won't support them, and want to be the head.
The reason why I stay with my husband is because God is teaching him and he is learning. I think he would make a good father, probably not financially at this moment. I did marry my husband for romance too, but mainly for a supportive partner for a family, and we both burned with sexual passion. Also, I thought God gave me a sign that he wanted me to marry him.
Otherwise I would have continued pursuing my passion while living with my mother and sisters, in which we financially supported each other. And before then, my friend and I lived together, supporting each other during college.
So yeah, the reason why I think women wont desire husband's anymore is because they have to support themselves before a man even enters their lives and then still have to support their family and take the mother's role when they are married because of cultural changes. So many marriages easily end in divorce woman and man don't need each other.
However, I really hoping that doesn't happen to me and my husband. I am really praying and see how cleverly God teaches my husband.
So women are upgraded because they have to be and taught to be because the corruption of society.
I rather have my daughters learn to be independent and lead themselves than depend on a disobedient Christian man that will treat them badly. Now that's not to say their aren't good Christian men(But there are few because they are still learning like my husband), but my daughters need to be prepared to take care of themselves just in case they don't find a good Christian man.
They also need spiritual leading women to follow. Maybe its culture's and sin's fault. But whatever it is the women are the ones that are crippled and suppressed if they don't lead or have female leaders who are revelant to their situation. Tell a woman what they can do not what they can't.
Women can write articles, write books, preach on youtube. And if they want to preach publicly then it's up to a man if they want to be in that crowd or not, because we know one thing for sure women can teach women. If a man wants to join, why is that a woman's fault?
I once went to a Christian women's conference and men were in the audience. They chose to be there. My husband was actually touched by a pastor wife preaching more than the preacher.
If all men were righteous, loved their wives like Christ loved the church, and took care all the male role responsibilities, you bet a women would definitely submit to their husbands. But we know that's not reality.
What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.27 20:14 castinghints Q/A: You asked, NordVPN answered.

A couple of weeks ago, we posted a thread where you could submit a question to the NordVPN team since they had agreed to answer prominent questions that circulate in this subreddit. We’ve picked the 10 most upvoted questions, sent them to NordVPN, and received the answers today!

Do you have plans to make the split tunnel function correctly in Windows (so that only the selected applications are impacted by the VPN)? If so, can you provide a timeline for that fix? ( u/rhythmmchn)

As most of you know, the internet operates based on IP addresses, i.e. if you want to go to, the computer actually directs you to 104.17.XX.XX. If you want to go to through a VPN connection, you can set up the computer to route network traffic for a dedicated IP address through a VPN connection.
However, when you’re dealing with modern applications or websites, everything gets complicated fast. Some websites might be load balanced and hosted on multiple servers with multiple addresses, or might load additional resources needed to work from different servers. Today, websites can use a lot more than one server just to load you a landing page. Applications are as complicated - modern apps can communicate with more than one server to work correctly.
This principle makes split tunneling by application complicated. Even on the operating system level, it’s impossible to route network traffic by application. You can only route by IP address.
That’s why NordVPN engineers chose to work around these limitations to enable our users to route traffic based on the application it originates from. We use a lot of complicated code to tag packets by process, then split them in the network layer by tag. However, Windows OS also has some optimizations in place - for example, it has DNS service, and all DNS requests go through the service, hence it is impossible to tag packet by application - all packets get tagged as originating in DNS service instead of the real origin.
We are not giving up and will introduce improvements to our split tunneling code in every release and monitor if the overall experience has improved. It is a continuous process, so it is hard to give a timeline because issues are addressed when they are identified.

Why not open-source the Linux CLI client? ( u/ISOFreeDelivery)
While open-sourcing the Linux client is likely to provide benefits, there are also risks that come with it. Starting with closed source and moving to open source can be complicated, especially when thousands of people are already relying on the software.
That said, we are taking steps to make open-source possible in the future. The app is regularly audited internally and externally, we also have a public bug bounty program that helps to identify and patch vulnerabilities. So once we're ready, the topic will be brought back on the table.

The quick-connect connects to the nearest country but with horrible latency of like 500ms, we have to select manually with country>servers> least load... But it might not work everytime, and when it's successful it gives 40ms or lower, so what's the point of quick connect when it's selecting the slowest ones? Give us option of dns over https in nordvpn. ( u/n78brx0tc)
There may be 3 different reasons for such an experience using Quick Connect (QC) to connect to a VPN:
1) There are network issues between your ISP and our server’s data center. In such a case, even if the servers are physically located near you, the network route might be suboptimal and cause higher latency than expected;
2) When you are connecting to the VPN server using QC, the NordVPN apps check your IP address (the IP is not logged, it is only used to select the supposedly best server for you) and identifies the country/city connection is established from, based on our Geodatabase. There may be cases where the IP location record is incorrect. That’s why you may sometimes be connected to a server that is further from your current location.
3) There may also be cases of momentary network/server issues. Although we are constantly improving the quality and monitoring of our infrastructure, it is very difficult to anticipate all cases of degraded server performance. In such cases, it may take a minute or two to identify issues and take the affected server out of the server pool.
Nevertheless, We're constantly working on service improvements, so if you're experiencing such issues often, it'd be great if you could contact our support team and open a ticket so we could take a closer look at it.

Please, release wireguard config files to us, just like you do with OpenVPN. ( u/joaomgabaldi)
We have no plans of releasing the NordLynx configuration files, however, that might change in the future. For now, we strongly recommend using our native apps instead of manual connections. Not only the NordLynx technology is supported on native apps, but they also provide additional features to maximize the security a VPN service can offer.

Can you describe the cat and mouse game you play with streaming services in a way non tech folks understand. It seems every once in a while a service catches on and demands the VPN be turned off. Then a day or two later all is solved and we can stream with the VPN like usual. ( u/jdb888)
We're constantly working on improving our service by adding additional features so that our users can enjoy an uninterrupted experience no matter what they are doing online. In some cases that might be more difficult than it might seem, however, we're aiming to create a better internet with VPN than without it. Sometimes it's way more than just replacing servers or IP addresses that do not work properly, therefore finding a proper solution takes some time.

Can we get the current status of
are these items a work in progress, being considered, or dead in the water? ( u/pennyhoard20)
Linux GUI is definitely being considered. However, we currently have other priorities and can’t provide an estimate.NordVPN does not offer a port forwarding feature due to various reasons. There is no confirmed nor estimated time for the implementation, unfortunately.

Since Nord now offers other services like NordPass and NordLocker, can we look forward to any other services in the future, like perhaps NordMail? ( u/DustyVista)
With the launch of Nord Security, we’re definitely looking into the possibility of expanding our cyber security services. We don’t want to promise too much, however, customers can expect new and exciting features coming to already existing products that will reshape VPNs and add huge additional value.

Have you considered implementing a loyalty program for long time customers? For example discounting the current "new subscription" rate by 5-10% for every year they've been a customer, up to a max of 50% or whatever. ( u/pennyhoard20)
We’re considering a variety of different models, especially when it comes to our loyal customers. We also regularly launch campaigns and special deals aimed at current and loyal customers to show appreciation and offer additional free subscription time.
We hear you. Once we are back from the drawing board, something will come up! Meanwhile, we encourage you to check your email from time to time, this is the usual way we send our customers something special.

Do you have any plans for regional pricing? I know it sounds stupid but, wanted to ask. ( u/darsheas)
We are exploring such a possibility. In some countries, people can't afford a VPN service. Meanwhile, the upkeep cost of the infrastructure may be cheaper there than in more wealthy states. Having that in mind, the price reduction in Africa or South America sounds fair. What do you think?

For the Linux NordVPN installer and application, has it been tested on a headless version of Ubuntu. I ask because 3.12.2 installer assumes desktop directories exist. And the application has a bit of trouble with headless. ( u/DreamStrange3731)
Yes, both installer and app are always tested on a headless version of Ubuntu. If the issue referred here is associated with a warning message, we can confirm that we're aware of it and it should not appear with the 3.12.3 update.

Hope you got your question answered!
What we really would like to know is whether you would be interested in participating in such Q/As if we did them more frequently?
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2022.01.27 20:14 shapoopy723 Enzo is settling in quite happily

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2022.01.27 20:14 Practical_Bowl4994 Yolo

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2022.01.27 20:14 tuwabe A certain god-priest.

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2022.01.27 20:14 FoolHooDancesForFree Question about the quality of omnipotence in atheist discourse

Out of curiosity, if a god is omnipotent, wouldn't that make him the best scientist? Wouldn't that also make him the most intelligent being in the universe? That being so, would it be illogical to think that this god wouldn't go out of his way to beguile his enemies into destruction?
I ask this, because it seems that on both sides of the belief fence there is this image of a god who is some curmudgeon and imperfect judge. Whether one believes or disbelieves in god, I find this conception strange, and perhaps not altogether helpful to anyone, since if we accept the definitions of omnipotent, this would need be accepted as a possibility, and if one does not accept it, they are not speaking of an omnipotent being but their idea of an omnipotent being. I'm reminded of Shirley Phelps-Roper in mentioning how the men who flew the planes into the Twin Towers were acting as instruments of God in pushing the United States of America, which I didn't think was too out of line. Being talk possibilities and disasters, but what would you make of such a god possessing one of his servants to do an ollie on a skateboard which lands on the head of the unbeliever? Qualitatively, it's no different than normal violence, but I also find it strange that people do not mention such a possibility, and only things like tornados or natural disasters as sign of a god's violence, yet it seems no more out of his control than anything else if we accept the definition of omnipotent.
Some background is needed I suppose. I'm a Christian myself, and the priest at the local parish recently chided people on Twitter about the depiction of weaponry in fiction and its sinful effect, posting the picture of an Imperium Heavy Bolter as an example. I know many of you don't believe in God, but it made me think about the atheist depiction of God as a war deity, and that somehow making him less worthy of worship, which I found strangely in line with the priest's way of thinking of violence as somehow impious. Yet on both sides, it doesn't seem right. How did the Hebrews eliminate the Caanites? I fail to see how a Heavy Bolter would somehow rob the edict of God of its piety, in fact, I find the mere implication outright sinful. On the flip side, to ensure liberty and defense against genocide, one most have arms and court warfare to assure the boundaries of human dignity are respected, so then is violence inherently a bad trait, or somehow one that lessons the idea of omnipotence?
These questions nag me.
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2022.01.27 20:14 WFT_simp [LeBron James on Twitter] 🤬🤬🤬🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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2022.01.27 20:14 Brilliant-Ratio2412 Should I be swing as fast as I can

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2022.01.27 20:14 Dayngerkat Your Guide to Shipping to Hawaii

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2022.01.27 20:14 reyziro need help choosing a build to start the game

i need a begginer build to learn the game. I was playing zergin starcraft 2. I want to expand economically fast an then take over the game if possible. more macro than micro
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2022.01.27 20:14 redit202 Stay secure - your free trial ends today! Weekly McAfee Updates - January 27, 2022 ⏳

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2022.01.27 20:14 zedzilliot Build to try out Power stance and hexes

hello, im going playing through all of the souls games nd ive 100% ds3 and played through ds1 and its dlcs, so im not new to the souls series, so for ds2 id like a build that can use ds2's unique mechanics of power stancing and hexes.
Recommendations needed, thanks.
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2022.01.27 20:14 Whizbangermk7 Antimatter in bananas.

It recently came to my attention that antimatter can be found in bananas from this article
Would it be possible to genetically modify and breed bananas to make them yield more antimatter? What would be the extent of this? Sorry if this is the wrong sub for this any direction would help.
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