Trading items and clothing (see google doc)

2022.01.28 22:32 ProudLingonberry5362 Trading items and clothing (see google doc)

Trading items and clothing (see google doc)
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2022.01.28 22:32 flexrin How do you deal with the fear of failure?

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2022.01.28 22:32 ShareAnxious A Ultimate Spider Man Story Idea

"Mary Jane, we came to get you out." Spider-Man called, stepping past Iron Patriot and Agent Venom to address the voice of said girl. He saw a shadow cast on the wall in front of him, though it was blocked by thick and hardened columns of carnage gunk, each one falling horizontally on top one another, obscuring the view. "You're friends are really worried about you." he added.
The shadow on the wall grew as the figure it belonged to drew closer. Though, there was something weird about the way it was shaped; it looked...sharper than a normal shadow, if that made any sense.
Agent Venom and Iron Patriot moved to stand next to him, though Spider-Man wasn't sure if it was because they noticed the odd shape or if they were offering support. Might've been both. "We need to get you out of here, the carnages are taking contr-" Iron Patriot started to say, before he stopped as the figure stepped out from the shadows and in front of them.
It definitely wasn't the Mary Jane they had expected. Instead, it was a black and red creature with its legs split into several bug-like barbs, it had long slender arms with fingers that were sharpened to a point, and a black, crown-like thing on its head. Its white eyes were relaxed, but sharp with curiosity.
"Not anymore." she answered Iron Patriot smoothly. "The Carnage Queen iss in complete control. Carnage iss order." her lips pulled into a pointed smile and her eyes narrowed with excitement with her statement, as she observed her guests.
"Uh-oh." Agent Venom said, his eyes widened as he took in the symbiotic-Mary Jane Watson.
Spider-Man couldn't believe it. Great, just great. Fantastic! There goes another one of his friends, drawn into a fight that he started; that he had been involved in. Flash, Harry, Miles, even Aunt May - a few of the victims he ended up endangering.
And now, MJ was a weird, carnage gooped something. Yep, it was official. Being friends with him was one of the most dangerous things people could do.
MJ - er, the Carnage Queen tilted her head to the side curiously as he looked over her quests. "Are you the onesss angering my petsss?" She hissed.
"Mary Jane," Spider-Man tried, moving a cautious step closer. "I know you're in there." he moved so he was standing in front of her. "You've got to fight this. Flash was able to conquer his symbiote, you can too."
Mary Jane - Carnage Queen - whoever she was, her face contorted into confusion as she listened to his words. For a moment, Spider-Man thought she understood. But then her lips pulled back into a curled frown and she glared as a growl hissed from her throat and she recoiled as if disgusted.
"I am not just another symbiote." she snapped, leaning forward with her fist raised, as if ready to punch him. Instead, her fist flung out, stretching in a way that could only be achieved by a symbiote (or Mr. Fantastic) and grabbed Agent Venom around his torso. She slammed him into a goop covered locker across the room, moving faster than his two colleagues could comprehend. .
The hand dug itself into Flash's symbiote, the claws digging in deep. The teen beneath screamed in pain as the Carnage Queen began to strip his venom-symbiote from him. Spider-Man quickly shot a web at the former-MJ's hand and yanked it away from Agent Venom, halting the painful process.
Carnage Queen growled cruelly, but in an amused way. She withdrew her arm as it slithered back to its rightful length by her side.
But a sudden jolt from the vent above her grabbed all of their attention, and she looked up right as the bat-mutated Michael Morbius kicked his way out of the vent and landed smoothly behind her.
"There you are." his gravelly voice spoke happily. "My masterpiece! Do you recognize me?" he stepped closer to the Carnage Queen with his arms spread wide and a proud gleam in his eyes.. "I am your creator, Dr. Michael Morbius. Your host body had contact with Venom, Anti-Venom and Carnage, making you the perfect vessel for the Queen. "
The Carnage Queen watched him in puzzlement, her lips were pinched in confusion as she regarded him and his words disbelieving. As he finished speaking, she sneered at him and growled while gesturing to herself, "I am not a creation. I am a creator!" she whirled around and raised her voice. "Attack all the intruders!" she commanded, one clawed hand sweeping over Spider-Man, Iron Patriot, and Agent Venom in a steady gesture.
The translucent bubbles on the walls burst as both slime and giant, bug-looking carnage creatures slithered from the thin, protective layer. A buzzing filled the air as dozens of carnage-creatures took to the air.
"All the intruders?" Spider-Man asked, before pointing an accusatory finger at Morbius. "You should know we're not with that guy."
Carnage Queen merely smiled as her hand shifted into the sharpened form of an axe, Morbius stood behind her, looking satisfied and victorious. "No one will survive my wrath!" she promised. The carnage-creatures hummed to her command and surged forward.
Being closest, Spider-Man back-flipped away as several of the creatures snapped at him. Agent Venom dodged a swarm of them, as Iron Patriot raised his hands and aimed his pulsors at his attackers.
"I'm not sure how to tell her," Iron Patriot admitted, shooting down several of the creatures. "But I'm not really into Mary Jane's new look."
Nearby, Agent Venom barely leaned out of the way as one of the oversized bugs zoomed past, centimeters from his chest. But the bug spun back and the two danced around each other, before he found an opening and punched it away. "I kind of like it." he said.
"Huh?" Spider-Man and Iron Patriot chorused, looking at the other teen in disbelief.
"What?" Agent Venom demanded. "I don't want her to be the Carnage Queen, it's just a cool look. Jeez, I like what I like." he web punched another bug.
Spider-Man slammed one of the creatures into the ground, watching as it skittered across the floor. "Look, we all know Mary Jane has a will of iron. If we can somehow reach her inside the Carnage Queen, we have a chance." he assured his two comrades.
"If's?" Morbius scoffed. "Relying on if's Spider-Man? That is why you fail, where I succeed." he lifted up his wrist, to a gauntlet hooked there, and retrieved a thin disk. He held it up with a crazy grin. Carnage Queen watched from a few paces away. She glared and attacked him with a swipe from the axe-that-used-to-be-her-hand.
Morbius avoided the swing, and jumped into the air. Before Carnage Queen could attack him again though, Spider-Man shot a web at her turned back and pulled her toward him. With a cry of surprise, she was lurched back and landed a yard or so from the arachnid-hero. "Come on MJ," Spider-Man begged, almost desperately. "You can fight this! I know you can!"
The Carnage Queen growled in anger and sliced at him with the razor edge of her weapon. "I am ONLY the Carnage Queen!"
"Yeah, I've heard that before." Spider-Man replied, dodging each of the swipes, causing the symbiotized version of his childhood friend to turn angrier and angrier with every miss. He did a good job of avoiding getting hit, until the Carnage Queen roared in fury and lashed out with her arms.
"Whoa! Whoa! Hey!" Spider-Man yelped, twisting and moving to avoid the tendrils that cracked crazily, much like a whip. But, as good as he was doing, he was (unavoidably) struck violently in the side and sent careening back and into the wall. He groaned throatily as pushed himself up with his arms.
Above him, Carnage Queen hissed victoriously and curled her arm around Spider-Man till he was efficiently bound and held him high up in the air. Her other hand morphed into a double-edged axe as she lifted it up, poised and ready to kill.
"Whoa! Wait! MJ!" Spider-Man shouted, wriggling frantically to try and squirm out of his bonds, but unable to. The Carnage Queen smiled widely, showing her fanged teeth as she edged the axe closer. Iron Patriot and Agent Venom shouted as they tried to rush to their friends aid, but were intercepted by dozens of more carnage-bugs.
The axe went up, hovered there for a few seconds, before sailing in a fast arc toward him; aiming straight for his head. With his heart jumping in his throat and fear pulsing in every nerve, Spider-Man cringed away; squeezing his eyes shut as he waited for the blow to connect.
But it never came.
Squinting through a slit in one of his eyes, Spider-Man looked down at Carnage Queen. Her axe was centimeters from his face, but it remained frozen there as she looked up at him in skeptical confusion. Spider-Man glanced around nervously, but was afraid of saying something that would snap her out of her peaceful state. He wasn't an exact fan of quickening his execution.
"You…" Carnage Queen started softly. "You...are like Carnage."
Spider-Man stilled for several seconds, but was still uncertain of what to say. The Carnage Queen looked side to side at him, as if observing him from every possible angle. She pulled him closer, looking Spider-Man over from close up.
"Uh…" Spider-Man looked at her in confusion. "Umm...something wrong Queenie?"
"Dormant." she stated, causing him to blanch.
"The Carnage insside, iss dormant." she whispered gently, her eyes looked sad and concerned. "Concealed and resstrained."
Spider-Man saw something creep up behind the Carnage Queen. Michael Morbius stalked forward quietly, the disk from earlier pinched carefully in his fingers. "Uh, Ms. Symbiote Princess," he warned.
But she was still staring at him like he was some kind of kicked puppy. "Musst draw it out." she mumbled quietly. Morbius got closer.
"Queenie, behind you."
"You will be free." Carnage Queen placed her hand on Spider-Man's shoulder, soft as a kitten, but the boy was too focused on the threat from behind to worry about what she was doing.
"Behind you!"
The Carnage Queen quickly shot a needle-like projectile from her hand and into her captives shoulder, before whirling around twice as fast and striking at Morbius just in time to stop him from attacking her vulnerable back. Spider-Man tumbled to the ground once her arms loosened around him, and slumped onto the floor clutching his shoulder. He groaned, seeing the projectile curling itself in his skin like a fish hook. It remained like that for a second or two, before it softened and disappeared beneath his skin. Not too soon after, a light burning sensation ignited in the area the projectile had gone.
Iron Patriot and Agent Venom came running to his side a minute later. The two comrades stuttered to a stop, sliding on their knees as they pestered him worriedly. "Bro, you okay? What'd she do to you?"
"Peter, are you hurt? Do you need help?"
"What was that all about?"
"Do you need to go to a hospital?"
Spider-Man shook his head at their questions, brushing them all aside except one, "You can't call me by my name Iron Patriot; its called a secret identity for a reason." he scolded lightly, but didn't have that much heart in it.
The two boys helped Spider-Man to his feet. Spidey rolled his shoulder, wincing as the burning sensation grew. "I don't know what she did." he confessed. "I heard her muttering, but I was too focused on one slimey Bat-Morbius to pay attention. Sorry. Something about being 'dormant', I think. I don't know." he shrugged.
Speaking of which, Morbius and Carnage Queen were locked in intense combat at the other end of the room. One of the symbiote queens arms was still an axe, but the other resembled a long tendril that was thick at the base of her arm and thinned into a tip along the length. The tendril flicked and flipped around like a whip; cracking loudly around Morbius bat ears, occasionally earning a flinch from the man. That disk was still held in his fingers. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good.
"Come on, we can't let him hurt MJ." Spider-Man told his two companions, jerking a head to the fight. "I don't trust Morbius as far as I could throw the Hulk." the other two hesitated, still harboring worry in their body language. "I'm fine." Spidey assured them again, ignoring the burning in his arm. "Come on, MJ is the one that matters right now, and I will not-"
He was interrupted by a buzzing, the three the three heroes looked around to see a growing swarm of goop-bugs surrounding them. "Okay, slightly bump in those plans." He admitted, slowly edging away from one of the sharp pincers. They snapped and surged forward, quickly engaging with the three heroes.
From across the room, Carnage Queen and Morbius were locked in a brawl. "Come on my creation, you must remember me." Morbius insisted, ducking away from the swing of an axe. "I created you, I gave you life! Obey me!"
Carnage Queen snarled at him, frustration becoming an evident in her attitude. "I am no one's creation! The Carnage Queen will rule all!" she swung down at him again and again, attacking him from all sides. Morbius scarcely avoided the onslaught, barely missing the axe edge by an inch. He backed away with a growl of annoyance; this fight was pointless and time-consuming. If only he could get in close enough...
Carnage Queen lunged at him as he thought, effectively tackling him while thrusting her weaponized arm to his throat. Morbius hand shot up and caught her wrist, stopping the razor edge a mere few centimeters from his exposed neck. He grunted from exertion as she weighed down at him, eating up the little space remaining from an imminent death.
Teeth bared with delight, Carnage Queen growled happily as the edge drew closer and closer. Just a centimeter to go; so close. But, from across the room, she heard a cry of pain that immediately drew her attention. Spider-Man was hunched over on the ground, clutching his shoulder tersely with a loud shout of agony. His arm felt like it was set on fire, or soaked in acid - his very veins felt ready to pop. In his state, he couldn't stop a barrage of goopy-bugs from swarming over him.
Iron Patriot and Agent Venom yelled for their comrade, and struggled to go to his aid. But, with their own carnage-minions to fight, they could barely manage a few steps toward his direction. Carnage Queen growled again, this time in anger, at her subjects.
"Leave him!" she ordered loudly, sweeping her hands toward the huddle mess of bugs. Sensing their queens wrath, the goop-bugs immediately responded to her demand and left their prey, leaving Spider-Man shivering on the ground with nothing but a few scratches to show.
The teen tried to rise, but only managed to uncoil a tad before his body was seized by a tremor of agony and he curled tighter in on himself. "AGHHH!" he shouted, clutching his shoulder harder.
Despite the cries of pain, Carnage Queen nodded in satisfaction. Sensing a distraction, Morbius quickly pushed the axe away and kicked her in the mid-section to send her falling away. He rolled away from her, landing on his feet and retrieving the disk he had dropped when preventing her from beheading him.
"It does not have to be this way, my Queen." he said, as the two circled each other.
"I will not be your subject!" she shouted at him.
Meanwhile, Agent Venom roared in anger and swept the mass of bugs surrounding him away, and hurdled toward Spider-Man. "Spidey! Spidey!" he shouted, coming to a stop next to him. "Come on bro, say something."
"Gah!" came his gurgled reply.
Iron Patriot came skidding to a stop next to them a minute later, shooting away oncoming goop-bugs as Agent Venom tried to help their friend.
"What's wrong with him?" Iron Patriot asked, shooting his repulsor as a bug just above the other teens head.
"I don't know!" Agent Venom snapped, "He's just - he's pain! What did MJ do to him?!"
"That's not Mary Jane." Iron Patriot retorted grittly. "She would never do this to Pe - er, Spider-Man."
Agent Venom nodded in agreement, looking a little shamefaced. "Yeah, you're right. S-sorry. I just…" he rubbed his hands jerkily. "I hate not knowing what to do."
Whatever Iron Patriot wanted to say was interrupted, as Morbius suddenly came careening into them, sending all of them into a dog-pile on the floor. Carnage Queen came sauntering over to them, stopping in front of Spider-Man, who was shivering on the floor. She crouched next to him. "Easssy," she cooed. "You'll be one with usss ssssoon." one of her claw fingers brushed imaginary hair from his masked eyes. "The processss is almossst complete, my pet. Jussst a little longer."
"Get away from him!" Agent Venom roared, throwing Morbius off him and lunging at the Carnage Queen. She sidestepped him, and hit his unprotected back. The teen flew forward with a loud "oomph!"
"MJ, come on!" Iron Patriot shouted, getting to his feet. "This isn't you. We're here to help. Please!"
"We are the Carnage Queen." she hissed. "Nothing more." she swept a tendril at him.
Iron Patriot blasted it away and flew forward. "No, you are so much more!" he objected, kicking Carnage Queen away from Spider-Man and standing over him protectively. "You are Mary Jane Watson! A fierce, independent red-head who takes crap from nobody and rules her own life. You want to be a report, you want to work for the Bugle. Come on MJ, I know you can hear me! Fight it!"
Carnage Queen roared and lunged at him "WE ARE CARNAGE QUEEN!" She tackled him and they went sprawling onto the ground, sending Morbius (who had just got back to his feet) to the floor again.
"Mary Jane - " he started, but was interrupted as Spider-Man's cries increased in volume. Iron Patriot's grip on his adversary lessened a little, whereas Carnage Queen grinned sharply. "Almossst there." she whispered.
Spider-Man's body was completely encased with a black symbiote that coming from inside him, a few seconds later red was staring to appear on it morphing into a version of the Spider Man Suit with no web designs, the face was red with black eyes, the top of his body was red, a large black spider symbol on the chest The spider has long legs and ends at the thin black piping of the suit. His arms to his shoulders were almost completely black, The Palms wrist and middle arm of the suit were red, his fingers were long dragon like claws, the lower part of his body was black with the under part of his feet was red, A slit appeared just beneath the narrowed eyes, opening wider and wider to reveal razor teeth and a long, serpentine tongue that slithered in the air like a snake. four giant black spider limbs then grew from the his back
He stood up, The Original Carnage symbiote was back and stronger than ever. Carnage Queen stepped forward, smiling at him, She reached out a hand to him, "Calm, my pet." she soothed. "Welcome back." The Original Carnage hissed at her
"Pet?! You dare call me your pet!" Carnage snarled at The Carnage Queen with a voice similar to his movie counterpart
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2022.01.28 22:32 Autumn_Bae My guy loves chick fil a

My guy loves chick fil a submitted by Autumn_Bae to Dachshund [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 22:32 Apprehensive_Tap_862 Anyone have diarrhoea as their first symptom?

I’m freaking out right now due to the fact I have two small children and also a brain condition. (Yes I have tested positive before I go on)
My husband developed a cough and sore throat along with fatigue on Monday. We shrugged it off as just a Cold. The next day I began pooping literal water and vomiting. So did my 1 year old son. I assumed it couldn’t be anything more than a stomach upset as it didn’t match my husbands symptoms and his rapid test was negative.
No cough or sore throat until yesterday and I began coughing really badly. My son is mostly recovered.
Decided it was best to book in for a test (I’m double vaccinated. So is husband) we have all tested positive. My husband, myself and our two sons who are only 1 and 9 months old. I’m so upset.
Has anyone else started their positive ‘journey’ with stomach upset? I’m now worried because my chest feels tight and my breathing is slightly laboured (Apple Watch says my oxygen is fine though)
Any input?
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2022.01.28 22:32 BradleyCooper6 Help me choose the perfect marketing course

Hey all
I am pursuing my Master's degree in Media, I am seeking a course in Digital Marketing, where I could a 360 degree understanding of the subject and also get familiar with the most commonly used Marketing tools,
Social Media Marketing across different platforms
Google Analytics
A/B testing
From my little knowledge of digital marketing, the above-mentioned tools definitely want I want to cover, everything else will be a plus.
I have 12 months before I finish my graduate degree and start looking for full-time jobs. Having a deep understanding of digital marketing will be a plus to my profile.
Therefore, I have shortlisted a few platforms for these,

  1. CXL Institute
  2. DMI (Digital Marketing Institute)
My other options are from University's Online Programs - Yale, Cornell, Columbia.
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2022.01.28 22:32 PhoqueTheFrench Saying a quick prayer for my fellow Bros w/ pectus. NP gods didn’t give us a chance 🥲

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2022.01.28 22:32 Julle58 When did you know It was best to cut off a family member?

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2022.01.28 22:32 godzillavkk If Bean and Mora become an official couple, who should switch species?

If Netflix wishes to pursue this, and maybe even end it on a positive note, one of them is going to have to become part of the other's world. (joke intended) But do you think Mora should trade fins for feet? Or should Bean trade feet for fins? I just hope no one loses their voice or gets their tongues removed in the process.
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2022.01.28 22:32 That_Experience_2353 What is a little known loophole that you know?

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2022.01.28 22:32 IrelandonRedditBot [r/TrueOffMyChest] If your family has been in American for 100 years, you are not Irish, Swedish, Dutch, Welsh, Norwegian or what not.

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2022.01.28 22:32 Baseball_6626 What is one of the worst things your parents have done?

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2022.01.28 22:32 DualCay0te Se7en (1995). BTW, Brad Pitt is as old now (58) as Morgan Freeman was at that time.

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2022.01.28 22:32 ADdreaming The Marxist playbook

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2022.01.28 22:32 Mindless-Body-1397 I missed the fun number

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2022.01.28 22:32 brbarretydfr Pushing 🅿️|Fair Launching in 1 Hour|Simply hold Pushing 🅿️and get paid!🤑 10%|MEME Token|Enter telegram and get in early! ✅| Auto staking rewards💰| Amazing Team| Don't Miss This Gem 💎 |Massive Marketing Campaign incoming⭐️

We are Pushin 🅿️: The newest community driven token backed by crypto enthusiasts, skilled developers, and marketing professionals. Pushin 🅿️ is first of its kind frictionless and automatic staking token. A reward function has been developed with the goal to benefit all 🅿️ pushers and holders.


✍️The project became a powerful phenomenon because the mechanisms appeared for the first time in the BSC network and invested by many large organizations so on the day of launch it will go to the moon.



✳️Anti-Bot System


TAX : 12%

💰Initial LP = 2 BNB

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🔥Initial Burn = 30%

💸Marketing Tx = 2%

💧Liquidity Fee = 2%

✨Marketing wallet = 3%

❌No DEV wallets.

🚀 Auto Earnings Daily

🚀 5% fee for Auto LP Fee & Marketing

🚀 365 Day Lock-Up Period

✅ Based Dev & Team

✅ Huge Marketing Budget
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2022.01.28 22:32 grapestalker Help with a dorm I bought?

Hello there. New to the game although I’m really enjoying it. Since I have no creating skills I bought a dorm, but I don’t know how to make it so the house spawns without me having to delete all the previous’s room objects manually. What I mean is that the two of them just mash together and I’d like to know if there’s a way I can fix it. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 22:32 CamiiZilla Imagine being American

Like actually imagine being American, life must suck on the daily for you American. you don't even have beans and toast or kettles, like bro how do you even survive over there.
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2022.01.28 22:32 andrewfoxxx Has Stephen King ever talked about his multiverse?

I haven't been able to find any interviews where he actually talks about his multiverse and how his books are all connected. Has he ever actually talked about it?
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2022.01.28 22:32 Mr_Boring_car_guy Well, I guess I got a rally car ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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2022.01.28 22:31 dickheadproudfoot Monitor for video editing film and unreal engine footage, that can double for casual gaming. Budget: 300-900 usd.

Monitor for video editing film and unreal engine footage, that can—potentially—double for casual gaming. Budget: $300-$900 USD, target would be somewhere in the middle.
Screen real estate is important, but so are specs. Budget isn't huge so I'm willing to compromise in certain aspects if necessary; doesn't have to be the all time greatest monitor, but the best bang for the buck and as close to industry—for the price range—would be awesome.
Ultrawide preferably, though I would also consider two monitors in the $300-400 range instead of one at the $800, the inverse is also true if the case can be made. 4K would be great, but I understand that's where the 0s get added to the price tag, so I can wait until the 4k market improves and get another monitor a year or two down the road.
Type of work performed: Video editing feature length films on premiere, creating in after effects, unreal engine, lots of rendering, etc. I'm not a huge gamer, but since I got a fancy new PC, I'd really like to explore the PC gaming world a bit as well, so something that can double for gaming would be great, though that is a secondary use for sure.
PC Specs (in case that's helpful for ya)
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core 3.7GHz ASUS Radeon RX 6700 XT Dual 12G ASUS Prime B550-Plus AC-HES (Wi-Fi) (CEC) Team T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB DDR4 4000MHz Samsung 970 EVO Plus Gigabyte GP-P750GM 750W Gold
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2022.01.28 22:31 Biney18 Aoi Hinami’s Personality

This show was really good and I just realized that Aoi hinami’s personality is just like or similar to Yukino from My teen romantic comedy. She’s prideful, talented and extremely smart, but has a tendency to blunt and point out people with faults without consideration. I also see her as someone who is haughty to people. This is my opinion. What do you guys think?
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2022.01.28 22:31 ExtHD Truth or Covid? (or, “why we know everything they’re telling us is a lie”)

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2022.01.28 22:31 CharacterCash12 26M looking to make some lasting friendships!

Well, hey there everyone!
I didn't really set myself up in school with quality friendships and I realized how much I missed hanging out and talking about random stuff with friends. But I'm working on changing that and hopefully can meet some cool people here!
Some random facts about me:

I use Discord so would prefer moving to that once we get to know each other a bit.
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2022.01.28 22:31 loversickgirls13 Jennie

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