Australian inflation surge fuels expectations of interest rate rise

2022.01.25 01:19 alper Australian inflation surge fuels expectations of interest rate rise

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2022.01.25 01:19 EpicDBagger KR AP Amumu

#Chill Neace Korean Ability Power Amumu Jungle This Build is meant to run the early game, snowball and end it. Spam Ults and get fed. 1 Shot the whole team. Pros: Strong Early Game and When Ahead, Long Range Gap Close, Big AoE 1 Shots. Cons: Very Weak if Behind, Squishy, Weak in Extended Fights. Runes: Electrocute>Sudden Impact>Eyeball Collection>Ultimate Hunter> Demolish>Bone Plating> (you can take a different secondary tree) Attack Speed>Adaptive Force>Armor
0th Item Dark Seal (Buy Early if you can, if you want to, you can take it into a Mejai's SoulStealer ONLY! AFTER! Mythic and Magic Pen Boots) 1st Item Hextech Rocketbelt 2nd Item Magic Pen Boots 3rd Item Shadowflame 4th Item Zhonya's Hourglass 5th Item Void Staff 6th Item Death Cap (Sell Mejai's, If Owned)
Yea it's just Full AP Amumu, he actually gets to the point where you can pop people. He's very easy to die on tho. Great Camp clearing, Great Ganking, Good Obj Fights because of his ult. Great Gap close.(Rocket Belt, Q, and Flash) This Build Puts you at 41~51 Magic Pen With Boots and 2 items. Most Champs with have effectively Zero MR vs you.
PS: Max E 1st PSS: My Braum Post Build is GOATED! . Also here is an of my Amumu games.
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2022.01.25 01:19 Devfterr Cole really decided to become a rapper

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2022.01.25 01:19 False_Actuary_3355 23 [F4A] Looking for a bike buddy

Hi, would like to know if there’s someone here who wants to bike with me every morning. I live at Project 4, QC and I bike around that area. We can try to get to know each other or just bike in silence.
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2022.01.25 01:19 OnePhotog Fully repaired and ready for action (80cm bellows draw)

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2022.01.25 01:19 alper Letter: Davis failed to quote key line in Cromwell’s speech

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2022.01.25 01:19 tentwelfths All the kids in school laughed at me when I said I wanted to be a shirtless, firebreathing, lawnmower Timelord when I grew up... Well who's laughing now.

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2022.01.25 01:19 SpidersHuntsman Experienced MPD as a result of my F2M transition - I've temporarily stopped my hormones - now what?

I'm a transman, or F2M / FTM, meaning I was born female but transitioned to live as a man.
Within 2-3 years of taking prescribed slow-release Reandron (testosterone) injections every 3 months, my hairloss had progressed to a Norwood 4. Within 3-5 years I progressed to the Norwood 6-7 I am today. I'm 27 now. (I've followed the same bald pattern as my dad and my mothers dad. My brother, 2 years younger, has a full head of hair.)
For unrelated reasons I've temporarily stopped taking my testosterone. I've been off it for about 1.5 years now. I've been on Finasteride & Minoxidil for about 1.5 years also. I used to keep my hair a zero cut and I've only just started growing it so it's hard to say if I've regained any follicles that weren't too far gone.
Where to now?
My Doctor says my hormone levels have gone back to that of a biological woman now. So i would assume there isn't enough testosterone in my body now to convert to DHT and cause any further hair loss? And therefore perhaps my continued use of Finasteride and Minoxidil is no longer needed? Honestly I'm terrified of stopping them both and somehow loosing what little I have left ontop.
When I go back on testosterone in a year or so, is there anything I can do prior to re-starting it, to prevent further loss?
Ask me anything, And suggest to me, anything!
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2022.01.25 01:19 nicbentulan Pawn Sacrifice 2014 (or 2015?) film scene Bobby Fischer quits chess (unknowingly of course, e quit chess for 9LX [since you cannot draw collude as much there?]) / I didn't really appreciate as much then that our game's creator was actually played by THE BULLY MAGUIRE WOW.

Pawn Sacrifice 2014 (or 2015?) film scene Bobby Fischer quits chess (unknowingly of course, e quit chess for 9LX [since you cannot draw collude as much there?]) / I didn't really appreciate as much then that our game's creator was actually played by THE BULLY MAGUIRE WOW. submitted by nicbentulan to bobbyfischer [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 01:19 memeswhenuneed Just Deshon giving his brutal honest opinion

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2022.01.25 01:19 theJGreen How many things do you think idols have on their schedule that are work related but not “work” related?

For example, hair appointments, nail appointments (female idols), laser hair treatments, massages, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, gym workouts, etc.
And how often do you think they have to do each? For example, hair dye can fade within a week so it wouldn’t surprise me if some idols were in the hair salon in a weekly basis.
Feel free to drop any other schedules they might have!
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2022.01.25 01:19 RemarkableScarcity8 Puts on all these tomorrow!

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2022.01.25 01:19 StrawHatHogs Here is my adult male Zoro hanging out with me.

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2022.01.25 01:19 sackkoodo cute dogiii!

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2022.01.25 01:19 Poopsticle_256 Because apparently you can’t trust that other people agree with your extremely common opinion

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2022.01.25 01:19 Soul_Reaper152006 Unique Gauge going ahead

It has been 469 Day (Hehe) since we got our first Unique Gauge character being UI Goku. Then it took 410 Days to get LF Cell. The just 43 Days to get LF Trunks and then 30 days later UL Gogeta. So there is a trend that Unique Guage will be more common going ahead. Since they can do so much stuff other than just give damage sustained and inflicted buffs (Dodging Attacks in UI Goku's Case and Draw a Fking Blue Card in UL Gogeta's Case). So what are some characters that you think are bound to come that should have a unique gauge and what should be the special thing (while also giving buffs of course) they do that is accurate to the character in the show as well as gives a additional depth of complexity to the character rather than just pressing buttons.
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2022.01.25 01:19 Not_Glitchy Updated RLCRAFT 2.9! Enchantments and Building!

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2022.01.25 01:19 alper Letter: One schoolboy memory of Monty’s Moscow warning

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2022.01.25 01:19 ScalawagInTheShadows Jer Hunter recommends some unsung albums of 2021

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2022.01.25 01:19 starfeed 220125 Members Twitter (Junghoon)

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2022.01.25 01:19 aunty_marialani [Help] Ready for a dog in the family. Considering adopting a 4yo male who was submitted as a stray, most likely no house training experience but he is a sweetheart. Am I crazy? I know it won’t be a piece of cake but IS it possible to adopt an adult dog and house train, general train etc?

Hello all!
I know puppies are easier to train in general (house training, etc.), however I went to the shelter to donate some old baby blankets yesterday and stumbled across a 4 year 8mo male that came in as a stray. He seems to be a mixed dog, 66lbs and wire-y haired…but a SWEETHEART. He just wants pets and belly rubs!
They were able to do some tracing and found that the original owners gave him to someone else as a hunting dog but obviously they didn’t really care for him enough to let him loose and not find him. When he came in his paws were beat up, and he has heart worms (he’s being treated for them and from what I understand, if we adopt him with the condition, they will cover the medication he needs to complete treatment).
I’ve tried to research adopting adult dogs and have found a lot of info that doesn’t really pertain to my situation because “adopting an older dog is great, because most likely they are house trained!” .
I’ve visited him twice and he is an absolute sweetheart, just wants pets and loves, but as far as they know he has zero house training. That plus his age has me thinking and wondering: am I crazy for falling for a 4 year old dog who probably has zero house training experience?
Has anyone been in a similar situation? Did it work out? If so, what really helped you with house and all other training? Is this possible, like at all? I have decided that crate training is what we are going to do. I know since he is older, it’ll be a lot of work but I just need to know if it’s like possible at all or am I setting us up for failure?
When I took him to a “meet and greet” area he followed me everywhere and just wanted to keep his body rubbed up against mines the whole time wherever I went. I tried to get him to sit and he did it a few times so i know he knows SOMETHING. He did pee right on the cement by the door but I think it’s because we were in a common area where other dogs have been and he is marking.
About us: I’ve had dogs growing up but they were never indoor dogs. I’m finally in a place right now where my family would love to adopt a dog. We have two kids (under 10) and I feel it would a great thing for them to learn how to treat and care for a pet. My husband has never had a dog and has always wanted one. We both work, but my schedule is more accommodating if we do get a dog since I work 7:30-2, right down the street from our house. I have a half hour break where I can zip home to let the dog out. We just moved into a new place and currently DO NOT have a fenced in yard, but we are in the process of getting one installed. We have always talked about getting a puppy but after meeting this sweetheart I think he has my heart!
Our local shelter has a 10 day “trial” to see if the pet is a match with your family so this will be of tremendous help! Have him on a 24 hour hold and have seen him twice already.
Any advice/stories of experience in similar situations are GREATLY appreciated! If I left out any info that might be of help please lmk!
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2022.01.25 01:19 evilcupckae Questions About Unearthly/Alien Cosmetics

Unearthly Cosmetics has been popping up in more videos over the past few months. I have seen good reviews from Angelica Nyqvist and Annette's Makeup Corner. They have also had a collab with Sydney Nicole Adams. I decided to do a little more research on it. I have been kind of sketched out ngl. Not in a scammy way but just weird. There are a few reasons.

  1. They only list out the ingredients for their lip products. The rest of their products do not have an ingredient list on their website. They obviously can put in an ingredient list but have chosen not to. It feels weird.
  2. There are indications they are private-labeled. I do not have an issue with private labeling as long as the brand is honest. I have not found that the brand says they are private labeling but their lip formulas come up with multiple results. I could be wrong but I also have no proof they aren't because
  3. They have no information on the website on where they are manufactured, who the owner is, why the company was started, or any other basic information. Other small makeup brands like Terra Moon and Dee Dee's Signature have this information readily available on their site.
  4. They have no return policy. This doesn't always bother me but with the other information, it does give me pause. It does say that on the website though.
  5. They have had the trademark issue. The brand lost its name because the owner did not secure a trademark before going into business. I have tried looking for trademarks on their palette names and haven't found any though I am not great at finding trademarks so if someone finds something, I can correct this. I am not sure how long the business ran without a trademark but their Insta was made in 2016, so for at least 5 years.
Those are the main things that made me a bit wary of Unearthly Cosmetics. I want to know how others are feeling since they have been getting some new attention from smaller creators. If anyone has more information, I would love to hear since this brand doesn't seem to put a lot of easily accessible information on their site or social media.
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2022.01.25 01:19 Zestyclose_Eye5702 Starting with Security Company in 8 hours. Advice?

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2022.01.25 01:19 Fuzzy_Growth_5240 Telos EVM Now on!

Checking on #TelosEcosystsem had been an easy experience for a mere user like me because of! I was able to constantly check through the amazing DappRadar! Now, an even more exciting integration had happened between Telos EVM and DappRadar!
“Did you know that DappRadar is named as the Number 1 global dApp ranking website for #NFT and #DeFi projects? It has been named so because it provides us the best ranking there is! Check it out yourself!”
I have been around exploring various of blockchains since 2017. And I am very confident to inform you that #TelosBlockchain is the best out there! And I am proud to say that I was able to help my family using the income I have earned from my crypto side hustles. And using DappRadar, you can actually find the perfect dApp for you. Let me share you one, APPICS! It is #builtonTelos and now I am saving APX(their reward token) that can be traded through Probit. Aside from that, there are a lot more amazing dApp you can find out there that suits you well. Check out these links below:

🚀 Telos Ecosystem - 🚀 Telos EVM - 
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2022.01.25 01:19 clarkealistair Ballistics?

The Ogre was killed a gas bullet. Sure- they could’ve shot him post-mortem but that would have shown up by any pathologist.
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