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Plain-capped Starthroat? (Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica) August 2021

2022.01.25 01:59 jo3ye Plain-capped Starthroat? (Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica) August 2021

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2022.01.25 01:59 lmao-chill-buddy Better Gardening Spells

I’ve got a Queen Crape Myrtle with lvl 6 pests but I can only cover up to rank 5. Is there a gardener I can talk to, to get some better spells?
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2022.01.25 01:59 karoshitarantino my teacher showed us news footage of the Bob-O hit in class once

like we was in class and she turns on news clips and stuff to pass the time but also to make it seem like we doin sumn educational and then one day this clip came on and they was talmbout a nigga who got killed when he got out of jail and i'm like "hold on this sound familiar as hell" and surely enough it was Bob-O. i wanted to say "oh shit dat's bob-o" in class but i knew everybody would look at me like i was tweakin so i jus kept dat shit to myself. dat's what happens when u be on chiraqology too much
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2022.01.25 01:59 jacksstuckonthehorse CASEY C. FEARAL DOCUMENTATION

[FOLDER #396]
The following reports were documented from Dr. Jackson F. Cosway and his patient Casey C. Fearal from 7/14/76 until the shutdown of Branch #17 on 2/13/77.
/// July 14, 1976 ///
Time of report is 19:34. This is Dr. Jackson Cosway, director of the Experimental Programs Office in Langley, VA, reporting on the case of patient #13; legally known as 34 year old Casey C. Fearal. Fearal arrived on 7/10/76 to our medical department. He was diagnosed with bone sarcoma cranii, causing the patient's bones to form into stalactite like razors protruding from the skull resulting in an excruciating and eventually fatal end. X Rays were taken on his day of arrival. As seen on the right, they show the patient's state as a massive growth of this bone is pushing against the right side of his face. In the time he has been here he has been screaming. He screamed for 34 hours the first two days until eventually passing out from exhaustion and dehydration. Several times he has repeated, “Please, just shoot me”, along with “Anything is better than this”. Tomorrow morning we are moving forward with the experimental medicine received from Dr. Yonge’s lab in San Francisco. With serum-[redacted], we may finally find the key not only to saving Casey from this tragic disease, but maybe a cure to instantly destroy cancer cells within all of a human’s anatomy. End of the report is 19:45.📷
/// July 16, 1976 ///
Time of report is 02:04. This is Dr. Jackson Cosway again. Patient Casey C. Fearal has undergone the procedure and serum at 10:30 on 7/15/76 with positive results as of now. The patient has just become conscious almost 14 hours later. The screaming has stopped, but a sharp bone is still protruding from the skull. The surgery to remove the bone failed, but the serum seems to be running its course. Our branch is planning to report the results over the coming months of Casey’s recovery. To truly understand the effects of serum-[redacted] we are giving a notebook and a few pens to patient #13, so he can personally track his recovery. We will hand it over when he becomes completely awake. I will continue to write along with his notes. End of the report is 02:09.
/// July 19, 1976 ///
Hello… this is Casey Fearal writing from Langley, VA. I hope to see my wife and children again soon. It feels like it’s been at least a month since I got here. I know it’s been months since I’ve seen my family. I had to leave, it was becoming unbearable knowing Madison and Matt had to see their own father like this. I got up and I left without saying goodbye. They didn’t need to see me die like this. If I can go back I hope Alice will forgive me.
The doctor told me to write about what I’m feeling. In honesty I don’t think I’m feeling much at all. The knives protruding from my face, they’re still there, yet I don’t feel the torture of it anymore. I figure it’s the morphine they’ve been pumping me full of, but when the doctor asked what I felt today he seemed slightly concerned when my answer was “nothing”, again. My fingertips can’t feel the pen I’m holding, making my writing look much like the doc’s. It’s good to be humorous again. Oh shit, I forgot. Time of report was something like 14:26 and the time now is 14:40. I’ll see you soon Alice.
/// September 30, 1976 ///
Time of report is 20:01. This is Dr. Jackson Cosway. Within the past 2 months patient #13 was placed in an extensive recovery unit. After the sixth day of the serum being active in Casey’s body it began to react, unnaturally. He fell into a coma and while in this state his body began to smell similar to rotting skin and the metallic scent of blood. With several MRIs we have concluded that the serum slowly ate away at the patients nerves and bottom most layer of skin. It reacted similarly to fluoroantimonic acid, the only difference is it slowly burned away these nerves over the span of 61 days. After today’s X Ray and MRI we can conclude that there are no working nerves left in his body. We will be moving him into the rehabilitation cell with no real hope for anything further. We would like to apologize to and honor Casey C. Fearal for his donation to experimental medicine and the future. End of the report is 20:15.
/// November 1, 1976 ///
It’s so dark here most of the time. I feel like I’m slowly losing my sanity to the shadows dancing on the walls. I don’t know how often they come here, sometimes it feels like days. I can do nothing but sit here and walk the 200 sq. ft room they’ve locked me in. I feel nothing. I walk the floor until my feet bleed red into the cement. I kicked the one way glass relentlessly until each of my toes snapped. I can’t feel anything. At night when the dim lighting kicks out I sit in the darkness not knowing if my eyes are opened or closed. I hear them too. My bones. I can hear them at night slowly stretching my skin further and further until they pop through. I feel like I’m rotting away, but I can’t tell. There’s no mirror to see myself in but maybe that’s for the best. When I get too close to the walls I hear the bones scraping on the thick cement. Residue flies off and falls to the floor. I look down and I see the skin on my wrists beginning to fall away and break apart. In its place the razors poke out. I think I’m becoming a monster.
/// December 4, 1976 ///
Time of report is 13:47. This is Dr. Jackson Cosway. I’ve handed off Casey’s case to the lead of medical science Dr. Sarah Connors. As his state becomes worse, I’m afraid there’s not much reason to keep him around in solitary. The best course of action is to euthanize patient #13 and allow Dr. Connors to research the implications from serum-[redacted] to see what went wrong in Casey’s cellular growth. I stated his condition yesterday morning to the head office.
Patient #13, Casey C. Fearal has been mandated to cell #23 as he has become a danger to himself and our employees. This morning it was noted that bone growth has begun to spread to the patient's knees, spine, shins, elbow, and neck. The growth shows no sign of stopping anytime soon. As of 79 hours ago we noted the cells beginning to mutate into a diamond like material. The bone cells are turning into a deep, dark obsidian color with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. He still shows no signs of pain, but his mentality is declining greatly.”
We are giving Casey until 2/3/77 to continue studying his condition. After that we will proceed with euthanization. End of the report is 14:00.
///January 13, 1977 ///
The bones won’t stop coming. I think I’m almost all out of my skin. I’m covered in these deep black crystals. No one has come in here in days. Just the occasional tray of cafeteria food from the slot in the door. I know they’re out there though. Watching me through they’re glass screen. They think I’m a monster. They’re wrong about that. I’m bitter. Slashing away at the thick, grey walls day by day. Every inch is scratched and torn to shreds, slowly becoming colored like the black ooze dripping from my bones. I feel nothing, but the hatred for what they’ve done to me. I could’ve died cowardly in the place I called home. I could’ve seen Alice… the kids. But now here I am sitting in the dim, yellow, bathed room scratching at the glass wall, waiting for the smallest crack to appear. And when I find the doctor… he will know exactly what I’ve felt. The excruciating pain, the fear of death, and then nothing.
/// January 15, 1977 ///
This report is coming from Dr. Jackson Cosway at 09:35. Patient #13 has been moved to our most secure room in the facility as he was found almost succeeding to shatter the glass wall in his cell. Dr. Connors and I have collected the black liquid coming from the patient's bones. It seems to have begun melting into the floor when we surveyed the room after moving him. The science department is finding results slowly for this new inorganic substance. The euthanization still stands for 2/13/77. End of the report time is 09:38.
/// February 13, 1977 ///
Time of report is 01:03. This is Dr. Sarah Connors here with Dr. Jackson Cosway. We are preparing to sedate and administer euthanization to patient #13 at 03:00. The results from the science department have gotten back to us. Casey’s condition has covered the entirety of his bone structure in the sharp, stalactite-like black, bone cells, The liquid from the tips of these formations has been concluded as sulfuric acid. This not only makes him dangerous to touch even more than already, but also highly conductive with energy. We will report after the mercy of Casey C. Fearal. End of the report is 01:08.
/// February 14, 1977 ///
Reporting from the Pentagon in D.C. this is Richard Bluemner. Early yesterday morning our seventeenth branch, the Experimental Programs Office, was compromised by patient #13 whilst administering euthanization. A sedative gas was released in the room and the patient went under. As Dr. Connors and Dr. Cosway entered the room and the patient jumped onto both doctors inflicting fatal wounds. Both doctors were found to be almost unrecognizable after the carnage. A total of 43 casualties are currently reported with 2 more in extreme condition. All bodies were found with multiple puncture wounds and sulfuric acid melting away at their skin and organs. We are permanently closing this branch in our headquarters as an investigation continues.
The suspect, Casey C. Fearal is still yet to be found. The last he was seen was at 11:58 in the residence of Alice Hoptkin, previously known as Alice Fearal. Her father was staying with her and is in the hospital in intensive care. He was wielding a shotgun and fired at what he thought was an intruder. Alice says he fired and hit his target only for it to make a loud tang, “like metal hitting metal”. Like the other victims he was found with multiple puncture wounds, but no trace of sulphuric acid like the others. Alice reports seeing patient #13 running west into the Boyer State Forest. Helicopter crews are currently using thermal to pinpoint his location. Ms. Hoptkin will be brought in for questioning later tonight. As for now we must focus on keeping this information disclosed from the public and media eye.
Richard Bluemner
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2022.01.25 01:59 Zacharide [WTB] LMT 14.5 Piston Barrel, KAC 99051 Front Sight Taupe, KAC Micro Rear 200-600m (CA)

Building an LMT upper for myself, looking for a 14.5 piston barrel if possible. Looking to spend under $650 for a newer barrel.
Had this KAC pair before but sold my old pair to help pay bills a few months back. Looking to snag a pair for around $250, give or take!
Let me know if the prices are off, thanks. Comment before PM too, you know the deal!
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2022.01.25 01:59 MaxiJess2015 Otaku Origins present Giveaway at discord! Join us! Find the link in the comments!

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2022.01.25 01:59 C94ELEn280oD Could someone please tell me what item i'm misssing on page 3 ?

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2022.01.25 01:59 Alanpab What do you think is the best way to grow in social media for someone who only does podcast?

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2022.01.25 01:59 The_Wazz Biggest model done to date. On to the Silent King next! Any C&C is appreciated.

Biggest model done to date. On to the Silent King next! Any C&C is appreciated. submitted by The_Wazz to Necrontyr [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 01:59 Blepg I made John ROBLOX into his car (sad thing is its not a crew cab but I mounted a BFG on the top and a M500 on the side. Its standard with a Doom chime when started up and has a 02 body pillow inside it. Take a look

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2022.01.25 01:59 etherealvibrations Physical touch on DMT

Anyone ever been “touched” for lack of a better word, on dmt? This happened to me the last time I tried to break through. I laid back and closed my eyes and immediately felt all these things reaching out and touching my face and upper body. It distracted me enough that i wasn’t able to break through. It felt so real tho like there were hands physically touching me
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2022.01.25 01:59 BleakOrigin [USA-VA][H] Asus Strix 3080ti [W] RTX 3090

Have this ASUS Strix RTX 3080ti that I recently got that I'm going to try my luck at trading for a 3090. Looking to do a local trade. Card looks absolutely amazing and runs extremely cool! Local to 23464. Pm me with any offers.
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2022.01.25 01:59 FurioustoDestroy Issue with friends

For some reason my friend will randomly show "blocked" but it won't let me do anything besides view profile and block. What causes this?
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2022.01.25 01:59 SassTheFash Top “Almost Joined the Army” Guys go nutso over a basic tweet about some DOD people claiming the vaxx is dangerous. Spin immediately into claiming Google is censoring this, video footage is being deleted mid-watch, lives of whistleblowers are in danger, etc.

Top “Almost Joined the Army” Guys go nutso over a basic tweet about some DOD people claiming the vaxx is dangerous. Spin immediately into claiming Google is censoring this, video footage is being deleted mid-watch, lives of whistleblowers are in danger, etc. submitted by SassTheFash to TopMindsOfReddit [link] [comments]

2022.01.25 01:59 Hurridium-PS2 Auraxis sub orbital space program

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2022.01.25 01:59 catrabbit99 Not a big fan of online collecting, so whoever wants these are free to have them. First come first serve, obviously! Enjoy!

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2022.01.25 01:59 Interesting-Shift406 NFT Darkplace Collection

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2022.01.25 01:59 sugarcoats777 Getting a tattoo after COVID-19 vax

Hi docs,
I (30F) will have a COVID booster vax this Friday morning and will also have a tattoo session the next day, Saturday afternoon. The part where I will have my tattoo is on the back of my upper right arm near my elbow. Is this okay? Will there be no side effects?
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2022.01.25 01:59 SwedishHitshow Survivor Benefits Repayment Demanded

My husband died a decade ago leaving behind two children (“his” and “ours” for sake of clarity). Both children lived with me until recently when his child moved out of state to live w relatives. We have arranged for a relative to be representative payee and legal guardian.
The state I live in has me report income annually as part of guardianship reporting so they are well aware of the amount. The judge advised for me to give his child’s savings and 529 to the new guardian. We had this hearing over the phone and there is no official ordejudgement on paper to give over the money (although I am going to).
After the representative payee was changed I received a letter from social security that I must return all saved money including any interest gained to them. I have reported some savings to them on my annual reporting so I can’t just say I spent it or that it’s gone. Or can I?
The 529 is six figures at this point. I’ve reported probably $20k in savings to social security. I work full time and make a good salary so it’s a bit gray whether the funds came from SSI or from me (both deposit and transfer from the same account)
I don’t know what to do. I can’t find a lawyer or CPA who will advise me. I am afraid of giving the accounts over and then having my accounts wiped or funds garnished.
I am afraid to ignore this letter.
Any advice of who can advise me? What kind of lawyer or professional can help me?
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2022.01.25 01:59 cam_art "Parrot Fish", Cam, oil n a lil acrylic, 2021

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2022.01.25 01:59 nicbentulan TIL palpatine is plural of the italian 'palpatina' meaning 'little touch, little feel' or 'little grope'

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2022.01.25 01:59 bitterandconfusedd Easy A elective classes?

I’m needing like 3-4 classes. I’m a business major so I’d prefer if they’re business classes but they can be any class as long as they’re really easy.
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2022.01.25 01:59 AreaMuppet Backing up Podcast Addict

I used to customize where I backed up Podcast Addict once a day. Every day in my chosen folder I'd find a .backup file and a .opml file. I gathered that at some point Google disallowed that so backups went back to a default folder, but at some point recently it was allowed again, so I shifted auto-backups back to my selected folder.
Everything seems to be working fine, except that now only the .backup file backs up every day, with no new .opml file. Is that normal under the new settings? Is there something else I should be doing? I see that I can still back that up manually, but it isn't auto-backing up.
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2022.01.25 01:59 FL2802 Pls help how to beat this card it’s too strong

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2022.01.25 01:59 Gek_Lhar [Discussion] Some tips for my fellow collectors

Hey guys, so I wanted to make this post to give my fellow item collectors some advice, and how to weed out the trolls and bullshitters. I've been dealing with it nearly daily back when I collected vehemently , and would love to spread the knowledge.

That's all I got for now. I'll add anything I can think of, and good hunting!
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