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I’ve always always had a problem while in these positions that suddenly I get a sharp pain in my hip or outer thigh that forces me to immediately change positions. I have no idea how to describe it right and I was just wondering if anyone else has this? I could be more active nowadays but I still had this when I got a fair amount of exercise in. Im also worried it could be some kind of damage from CSA I experienced growing up :(
Any tips to help with this??
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Looking for a Female Vocalist/songwriter for an upcoming EDM track in the Future Bass Genre( Illenium / Nurko inspired ) .
Gdrive link for the DEMO
Key - Bb Major
Tempo - 120 BPM
Please listen to the demo and get back to me if you dig the vibe and want to be a part of it.
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I'm a sex repulsed ace, and relationships (friendships included) make me kinda anxious. I'm very socially anxious and awkward and I have absolutely no experience with romantic relationships. I might be aromantic, but I still desire a relationship.
I've been friends with this guy for a few months, he's very respectful and I enjoy hanging out with him. I think he would he supportive of my asexuality (at the very least as a friend. If it's a dealbreaker relationship-wise that's fine and I understand).
I just have no idea how to bring it up organically. I don't wanna just hop up and say "hey, by the way, I'm a sex repulsed asexual!" but I doubt the topic of sex is gonna come up at any point soon.
Any advice would be great :'))
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2022.01.25 01:47 Zerodaylight-1 [The Dragon Thief] Chapter 36

Hello! And welcome back to the Dragon Thief, and with this chapter is the start of a brand new arc for Thyme Ingerson! This one clocks in at around 4.6k words.
Thyme Ingerson couldn't help but smile as he tasted the sea-salt air as their ship sailed through glittering waters. Nightslick stood on his shoulder, pushing up on his paws, a dopey tongue lolling out. He's excited, Thyme thought, grinning, patting the dragonling.
But how could he blame the dragon? They had kept him underneath for the initial part of this voyage, and now Nightslick could stretch his wings as the Free Cities soared in front of them. The sea turned to a bay, which broke into two rivers, creating three sections of land. And on each segment stood a city none like Thyme had ever seen. They awed Thyme, with their grand towers reaching towards the sky, the peaks looking as if they touched the airy white clouds that drifted on blue skies.
The first city Thyme saw, Varo, gleamed in the light as if it were a radiant flame. Its grand bell tower shone like golden brilliance. The rest of the buildings came into focus, the sunlight dancing across the tiled-roofed buildings that huddled themselves close to the sea's edge, where a mix of boats crawled along. Did they care about high rises or crashing waves, the young Ingerson thought. As they closed the distance, Thyme's eyes lit up, taking notice of the foundation of silts and stone. They raised all of Varo above the bay's grasp.
Almost reluctant, Thyme tore his gaze from Varo, shifting to the next of the cities.
Illmeryth glowed a pewter white as the sunlight washed over the polished buildings. If Varo looked like a golden fortune, Illmeryth looked as if plucked from a dream. The buildings looked more grown than built, and the city itself seemed like a forest of chiseled stone. The only sign of intent was how the buildings tiered their height, growing taller as they marched inland. The city seemed to have no end. Streamers of vibrant blues, gorgeous greens, and lively reds flew from the white buildings, dancing in the breeze.
Thyme turned his gaze towards the last city, Union City. While the other two looked like grand traditions or dream-like existence, Union City was pure innovation. Pulleys and cranes grew like trees on the docks, workers finessing the machines with practiced diligence; shipping containers jaunted from ship to cart, large horse-like salamander creatures tugging the cargo along. It all had a look of chaotic efficiency, something only a crazed genius could understand.
Thyme squinted, peering at where the docks met the city, trying to make sense of the running rails that crisscrossed through the streets. Were they for transport? As for the buildings, brick and mortar held Union City together. And behind the young city rose a range of red mountains, coloring the setting, giving Union City an almost painting quality like Thyme looked upon the cradle of the future.
While each city held its own grandeur, the true gem of the Free Cities stood in the bay's center.
An island soared, shooting out of the water, high cliffs keeping the tides at bay. And on top of that island, where Thyme saw the smear of green grass, the Claw Academy stood. Squat buildings of reds or greens or blues or whites shone like gems. One building still shot out, soaring towards the sky. A sleek four-colored pillar held the highest point, the Claw Academy's Dragon Perch. It had been said Gilaad built that when he found the school.
It should have been the most amazing sight of the Free Cities. Yet, hanging in the sky above the Free Cities was a whirlwind of colors. Of blues and greens and reds and whites. Dragons, and so many of them. Emotions swelled in Thyme as he watched the dragons, wondering if one day he'd be in the sky like that.
"Amazing," Thyme whispered out, his eyes sweeping through the bay, taking in the cities and Claw Academy once more. He smiled, a hope building in him. For his future waited here. A future where he'd no longer need to steal. Here, Thyme Ingerson could release himself from the chains of the past.
Sage turned and smiled, the Free Cities framing her. "That they are, Thyme Ingerson. That they are."
Their ship banked, turning to Varo's port. Thyme grew excited; they'd be on land soon. But as they reached the harbor, a fuss broke out. The ship's captain found a spot to dock, but a dock attendant, who held a board and heavy-set paper, shook his head, shouting at them, saying they couldn't dock there. The ship's captain roared in disagreement.
The argument continued, now grabbing the attention of other dock hands, their faces amused. A pair of men, one of them resting against a wooden container, the other leaning on a broom, both wore loose dark green tops and pants that cinched at the calf, placed a bet against each other.
Thyme had no doubt they could have been stuck at the docks for hours. But Sage quelled both sides as she stepped out onto the sea, her eyes flashing a glowing blue. She whirled her arms around her, and the sea listened, shooting out torrents of water. It lifted her up, carrying her the short distance to the docks. It looked more like a controlled descent than a woman walking on water.
Everyone watched with mouths agape, eyes wide. Even the pair of dockhands gawked, one of them dropping the stick they leaned on. Someone whispered dragon rider. Others took a step back as Sage reached the dock, stepping onto it, her clothing dry as if she'd been in a desert.
Sage explained to the now reverent dock attendant, flashing a palm-sized disc with a sigil on it. It showed four different colored claws intersecting with three crowns.
The dock attendant turned, calling out for the Docks' Master, screaming with an urgent tone in his voice.
An overweight man waddled over, his boots clapping against the wood. He opened his frowning face as if readying an insult. But the moment the man saw the emblem, he stopped, his eyes going wide. He bowed his head, saying there would be no issue. The dock hands roped in the ship, ensuring there wouldn't be any more issues.
"Dragon riders," Sage said to Thyme as she nodded thanks to those who tied down the ship. "Are quite respected in these cities."
Awe still rocked their features as Thyme and his family walked off the ship, all of them carrying luggage.
"Well," Diane said, looking around. "Think you could get them to help us out?"
Sage laughed, shaking her head. "Oh, don't worry. I've already arranged for that."
Diane raised an eyebrow, but Thyme figured it to be true. When they had been docked at a trading town, Sage had sent a letter ahead of them. It should have reached Varo City before them.
It took them longer than expected to reach where the docks met the city proper. The Ingersons didn't realize how much a ship would influence their gait. They stumbled, not used to the solidity of land. Sage, however, didn't have any difficulties but waited for the Ingersons. When Sage moved, the dockhands continued to part for the dragon rider. But not all of them moved out of her way. On occasion, one of the dockhands held a rebellious light in their eyes as they crossed their arms, glaring at Sage. But they didn't stop Sage or the luggage-lugging Ingersons.
The docks opened up to the city, and Thyme gawked, taking in the roaming crowds of citizens. Yellow seemed the primary color of tunics and shirts and dresses as Thyme took in the intermingling crowd. Yet, there were still blues and reds and even some darker colors mixed in. But Thyme spotted a group of liveried individuals standing at attention. And when they noticed Sage, one of the members, an older gentleman, wearing glasses with long gray sideburns, walked up with an elegant and efficient step.
"Ah," he said, his voice a resonant bass. "Varo City welcomes to you," he bowed, "Sage of clan Cantos. You've been missed." He pulled out of his bow, his eyes flicking to Thyme and his family. The servant's eyes lingered on Nightslick, and he spoke once more, his voice taking on a tone of regret. "This servant must humbly apologize to you, young lord, but it seems I was not informed of your arrival with the most esteemed Dragon Rider."
Thyme's head swiveled, searching. Had someone joined them, and he hadn't noticed? Am I already slipping? Uncle Ly would be embarrassed. Hadn't the older Ingerson always warned Thyme to be on the lookout?
"Forgive us, Henry," Sage said, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "the young lord is new to all of this. He's a candidate-select, you see. Truth be told, he isn't even nobility."
Thyme's face reddened. Am I the young lord?! He never thought anyone would call him a master of anything. The only thing he figured he'd mastered was overthinking.
The other servants swarmed them, taking their luggage. Diane protested, but Sage quelled. Thyme didn't even notice, still overthinking things.
Henry raised an eyebrow. "Well, hopefully, you can forgive this old man for his assumptions. I saw the young dragon and assumed the boy was of noble birth."
Diane harrumphed.
Sage smiled as she spoke. "Your assumptions are more accurate than you realize, Henry."
"Then, I welcome the young master and his comp—
"His family," Thyme's mother said.
Henry looked embarrassed and cleared his throat.
"Apologies..." Henry continued, his first word coming out slow. "... In that case, I welcome you and your family to Varo City.
"Thank you, Henry. I imagine Cassandra has set up a meeting?"
"She expects you at Lily's tea shop by the afternoon." Henry gazed up at the sky, one of his hands fished into a coat pocket. He pulled out a watch, shocking Thyme. Only the wealthy had those. He clicked it opened and looked down, his brows furrowing. "Well, I shouldn't keep you. If you head there now, you'll make it before the governess arrives."
"Thank you, Henry."
"Of course, Sage of Clan Cantos... And one more thing."
"Yes, Henry?"
"It is good to have you back," Henry said, flashing a smile at Sage. "The Council needs someone to remind them they need to do good,"
Sage grinned. "Now that's the Henry I remember."
"Oh, Sage, your memory of me is twenty years expired." He bowed his head to Sage and to Thyme and his family. "On behalf of governess Sterlin, we will see your luggage safety brought to the manor house. And all will be ready by the time you arrive." He turned and moved with clockwork efficiency, the other servants tailing after him, all of them moving in perfect lockstep.
When the servants left, Sage ushered on the Ingersons, saying they needed to hurry as she moved down the streets. And streets they were. There were so many people moving past stalls and into storefronts. Horses neighed as riders stopped them, letting foot traffic move ahead. Two-story or three-story buildings lined the sides, most of them filled with shops or craftwork. Thyme swore he saw a tailor on one story and a shoemaker on the next. A man could get another outfit done in one building if he wanted.
Sage guided them through the controlled chaos, stepping past gesticulating customers and sellers, darting past errand boys and couriers. They even dodged past a pair of construction workers carrying long wooden planks. Above them, in the sky, dragons and their riders shot across; some of the riders wore bags filled to the brim with letters and post, while other dragons looked to be practicing an unseen course.
The crowds sputtered out, turning from a writhing mass into orderly lines that stayed on the side, the streets bumping up, acting as walkways. Carts and carriages rumbled through a center lane, horses moving at a trot while a pair of creatures that Thyme had never seen before carried carriages.
These were more elegant. Where horses moved like powerful thunderheads, these creatures moved with a delicate step, like a gentle breeze on a summer's evening. Their blue fur glowed in the noon's light. Curving horns jutted from their heads and agile hooved feet that sounded like staccato music in comparison to a horse's clomping beat. Somehow, these creatures made Varo look plain.
"They are called Arhu," Sage said, noticing Thyme's awe. "They're from the Handori north... But nobles import them in. Aren't they just beautiful?"
"They are," Thyme said, tracking the creatures as they glided down the path. Everyone else watched, too, some gawking, while others knew how to steal glances without looking like such a fool. Even Thyme still tracked the creatures.
Nightslick headbutted him.
"Ow!" Thyme said, rubbing the side of his head. "What was that for?"
Nightslick's tail whipped, his head flicking away. I think dragons are prettier. See! Nightslick, without any elegance, shook like a dog on Thyme's shoulder. His scales flashed with the iridescent brilliance that Thyme knew so well. Some of the onlookers turned, wondering what caused the twinkling of darkness. Some of them giggled when they saw the shaking Nightslick.
I'm gorgeous!
Thyme rolled his eyes. "I swear you're sounding more like Uncle Ly as the days go on," he said as he patted the apparently jealous dragonling's head. Who knew dragons could get jealous?
Something tickled at the back of Thyme's mind, his eyes glancing down the street, trying to steal one more look of the Arhu. Wait... Why are Handori creatures here? Didn't the Kalemar own Varo City? Sage... Why aren't the Arhu in Illmeryth?"
Sage spoke as they continued down the sidewalk, people moving aside for them. "Each faction has its own district in the other. Most of them are ambassadors, or politicians, or bureaucrats. So..." Sage turned, glancing down the way the Arhu-drawn carriage had gone. "... Like all powerful people, they must flaunt their wealth. And that's how the Handori do it."
Huh, wonder if anyone stole one of those Arhu? Thyme almost stopped, his eyes widening. His mind seemed slow to realize that Thyme Ingerson was no longer a thief. Need to stop thinking that way, he thought, shaking his head.
They continued their walk through the city, new sights surprising Thyme. Stout men walked past him with beards thicker than a heavy winter's snow on their faces. They looked harder than metal, but kindness and joy rang through their boisterous laughter.
When Sage passed one, she gave them a gesture of the hand. Something Thyme had never seen her do before. The stout men knew the sign, their hands flashing with movement, their thick-set mustaches turning up, the only indication of a smile.
Elves also walked down the flat stoned paths. They would gaze at Sage, some whispering and pointing. Their companion would look and nod, then both would gesture towards Sage, who would return the same sign. Curiosity filled Thyme. Was that the same gesture she'd given the stout men?
"Are... Are those other elves, and were those dwarves?" Thyme finally asked after another set of stout men passed them, flashing the same sign.
Sage slowed. "Sometimes, I do forget how lacking Ashfall's education is... It'd be better if you called them Skards rather than elves and dwarves."
Thyme looked puzzled.
Sage breathed out, her face growing solemn.
"We... don't take being called elves of dwarves rather well. Even though it has been centuries, my people do not forget easily. We still see those terms for us as the insults and curses that were cast on us when my ancestors came out of the Rifts, seeking refuge."
"O-oh," Thyme said, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "I-I didn't know... Sorry..."
"It's not your fault, Thyme. Blame Rel for the lack of an education. But just call us Skards. I think that'll save you from the glares."
Thyme sighed, looking back to the Arhu-drawn carriage, noticing the people he had called dwarves and elves. Just how much of this world did he not know? How much did the Lord Tyrant really steal from him? The thought sobered Thyme as they continued through Varo.
They reached the meeting location, a tea shop with a glass pane showing the chatting customers and marching rows of tea containers on the shop's interior walls. Thyme looked to his right, continuing down the street, and noticed what seemed to be a bridge at the end. Huh, wonder where that leads?
A bell jingled when Sage opened the door. An older woman who stood behind a counter lit up. "Well, well, if it isn't the past coming back."
Sage's eyes lit up with joy. "Lily, it's been too long!"
The woman—Lily—ushered them into the tea shop. Modest tables filled the space as customers sat and relaxed, chatting over hot steaming tea in ornate cups on small plates. Some customers even had plates of pastries that Rebecca eyed with a hunger only a child could have for sweets. As they settled into their high-backed chairs, Lily spoke. "So what can I get started," she said, her voice colored by her grin.
Sage ordered them all tea, while Rebecca asked for every pastry. Thyme's mother shot her a look but shrugged off the scolding with a grin of her own. So they sat, chatting in the shop, Sage sipping on her tea as Thyme's mother scanned the interior. Rebecca broke up pastries into pieces, eating some herself while the others she fed to a giddy Nightslick.
Thyme, however, stared out the tea shop's glass window. They were really here. They had made it to the Free Cities. To Varo. His mind drifted, questions floating up, images of the Arhu filling his imagination. Yet, an unexpected question woke Thyme up from his daydreams.
Wonder if they got a thieves' guild, though. The thought stopped Thyme. Where did that come from? Had it been that ingrained into him? After all these years of Uncle Ly's teaching and the life Thyme had lived, is this what happened? He threw away the thought, knowing no dragon rider needed to steal. Only the past would remember his thieving days. Yet, A part of him, a small part, grieved as the thought disappeared.
After taking a final sip from her tea, Sage pulled out a map, unfurling the parchment on the table. Thyme peered over the contents, taking in the circular design of the Free Cities—the Claw Academy was a point in the map's center. During the founding, Grovekeepers manipulated the landscape, creating a ring around the cities, turning them into islands of their own. But civilization didn't stop there. The most glamorous districts lived on the islands. Bridges connected each city to its sprawling continuation that had formed over the decades. I wonder what those are like. Sage hadn't mentioned them much during their voyage.
Sage's finger danced across the map, the dragon rider explaining each distract. As it turned out, they were in Upper Set Row, taking the bridge would find them at the start of the sprawl, or Lower Set Row. Tracking where they'd come, Thyme realized they'd had seen the Arhu-drawn carriage in Jur's Hill. Eiyura Center sat next to it. Thyme's eyes moved to Lower Set Row, seeing what the sprawl had to offer. Market Ver appeared first, and Falson Alley followed after. The neighborhoods looked denser here. Thyme paused, looking over the spot. Why did it look so familiar? Ah, Thyme realized, a part of him almost wishing he hadn't noticed. Reminds me of Ashfall.
He really couldn't outrun his old life, could he? The chains would always be there. But I'm not there anymore, am I? And so, with hope invigorated, Thyme Ingerson perused the map, but he didn't look past the bridges now. The day grew older, turning to afternoon, as the Ingersons looked over maps of their new home. Where would they live?
The door's bell rang, and Thyme looked over, taking in the sight of two armored men. They wore stern expressions, their chest plates a single piece of shaped steel, their clothing puffed out. Three slices of yellow cascaded over the armor.
Their eyes scanned the tea shop. After a long silence, one of them grunted. "T—"
The door burst open, the bell clattering out a ring, causing the guards to reel in shock.
A dignified woman walked in, standing tall, authority in her gait. She moved with a practiced poise only those in charge held, her gaze sweeping over the shop, a soft smile on her lips, a majestic yellow shoulder cape coming to a rest on the top of her dark coat. The coat's sleeves ran the length of her arm, terminating into white gloves. Her pants matched the coat's color, and a sword rested in a sheath on her left, a parrying dagger on her right. Age displayed itself through graying sides and smile lines. All in all, she looked more like a veteran swashbuckling swordsman rather than a governess.
"Governess! It isn't saf—" One of the guards tried to say before the woman cut them off.
"The day that Lily plans for my assassination is the day that Varo City is lost to us. Do you hear me?" She said as she strutted into the room. "Ah! And Lily, how are you? Good? Good, and yes, the usual, please. And is that Sage?" She shot a smile at the dragon rider. "Didn't think you'd get here before me."
Sage brightened. "Cassandra! Had I known you'd bring so many guards, I'd have asked poor Lily to push tables and chairs together."
Cassandra spoke as she moved to an empty seat beside Sage. "The problem with a title means people think you need guards when you can defend yourself." Her voice sang like a bard's song, low and familiar. Her tone filled with the sound of old friends meeting again. "Ah," her eyes flashed toward Thyme. "Is this the one you mentioned?"
"That he is."
Cassandra gave him an appraising look. "Well... I've seen enough to know he'll be a grand one. When you're in the air, Thyme, think of House Sterlin." Her eyes glimmered. "We could find you good work."
Thyme blushed. A governess already wanted him to work for her? The thought made him both giddy and anxious. But, Thyme thought, his mind sobering from the fantasy of possible futures. First, I need to get through the academy.
As if reading the young Ingerson's mind, Sage spoke his thoughts. "Already trying to poach him before he even steps a foot on a training field? What happened to the daring little girl who loved adventure, and when did she get replaced with such deft governess?"
"That girl," Cassandra said, her tone sharpening on the word, "grew up."
The two continued to chat as Thyme stole glances at both of them. They talked like old friends, but Sage looked fifteen years younger than the governess, at least. And the comment of childhood... How old was the dragon rider?
Thyme couldn't ponder the question for long, for the door to Lily's shop opened with a ringing bell.
A woman with a dazzling array of jewelry walked in, moving with precise grace that made Thyme think the woman must be royalty. Flanking to her left, a grizzly titan of a man joined her. His eyes scanned the room with a marital efficiency that not even the guards had. When his eyes met Thyme and Nightslick, his face of hard edges and angles took on cold anger.
Thyme looked away, wondering what he'd done. He noticed Cassandra's guards tense, their hands close to their sword hilts.
The woman's gaze, on the other hand, drifted like a lazy cloud. "Oh, if it isn't the governess," she said, her elegant face taking on a subtle surprise. I've seen that before... Thyme thought, refusing to let his eyes narrow. Some part of him that had been trained into an instinct knew it well. She's pretending. Thyme glanced from the woman to Cassandra. But why?
The warmth from the governess's face fled, leaving behind neutral professionalism. "Madam Leigh, a pleasure to see you." Her words carried only ice. "I didn't think I'd see someone like yourself past the bridge."
Madam Leigh covered her mouth as she laughed. "It has always amazes me how quickly the nobles like yourself look down upon men and women who have to work to get anywhere in life." Her eyes twinkled with amusement. The guards stood up, hands on swords. The man next to her rolled his shoulders, cracking his neck. He relaxed, grabbing onto the two blades by his sides.
Madam Leigh laughed. "Oh please, come now, everyone. We don't have to resort to sharp swords just because Cassandra isn't used to sharp words." Madam Leigh walked with a slow stroll towards their table. Her eyes on Nightslick. "I just happened to be in the area, and I saw this gorgeous creature and needed to know what it was."
Nightslick perked up, and Thyme felt a wash of arrogant pride coming through the bond. Nightslick... Thyme really needed to check the dragonling a thing or two about empty praise and ulterior motives.
Madam Leigh stroked a hand down Nightslick's head. "Is he yours?" She asked, her eyes drifting up to Thyme. He didn't like the veiled hunger within them.
"Uh... Yes. Yes, he is."
"His name?"
"And why," Diane said, shooting a glare at Madam Leigh. "Would you like to do that?"
Madam Leigh's face twinkled with a smile as she stood straight, taking the hand away from Nightslick. "My, my, you must be the mother, then?"
"That I am," Diane said. Even Cassandra looked impressed by the motherly Ingerson's frosty tone.
Madam Leigh didn't respond immediately, her gaze strolling from person to person. "Well..." She finally said, her eyes coming back to Thyme. "Can I at least ask the boy's name?"
Thyme looked to his mother, who gave him a wary nod. Thyme returned the gesture. "Thyme."
"Just Thyme?"
The younger Ingerson didn't respond.
Madam Leigh chuckled. "Well, even on such a warm day like this one, you can find the coldest places." Cassandra opened her mouth to speak, but Madam Leigh brought up a hand. "I know when I've overstayed my welcome. Derrik," she looked to the grizzly man, "shall we?"
He grunted, his angry eyes still lingering on Thyme and Nightslick.
"Well," Madam Leigh said, turning to leave the shop. "Just so you know, Just Thyme, if you and your gorgeous dragon ever need something, come by Falson Alley. Ask for me, and I'll help any way I can."
Thyme didn't respond and watched them leave. As Madam Leigh walked across the windowed front, she paused, turning and meeting Thyme's gaze. She winked before Thyme looked away. She walked away, and Thyme realized she was heading towards the bridge.
"Who was she?" Thyme asked, breaking the silence.
Cassandra heaved in a sigh. "Someone that you shouldn't concern yourself with. But..." The governess hesitated. "Just make sure you say within the Varo proper... Madam Leigh is... a resourceful person... And if she wants something," Cassandra's eyes flicked to Nightslick, "she'll stop at nothing to get it."
Thyme bit back his lips. First day and already making enemies, huh? And what had been with the bodyguard? Why did he hate Thyme so much?
After finishing her tea and thanking Lily, placing golden coins on the table, Cassandra stood up. She smiled at the Ingersons. "Well, shall we see your new home?"
Well, hello again! Sorry, this came out a little later in the day than I expected. I had so much fun writing up stuff about the layout of the Free Cities and figuring out where to put everything that I ended up overwriting and needing to revise this chapter a lot. But with that being said, I hope you enjoyed this new chapter and this new setting for Thyme Ingerson!.. (And if you're a fan of Lynel, don't worry, he gets his own POV chapters!)
So yeah, thank you for reading!
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2022.01.25 01:47 EnvironmentalCake594 Fear of pregnancy

I’ve been thinking about getting pregnant with my partner lately but am absolutely terrified of getting pregnant because of the amount of pain I experience sometimes…. Breaking my leg was less painful than some of my flare ups. How did you cope with being pregnant and having ibs ?
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2022.01.25 01:47 AdWest3612 I'm quite proud of my Kensei

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2022.01.25 01:47 notigersallowed TW: mentions of sexual assault and harassment

So i'm at work on my lunch break, i've been the only csa all night- i work the closing shift and we frequently get weirdos. I had a few different customers do the usual where they make gross comments or say inappropriate things at the register. I had 3 shift leads working and 1 threw a fit when i asked her to be on register so i could go to photo, (i'm the only one trained in photo other than our main shift lead who doesn't rlly do much in photo) So i ended up staying up front most of my shift. On my lunch break i went for a walk to try and get my anxiety down, when 4 guys got out of their car and started coming closer to me in an almost empty parking lot. They started saying really horrible and scary things that i don't want to repeat, and they started all getting close to me so i bolted. i went and hid for a while before returning to work because i didn't want them to know where i work. i started panicking and crying, called my mom (i'm 18 and can't drive lol) and told my main shift lead i needed to go home, she saw me crying and told me to go sit in the office which i did. Other shift lead sat with me and gave me a hug, made sure i was okay which was great. Other SFL (the one who threw a fit about being on register) knew what happened, came in the office and said "not to be that person but which bays did you pull yesterday?" keep in mind i'm still crying and shaking. It feels extremely disrespectful and inappropriate given the situation. Can i report this at all?
TLDR: was sexually harassed (almost worse) by a group of men on my lunch break and one of my SFLs was very disrespectful and rude abt it knowing the situation.
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2022.01.25 01:47 thR0waway2day_ What’s the best non-latex condom to use?

long story short, a partner of mine is allergic to latex and would prefer either I just not use a condom and pull out OR just wear non-latex condoms. option B seems the best for me, so I ask: what do you guys recommend?
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2022.01.25 01:47 Okc_guy123 Thunder 22/23 roster

Assuming we draft 4 and sign Wiggins... we have to lose 4 from the current roster. Who do you anticipate that being (unless there are major trades)? Roby, favors, maledon and vit are my guesses
I tend to think that all other members of the roster are worth hanging onto for atleast another year. Sga, giddey - corner stone pieces and sure fire starters Dort - likely starter, if not a solid 6th man Baze - 3 and d guy off the bench (poor man Grant) Ty - back up guard who can shoot. Minutes based on matchup Mann - potential to be a sixth man.. create his own shot and instant offense (skill set is relatively rare) Muscala - solid vet, stretch big. Should always have a role in limited minutes Jre - potential as back up big. Versatile as 4 or 5 in limited minutes Wiggins - solid rotational guy. Energy man off the bench who can play solid d in limited minutes Kenrich - solid vet. Jack of all trades. Winning player. Likely 6th or 7th man Poku - still enough upside to hold onto. But total garbage currently. Most value currently is you can increase poku mins to increase losses this season. Maybe next season he turns the corner ??
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2022.01.25 01:47 kittybeans5000 First time homeowners. Flooded in first 2 months. Help!

Keeping this short: Condo was built in 1979. Closed on condo in Nov 2021. Finally moved in January 2022 after small stint there in December to put in new flooring. Toilet had a catastrophic failure and flooded almost every room last Wednesday. Emergency Water remediation company comes in and tests drywall for asbestos since removing 1/3rd of the walls due to water damage and “category three” water contamination.
They tell us 100% of their samples (and they took a lot of them) came back hot for asbestos. HOA is shocked as no one has ever tested positive before. They are also concerned as remediation company also does reconstruction so there is a bit of a conflict of interest. We take our own samples and a neighbor takes some from their unit as well out of concern. We have them tested in a third party lab. All these samples come back negative.
SO: Were we just getting scammed or what? This company has great reviews online but dealing with them has been very unprofessional. Perhaps the great reviews come from people who don’t know they got taken advantage of?
What would you do next? Remediation and reconstruction was halted due to wait on HOA claim filing insurance, so place is a disaster.
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2022.01.25 01:47 lccurrent 60/40

Hello. Our team is currently accepting applications for Cryptoids, Pegaxy and Axie. Submit your entry in our #scholarship-application channel.
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2022.01.25 01:47 iamwhoiam101101110 Any gyms not enforcing vaccine card?

I am vaccinated for my own reasons, but it just feels dirty going to the gym knowing I had to show proof of a medical procedure to get in, I would rather support gyms that are saying no to this sort of thing, PM me please if you know of any, I would rather not have people snitching on businesses that support normalcy.
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2022.01.25 01:47 laserkalie I cannot figure out how to plant a flower where I want (e.g. I want a flower at my feet but it gets placed right behind me, and vice versa)

I looked online and here and haven't read anything about it, so I think I'm the only one with this problem. Just to be clear I'm talking about a wide open space, no obstacles of any kind around me. Hoping there's a very obvious answer lol. Need advice, thanks!
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2022.01.25 01:47 Funguspore it hurts.

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2022.01.25 01:47 RabbitMcSwagger Best 4k 1440p 144hz monitor 300-400

Looking for the best monitor to run xbox series x
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