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AITA for picking a fight with my dad

2022.01.28 23:28 LadyDulcea9873 AITA for picking a fight with my dad

Ok I know the title sounds awful, but please read this in its entirety before judging me. EF is my dad. BB is my little brother. SM is my stepmother.
My parents divorced when I was 8 years old. I have five older siblings and for years I was the baby. I was a late in life child…dad was 43 and mom was 38. My dad met a woman when I was 15 and decided to get remarried.
Now my dad was a mean alcoholic and very abusive to my older siblings. It came to a head when I was 7 and mom divorced him to keep me from seeing the worst of it. After EF and SM was married, I did go visit a few times but he was usually drinking and I wouldn’t stick around.
I got pregnant with my oldest right after high school in 1991 and got married. On Christmas day when we stopped in to drop off gifts for EF and SM, they announced they were having a baby too. My son was born in March and BB was born in August. My SM was killed in a house fire a few years later.
I didn’t get to see my BB much until he was around 10 or so. I was at my older brothers house when they came by one day. BB played with my kids for awhile, then he came and sat with me. I asked him how he liked living with EF. He tells me that EF is always drunk and there isn’t many nights that he doesn’t get screamed at or punished for perceived things that he’s done in EF’s drunk mind. I had photos of my kids from school and one family photo of myself with the kids. I wrote my phone number on the back and put the three in a frame. And I told him if it got too bad, call me collect and instead of giving his name to say Sis this is BB i need you, then hang up. I remembered to give EF these pictures so he would leave BBs alone.
Three weeks later I got his call and immediately headed there. EF was pretty toasted, he was standing in the yard, arguing with deer that was in the woods. So I knew BB wasn’t exaggerating. EF yells at me asking wtf I was doing there. I tell EF I have come to steal BB for a few weeks as we have extra tickets to Six Flags and train tickets to Chicago for a weekend. EF swings at me and starts yelling that his son isn’t going anywhere. I step around him and go inside before he can stop me and tell BB to pack three weeks worth of clothes. When I come back out EF is still arguing about BB going with me.
Any of you that have been around any entitled drunk people for a length time know that they have certain triggers that set them off. After seeing the bruises on BBs arms and face, I also knew he was leaving with me for a few weeks at least. It wasn’t too hard for me to get his anger directed at me and I keep arguing while interjecting that I’m taking BB home with me. After about 5 mines, he agrees and tells me to take him and go. No sooner does he say it and BB is racing to my car and so we can we leave. I don’t stop arguing with EF and tells him BB will need spending money for our trips. He finally throws a full beer can at me before throwing me his wallet too and walks into his house.
Bb has an absolute blast with his cousins and within a few did acting like a happy 8 year old boy.
I know people will condemn me for doing it that way, but to me, there’s no civilized conversation with a man that equates 24 hours with 24 pale of a beer…
TLDR: my alcoholic dad remarried when I was 16. Dad has a new child but stepmom passed away. My little brother sends me an sos phone call . When I get there dad is drunk and brother is covered in bruises. I instigate arguing with dad until he gets mad enough to let brother leave with me for three weeks. I keep arguing about him needing spending money until he finally throws his wallet at me too.
ETA: I cannot to this day get my brother to admit who gave him the bruises and how. Which breaks my heart since our dad passed away in 2002.
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2022.01.28 23:28 amnesiac7 Busted: See shameless GOP leaders taking credit for Biden law they obstructed

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2022.01.28 23:28 AmbassadorWorf SFX cover

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2022.01.28 23:28 Tenacious_Jey Melissa Santos

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2022.01.28 23:28 MadKong1 QUE QUE ISSO CAPRIO???

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2022.01.28 23:28 PLZ_PM_ME_GIRAFFES Conflicting life rant.

I got married early because I'm a romantic, but she left me early and it's making me a misogynist. I am so bitter, and angry but I still hate being alone. I have plenty of good qualities but plenty of qualities women shallowly judge me for. I live in a part of the country that I'm quite at odds with the culture of. I feel statistically there isn't another woman for me in 100 miles and I wouldn't know how to meet her if she did. I hear stories on how women get 100s of matches on apps like Tinder and hate them for how easy it is for them. I know it is wrong, but I can't help being bitter. I'm already seeing a therapist for other reasons so let's just add this to that. Sorry for a pointless rant.
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2022.01.28 23:28 Hot_Language_3681 MatPat after Christmas:

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2022.01.28 23:28 mc_dropships Listing screen frozen

Hey everybody! I am experiencing a listing with listing on my laptop(not having this issue on my phone). Whenever I click create a new listing and then click sell an item and the it's like the screen freezes. It stops loading and then I'm met with a screen that says couldn't load page, this may be a technical issue on our end. Was wondering if anybody's experienced this or has advice. Thank you!
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2022.01.28 23:28 DarkLordOfDaPorg Boba Future Seasons Theories

Boba Future Seasons Theories Season 1 ending
Here's what I think a best-case scenario would be. Season 1 is dealing with the Pykes and Boba hires Mando, Dengar, Black Krrsantan and a few others maybe. And with Bossk hired by the Pykes. Together they take down the Pyke syndicate and there we have it: season 1. This way, it could be a stepping stone for Boba's rise to power. (Bossk doesn't die though)
Season 2
I feel like season 2 of Boba could be a rivalry between him vs Cad Bane / Bossk vs Black Krrsantan. That'd be really cool to see as they are both a big part of Boba's childhood. And meanwhile in the same season, I feel like we could maybe get another villain maybe like the Black Sun or something. (This season is the one I'm the least sure about)
Season 3
Then (my favourite) season 3 could be going back to the twin hutts and the Hutts in general. What would be AWESOME to see is that Boba's power and authority is questioned by the Hutt family and they challenge him. He then goes to Nal Hutta (or more specifically Nar Shaddaa) and faces the Hutt family head-on and we get a BADASS fight / episode(s) there.
Season 4
And last but certainly not least, something for season 4 could be with Crimson Dawn and Kira. Would be cool to see Boba team up with his former bounty / rival Han Solo to defeat Kira and Crimson Dawn. And this way we could get to see Chewbacca and Black Krrsantan fight eachother. And in the end, Boba and Han defeat Crimson Dawn and Kira, with Bossk being killed by Chewbacca and Black Krrsantan when they team up or something. The show ends with Boba as a major crime lord (now as big as the entire Hutt family itself since he defeated them) and his own Suicide Squad (Fennec, Black Krrsantan, Dengar, and possibly some others.)

I feel this ending would work well because his drive was to get rid of "scugholes" hiring bounty hunters. Eliminating the Hutts and taking over the entire Hutt family's heritage would allow him to control a ridiculous portion of the crime world. Just like he wanted, just bigger. Much bigger. (It'd also be awesome to see Boba as the ruler of the former Hutt Space and sitting on a throne amidst the vivid fluorescent neon lights of Nar Shaddaa)
Just IMAGINE Nar Shaddaa in live action.
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2022.01.28 23:28 Calm-Ferret-3659 WHO HAS EDIBLES?

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2022.01.28 23:28 Complete-Ad6654 Kromatika $KROM DAPP is already live on OptimismPBC. Bringing limit trading having: ✅NO swap fees. ✅NO price slippage. ✅NO gas fees. Coming next: Arbitrum, Ethereum and 0xPolygon.

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2022.01.28 23:28 BraggerBenny Age of empires 2 DE

I was wondering if there is anyway to play multiplayer with the elamigos crack for age of empires 2 defined edition only looking to play Lan. It comes up with sign into multiplayer services.
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2022.01.28 23:28 thoughtful_otter THERE’S A POOL?!?!?

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2022.01.28 23:28 AmbassadorWorf From a 2018 Annual

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2022.01.28 23:28 skibum207 Sources: Josh McDaniels 'all-in,'"McDaniels informed the Raiders that he wouldn’t accept their interview request UNLESS he was being offered the job, per sources."

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2022.01.28 23:28 k0vy_10 Deathly bored of Tarkov. But it's the best game I've ever played

As much as I love the game I just can't seem to find the excitement to play more than a few raids before it just feels like a chore. The thing is I don't want to play anything else.
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2022.01.28 23:28 Sonypak I’ve been watching Hawkeye but I’m confused why can’t they just get more trickarrow shafts

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2022.01.28 23:28 REDTRAPOFFICIAL 👍

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2022.01.28 23:28 redstate2 America's Ascension

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2022.01.28 23:28 MartyMcStinkyWinky Is the job market like tinder

Is the engineering job market like a tinder for employees and employers . Like engineers are the dudes and employers are the really hot girl.
Like there's hundreds of us applying but ultimately the employers tend to swipe on only the upper 25% of candidates. Like based on advice here and from professors it seems that every employer only wants to employ the above 3.0 gpa has multiple projects and internships does tons of curricular activities super star student.Everyone says being average isn't good enough. Is there hope for the average student? On average the average student is average and mathematically they have to exist somewhere. What happens to the non exceptionals ,do we just hope we will get a lucky break?Do we just wither away unless we become exceptional ourselves? Is the job market another continous game of proving your self better than your peers endlessly just to advance? I apologize if this is a vague and obvious question but nobody really talks about making it as someone who isn't amazing not involved in amzing extra curriculars with impressive projects. Maybe I have a skewed perception of what work is like. I mean I regularly see posts of people who apply at like a 100 places and literally this fuels a small fear that even though I'm struggling through classes ,it might still be too average to matter to employers. Based on your experience is this the case or am I being overly paranoid.
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2022.01.28 23:28 Lobsta1986 Overclocked raspberry pi 4 at 2.0 ghz playing some ps2 games. ...a few

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2022.01.28 23:28 patiENT420 How far along do you guys normally remove the lower larf buds? I hear lots of people remove the bottom 1/3rd of the plant, but I worry about stressing them.

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2022.01.28 23:28 AmbassadorWorf I finally did it (warning meme image contains possible spoilers for picard season 2)

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2022.01.28 23:28 Ixj159 Bar of soap flushed down toilet

One of my toddlers flushed a bar of soap down the toilet and I suspect it is lodged around the turn….
Any ideas for removal before I resort to removing the toilet and pushing it back out from the bottom end with something?
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2022.01.28 23:28 Jmusto6711 [25/M] I'm from Massachusetts, looking for long term friends

Hey, I'm Josh, i'm 25, i'm from Massachusetts, i'm looking for someone to chat with and get to know, my interests and likes include hip hop music, watching basketball, comedy movies, video games, watching Survivor and Big Brother, Marvel and DC Fan, Huge WWE and AEW Fan, message me on Reddit if your interested in chatting and getting to know me more, PS: your more likely to get a response from me if you send a chat and say more than just "Hey"
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