My setup in Studio on 6th in Springfield. We sell online too!

2022.01.19 16:21 GoodNote My setup in Studio on 6th in Springfield. We sell online too!

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2022.01.19 16:21 Stop-signal Feel disconnected with the early EW story. Does it get better later on?

EW spoilers, obviously. I tagged the post as such; hopefully, it works like it should.
I find it very hard to connect with the Telophoroi arc that begins in 5.4.(or 5.5, I don't remember exactly) and proceeds early in the Endwalker. Oh hey, here are sudden magical towers that churn out counterfeited primals for the Asahi's (yeah, yeah, it's Fandaniel, I know) grand plan of bringing out the counterfeited Final Days while Zenos indifferently stares into camera. The whole premise from the get go just seemed so devoid of any inspiration that in my eyes it was borderline filler-quality content.
Fast forward to Endwalker.
I very much loved the aesthetics of Thavnair, but half of the zone being connected to the same plotline had nearly killed my interest in it - in my opinion, it lacked any sort of gravita to it. We kept hearing about the menacing tower of Zot, but I failed to feel any sort of threat coming from it aside from my own inner knowledge of "tower = bad" and our brief trip to it. Then we got rid of the tower, and everyone is happy, and that's it.
Sharlayan was actually interesting and its story so far is very enjoyable. It actually had me gripped and engaged.
Then we came to Islabard, and for the first time since 2.1. I'm feeling like skipping all the quests and dialogues to get to the parts where I can actually connect with the story again and not feel like my character is an absolute idiot for walking multiple times into obvious traps. The Tertium questline was so ridiculous that I couldn't believe that it was written by the same people who gave us Shadowbringers (with military outpost on an enemy territory somehow missing advancing magitek forces as the cherry on the top).
Maybe I'm focusing on the wrong things. Islabard is a mission of peace, and maybe helping Garlemald forces actually makes sense (them being proud and stupid and on the verge of extinction at the same time means that very soon we would've had one less problem to worry about). And maybe it's actually about twins for us to see their growth and drive to move forward. And maybe I'm supposed to try and feel myself in the skin of imperialistic citizens whose world crumbles around them.
I don't know. Like I've said, I failed to connect with this particular part of the story. Having heard lots about how great EW's story writing is, I mostly feel frustrated now playing through it.
I'm on Alea lacta Est now, and I'm thinking that maybe I should put MSQ down for a bit and find something fun to do on the side to get my head clear.
Or does it get better?
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2022.01.19 16:21 yardstick_of_civ [QUESTION] Gibson SG volume controls - only one works when in middle position.

first - apologies to the mods for me not reading the rules. sorry about that.

I looked at a 2021 SG standard today (used). When playing around I noticed something really strange on the volume pots. That, or maybe it is supposed to be like this.
With both volumes all the way to zero and the switch in the middle, if I rolled the bridge up, I got zero sound, if I then rolled the neck up, I got sound. It was as if the neck volume didn’t work. Here's what's really weird: If I put them both to zero again and rolled the neck up, I got nothing. If I then rolled the bridge up, I got sound.
They both worked they way they should when the switch was either on neck OR bridge.
When the switch is in the middle, shouldn’t it be a blend of the two pickups bassed on the positions of the volume pots?
This is my first guitar with two volume controls/
The only other thing I though was that one takes over as a master or something.
Thanks for any help.
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2022.01.19 16:21 Jumpy-Mixture1765 Kamaishi City Tsunami raw footage

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2022.01.19 16:21 MarengaFarechild not sure if fake news or rather 100%

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2022.01.19 16:21 asunamain Blocks generated? does it matter?

Blocks generated? does it matter? Can anyone explain the relevance of this number? what does it tell you? how does it compare to other blockchains/networks?
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2022.01.19 16:21 khaberz FritzOS 7.50 innovation AVM starts new FritzBox Lab with WireGuard – Research Snipers

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2022.01.19 16:21 enthusiasm-unbridled What valued possession of yours was lost or stolen that you still think about/miss?

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2022.01.19 16:21 TahoeView Here are the latest Quarterly Revenue Numbers of VLTA

Q1 4.74M
Q2 6.94M
Q3 8.49M
Q4 11.87M - 15.87M ( Based on full-year guidance of 32m - 36m)
The quarterly sequential growth numbers are 46%, 22%, 40% - 87%
The quarterly growth from Q3 to Q4 of 40% will be very impressive, compares to EVGO's 12% (per EVGO updated 22m full-year estimated)
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2022.01.19 16:21 dazy92 Winter time.

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2022.01.19 16:21 Defaaultt Takbir. He almost has a Million Subs on YT. Allah Guides Whom He Wills.

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2022.01.19 16:21 creedroyce Nice flip

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2022.01.19 16:21 micarst Income Verification forms

Need income verification things so a family member can apply for state healthcare, which takes my independent contracting earnings into account. When I sent an inquiry to the Verifications email address located in our Help documents, the auto-response said that email address isn’t even monitored.
Has anyone found a timely workaround for this? He’s already going to have to reapply, because snail mail delayed delivery of the phone interview appointment declaration until it was past.
(To clarify, I’ve been instructed by the state that screenshots are only useful if they have my full name showing that’s MY account.)
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2022.01.19 16:21 Laker876 23M Feeling a bit lonely and trying to make new friends

I'm a 23M from the U.S. and live on the east coast. I'm looking for friends to conversate with and share life with on a daily basis. I love having company and talking about things we're passionate about, find funny, or that we're going through. I have many interests from sports, psychology, deep conversations, video games, and many other random things. I'd love to meet similarly open minded people who are non judgmental and just want to vibe :)
Also, I recently got 2 kittens and would love to spam you with pics if you're interested haha.
Please reach out if you'd like. Preferably be close to the U.S. timezones just to make communication a little easier. And no creepy dms, please..
Have a good day :)!
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2022.01.19 16:21 Skrimpiess BLACKOUTS for algae with sensitive shrimp?

I have a lot of hair algae and cladophora algae in my shrimp tank. (Planted, low tech). Was thinking of doing a 3 day blackout, but worried about the effects on the shrimp as they are quite sensitive and seem to have trouble settling in.
I’ve read that 50-75% water changes are required before and after the blackout, apparently due to ammonia buildup? If that’s the case, I don’t know how my shrimp will handle such large consecutive water changes, much less an ammonia spike.
Has anyone had any luck with blackouts or partial blackouts without putting shrimp in a stressful situation?
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2022.01.19 16:21 JudgeJeanineFans Jen Psaki Snaps At Reporter, Dodges Questions About Biden’s Visitor Logs And Critical Zoom Meeting

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2022.01.19 16:21 Sweaty_Support_2786 Weekend Covid Tests

Can I get tested Saturday, if so how busy are walkins
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2022.01.19 16:21 knasbarn Såg att det var mycket skriverier just nu om Engelska Skolan. Gick 4 år i en av skolorna som låg i ett av de så kallade utsatta områdena. Tänkte ifall någon hade några frågor/funderingar om skolan så kan jag svara så långt jag kan.

Mina föräldrar var väldigt aktiva i skolan under min tid där och var bra vän med lärare/rektorer. Drev föräldragrupper och var med och diskutera budgetar etc gällande skolan. De gjorde detta allt frivilligt så de tjänade inget på det, men tänker att det ger mig ett bättre perspektiv på situationen i skolan då jag fick veta mycket om skolan genom mina föräldrars medverkan. Då jag var en elev också så har jag inputs från båda perspektiven.
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2022.01.19 16:21 No_Assignment_2766 بگید که من تنها نیستم

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2022.01.19 16:21 NextFuckingLvlSilver Where your taxes actually go

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2022.01.19 16:21 cwal76 All the non licensed characters just appeared as owned one day.

Like the title said I now have access to all unlicensed characters. Also two months before that Jill Leon and Nemesis were just there. I have yet to use any of them in case they charge me. If I go to ps store all the packs show up as not bought. Has this happened to anyone. Did I get a reward from the rift.
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2022.01.19 16:21 Tiger_Widow Surgery of a giant gastric bezoar at Hospital Getúlio Vargas, Teresina - Brazil

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2022.01.19 16:21 36EFE63 DogeRun can going to hit #1 top gainers | Play To Earn Release 7th February | In Game NFTs ready to mint | Staking Incoming | 24/7 Open Voice Chat!! | |

For today, they are having an AMA with Gollum Gems, they are probably going to hit #1 on Top Gainers on CoinMarketCap and have a lot more coming.

DogeRun has the potential to 100x during the upcoming weeks, many whales are eyeing this project and here is why:

- Fun Play To Earn Game game that offers in game NFTs, staking coming very shortly

- Available on Desktop & Mobile

- Level 1 & 2 are already playable on their website

- Play To Earn releases on the 7th of February, offering 2 play modes:

1.Competitive mode, where you need to complete level 1-5, potential earnings are up to $100/day

  1. Single level mode, where you can play whatever level you want, potential earnings are up to $20/day

- The NFTs are already live and ready to mint, they can be used as in game skins and give boosts/buffs for the rarest ones

- Active & Loyal Community, Telegram Voice Chat is open 24/7 and you can ask any question at anytime and will get a very fast reply

- Daily DogeRun contests at 19:00 UTC, where you can win $200, just screen share your screen and play the game

This is the perfect dip to buy, with big marketing incoming, their P2E releasing on the 7th, I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes to 50m in one go

It’s not everyday that you see a coin with an actual utility that is already released and such an active & loving community


Contract: 0x29b86ecb7d434a5571f959f1c9a812b7aab34894 (to play the game, click on demo)

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2022.01.19 16:21 georgeTzutzu Pandas have arrived on Elrond blockchain! Elrond PandaVerse!

Pandas have arrived on Elrond blockchain! Elrond PandaVerse! We have just launched the NFT PandaVerse project. It aims to become a passive income stream for the NFT holders.
You can be one of the early joiners! Many giveaways and other events coming soon.
Make sure to checks us out and don't be afraid to say hi!
HeroTag: @ pandaverse
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2022.01.19 16:21 Doomhamatime Last Night Sold Me On This Game

This will be a long story but what a wild ride it was. I'm only 3 days in. I'm very new and still learning.
This experience since handedly convinced me how amazing this game is. I was starting to feel a little let down with some of the buggy missions and my ship feeling pretty lame. Last night I got dragged into the perfect example of emergent player interaction. I'm now 100% in love with this game.
I was on microtech doing a routine defend occupants mission. I think at some point I may have injured a security officer or maybe they get mad if you loot them. Idk the bunker turret killed my ship. I now have a random crime stat 3. I'm stranded.
I think to myself. Maybe instead of suicide I'll just see if a player can pick me up and take me back to pay my fine. At the time I had no understanding of crime and punishment in this game. This nice person, we'll call them Uber, comes flying in, the bunker turret firing at them, so they park around the hill. I board their rather stylish. 100i I think? It was fancy and white and featured a nice cot for me to sit on while they raced back to New Bab.
We arrive at the spaceport. I'm thinking I just need to talk to the white security terminal and pay my fee. Nope. I'm now wondering what to do now. I don't want to go to jail. My Wonderful Uber driver says and I quote "I can get you past customs. . . Follow me".
I'm then led to a garage where Uber pulls out a car. I'm driven to the garages at the Commons where we get inside. Past startport security. I'm led down to a place I've never been before and instructed to purchase a hacking chip. I have no idea what's coming but Uber is suiting up something fierce. Heavy combat armor and weapons. I find it wise to do the same.
We head back out the garage to the Ursa and drive back to the space port, the view across the frozen lake is a sunset like I've never seen before. . . The calm before the storm. . .
We get back to the port. Uber goes in and pulls out a Constellation Andromeda. Holy moly. What a beautiful work of art it is. After drooling all over the ship for a few minutes we take off. Uber is taking me to some unknown destination that make crimes magically disappear. I had no idea yet.
Once in orbit I hear sirens. I ask what up. . . Incoming missiles. O.o my eyes wide I head up to the top turret and prepare for action. There I am staring down the barrel of my turret at 3 Imperial bounty hunters in some unknown to me monstrosities. Uber evades dodging missiles and weapons fire. After sustaining some heavy damage to the midships, destroying the car =[ R.I.P. Ursa. . . We are hailed by a mysterious 3rd party.
Another player asks if we're in trouble and need help. They say they are experts at smuggling people and can get us to safety away from the Hungry Imperial Bounty Hunters. . .
As we're hiding out in deep space our Savior arrives. We abandon ship and eva over to their craft. We then proceed to fly to the security bunker where I learn all my crimes will go away.
We fight our way in find the terminal, start the hack. But. . . The bounty hunters are onto us. Savior hold down the fort upstairs while Uber and I hack away my crimes.
Savior informs the bounty hunters that in order to get down to us. They would have to go through him. . . They tried. He manages to kill 3 of them, turns out there were more than 3, after they try to get past him. My man literally takes a bullet for us he goes down. . . They are coming he said, I got 3 of them. Watch out.
I'm holding angles now like it's rainbow six siege. Ready for anything as I frantically hack the terminal and wipe my crimes away. They didn't push in. With no bounty to be had we leave the bunker. The imperial bounty hunters caught up in the blood lust of the chase maybe or scorned by the stain in honor in not claiming our bounty. Camped the door. Waiting in the turret of a hammerhead ready to take us down if we walked out.
Savior is on his way. We make a run for it. Uber takes a hit. They go down. I'm not able to leave cover to get to them. I hear an angel strike down from above. A hail of missiles strike the enemy craft blowing the ship to peices. Savior is back and they brought heat.
I give first aid to Uber. Don't you die on me I tell them. We get them back on their feet but they need medical attention. We send them away in the one seater craft that savior brought back.
Savior and I fled to the mountains on foot. The bounty hunters were coming back for revenge. We went on a long beautiful hike before Uber was able to make it back to get us, having to evade the bounty hunters who were back for blood.
We make it safely to Area 18. I'm given a new uniform by savior and added to friend lists. I think I'm in a gang now? We part ways.
I'm sitting in shock and awe with how amazing last night was. To all players involved. Even you bastard imperial bounty hunters. Thanks you for the great night.
TL;DR.... Acquired a crime stat and lost my ship. Was picked up by an Uber and was smuggled in and out of cities, chased by bounty hunters, and led to the Sec terminal where we hacked my crimes away. Fled the bounty hunters and made out like a bandit. I may be in a gang now. This experience made me fall in love with this game.
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