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Mondelez profit misses estimates on higher raw material, logistical costs

2022.01.27 20:34 infoday_us Mondelez profit misses estimates on higher raw material, logistical costs

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2022.01.27 20:34 SosoAnimaLover Harry, you have your mothers ______.

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2022.01.27 20:34 JinATL78 Volume

I happened to pull up my post vasectomy sperm count results recently and noticed the Volume column. It was several years ago and no idea what I was doing sexually prior to or how well I drained the sample.
10cc and 11cc were the measured volumes. How about you?
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2022.01.27 20:34 DoctorCodezZ Why are they asking me to verify my Identity? That is the most personal info you can give.

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2022.01.27 20:34 Very_Interesting_bid Mother screams at me for "trampling her sons flower" after I parked on the sidewalk in front of her house because my car ran out of gas.

So, basically I was making my way to my house from the supermarket, because I needed to drop some stuff off before going to my niece's house for her birthday, and i wasn't paying enough attention to my car, apparently, because i ran out of gas in the middle of the road. with the inertia i had left, i pulled my car over, and got out to call a towing company.
In the middle of the call, I heard demonic screaming from a child. It was muffled, but it sounded something like "mom! someone's here!". A few minutes later, a short, stubby little blond woman came out of her house screaming at her for "ruining her lawn" and that I trampled a flower that her son planted.
(Mind you, I didn't as the flower had no signs of damage, and i never even touched her yard, so I tell her that. She then pitifully tries to kick my car, and calls the cops. They never came, by the way, and my car was towed to a gas station, so at least there was a good ending.
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2022.01.27 20:34 Cool_Resident_9006 My Maui in his snowsuit 🥰

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2022.01.27 20:34 dmancman2 B4 ?

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2022.01.27 20:34 xlxoxo GoFundMe has released $1M of more than $6M raised for protest convoy

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2022.01.27 20:34 KattyaBarta Write Streak 28: 语法模式

语法模式(level A2)
正在:我正在用“Chinese Grammar Wiki"来理解怎么会造成中文句话。
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2022.01.27 20:34 chanacrossing Help! I have repotted this plant already with new soils and pot. I gave it a hydro peroxide bath and it’s still dying. Not even a month old in my house.

Help! I have repotted this plant already with new soils and pot. I gave it a hydro peroxide bath and it’s still dying. Not even a month old in my house. submitted by chanacrossing to plants [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 20:34 Financial-Minimum358 What a useless support

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2022.01.27 20:34 Sensei_Guap0 Rocky wondering why I’m laying on the ground while he’s on the couch.

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2022.01.27 20:34 seaprunebeforesunset Sometimes I need hard spank

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2022.01.27 20:34 TheAmazingSlowman Curious, this is.

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2022.01.27 20:34 joshhazel1 Why does the show Hellbound show the year as "2021-NaN" ?

Why does the show Hellbound show the year as "2021-NaN" on the series page? Does it show up like this for anyone else?
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2022.01.27 20:34 hiitshannah Cashew pig, 6.5 years old. The friendliest teddy bear who sleeps on my lap every night ❤️

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2022.01.27 20:34 P1ckler1 Is something wrong with my graphics card or something? I'm using a 3070 ti and 5900x but when I'm playing gold rush on max settings I occasionally drop to below 30 frames and when playing vanilla minecraft with shaders I was constantly below 30 frames

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2022.01.27 20:34 Lazy-Personality4024 A Universe of Magic Chapter 62

First Previous
Chris was awakened by a splitting headache, made worse by the sounds of someone hammering on something. He groggily, and grudgingly, dragged himself off the floor, in search for the offending noise. He took stock of the room he was in as he did. It was a small room, with a bed and two windows on one side, a small oven and cabinets on the other. A bathroom and closet were tucked away on the opposite side of the bed from him, both doors open. The last wall held a door, with some small pieces of furniture.
He could see Grudge passed out, face first in a what looked like a toilet. Chris also noticed he was without his armor, which seemed to be piled in a corner of the room, he was beginning to wonder what events had occurred to get them to this point, when the banging sound resumed. Causing him to groan and put a hand to his head. He turned angrily to the sound; it was coming from a closed door on the remaining wall. Someone began shouting, but he couldn’t understand them past the hangover.
He attempted to make his way over, stumbling along the way, only to trip and fall on an object. Said object quickly wrapped around his leg. Looking down, he saw Ayla passed out, and latched onto his leg.
Ugh…Ayla…get off me…”, he mumbled, trying to shake his leg free. After a few tugs, she came loose; he used his new found freedom to quickly pull his leg back before it was snatched again. Even asleep as she was, Ayla’s face scrunched in confusion, and she mumbled incoherently under her breath. Arms outstretched, trying to find her lost cuddle buddy.
The knocking resumed along with the yelling, “I hear you! Stop fucking banging on the door!”, he yelled mid knock. Causing the person on the other side to finally stop. Chris half crawled; half stumbled to the door. Finally reaching it he hauled himself up by the handle, and opened it.
“What?!”, he yelled. The well-dressed elf on the other side, recoiled as his rotten breath hit him full force.
The elf gulped, “Uh, is this madam Daleth’s residence…”, he trailed off as he gazed into the small room. Seeing Ayla sprawled out on the floor. Chris turned to follow his gaze, his eyes widened and he slammed the door shut. Chris hadn’t noticed when freeing his imprisoned appendage, but Ayla’s pants were undone, and her shirt was lifted, showing a considerable amount of underboob. Thankfully bras and panties seemed to have been invented in this universe as well.
“Oh…shit”, he muttered as he quickly made his way over. He adverted his eyes as he lowered her shirt and pulled her pants up. He then, attempted, to pick her up gently and deposit her on the bed. Attempted to, since in the process he bumped her head on the edge of the bed and when he released her, she nearly slid off. In the end he achieved his goal, face even more flush than it was before.
The elf knocked again, gently this time. He spoke, his words muffled by the door, but Chris could still make it out, if barely. “I see this is a bad time. I need to converse with madam Daleth at the next possible opportunity. As such I ask that you inform her of my visit, and tell her that I will await her at the Ocean’s Embrace inn near the front of the old city wall. If she does not come today, I will return tomorrow morning, good day.”
Chris pressed his ear to the door, listening as the elf’s footsteps become fainter, until they were gone. Judging it safe to open the door, Chris pocked his head out, there was not a soul in sight. Just a dimly lit hallway, with stairs at one end and several other doors evenly spaced along the hall. He receded into the room and closed the door. “Who the hell is madam Daleth?”, he said to himself as he stumbled over to the bed. His eyes were heavy, refusing to stay open. His headache was picking up tempo, intensifying a need for sleep, in order to forget the pain. He gave in to the desire, and plopped onto the bed, he was asleep before his head hit the covers.
A scream ripped through Chris’ ear, jolting him awake, the second time that day he was so rudely awoken. His eyes split open, crust nearly gluing them together. Ayla, face flush, and obviously disoriented, looked at him in horror. It took him a long second to realize why she was looking at him like that. They were inches apart, on a bed, both their clothes disheveled and undone. In Chris’ case, bodysuit partially unzipped.
Chris put a finger to her lips, “Shhhhhh. My head hurts…and we didn’t do anything. I’m going back to sleep.”, he grumbled. He rolled over intending to just that, but Ayla was having none of it. She grabbed his arm and pulled him up.
“Are you certain?! Do you remember precisely what happened last night!”, she said in a panic. She was shaking Chris back and forth. He stopped her before he puked. “No, I don’t, but I’m not a magician, well I sort of am now. Anyway, unless you know a spell that makes it so I can put it in while you are still wearing panties. Then we didn’t do anything last night.”, he mumbled. Normally he would be a mess in a situation like this, however all he could manage was a hearty blush. He was simply too fatigued and hungover to care.
She looked down, some of the tension leaving her as she saw her undergarments were in fact still on. The tension came back with a vengeance, as she realized they were both staring at her groin. They looked into each other’s eyes. Chris, knowing what was coming, closed his. Ayla, with tears in hers, wound back her arm for the mother of all slaps. Chris soon got his wish for sleep.
For the third time that day, Chris was rudely awakened. This time with a glass of water.
He spluttered awake, looking up at a properly dressed Ayla, if a little disheveled, who did not appear pleased. She was frowning down at him with her arms crossed. “Do you feel like sleeping now Drashda?”
Chris sat up, rubbing his eyes and trying to come to his senses fully. “I don’t know what that is.”, he groaned.
“It means a charlatan, fraud, liar! Or a man who steals from a woman whom he got close to. Some use it to describe gigolos who have robbed them!”, she screeched. Chris looked even more confused, “A MALE PROSTITUE! Do you have any vocabulary?”
“Plenty, I just can’t bother remembering when my damn HEAD FEELS LIKE ITS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!”, he winced at his own tone, as it only made the feeling worsen. “And how the hell am I any of those things?”, he shot back.
Ayla threw her hands out in disbelief. “You laid with me in my own bed! Then pretend like nothing happened!”, she yelled.
“I told you, I didn’t do anything!”, he put his hands out, pleadingly.
Ayla put a hand on her hip, gesturing to him with the other, “And how do you know that hmm? You were drunk”, she placed the free hand on her chest. “I was drunk, how do you know we did nothing?!”
“What so I fucked you, then politely put your panties back on then decided to sleep on the other side of the room, on THE FLOOR?! And even if I did, how does that make me a Drashda?”
Ayla’s face which already had a rosy complexing from the exchange, grew brighter. “Because…you would have been my first, and I would have had no memory of it.”, she whispered bashfully. Rubbing an arm, and looking away from him.
Chris went silent, unsure as how to proceed. Thankfully relief would arrive in the form of a drunken dwarf.
“Quite your fack’n yammering! Gods me head is killing me!”, Grudge nursed his head as he stumbled out of the bathroom. “Neither of ya did anything. Ya both got drunk before me for facks sake! Ayla, ya invited us over, then proceeded to drunkenly wander about the town, with us in tow, Chris was just as drunk, mind ya. Then when we finally arrived, ya dumb bastards decided to have a drinking contest, while already drunk. Which lead to a game Chris called strip poker, which for some fack’n reason he decided to demonstrate by taking off his armor. But ya couldn’t play it because ya didn’t have the right pieces.”
Grudge looked at Ayla, pointing an accusing finger at her. “Then ya started stripping anyways because the name of the game had strip in it, and Chris tried to stop ya. Finally, ya passed out, then he passed out, then I went and puked in yer toilet, and then passed out. Now we’re here! So shut yer fack’n traps, or I’ll kick both yer arses!”, he yelled. Grudge stumbled back to the toilet, where the sound of heaving could then be heard.
By the end of the retelling, Ayla was even brighter red, if that was possible, face so hot you could practically hear it sizzling, Chris was not far behind in embarrassment. An awkward silence dragged on, neither party so much as looking at one another. Finally, after several minutes of wanting to be anywhere but there, Ayla broke the silence, “S-sorry.”, she stuttered. “For accusing you.”
Chris rubbed the back of his neck, “I’m sorry for yelling at you.”
Ayla’s mouth moved as if she wanted to say something, but couldn’t. She stopped it and sighed, “No you were not at fault.” She sat on the edge of her bed, then continued. “I should not have acted that way. I should have reserved judgment until later.”
Chris shook his head, “Listen Ayla, you are hungover, you couldn’t remember a thing, and woke up next to a guy in bed. I’d say you have the right to freak out a little bit.”
“I-“, Grudge cut her off from the bathroom, “Shut up! Yer both sorry! Gods!” Silence resumed, only broken by the periotic sound of Grudge puking.
Chris spoke up, “What do we do now?”, he asked.
A small smile tugged at the edge of her mouth. “Well first, you should get dressed.”, she motioned with her head to Chris’ bare chest. His suit was opened down to the waist, and his right arm was completely unzipped. Thankfully drunk Chris had not unzipped the suit any lower. One did not wear underwear in a body suit, a lesson Chris had learned after a long march, and some serious chafing.
Chris shakily got to his feet, nearly falling over multiple times, and proceeded to don his armor from the bottom up. As he was attaching the arm pieces, he remembered the elf who had come to the door earlier. “Hey Ayla, do you know a madam Daleth?”
Ayla, who was currently in the process of brewing some tea, in hopes of relieving her headache, paused. She glanced back at him confused, before continuing with her task. “There is no madam Daleth. Ailwin Daleth is the only member of the Daleth house still living. He has no children, nor wife for that matter. Why do you ask?”, she inquired, confused as to why he would bring up the subject.
Chris finished attaching the last arm pieces, then grabbed his helmet. “Well, when everyone was still passed out drunk, some guy came to the door and wanted to speak with madam Daleth. He said she lived here.”
Ayla was even more confused, “Even if there is a madam Daleth, she would be nobility. Someone of much higher class than I, and would never stoop to such accommodations.”
Chris carried his helmet with one arm, and shrugged with the other. “Just telling you what he told me. But he said he was staying at the Ocean’s Embrace inn; I think he said it was near the old city wall. We can go talk with him later if you like, he also said he would return tomorrow morning if she didn’t see him today.”
Ayla groaned, she didn’t want to deal with strangers at the moment, let alone walk through a bustling and obstreperous city. But she also didn’t want someone coming early in the morning, and waking her from her slumber. “What do you mean by we?”, she asked unenthused.
Chris scratched the side of his face with his free hand, remarking at the patchy growth that was steadily taking over his face. He would need to trim it soon, same for his hair for that matter. “Oh…uh, I thought it would be best if we all went together.”, Chris answered, uncertain.
Ayla began pouring her tea, as well as two other cups, which she did instinctively without question. Years as a servant impressed the notion that all guests should be given something to drink. “If the matter pertains to house Daleth, then it is a personal affair. My family has served them for many years, generations you could say. If master Daleth has an illegitimate, or otherwise, heir. Then this is not something for outsiders to meddle in.”, she scolded.
“You sure? We can still tag along, but stay outside if you want.”
Ayla sighed, and gave him his cup. She took a small sip of her tea, letting its warmth and flavor fill her. “Why are you so persistent? We have done plenty of activities without one another.”
Chris took a sip to hide his embarrassment temporarily. “I don’t want to train today.”
Ayla raised an eyebrow, the side of her lips perking up in a grin. “Ahhh. I understand. Head to sore to take a beating, is it? If you are so inclined to join me, you may. Though you must be polite and courteous throughout the ordeal. Any rude remarks, hilarious though they may be, and I will ask you to leave.”
Chris snorted, and took another sip, “Don’t worry, I will. But sore is an understatement. Though it might be perfectly fine by the time I finish my tea. This is good stuff, I prefer gool ol sweet tea, but this is just as nice. It’s already making my head feel clearer.”, he remarked. It wasn’t a lie either, the tea was truly delicious. “And thanks for letting me tag along. By the way, what’s this got in it?”, he asked, looking into the steaming, light brown water.
Ayla tried and failed to hide her smile from the praise with her free hand, “Nothing much, just various herbs I grow in my window garden.”, she gestured with her cup to the two large windows on either side of her bed. “Besides, it isn’t even my own concoction, that right goes to my grandmother.”
“Well, she’s a smart lady. Because this is great, though I can’t help but think it wouldn’t have tasted so nice if it was anyone else brewing it.”, he said with a broad, genuine smile. Ayla scoffed, “Your flattery is appreciated, but does not supersede what you did earlier.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about.”, he said with a smirk. Trying to play dumb. Ayla raised an eyebrow dangerously, “You know full well what you did.”
“All right, all right. I’ll stop pocking at you.”, he relented. ‘Pink suits you though’, he commented internally. They enjoyed their tea together in silence for a few minutes. Before Chris noticed Ayla trying to hide peaks at his chest. “You want me to strip?”, he joked.
Ayla spit her tea out and divulged into a coughing fit. “Gods, what is wrong with you?!”, she demanded. Chris shrugged, “Mentally, physically, or emotionally? Take your pick.”
Ayla rolled her eyes, “I was thinking about your…chest. And before you say another damn word, not like that!”, she warned, pointing a finger at him threateningly. “That scar, well you have many scars, but that one in particular. I wanted to improve my healing magic, so I asked my headmaster of the healing arts some questions on the subject, she answered what she could, but otherwise recommended me some books to read. One of them was on healing scars. I could manage the act already, but it was difficult and time consuming. Though it still is, even with the new spell.”
Ayla shook her head, brining herself back to the topic on hand. “I digress. What I am trying to say is, I’ve gotten better at healing scars, do you want me to attempt to remove it?”
Chris shook his head no, with a small sad smile. His eyes looked distant, as if peering into the past. Ayla felt a pang in her heart at the sight, seeing him recall painful memories. “No…no I want to keep it. It reminds me of my friends. This scar is a reminder of what I did to keep them safe, even if I failed in the end. Its proof that they existed, even if it was for a moment. When I grow old, and my memories fade, I’ll always have my scars to remind me of them.”
Ayla looked down, unable to look him in the eyes. “I see.”, she whispered to herself. She turned and walked to a window overlooking the street. She didn’t want him to see the tears welling up in her eyes. Times like these caused her to forget his tortuous past. Only for the reality of his wounds to be brought front and center.
“Is this the place?”, Grudge asked, squinting up at a sign. Most signs were written in the first tongue. The universal language of the land. This one was written only in elvish; a language Grudge nor Chris could read.
“It is.”, Ayla replied. “Chris, I should at least teach you some of the first tongue as it is most widely used. Given it would not help in this regard, but seeing you both perplexed at the writing, reminded me you are still subservient to the translation spell for communication.”
“Yeah, that spell, how long does it last?”, he wondered.
Ayla shrugged as she stepped up to the door, “I used enough mana to strengthen the spell, so that it will operate for several months. But it will fade in time, though I believe the dwarves have pendants that use runes for the same effects. Regardless it is best if you learn for yourself.”
“Aye, we do have runes that can accomplish the same thing. But I’ve no idea how to make ‘em, I know many runes, but those runes were created by the Eastern dwarves, and I have yet to so much as meet one.”, Grudge replied, as they all stepped into a plush waiting area. There was a reason why the sign was written in elvish, the owners of the establishment seemed to only cater to the higher class in elven society.
Needless to say, Chris and Grudge attracted distasteful looks as they passed. Many of the patrons and staff turning up their collective noses at them. As they proceeded, an elf called out from a small cushioned alcove.
“Madam Daleth, over here.”, he beckoned, gesturing to the cushions for her to sit. Ayla looked confused, she peered behind her before pointing a finger at her chest. When the elf nodded and beckoned them over again, she realized that he meant her. Ayla walked over, with the others in tow, she sat down on the other side of a low table from the elf, Chris and Grudge flanking her. “Madam Daleth, I am glad you have come, and I see you have brought your lover and servant with you.”
Ayla spluttered, trying to dissuade him from the notion, as politely as possible. Grudge however, with no qualms about being impolite, besides, it was Chris who swore to be on his best behavior. “Oi, ya pointy eared bastard. I’m not anyone’s servant!”, he growled.
Ayla elbowed Chris hard in the ribs, to add his voice to the choir. “Oof…oh yeah. And I’m not her lover.”, he corrected.
The elf looked confused, “But, were you not laying together this morning?”
“NO!”, Ayla practically shouted. A few of the patrons eyeing them for the disturbance.
“Excuse me then, I have misinterpreted your acquaintanceship.”, he said abashed. “Your personal affairs or of no matter to me, I am here to invite you madam Daleth to a banquet, hosted by madam Thaola Gihice on her private island.”
“Why do you keep calling me madam Daleth? My name is simply Ayla, I have no house name. I am a servant only.”, Ayla couldn’t help the scowl that appeared on her face, she was far to perplexed to worry about her image.
The elf furrowed his brow, now just as confused as Ayla. “Apologizes, but have you not been told yet?”
“Told what?”, she asked, leaning forward.
“Then let me be the first to offer you my condolences. Master Ailwin Daleth of Aritum, health has significantly declined. He is still with us as of now, however I regret to inform you he is not long for this world. He will soon be with the gods. He contacted several lawyers and officials to make an announcement when he fell ill. He has children, whom he has kept in confidence throughout his life.” Ayla’s eyes widened in shock. For all the years her and her father had served Ailwin, she hadn’t the faintness clue that he had children.
The elf continued, “His child and grandchild really, are not of true noble birth as their mothers and grandmother are not noble, but they share his blood regardless. However, with a lack of true noble heir, these decedents will become nobility. His son, who will become the next master of the Daleth estates, is your father.”
First Previous
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2022.01.27 20:34 Fyrverk In URF, anything can happen

Got a sick game of URF.
We were down like 15 to 34, down 2 dragons, 0 towers left to their 6 towers, they got baronbuff, and team tried to surrender every time they got.
Team steal elder dragon, defends nexus though baronbuff, puch midlane through one tower, got baron and takes mid inhibitor tower, then enemy surrender. I had a real good, loud laught
I have never had a game like that! Sick comeback
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2022.01.27 20:34 cheezeburgernopickle How do you think the "In this moment I am euphoric" guy feels knowing he is not the cringiest Redditor anymore?

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2022.01.27 20:33 No_mercy001 20/EST/ PS5 looking for people to play

The main games i play rn are overwatch, ark, apex, fortnite, dead by daylight. Feel free to msg me to add you
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2022.01.27 20:33 ashaustad Fin+ Derma rolling + Rosemary Oil ?

Has anyone tried this regimen and have had any positive results?
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2022.01.27 20:33 Murpeme Breaking changes are my favorite

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2022.01.27 20:33 Briggsyman PSU Died tragically. Hope it didn't kill anything else...

As the title says, I was playing some boneworks in vr and all was going swell. Was just about to put a knife through a head crab bot then everything went black...
Took off my headset to my see my pc's rgb lights flashing on and off and immediately tried to turn off my system, when doing so it was actually powered down and I turned it on again. BANG, I heard a loud pop and proceeded to shit myself.
It had blown the circuit to all the outlets in the downstairs part of my house.
Unplugged it and orded a new psu, a seasonic one for good measure, but I am sweating. I recently upgraded most of my components except my power supply which is/was a shitty Corsair cx600 (Yes I know these things are terrible and I was looking to replace it when I next got paid).
I have a Ryzen 7 3700x, 3070, GB/AorusB550 mobo, 46GB of 3200 mhz Ram (for video editing) And 5tb of storage (1tb m.2 and 4tb hdd)
Checked the GPU in my mates PC and luckily it survived... so at least that's the most expensive part
What do you think the likelihood of anything else breaking/is broken is?
Wish me luck and place your bets... I will let you know when my PSU comes tomorrow 🥲
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2022.01.27 20:33 infoday_us Ash Barty to face Danielle Collins in bid to end Australian title drought

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