Rogan, JFK, Jamie Foxx

2022.01.27 19:49 MuchRazzmatazz877 Rogan, JFK, Jamie Foxx

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2022.01.27 19:49 CButler19 Another gem from the treasure trove of all Facebook pages

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2022.01.27 19:49 jonnycross10 Some of my thoughts about the antiwork situation

With the story about antiwork, yeah they didn't represent the work reform movement very well but I think there are some things people should take into consideration. The interview was incredibly short and only one or two of his questions were actually relevant The movement doesn't have super specific goals or any kind of leadership. And also, it was aired on Fox news. The people that watch Fox News, like my parents, weren't going to have their minds changed even if someone came on and made good points. I'm almost certain if someone did come on and made good points, the interviewer would have started talking over them and try to change the direction of the conversation before their point began to stick with the audience. I've unfortunately watched fox news for years, I think blowing this story up for Fox has given them the viewership and attention that people didn't want it to have.
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2022.01.27 19:49 effervescent-snail Shielding herself from the frigid California winter.

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2022.01.27 19:49 Eruzael Me and my band playing an original at our first gig. Any tips for improving my drum part writing? outside of technical mistakes. Thanks & Enjoy!

Me and my band playing an original at our first gig. Any tips for improving my drum part writing? outside of technical mistakes. Thanks & Enjoy! submitted by Eruzael to drums [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 19:49 SixGunsLoaded Got the app - now what?

I got recommended YNAB, watched a few videos to check it out, downloaded the app and I am bombarded with videos every day of my free trial. The problem is, there is no video on how to get started and one of the articles I got emailed actually said not to dive straight into using the app – so what are you meant to do?
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2022.01.27 19:49 AcrobaticBird72 Understanding the Algorand Ecosystem

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2022.01.27 19:49 Mr_bitches1248 Me: NFR Turtle and NFR Kangaroo Them: FR Parrot

View Poll
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2022.01.27 19:49 Beautiful_Owl6264 New invention

I have a technology invention, it’s a cell phone accessory device, it’s patented, but I’m having trouble lifting it off the ground and would like to get it licensed. Any tips?
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2022.01.27 19:49 Reaven0 Person from a first world country that can't speak/understand at least one foreign language at beginners level is equally "educated" as a person from a third world country that can't write or read.

There is simply no reason that a person, that went to high school in any decent country, can't speak or understand at least one language that it's not their own native.
Excluding mentally disabled or extremely marginalized/poor people that are extreme minority in developed countries.
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2022.01.27 19:49 nekrodomus Se confirma el lanzamiento global de MIUI 13: Estos teléfonos recibirán la actualización pronto

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2022.01.27 19:49 ShirBlackspots 2021 Was a Glitch in the Matrix

In my opinion, long term investing is designed to bleed you dry. The fact that I made almost $1000 overall last year was a fluke, designed to fool me and everyone else into thinking you can make money long term investing.
The only true way to make money investing is through day trading, but unfortunately, that requires $25,000, which I'll never have.
I honestly don't know what to invest in that'll actually make me money. I've been investing in well known companies such as Microsoft, AMD, nVidia, Apple, Broadcom, Exxon Mobile, ect.
How I did since 2018: Fidelity 2021 total realized gain/loss: -$407 Fidelity 2022 total realized gain/loss: -$44 (so far)
Robinhood 2020 total realized gain/loss: -$91 Robinhood 2021 total realized gain/loss: +$1096 (Jan - March only) Robinhood 2022 total realized gain/loss: -$13
WeBull 2020 total realized gain/loss: +$6 WeBull 2021 total realized gain/loss: +$222 WeBull 2022 total realized gain/loss: -$41
M1Finance 2018 total realized gain/loss: -$28 M1Finance 2019 total realized gain/loss: +$31 M1Finance 2020 total realized gain/loss: +$91 M1Finance 2021 total realized gain/loss: +$38 M1Finance 2022 total realized gain/loss: -$25
TDAmeritrade 2021 total realized gain: +$19
2018 performance: -$28 2019 performance: +$31 2020 performance: +$6 2021 performance: +$949 2022 performance: -$123
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2022.01.27 19:49 CoolVideo4U A Conversation with Charlie Munger | University of Michigan Lecture. Billionaire Value Investor Charlie Munger shares his wisdom on Investing, Clear Thinking, Avoiding Stupidities, Achieving Excellence and Living a Good Life. Please share & subscribe. Your Investment IQ will go up by at least 1%.

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2022.01.27 19:49 examsolvers Join discord
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2022.01.27 19:49 anAnusfullofSmuckers An early bday gift from a friend

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2022.01.27 19:49 throwaway_chicken009 How do I push through staying on campus?

This is my 4th semester on campus and still have no friends. I'm doing well in school academically, but the lack of a social life just makes me not want to be here. Idk, I just wish I could just go home to just be around people that love me and commute to school, but thats not really an option. It's honestly to the point where I just feel like dropping out and work some lame ass job until I can commute next year. But I know I won't really drop out cuz I'm supposed to be the "smart one" in the family.
Anyone else been in this situation and got any advice? Ik the easy answer is to "just make friends", but it just seems so hard.
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2022.01.27 19:49 attitude12136 An extension that formats braces the way I want them

I am using OCaml on VSCode.
I had trouble describing my problem in the title but here it goes.
When I have (**) and the cursor is in the middle I would like to press space once and it goes to (* *) which has 2 spaces inside and the cursor would be in the middle. Like using PyCharm and Flask (best example I can think of)

I'd like the option for this to be done as well when I have {} to { } and so on, creating my own rules.
Any extensions or VSCode settings I can use?
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2022.01.27 19:49 TheStryyker Shameless Plug

Hey everyone, glad to be apart of this community now as well as the bmw sub. I just wanted to throw out that I do run a small online shop selling parts specifically for the M2. If there is anything needed I would be glad to help, whether its just parts or knowledge or recommendations. I also do have a small batch of active autowerkes equal length in stock for any lucky person who wants to hop in before they get sold out!
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2022.01.27 19:49 SacredLove2320 Buhner Protocol

I'm looking for advice on doing the Buhner protocol. Has anyone used this Buhner protocol kit from Woodland Essence?
I'm wondering if it is comparable to the Buhner protocol. It seems convenient for me. Any advice on things to add to it? My symptoms are urinary frequency, urgency, and burning.
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2022.01.27 19:49 Financial-Ad6247 Thought our HRIS adjusted for rise in minimum wage automatically. It did not…

I’m new to this kind of territory and want to make sure that we are in compliance for the states that rose their minimum wage.
Would it be appropriate for me to just add the wages for the past two payroll cycles that were missed to this upcoming payroll?
States in question are NY, VT, CA, OH
Your advice is very much appreciated.
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2022.01.27 19:49 Pop-A-Top This Thumbnail on YouTube

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2022.01.27 19:49 cloudpointcarts Desperate for help

Hi everyone, To start i wanted to upgrade my cpu. I turned everything off and set up the new cpu, turned my pc back on and it gave me a yellow light. I checked the ram and all was fine so i swapped my cpu back to the old one. No more yellow light! However now my pc wont boot as normal and is stuck on a green light where I’m able to move around the bios menu. Unfortunately my drive wasn’t recognized as a bootable device, i tried replacing it as well as completely taking the pc apart since it may be due to faulty wiring. Nothing solved it so i attempted a bios update from internet. Update successful, but now i’m given a red light and i’m getting no signal from my monitor, no bios or anything, fans are spinning and lights are on. I’m at a loss, did i brick my motherboard from the update? Any advice? I also tried swapping the ram, gpu and cpu. Even did a cmos reset but no change.
Rog strix x570 mobo 2x Trident z ram 16gb 1tb nvme samsung 870 Rtx 3080 tuf (Generic psu) Ryzen 5 3600x
-tried installing- Ryzen 9 5950x
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2022.01.27 19:49 GhostfaceLeather QUE BORREN LOS CRITICOS CARAJO..... es meme

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2022.01.27 19:49 dz1087 Birthday Smoke: Padron 50th

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2022.01.27 19:49 Ok-Use216 Has Anyone Ever Read The Crossover Fanfiction Called Imaginary Seas? [General]

For those who don't know this is a crossover between Percy Jackson and Fate/Grand Order, where Percy Jackson is summoned into a parallel world
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