23st7 ye642 9sah4 ak2ak 9rnyy 447kn rad7t 9s36h k53na snner 4d6d2 r7rif 53f7y 47br3 i4s9d tst8z 82454 nfz5s 6zeas 44k6f ad8td 2 TB - WD _BLACK SN850 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink (7000/5100MB/S R/W) - £238.50 delivered Using Code @ Currys /eBay |

2 TB - WD _BLACK SN850 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink (7000/5100MB/S R/W) - £238.50 delivered Using Code @ Currys /eBay

2022.01.29 07:29 SuperHotUKDeals 2 TB - WD _BLACK SN850 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink (7000/5100MB/S R/W) - £238.50 delivered Using Code @ Currys /eBay

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and its contributors.
£238.50 - eBay
Key FeaturesBoost your PC's storage with the WD_BLACK SN850 PCIe M.2 Internal SSD. This lightning-fast M.2 SSD drive offers ultimate transfer speeds and a substantial capacity of 2 TB, enough for a sizeable collection of games.
This M.2 drive uses the fourth generation PCIe interface to the fullest, giving you swift access to stored data. Your installed operating system, software and games load up nearly instantly. And it works with PlayStation 5 too.
Transfering data at such speeds generates a lot of heat. That's why the SN850 comes with an integrated heatsink, dissipatng the heat right off. There's even an RGB strip on it, so fits into your gaming setup.
Keep an eye on the health of your drive with the supplied WD_BLACK Dashboard software. Use it to add more control over your data and customize the usage and lighting.
Currys Guarantee**

Credit to @montana78 for their main post from Currys.
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link: https://bit.ly/3g3O1ix
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2022.01.29 07:29 AudacityOfKappa Decent murloc endgame board

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2022.01.29 07:29 Ok-Goat6202 What’s a commercial/show that stuck with you, but everyone else forgot?

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2022.01.29 07:29 CouponingLady_ Blowout Brush $29.99

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2022.01.29 07:29 BakaMitaiXayah Why everyone still goes runaan?

It got hotfix didn't it? So why people still go for it 2nd item? it doesn't proc on anything 2nd, I would've expected it at least after some on-hit items maybe botrk, hydra/titanic guinsoo ?
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2022.01.29 07:29 SilverBandicoot86 How do I (26F) move on after 7 year relationship with my ex (27M)?

There is so much I can say about our relationship (it normally takes me 9ish hours to go through it all with someone in person), but I will try to keep this shorter for writing/reading purposes. This is my first time posting, so let me know if I did anything wrong. I also want to post this in similar subreddits.
I (26F) dated my ex-boyfriend (27M) for 6 years and 8 months (I round up to 7, he rounds down to 6). We got together in 2015 at the end of our sophomore year of college. Before that, we were friends and just really hit things off together. During college, I left my parents house due to conflict and when I'd return from college on the weekends, his parents took me in and let me live at their house. So, we basically lived together since day 1 (there were no problems living together.)
Fast forward, I graduate in 2017 and start a job. He continues school, and we're living with his parents. (Side note: his family is lovely and I am/was closer to them than my own family.) He was studying for dental school but it didn't work out (I think he got anxious and psyched himself out and didn't know how to handle it), and he stops studying and doesn't look for a job. (He did finish his undergrad degree). Since I made good money and know working sucks and is stressful (I want to retire early), I didn't push him to get a job. I wanted to give him time to find something he'd enjoy at least somewhat so that he wouldn't end up unhappy/unfulfilled. (His parents throughout our relationship did push him to get a job, and I think over the years that began to annoy him.)
We lived with his parents for two years, then rented a house for a year with two of our friends. Then we lived with his parents for a few months again as we closed on our own house (moved in Nov 2021). Since I was the only one working, I handled all finances (yes only my name is on the house) and made sure all bills were paid, etc. Any items he wanted, I bought without complaint. I bought literally everything, and again, I didn't mind because to me it's just natural to take care of your partner and I always knew at some point he'd be able to contribute. We talked several times about marriage, kids, etc. We always agreed on everything and I thought we both looked forward to it. I fully intended to spend my life with him. I thought we were soul mates.
We didn't really have any large issues. Sure fights here and there, but not really anything out of the ordinary (imo). Well, his parents started to really push him to get a job this summer. Eventually, his dad found a position at his employer and kinda forced it onto my bf. The hours were terrible (12-9), so at first he didn't want it. But due to not working for over 6 years, I think my bf realized the state he had put himself in career wise and he didn't have much choice, so he ended up taking the job. He started in September. Once he got the job, we fought A LOT. Almost every day, and over incredibly stupid, dumb things that I would literally bring up "why are we even fighting about this, it doesn't matter and i don't want to fight about it, i want to make up with you".
I believe the reason we fought so much was because we never resolved the larger issue of him getting the new job. My argument was that with him now working, he had significantly less free time and I wanted some assurance that we'd still spend quality time together, and if I couldn't handle how his job affected our relationship, would he find another one for me? (I told him I'd quit my job, our only financial support, immediately and we'd make do with my savings in the meantime if he were in a similar position). His point was that he was doing this to help pay the bills (even though he didn't actually) and that he needed to be able to start a career for himself, and that he had to pick himself over our relationship if it came down to it.
NOTE: When there was conflict in our relationship, I am the type to want to sort through it and both people feel comfortable before bed. He is the type to be avoidant/ignore it and take his own time and space, stuff the emotions down, and then potentially circle back afterwards to discuss (but more often than not, just sweep it under the rug and move on). The way he handled conflict would upset me, and often lead to me getting more upset and I would yell, which he absolutely hated. I tried to explain that I just needed him to talk to me, but it never seemed to get through. Once I reached yelling level, he refused to talk with me.
The first week of November I took a vacation to see my sister (his new job only allowed him two days of vacation, and he wanted to save them for emergencies, so I went on this trip alone). During the trip, I tried texting him, but he didn't respond with much so I gave up. It made me sad. When I got back, I realized I had gotten Covid during my travels (we are both vaccinated). My boyfriend was LIVID. Once he saw the self-test results, he threw on a mask and packed up some clothes and took our dog to his parents. I quarantined for 14 days and he didn't really talk to me, except for fighting about how I felt he didn't care for me with how he was treating this.
When my quarantine ended, he came back to our house and sat down and said he wanted to break up (Nov 28). He was still really angry, so we didn't talk well to each other. He didn't really say much as to why he wanted to break up, just that he was so mad and couldn't stand to be around me anymore and he hated the person he was becoming (he typically is always more laid back and calm but since starting his job and our constant fights, he said he was becoming an angry person filled with hate. He felt he was losing himself.) He didn't take most of things because some of the expensive gifts I had bought him over the years (for example, $3000 gaming pc (we game together)), I felt it was wrong for him to take now.
He came a week later after we had both cooled off more, and we talked about why he wanted to break up. He had 3 main issues: our sex life (we had sex maybe 2-3 times a month because it had stared causing me physical pain a few years ago, he wanted sex more and for me to be more into it), my anger issues, and how I wanted love communicated to me (i want to be told 'i love you' and have physical touch (hugs/kisses), whereas he is acts of service). We discussed everything a ton, I talked about how I was working on several things and could change for the better, and I felt our main issue really was just miscommunication. We both felt that the conversation helped and he said he wasn't angry anymore and he felt much better.
At the end of this convo, we ended up having sex. It didn't hurt me anymore (I think a large part of the discomfort was that I didn't feel good enough for him, but our previous conversation had made me understand him more and feel the love that i had been missing). We both agreed it was better than any sex we had while actually dating. He said he still wanted time and space to think about getting back together (he said he didn't want to date and run into the same issues again), but we agreed to continue having sex. He said he saw us as "between friends and dating", but said multiple times that it wasn't just friends with benefits. He also said that if started feeling things for anyone else, he would tell me immediately and we'd stop having sex because obviously that would really hurt me. So throughout December, we are having sex roughly four times a week. It literally felt as if we hadn't even broken up, I thought things were going well and he also did several things that made me think we were on our way to getting back together.
Around January, things began to feel a little different. I didn't really know why, but it made me feel more anxious. I later found out that around Jan 14 he had begun texting with a girl at work, their conversations read flirty. He still had sex with me another 5 times before I finally looked at his texts and confronted him about it. (I know this is wrong, but I felt he wasn't being honest with me and this was the only way for me to get the truth. Also, he had left the laptop that was linked to his phone and I pointed out that it was connected and everything weeks before I looked. I know it's all just excuses and it was still wrong though.)
I confronted him on Saturday night. Earlier that day, we had agreed to talk about our relationship again, and he initially had said he wanted to just be friends and he didn't have feelings for me anymore. As we talked more about it, he changed to saying that he did still have feelings for me, but he didn't know if it was enough to salvage our relationship. He agreed that it felt like we hadn't stopped dating with our current setup and that it made it hard to process how he felt. I suggested that we could try doing full no contact or intentionally spending more individual time together to see if that would help him. He said he would take another 2-3 days to consider and tell me his decision. Before he left though, we had sex again. We had sex for over an hour and it was probably the most intense, intimate, romantic sex we had ever had. During our relationship, he always pulled out. It was brought up if he should finish inside, but we both agreed no. It came up again during sex, but we still agreed no because it would really hurt me if we didn't get back together. Well, 3 minutes later, he said that he was going to do it because he'd always wanted to the past 6 years. I agreed because I was trying to do anything for us to get back together. So he came inside me and I went to get the pill after. Before he left, he told me that he'd be watching football and some UFC fights and wouldn't really be talking to me much because he'd busy, so he was letting me know beforehand so I wouldn't be upset or think he was ignoring me.
Well, that night I really started to regret our sex and I had an awful gut feeling that things were wrong, so that's when I looked at his texts. As soon as he had left my house after sex, he had texted the girl at work. They talked continuously back and forth from the time he left until 10 at night, and around 5 he asked her out for margaritas (they ended up not going together). The margaritas invite was definitely a date imo, and that's why I confronted him. He said that he was planning to tell me the next day (Sunday) that he still wanted to be just friends and he regretted everything about our sex, and he was furious I had read his messages. I pointed out that I did it because he kept lying to me and continuing to have sex with me while he was flirting with someone else. He said that it wasn't even serious with the other girl yet, and that it wasn't cheating because we aren't dating anymore. I pointed out that I never said he cheated, just that he was lying. It didn't seem to get through to him.
We have been talking since because he still has a lot of things at my house he never finished picking up the first time, and we have to decide what to do with our dog. He's since sent several long texts about how he didn't leave our relationship because of the new girl but because he had issues with our relationship. He admits he never brought up the issues because he didn't know how to communicate and he would just stuff everything down until he blew up, yet he also says that he "had to abandon me for me to realize the issues" (yes.. because he didn't talk to me!!). He also claims that he started to lose feelings for me last summer but didn't know how to talk to me about it, so it just got worse and worse. (Nothing happened last summer either that I can think that would trigger this).
Anyways, this does skip plenty of details and I'm willing to share that if there are questions, but I also tried to keep it shorter (and failed... lol). This breakup has been really rough on me, and it's like it just started Saturday for me rather than when we originally broke up in November. I am in therapy and have talked to several friends, but nothing is really helping me. It's really hard to accept that he doesn't love me anymore (and is also already moving on), and just the way the entire break up went down, he feels like a completely different person at times and it just hurts so bad. Since he finally got a job, I was really hopeful that we'd finally get married too. All of our friends kept joking/hinting at us to do it (we share the same friend group).
He has said multiple times that he still wants to be friends but understands if we can't be. I'm not sure how to approach this either.
TL;DR: I (26F) just recently went through a completely unexpected, chaotic breakup with my ex-boyfriend (27M) of nearly 7 years. How do I accept that the relationship has ended and successfully move on? I am in therapy, but it isn't helping much. Also, do I try to remain friends with him (he offered)?
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2022.01.29 07:29 larmo227 I drove myself crazy trying to get (personal achievement) 7.50 KD ratio yesterday while playing at least 10 games of BTB. Never again. Every death was SO STRESSFUL. -That patch seems to have fixed BTB for me if I have fireteam open and proceed to armory screen after countdown reaches zero.

I drove myself crazy trying to get (personal achievement) 7.50 KD ratio yesterday while playing at least 10 games of BTB. Never again. Every death was SO STRESSFUL. -That patch seems to have fixed BTB for me if I have fireteam open and proceed to armory screen after countdown reaches zero. submitted by larmo227 to halo [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 07:29 metatapiren Does Kristen get away with doing stupid stuff, without a lot of consequences?

I just got into watching dimension 20 and is on the last episode of the first season and something struck me as odd. Kristen, the healer, jumps into a dragons mouth to use a spell that would have the same affect if she just uses it outside (spirit guardians) and Goldenhoard uses his breath and she doesnt take any damage. With her being in the mouth she definitely should and its not the first time she as a healer goes for doing mostly damage, instead of being ready to heal. It feels like she often does a lot of stupid stuff and doont really get punished for it, but still leaves the party hanging.
I know at this point she is pretty new to dnd, but it kinda feels like Brennan or the others should have taken her to the side before that and explain that in tough fights, she kinda needs to be ready with the heals. I know in dnd she can absolutely play her character to do what she thinks is best, but im just unsure if she really understands her role in this particular team composition. The only reason there havent been character deaths is cause Brennan goes a long way and tries really hard to make sure they all survive.
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2022.01.29 07:29 Campos_10 Camera to film soccer games

Im not sure if this is the right place to ask. I´m looking for a camera to film my teams soccer games with. Right now i am using an old GoPro Hero3. The problem is the battery only lasts about an hour or so..
Does anyone have some good recommendations for me? It shouldn´t be too expensive.
Thank you
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2022.01.29 07:29 theabomb99 Jared ftw

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2022.01.29 07:29 NotaSecretAgency All Eyez on 2Pac in 1996

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2022.01.29 07:29 CouponingLady_ Giant Tumbling Tower $35.99 Shipped

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2022.01.29 07:29 lefedorasir Please help with setting tilt controls in Dolphin on Xbox Series X

I've managed to install the newest retail version of Retroarch on my xbox series x and can now play Super Mario Galaxy on it. I run into problems with the stingray surfing level as i cannot control it in anyway due to the lack of motion controls (ive not been able to find anything in the settings that would allow me to set tilt left/rigt),
Is there a way to set the controls in such a way that i will be able to fully beat the game? I got really into it and hope that its possible to finish.
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2022.01.29 07:29 Doublechindoge7 My tierlist for the current Meta (See Comments for Details)

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2022.01.29 07:29 Zippka224 Recharging controller

So recently I bought the series s, and I'm wondering how can I recharge the controller that came with the console (controller has the batteries that also came with the console). Seems like it can never charge it, battery level always stays at low/critical.
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2022.01.29 07:29 CouponingLady_ Too Faced 3-Piece Set $29 Shipped

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2022.01.29 07:29 Iamasoupenjoyer Comic book haul (25/01/2022)

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2022.01.29 07:29 hawaiigirl12 Sister Wives: Janelle Plans to Leave Kody Brown Behind

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2022.01.29 07:29 3scapePod 3scapePod's Random Giveaway Batch 1

Kind dudes and dudettes of the interwebs,

We have a stock of games (1 piece of each) that have piled up over the past months and instead of having them collect software dust, we figured someone out there might enjoy playing them, thus this giveaway. Considering we're talking 28 titles, I'll split them in 2 posts of 14 for the sake of trackability, so keep your eyes open for the other post as well!

As far as giveaway 'rules', please just comment below the 3 titles you'd like to own the most from the offered. You'll be added to those games' random draw pile and we'll draw the lucky winners Monday evening. For clarification, if someone already won a game and their name came up a second time, we'll do a re-draw so that the fun is spread as much as possible.
Nothing else is expected from you're side! You're of course always welcome to check our YT channel under the same name and say hi!

Batch 1 titles are as follows:

  1. Ageless
  2. Beyond The Wire
  3. Colt Canyon
  4. Due Process
  5. F1 2020
  6. Farmer's Dynasty
  7. Fling To The Finish
  8. Garage: Bad Trip
  9. Guts And Glory
  10. Hammerting
  11. Heavens's Vault
  12. Ikenfell
  13. John Wick Hex
  14. Kill It With Fire
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2022.01.29 07:29 Suraj_Draws TRUE ELECTRO ARCHON

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2022.01.29 07:29 s618o How Provide Liquidity to TraderJoe USDC-USDC.e Stablecoin LP Pair and Earn 30% APY Risk Free

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2022.01.29 07:29 yumelina My Intense cafe doesn't last on my skin?

Is this common or did I get scammed into buying some copy? Is there anyone here I could dm to show them my box and have them tell me if it's the real deal? I bought it from a store, so it should be, but the smell on my skin is barely noticable after like 3 hours. And no, I'm not just anosmic to it, I have asked others to smell me. Any insight? I payed full price for this IN A STORE and would be very upset if it turned out to be some aliexpress version of it. Is it my skin absorbing fragrances too much? Everyone says it lasts for hours on them, so now I'm worried.
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2022.01.29 07:29 varevalooo Do I quit? Do I tell my boss my two cents ?

I work for a non-profit since May of 2021. This organization has two branches, one research and one of direct services. When I came into the picture so did two other employees. At the same time the director of the research branch had a family emergency and was gone from June until August, leaving the director of services branch to handle the whole organization. From my point of view, there was no support for the director in charge of it all during the absence. When the director of research (DOR) came back, through the grape vine, we learned she was going to fire the director of services (DOS). The dos made the decision to put in her two weeks.
After dos left, they gave the position to a coworker of mine, Ana. She was the interim-dos until the position was filled. The Dor and the co-founder told Ana, she could apply for the position as well. Ana, applied and went through the interviews unfortunately the position was not offered to her. They offered the position to another individual, who ended up turning it down. Ana had to go through the application process again. Ana one morning asked the DOR if there were any updates on the interviews, the DOR replied no. That day, another coworker went to Ana and mentioned to her the position had been picked since the day before. The DOR had lied to Ana. The position had gone to another coworker who had also applied, we’ll call her Lucy.
Lucy worked as an outreach coordinator and was a part time worker because she is working on getting her Masters. I understand she could possibly have experience and her masters degree benefit a lot. I just think the process was very unfair, there’s was no interview process. Ana expressed to the DOR about how upsetting it was to learn about the news and all the DOR said was “that sucks.” I hate how the DOR has handled a lot of the situations with her organization. I want to be able to grow and be promoted, seems like there is favoritism. We don’t even have an HR department yet, because we are still small. I genuinely don’t want to continue working for someone that could place me in the same position as Ana. Should I tell the DOR my opinion ?
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2022.01.29 07:29 RegularAnnual5216 I know you have to monetize that shit... but for God's sake...

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2022.01.29 07:29 CouponingLady_ Women’s Pajama Pants 2-Pack for $7.88 – Just $3.94 Each!

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