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We interrupt BoBF to bring you another episode of THE MANDALORIAN

2022.01.27 19:43 MyreliaCorpo We interrupt BoBF to bring you another episode of THE MANDALORIAN

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2022.01.27 19:43 pander-lesh Hardcore Dubstep Mix 2021 - Hekler, Marauda, Herobust, Crankdat..

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2022.01.27 19:43 Budbeast41 Saw a dude bring a tanker M1 in today, stock was like the newer plastic but it was still a nice looking rifle

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2022.01.27 19:43 DerangeablePopcorn Someone made a bathroom floor from 6,500 pennies.

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2022.01.27 19:43 CasasClaytv The Anacrusis - Part 1 - Let's Play

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2022.01.27 19:43 jamestyrean Hello there fellow prequelmemers

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2022.01.27 19:43 _razzle-dazzle There are tree shaped pine air fresheners swinging in every shot of Shauna trying to track/follow Jeff as he goes to the hotel

She was shown ducking while the trees swayed, like she was hunting down through the trees… idk. Could be something. Could not be.
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2022.01.27 19:43 DarkCharizard81 I have finally cut out that annoying piece of nail

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2022.01.27 19:43 Ready_Hyena_3072 Pegaxy Scholarship giveaway!

We are giving away 30 scholarships RIGHT NOW!
We are looking for active players who can grind our accounts, with a 40/60 split. Just answer the form below to start!
Kindly Answer this form: https://discord.gg/xFrFBkAtMu
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2022.01.27 19:43 reallyrileyfowler Guild Nominations - Super Thursday Takeaway/Discussion

So, today was probably the biggest day of nominating season until the nominations themselves (besides maybe BAFTA nod day, but we'll see). The Producers Guild, the American Cinema Editors, the Writers Guild, and the Directors Guild all did their nominating today. Although there weren't any giant surprises, there are still a lot of valuable takeaways to determine what gets nominated for the actual Oscars in a little less than two weeks. So, without further ado, let's recap:
Producers Guild of America Awards:
For best film, the PGA nominated the following:
Being the Ricardos
Don't Look Up
King Richard
Licorice Pizza
The Power of the Dog
tick, tick... BOOM!
West Side Story

ACE Eddie Awards:
In Best Dramatic Editing, ACE nominated the following:
King Richard
No Time to Die
The Power of the Dog
And in Best Comedic Editing:
Don't Look Up
The French Dispatch
Licorice Pizza
tick, tick... BOOM!

WGA Awards:
In Original Screenplay, the WGA nominated the following:
Being the Ricardos
Don't Look Up
The French Dispatch
King Richard
Licorice Pizza
(relevant to remember here that Parallel Mothers and Belfast were not eligible)

In Adapted Screenplay:
Nightmare Alley
tick, tick... BOOM!
West Side Story
(The Power of the Dog and The Lost Daugther were not eligible)

DGA Awards:
Paul Thomas Anderson - Licorice Pizza
Kenneth Branagh - Belfast
Jane Campion - The Power of the Dog
Steven Spielberg - West Side Story


  1. PGA only served to confirm suspicions mostly. Spider-Man: No Way Home and No Time to Die are completely dead, because PGA was realistically their only shot in the precursors. I feel similarly about House of Gucci and Nightmare Alley, but I feel like the latter *might* surprise still if it gets enough technicians' votes.
  2. Piggybacking off of 1, this means, in my opinion, that the top 9 (Belfast, CODA, Dune, The Power of the Dog, Licorice Pizza, tick, tick... Boom!, King Richard, West Side Story, Don't Look Up) are safe at this point, and that the 10th slot is a toss-up between Being the Ricardos and The Tragedy of Macbeth (which was never competitive at the PGAs but is at the Oscars), with Nightmare Alley and Drive My Car as spoilers.
  3. ACE's snub for West Side Story is big news for the editing category and gives Belfast, Don't Look Up, The Power of the Dog, and Licorice Pizza all a boost, and a mega-boost to tick, tick... BOOM! (Dune is still the assumed frontrunner). I believe West Side Story still gets in, though, but I feel like The Power of the Dog is definitely third now in a category that will likely be filled out completely by Licorice Pizza and Belfast, with Don't Look Up and tick, tick... BOOM! as possible spoilers. Remember, besides Birdman, every Best Picture winner has gotten an Editing nomination since the early 80s.
  4. The writing awards effectively change nothing. Slot Belfast into The French Dispatch's slot and we have Original Screenplay (assuming Parallel Mothers doesn't upset and/or King Richard doesn't land). Take out tick, tick... BOOM! and Nightmare Alley, slot in The Power of the Dog and The Lost Daughter, and we have Adapted.
  5. I have a feeling that the DGA and the Oscars are going to go 5/5. At any rate, I think McKay is out of the director race completely, and that any fifth slot will probably depend on Branagh getting snubbed in favor of a foreign director (almost 100% Hamaguchi if it's anyone, but Farhadi is possible I suppose) because AMPAS directors usually default to auteur status, meaning PTA, Campion, Villeneuve, and Spielberg are likely very much safe (to all the people talking about PTA being the most snubbable, I will point you in the direction of Phantom Thread's surprise Oscar run).
Best Picture Status Evaluation:
The Power of the Dog: up. West Side Story's bizarre miss at ACE means that Power of the Dog is almost certainly getting an editing slot, whether or not West Side Story manages to rebound, which would make its likely nomination count 9 (Picture, Director, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, Editing, Score). These are all the nods it needs to win.
West Side Story: down. Missing ACE is a big blow after its snub by the cinematographers. It could still rebound in both of those (and I'm predicting it will), but I think this is the end to the idea that West Side Story could win. It still has DGA and WGA nods, so it's going to probably get a bunch of nominations, but I don't think it can win.
Belfast: even. It feels like this one's shot to win has passed. It has a good shot at the essential editing nomination, but Branagh seems like he has a good chance to be this year's Sorkin/McDonagh in Director (nominated by DGA but ultimately snubbed by the Director's branch).
Licorice Pizza: up. Similarly to Power of the Dog, this one benefits from West Side Story's editing snub, and has a good chance at getting that necessary nomination. I would be tremendously surprised at this one winning at this point, but its continued success (except with Alana Haim, who seems completely out at this point) is good news for it's chances in screenplay. It having no real competition besides a plausible Don't Look Up spoiler at the WGA is also good. The fact that PTA seems secure and it is close to an editing nod is why it is up and Belfast, which also is close to an editing nod but on shakey ground in Best Director, is even.
Don't Look Up: down. McKay not getting nominated by the DGA, which so far has loved his serious phase, is bad news. Traditionally, the Directors Branch of the Academy doesn't give surprise 5th slot to comedies, and in fact, if McKay had gotten in at DGA, he probably still wouldn't have made Director anyway (I submit Waititi from 2019 as evidence). I guess it could still surprise and take Picture through Original Screenplay, but that seems between Paul Thomas Anderson and Kenneth Branagh at this point.
Dune: up. It got everything it needed to and was expected to. The fact that West Side Story, previously perceived as it's only possible challenged for an editing win, was snubbed for even a nomination by ACE means that, even more so than it was before, it is the clear Editing winner and is prepping for a massive sweep at the technicals.
King Richard: up. It getting an ACE nod over King Richard is insane. It could *plausibly* miss in Screenplay still, but this feels unlikely at this point. It's still not winning, but it is trending up.
CODA: even.
tick, tick... BOOM!: up. Getting nods by ACE and the PGA, to me, solidifies that this is definitely our 9th lock for a Picture nomination.
Being the Ricardos: up. PGA is a boost, and this one is a frontrunner for that elusive 10th slot.
The Tragedy of Macbeth: even. I think this one is Ricardos' biggest competition. It can definitely still get in to the Oscars, because this was never the kind of thing PGA was going to go for anyway.
Drive My Car: even. I think this one's Picture chances still seem a little slim, but Hamaguchi beating out Branagh seems a distinct possiblility.
House of Gucci: down. GA not going for this one is final proof to me that voters only like it in parts (Gaga, Leto, the costume design) rather than the full package. This one seems dead.
Spider-Man: No Way Home: down. This one is dead, even assuming it was alive in the first place. If the PGA, the most blockbuster-friendly above-the-line guild, didn't go for it, AMPAS certainly won't.
No Time to Die: down. See above. ACE was a boost, but not enough of one to even out the PGA's snub.
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2022.01.27 19:43 still6shawtyy My fc works me just because I know how to do a lot

Is it just me or the head ups will work you a lot more when they know you how to do certain stuff for example I’m usually a packer but recently got trained to rebin and work at slam ever since they found out I know how to do a lot more also I’m getting noticed a lot more from the ams and mangers for the kind work I do
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2022.01.27 19:43 Professional_Let6446 Acham que teste de paternidade devia ser obrigatório?

Eu acho que os homens pelo menos deviam começar a fazer teste de paternidade, pra não criar filho dos outros de relação extraconjugal
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2022.01.27 19:43 UnanimouslyAnonymous NHL Concludes Evander Kane Investigation

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2022.01.27 19:43 ScottishWhyNot 28 [M4F] Scotsman who is in dire need of distractions and such

Here's to a new year... new start .. whatever you want to say but why not come chat the days away with a less than sane Scotsman, I mean that couldn't go wrong ... right ...
accent included if that helps sway anyone's thoughts !
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2022.01.27 19:43 Razorizz It appears meta ammo still sucks

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2022.01.27 19:43 clayonnaise i like when my thoughts lead nowhere

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2022.01.27 19:43 Silver8758 Issues with Twitch drop

Anyone else having issues getting their twitch drops? I tuned in for about 30mins and got off the stream. When I came back to check the drop it was at 53%. I have comments that prove I was there for over 15 minutes but now I can’t get the crab or crate. What should I do?
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2022.01.27 19:43 TheBiggerEgg50 I died, then got this error message, then the game crashed. Dead Cells just asserted it's dominance. Please help me.

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2022.01.27 19:43 eddie_the_albatross The state of Californian Drivers.

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2022.01.27 19:43 Trenvilla Lmao I’m not a political person… but come on.

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2022.01.27 19:43 leahtheelf i forgot i’d tied a noose around my neck and was laughing at memes on my phone

Bpd is the weirdest thing ever, me and my mom just had an argument where basically she won’t acknowledge the mounds of abuse she put me through and said it was my fault and and that i was born evil. I’ve been hanging on by a thread for years now so i decided i would finally do it because i have nobody who loves me anyways and my life is a fuck up. I’ve tied a noose and put it around my neck and went on my phone to put some music on and was just sitting staring at the wall for a while. I opened facebook and started scrolling and started laughing at the memes I saw while seconds ago i was so so ready to join my dogs. Now i’m indifferent.
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2022.01.27 19:43 Own_Grapefruit8750 ethan vs. oliver

the new OTR is top tier comedy. best episode yet. that’s all.
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2022.01.27 19:43 RStar88 Just need a Mrs. Mime and a few Mime Juniors and this would be a beautiful thing.😂

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2022.01.27 19:43 MrWeasel42 I don't think this needs a caption.

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