i am striving for the longest breakcore playlist. here’s what i have so far. feel free to leave suggestions.

2022.01.29 06:53 human-hangnail i am striving for the longest breakcore playlist. here’s what i have so far. feel free to leave suggestions.

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2022.01.29 06:53 Acrobatic-Rutabaga71 Website hosting another website

I don't know what it is called but how is it possible for a domain to host another website? I don't know how to explain it but it's like https://www.linkfire.com/ where you can use their website for your profile or use your own domain name. It's not url masking so I'm not sure what it is called.
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2022.01.29 06:53 TwoBulletSuicide Throwback for new apes from an old ape that isn't me to enjoy for raid time. Have fun and raid on, you are your own bank, fuck em.

Throwback for new apes from an old ape that isn't me to enjoy for raid time. Have fun and raid on, you are your own bank, fuck em. submitted by TwoBulletSuicide to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

2022.01.29 06:53 LLabRabbit If u can't drown a turtle, then can I keep a turtles head as a pet?

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2022.01.29 06:53 broom-handle eli5 - Please help. Ape confused. (basic trading AND Interactive Brokers question)

eli5 - Please help. Ape confused. (basic trading AND Interactive Brokers question) Hi,
Any info, help is MUCH appreciated. Still struggling to understand some of the basics.
See this notice I got from IKBR (interactive brokers) here in the UK. Can someone explain what these three sections mean? I sounds to me that IB will will not trade my shares when instructed - particularly that second point. Is that saying that in the case of high price volatility a trade may not go ahead?

Aside from this can someone eli5 market orders vs. limit order (both in terms of opening and closing a position)?
My understanding is that market orders will sell ALL shares but price is not guaranteed. Limit order guarantees price but NOT ALL shares may be traded. To me, this sounds like (effectively) the same thing...What are the pros and cons?
Surely if I'm watching during the moass and implement a staggered exit - i.e. a % of shares at various points of the ride (post peak of course) then what's wrong with sticking to market orders?
Phew! Cheers for reading. xoxo
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2022.01.29 06:53 Big_Red_Zach_Richo a distorted but clear memory...

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2022.01.29 06:53 Arnadus [ORKL] Orakler. Price ↘ -3.91% in 5 minutes

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2022.01.29 06:53 frogclownfizbo How do I tell my mom nicely to stop snooping around in my room or when I ordered something?

Is there someone who understands this or is a parent themselves who can explain? So, whenever I buy something of the internet my mom is standing next to me and looking at what I bought or asking what I bought and to show it to her, another situation is that she says: “o I need … (insert something here) “ and she knows it’s somewhere inside my room and starts searching for it, moving my stuff.
This makes me mad because I’m 20 but still live at home due to health issues. When I told her to stop doing it she answers with “fine, then I won’t pay any interest in you anyway” or “I will shut up and keep my mouth shut, if you want anything you can do it yourself” Or is really mad at me and says I’m trying to hide something
I know she means well and that she is interested…. But I just want more privacy
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2022.01.29 06:53 julesgg1 Correct branding

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2022.01.29 06:53 criticalbuzz How often do you walk around the house with only 1 sock on?

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2022.01.29 06:53 Adventurous_Bridge24 Broke my sobriety 5 days before my year mark

I don't even know how to start, I (30F) had almost a year sober, I broke my sobriety literally a week before my one year, which would have been December 25th. I was doing so good with myself and getting proud of my milestones every month I had, I even was fine with my GF (21) drinking around me. I moved to Cali over a year ago, and beginning of this past December I went back to NY to see family for the holidays and for one of my close friends weddings. I was great during the wedding with my sobriety, almost the entire trip I wasn't bothered, pretty much until I spent the last 2 nights at my fathers, which is a whole shit storm I don't want to get into but my GF literally suddenly didn't feel good and didn't sit at dinner with us, while my dad made a giant sangria glass for my GF, himself, and his GF. And at some point in the dinner I just idk snapped, I literally just snuck into the kitchen where he had an entire side counter FILLED with bottles that I just grabbed one without even looking at what I was drinking and tipped it back. Did this a few times without anyone noticing. My GF finally feels better after dinner and doesn't get on my case that bad about this, yada yada.. flash forward to coming back to Cali and was at dinner with her family and family friends and I just idk couldn't sit there, I just decided to abruptly leave, went home, stopped at the liquor store cause I thought well fuck it I already fucked up who cares now, got a small bottle of tequila, then when she got home, idk I guess I blacked out, I also am diagnosed with Borderline, I have a serious amount of rage that alcohol tends to break the dam that usually keeps it back.. and I just was upset with her and in general and a neighbor called the cops on me, I'm Spanish, I'm from NY, I'm loud, and covered in tattoos, face, hands, sleeves, chest.. I have a blue mohawk, I ride a motorcycle, I own a reptile business, I get i don't look like a sweet church girl but I'm not a fucking wife beater and I was ripped out of my house at 3 am by these cops, they took me out with no shoes, in basketball shorts, (it was 40 degrees) and a plain white t-shirt while I had no bra on. And wouldn't let me go till my very white gf told all the male cops (no females showed up even tho my GF told them I have CPTSD and being surrounded by men wasn't helping me calm down) I didn't touch her. That was new years night pretty much, They bruised me up pretty badly and I don't remember much from that night but I'm just disappointed so much with myself, and the shit is to why I literally feel so at a loss and needed to just get this out is... she still wants to drink around me. And I really don't know how to feel about any of this. Honestly, if no one wrote back just writing this out helped I guess.
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2022.01.29 06:53 Nonkel_Jef How will she recover from this??

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2022.01.29 06:53 masonchanscott Upgrading lens vs body?

I made the jump to digital a couple months ago for some portrait and event work after picking up an M-P 240 body and I've been using a V5 50mm Summicron that I've had for some years. In some low light settings, I feel like the limit of f/2 at 1600 ISO is not good enough, so I've been thinking of whether to upgrade the lens or the body.
From what I understand moving to an M10 would allow 2 extra stops of light, up to 6400 (along with being slimmer and other newer features etc.). However, I'm also considering a 50mm Summilux Asph as this would add 1 stop at 1.4. While more difficult to focus, this would also perhaps be more ideal for portraits and it's a more modern lens that is more suited for digital work, while also still being okay for film. Some people also say it has a medium format quality to it. I feel like it could be a do-it-all sort lens although it's physically bigger than the Summicron.
Both would require $~1000 to upgrade, so I'm a bit conflicted.
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2022.01.29 06:53 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Italo (XTA) - Step By Step Guide

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2022.01.29 06:53 ArianJaun Is getting to plat 1 really that hard ?

Ive seen so many posts about people talking about how hard it is to get plat 1 and only meta decks are there, but I reached it today and never fought drytron , zoodiac Tri-Brigade or Eldlich. Im playing adamancipators btw
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2022.01.29 06:53 Valiantay Is there any way to integrate my Google Calendar with my Outlook Calendar?

There's gotta be a free way to do a two-way sync.
I can publish my Outlook calendar **for that moment in time** and *view* it in Google Calendar. I can also *view* my Google Calendar in Outlook.
It's so insane, I'm baffled neither company has bothered to create official solutions to this problem.
Is there any way for me to forward an email, for example, and have Google Calendar parse that email into an event?
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2022.01.29 06:53 Comfortablejack It is really true

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2022.01.29 06:53 HuckleberryNo5803 24taskfreelancer is the worst app

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2022.01.29 06:53 PineyGarden Does anyone else black out before passing out?

I've noticed that when I wake up after passing out I have next to no recollection of when or how I passed out basically all I remember is feeling a little bit tired before I completely black out and don't remember anything idk if it's normal but I was wondering if anyone else experiences the same thing or maybe it's just me😭🤷‍♀️
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2022.01.29 06:53 IdeaOfHuss We are the best country in the world, for now.

Disclaimer: I am an idiot. Take my opinion with Himalayan salt, and maybe green peppers. Scratch that, tomato is better. I know nothing and now I am talking out of my ass. The
comments will prove that, as always. Am I doing this for karma and to feel better because I got validated by others for something even a kid knows? You bet your ass I am. The subject starts here: We are the best country in the world, for now. Whether you disagree with that or not, we are among the best. We are better off than most countries. However that might change in future. No, it will change. Unless we do something about it. How can we guarantee that we shall forever be a good country? Be good. Do what you can to be good. When you are good, your family and friends become in a better position. When your family and friends become slightly better because of you , they make you better in the same way. Your neighborhood becomes better. Your city becomes better. Your district becomes better. Then the whole country becomes better. All because you took care of yourself. A smile to a stranger moves mountains. Never neglect what you can do. No matter how small and insignificant your actions are. Never underestimate anything or anyone. Never be satisfied with what you have. Always be hungry for a better future. If you can be better, then do it. Comfort zone is THE evil. Our greatest enemy is only yourself. This massage is for me first before anyone else, then it is for everyone. I am sure many will think this is something really well known and they apply it. But for some, like me, we do not realize it. This massage is for some people. Myself included.
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2022.01.29 06:53 trolllante Num mundo pré pandemia, imagine que tem uma festa rolando e que as cidades do Brasil foram convidadas. O que cada uma estaria fazendo?

Vi isso num sub gringo e achei interessante. Imagine que cada cidade é uma pessoa. O que essa pessoa estaria fazendo e como ela estaria interagindo com os outros?
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2022.01.29 06:52 Decepter44 Sugarbaby needed

Im looking for a sugarbaby on the NSW CENTRAL COAST AUSTRALIA
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2022.01.29 06:52 xxfallen420xx Anonymous made a message to Ken Griffen of Citadel.

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2022.01.29 06:52 MQ86 Battlefield 6 Jet fight - what to do when he is on you 6 !

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2022.01.29 06:52 rakehurry Pissing Inside Her Ass

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