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2021.11.30 23:26 Able_Housing_2174 Bounce

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2021.11.30 23:26 bryancardsfan123 Looking for some help

Hi everyone. About 2 months ago I took a break from chess due to life and getting stuck at 900. Looking back was entirely too focused on my rating versus enjoying the game and learning its nuances. I’ve been watching the fide tournament and I’m wanting to get back into. I was hoping you all could give me some suggestions on how sustainably learn the game. I only have about 30 minutes a day to devote to it. A bit more on the weekends. I have a chess.Com sub so I have those resources as well.
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2021.11.30 23:26 t_savage12 @EA please make the Christmas card art look like this please and thank you !

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2021.11.30 23:26 OSetups Skribbl.io Clone Tutorial with Flutter & Node.js

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2021.11.30 23:26 Wealthfluencer FREE NFTs GIVEAWAY Upvote, Drop Wallet and join discord in comment

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2021.11.30 23:26 qiis Do you fraud your height?

Wether its wearing lifts, claiming an inch or two above your true height, rounding up, or even claiming your morning height, do you in anyway shape or form fraud your height?
View Poll
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2021.11.30 23:26 candymonster191 Single starburst in wrapper

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2021.11.30 23:26 Lemonchicken207 Skin rash after tropical vacation

I just got back from a trip to Turks and Caicos and while I was there I developed what I assumed was a shaving rash on my legs. Over the last week it's gotten progressively worse and my shins and arms are covered in red raised bumps. They aren't super easy to see but seem very raised to me when I touch it. The rash is sore and itchy. I didn't pack lotion and got a ton of sun, so I am assuming my skin is just really dry. I have returned to a dryer climate and in the last 24 hours it's a lot worse. I moisturized twice today and used hydrocortisone cream. Taking a shower was agony. I do have very sensitive skin and dermatographia. I have had rashes in the past but never this bad. I can't tell if it's a rash from dry skin, the sun, chlorine, or maybe a bug spray I used with deet in it. I called the doctor and they said they'd call back but never did. Any products you'd recommend in the meantime?
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2021.11.30 23:26 ickda I need fanfic to read. Help.

Yes i read the book with dash and the elves, and the sequel were she tries to save apple jack. and eats faces with the dar elder.
Anything eles?
Don't like the one were Equestria helps chaos, as i also red that section.
So any suggestions?
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2021.11.30 23:26 s1owscr1pt Unconditional love

That's what remained of my feelings for her. She was so good to me, and I'm a fool for pushing her away. I was angry and sad at first, but it's not her fault. She deserves to be happy. Probably more than I do. I want her to have an amazing life, even if it isn't with me.
She told me she was in love with someone else. I admit it, it hurts. I can't even think of loving someone else right now, but the fact that she could says a lot about how I don't deserve her love. I was lucky to have her for almost 4 years. But my feelings aren't important right now. Hers are. And if he, or someone else, could make her happier than I could, than I really wish they would. Because this isn't about me.
Because I love her. I have never stopped loving her and never will. This isn't like any of my other breakups I've had. She is different, unique and pure. I know you would all think the same if you'd meet her. I believe she is an angel, and she got me under her spell. What I feel for her is unconditional love. I want her to have the best life, because she deserves it more than I do.
Thank you for the walk yesterday. It gave me closure and it felt better to apologise once more in real life. When we were walking our dog, I admit it, it felt like a bittersweet ending of what we once had. It was a sad last walk with Floki, but I'm glad we had it. We were so open and genuine towards each other. I'm sorry if it was too much at the moment. We can't control our feelings and we shouldn't try to. It's just how we feel and it's caused by the circumstances we created. Trust me when I say, everything will be okay.
She had valid reasons to leave me, I don't blame her. I can only learn from it and try to better myself. I'm slowly grasping the knowledge of all that didn't sit well, and now I'm reading a philosophical book she once read to me. I do understand it now more than ever, and that's why I will not hate or blame her anymore. Because I realise I should have been better to her. And if I could, I would give it all to prove myself to her.
But that ship has set sail. It's too late for me and I did it to myself. All that's left for me to do, is to accept that you will never love me again. And that's okay.
I wish you all the best, R.
~ L
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2021.11.30 23:26 tactician77 T-Shares Explained easy!

It's a single number (Which is burned everytime you unstake so it's continually reduced supply) that represents three things.

So let's say in 15 years someone could of staked $1,000,000 Hex and get only like 5 T-Shares (as an example) where as someone has the same amount of T-Shares for only $1000.
The million dollar guy will view this and know this guy is an OG and staked it when T-Shares were around $200.
The OG guy will get as much interest as the guy who staked $1,000,000 Hex.
That's the power of T-Shares.
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2021.11.30 23:26 AresuSothe what kind of spider is this? Is it dangerous?

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2021.11.30 23:26 mr_blanket Unable to add new TP Link HomeKit smart plugs

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2021.11.30 23:26 HyperspaceSquad Someone from my work put this on my pizza box

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2021.11.30 23:26 6christian Ben Sira 12:3-5 Meaning

Hi all,
I was doing my nightly bible reading and came across Ben Sira 12:3-5, which reads:
3 No good comes to those who give comfort to the wicked, nor is it an act of mercy that they do. 4 Give to the good but refuse the sinner; 5 refresh the downtrodden but give nothing to the proud. No arms for combat should you give them, lest they use these against you. Twofold evil you will obtain for every good deed you do for them.
What does this passage mean practically?
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2021.11.30 23:26 cappydap Angelenos, check out Ady Barkan in "Not Going Quietly" movie screening on Friday December 3rd

There will be a movie screening of "Not Going Quietly" this Friday December 3rd at 5 pm at AMC Century City 15. The documentary features Ady Barkan, who has ALS, and has fought for healthcare reform.
Also, Ady Barkan recently met with Assemblymember Ash Kalra to discuss single payer healthcare. Kalra is one of the authors of AB1400 CalCare which would provide single payer healthcare for Californians. https://actionnetwork.org/letters/tell-your-assemblymember-to-pass-ab-1400-calcare?source=direct_link&
Check out the film info on social media:
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2021.11.30 23:26 OuchieMyPwussy Too deep

Too deepagain
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2021.11.30 23:26 DealsCanada LEVOIT Warm and Cool 6L Humidifier in White – ATL $81 CAD

Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078GPR4XV?psc … yp_imgToDp Price: $81 Discount: 26% Retailer: Amazon.ca
I’ve been looking for a couple new humidifiers and this one ticked all the boxes for me.
– Warm and Cool – Auto mode – Large capacity tank – Filterless
Bonuses are essential oil pads and the remote control. Over the past few weeks of research most warm and cool humidifiers with the same features sit around the range of $110-$150. So with this one being at an ATL according to the three humps this should be a no brainer for anyone looking for the same type of humidifier for winter.
Only downside to this particular deal is Prime shipping isn’t exactly fast as it is showing Dec 14th delivery date for me in Alberta. So pay attention to your estimated delivery date for those in different provinces.
Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B078GPR4XV?psc … yp_imgToDp
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2021.11.30 23:26 FeeFee_Goose Tell me about your favorite character

Tell me about your favorite character you ever played.
I am trying to brainstorm new ideas for an upcoming campaign but nothing seems to catch my attention, so tell me your favorites!
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2021.11.30 23:26 twissb Terminology

How did you learn all the terminology of screenwriting? All those little things used to describe camera shots etc. Is it as simple as reading as many scripts as I can?
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2021.11.30 23:26 Old_Bed8247 🐶SweetShiba | STEALTH launch very SOON | GREAT team | marketing planned✅ | Elon tweet!!

Great team behind MoonVikings
MoonVikings- and they are going to the moon. With a Sofisticated Dev Team onboard, MoonVikings project is a amazing project with a big potential.
6% Tax 3% lp 3% to marketing
2.5% MAX wallet
✅Safe ✅LP locked ✅Great team ✅stealth launch ✅Website ready before launch
To be listed on: •CoinMarketCap •CoinGecko •Coinhunt
🐶 Official Links
🐶Contract: 0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1
🐶Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x20d8f80f9c0a5b62679d5a645a2e445443b6e9d1#readContract
🐶 LP LOCKED : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4faa9f3a2e7ba8b2ec343ae1a1176850199d5e86
Join us to the moon! The team is very motivated to make this a succes and THE new big meme coin.
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2021.11.30 23:26 msv6221 [GTA IV] Can’t believe I finally got this plat! Even after the awp trophy glitched on me

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2021.11.30 23:26 spacesuitkid2 And computershare has the high ground

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2021.11.30 23:26 ZuccBoi_69 Crowder, Shapiro, and other conservatives that advertise their media on YouTube possibly violating the rules? NOT A CALL TO TROLL also context in comments.

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2021.11.30 23:26 Additional-Handle168 Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

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