State of the Union

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. State Government website, with links to the principal departments and sections. Responsible for administering the state tax laws and collecting taxes. Tax guides and rates, electronic payment system, and details of tax relief policies for military personnel. DCP Sign Up. DCP, or the Deferred Compensation Program is an extra retirement savings program that can help you reach your retirement goals. If your organization participates in DCP automatic enrollment, you may already be on your way to saving more. The Council is a formal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform principles, standards, and report forms for the federal examination of financial institutions by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (), the National Credit Union Administration (), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (), and the Consumer Financial ... Operated by the state government to provide state-related information on/from state agencies, elected officials, local governments, education, business, tourism and jobs.

2021.12.01 01:20 RewiredThrone State of the Union

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2021.12.01 01:20 MGreenMN Donald Trump resurfaces Ilhan Omar conspiracy theory, says she “abandoned” her country

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2021.12.01 01:20 picklerickandmorty20 Which version/model of ring indoor camera is this?

I just picked up my order for a ring indoor camera, and the box is half the size that I was expecting and doesn't include the usual tools (screwdriver). Is this an older model? thanks!
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2021.12.01 01:20 Sakurablossomz What type of moonstone is this?

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2021.12.01 01:20 shades_of_sunflower To the men who love anal, what do y'all think when you see your gf's butthole?

My bf is really, really into anal. I am curious bc whenever I bend to offer him the "other hole" he always groans as if he wanted to pound me right then and there. What do you guys really think when you see it, especially when it's winkin? lol
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2021.12.01 01:20 sopalidisajnaco 🌳 TreedomCoins | Saving the earth | Fair Launched (no presale) | Community driven token | 📺 Paid marketing team | 🔒 Liquidity Locked for 10 years

Did you miss $SMOON or $STRAYINU. No worries because $TREEDOM will be the next big moonshot token! Our experienced team knows how to run the marketing and branding for tokens. Due to previous successful tokens ofcourse.
Next to the marketing, we strive to build a close and solid community on Telegram. Community is the foundation to grow! To keep communinty together, we will reward holders 2% of every transaction. So invest, hold and grow together! Join our Telegram group:
To build trust in our community, we locked the liquidity for 10 years and automatically feed the liquidity with 3% of every transaction. There will be always liquidity to stable the price to make it a low risk investment.
After all, we are a charity token. For every transaction we count 3% fee for saving the forest around the world.
Buy link:
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❤️ To charity: 3%
🤖 Automatic liquidity: 3%
🔥 Initial burn: 10%
📺 Marketing: 2%
🏆 Holder reward: 2%
💰 Max supply:100,000,000,000
🔒 Locked Liquidity: 80%
Buy link:
💬 Telegram:
📃Contract: 0x570eb152C93D2F49E683bE5F435d63187886182E
🌐 Website:
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2021.12.01 01:20 Hardware_Hank Found a 1990 454SS for sale on fb marketplace

My only concern is it has sealed beam headlights and the decal is all gray, I haven’t contacted the seller yet but I don’t know if it’s fake or not.
I guess my best bet is to ask for the VIN but even a clean OBS up here is worth 5-8K alone and the interior shots definitely look like an SS.
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2021.12.01 01:20 JJDuB4y096 Music resurfacing in S11 E6

Anyone notice the awesome nostalgic music from the super early seasons when Leon and Larry were in the house disputing the popsicle saga when the roofer was on the roof? That was so awesome, haven’t heard that song in so long!
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2021.12.01 01:20 1dad1kid Stricter coronavirus testing being weighed for all travelers to U.S.

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2021.12.01 01:20 CondeVladTepes 23M - Lookin for long-term [relationship] - Don't care about the body type or age 😁

Hey! thanks for reading my post
About me: a 23 man that love gaming (sadly league of legends), listenin to music and have a little fun like any other brazilian, barbecue and beer lol
I'm in college scholl doing a psychologist grad and work with companies doing compliance and other stuffs I have time to answer messages and be there for you.
Would love to talk about differents cultures, music, hobbies, food, literally any thing you want.
I use others app like discord, whatsapp, snapchat whatever you want thats no issue
And i don't mind about how old you're or about your body type, but i do care about personality I can travel so distance is not a problem If you wanna someone affectionate that will give you cuddle 24/7 call me lol
Surprise: If you read this, send a dm sayin"Jeff Bezos" with your favorite music and you will receive a pic of me
Peace ✌
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2021.12.01 01:20 _ProfessorHamish_ Im back

Hello all, so here I am back with my old friend escitalopram.
I initially started lexapro 2 years ago for severe health anxiety, went to the ER multiple times for various concerns that of course, turned out to be nothing and/or anxiety related symptoms. after covid began and as you can expect, my life became horrible, I was stuck in perpetual loops and was hopelessly anxious and depressed day in and day out. After the ER trips and a few to my regular doctor, he reccomended lexapro, i began on 10mg for a week then bumped up to 20mg, safe to say the first week was a bit rough with the side effects, but after 3 weeks i woke up one day and realized that i wasnt worrying about anything, that inner dialog had been turned off. I then stayed on the 20mg lexapro dose for aver a year until about september of this year, after weening down for about a month and a half. I was having issues with feeling numb and felt like with me going back to school, seeing friends again, etc. All would be well.

As I now know this was a huge mistake.

Here I am beginning again on 5mg not 4 months later. It was okay at first, but I quickly realized things were not the same and I began worrying about pointless shit again. It all came together when one day I was looking at my tonsil which one is bigger than the other, did some googling(DO NOT DO) and convinced myself I had tonsil cancer. Proceeded to have a panic attack that night, puked my guts out, and now have GERD symptoms again. Continued anxiety, fear, etc from that panic attack and it ahs just gotten worse. Going home and seeing my dad helped a bit but I am still shaken from that. After anothe doctors visit I mentioned I was on escitalopram before and wanted to possibly get on it, after explaing what had happened recently he agreed it was a good idea.

So here I am on my second 5mg dose going up to 10 in a week, starting to weather the side effects, while preparing for finals, so fun! While I sit here with my neck twinging, my jaw clamped, nauseus, and barley eating shit for 3 weeks. I know that in a few short weeks all will be balanced in my brain again and things will be aaaa OOOKKKK.

Im back and I think im here to stay yall. at least for a while.

TLDR: Went on lexapro, went off, had a panick attack and returned anxiety, now im starting it again.

Thanks for reading!
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2021.12.01 01:20 NikoRoxx Repost 38729737 [Total]

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2021.12.01 01:20 HibikiSS Venezuela y la ONU retomarán la vía de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible.

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2021.12.01 01:20 EZmoneee Welcome to the Bear 🐻 market

Welcome Bulls and Apes. Do you know where you are? You’re in the jungle baby!! #diamondhands
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2021.12.01 01:20 NewWave647 Damn, Battlefield 2042's Twitch viewer numbers are looking rough compared to other new FPS games

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2021.12.01 01:19 Jemusurobato I made a wallpaper featuring all of the cleaners if anyone wants it. Enjoy. 😊

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2021.12.01 01:19 hekzter Looked everywhere, couldn’t mind a manual online. Can anyone identify a speed adjustment on this cassette player? Realistic CTR-30B

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2021.12.01 01:19 Mr_Meeseeks_83 That’s just amazing!

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2021.12.01 01:19 1600_EA I’m seeing everyone saying the used market is trash and why is everyone shitting on the used market I still see very cheap cars?

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2021.12.01 01:19 hmistry Astro traveler.

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2021.12.01 01:19 NReso NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 UPVOTE this post! ⬆️ From the embers of the raging flames, we introduce -ForgedSouls- ‼️Instructions in comments‼️ Join the Disc for more giveaways and for access to the PreSale WL!

NFT GIVEAWAY 🎁 UPVOTE this post! ⬆️ From the embers of the raging flames, we introduce -ForgedSouls- ‼️Instructions in comments‼️ Join the Disc for more giveaways and for access to the PreSale WL! submitted by NReso to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.12.01 01:19 00greendonuts Tongue web bump?

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2021.12.01 01:19 Eggs_are_tasty A small tale from my current campaign

(The module is ice wind dale) We were in a mine, hoping to solve the Kobold problem currently plaguing the townspeople, when we came across 2 kobolds, looking to get the drop on us. We scared them off, but fearing they would bring their friends, I (the barbarian) decided to use my weapon (bear trap + chain) to be able to trap one, and yank it off of its feet. Suddenly, a non-confrontational grell approached us.
I approached it slowly, and it backed away when I got within 15 feet, so I went back to my trap and watched it closely. Our bard, however, decided to throw a dagger at it. It hit, and it ran off, and we heard the clanging of metal where it ran off to. As our bard went to pick it up, the grell grabbed him, cashing poison and paralysis. After a few turns of uneventful combat where nothing happened except for our bard taking poison damage, our cleric landed a blow on it. Our sorcerer had shot it with her crossbow, and then it was my turn.
I had a walrus tusk on me, and threw it into the things head. It hit, and lodged itself in its brain. It was still kicking. After a fixed attempt at shooti it from our speeders crossbow, our cleric hit it with another spell.
Back to me. I lookedbfor a weapon, i didn’t want to use my trap in case we got ambushed while fighting this thing. There it was. THe perfect tool for the the job.
A dead rat.
I grabbed it by the tail, went to attack it with all of my might, and hit it.
I struck the tusk, with just enough force to lodge it deeper into its brain. It was dead.
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2021.12.01 01:19 JohnnySinsFan3000 Luthor 2024🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

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2021.12.01 01:19 DaveTheBraveEh Anti-CRT? Why?

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