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2021.12.01 01:03 bigboipenyy w

can i join a clan im only th 5
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2021.12.01 01:03 horseradish_mustard Baldwin vs the Black Knight

In its fourth year my colony was caught unaware when pirates showed up in drop pods and started attacking immediately. Most of my fighters rushed to the barricades and a tense firefight ensued, with neither side gaining a significant advantage. Growing impatient and a bit too brave, expert cave builder and melee fighter Baldwin grabs his uranium war hammer and charges the pirate's leader, a starfighter pilot named Sjoerd "Bowman" Lukas. At first his reckless onslaught seems unstoppable, as he quickly delivers multiple horrific wounds upon Bowman, disabling his left hand and shattering his right arm to a fine mist. Bowman should not have been underestimated however. Lacking any other weapon, he lunges forward and chomps Baldwin in the torso, destroying his kidney and causing him to collapse in shock as he rapidly bleeds out.
High on go juice and perhaps realizing he was doomed either way, Bowman then charges at full speed towards the barricades, (presumably intending to chew the whole colony to death) before being mowed down by machine gun fire.
I don't know that I've ever been more impressed by a fight, or by a fighter.
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2021.12.01 01:03 KME_5 I finished 100 fatal ERT with 2 silver and 1 gold ( my best team ) and I well uploaded on YouTube but I well not edit because i’m to lazy SORRY

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2021.12.01 01:03 GamingWithDre2529 Liam O'Brien vs Brandon Duhaime Fight

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2021.12.01 01:03 Relaxingtime-meme Yummy Yummy. Super Spicy Roast Chicken Recipe

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2021.12.01 01:03 autotldr CDC expanding surveillance at 4 major US airports to look for Omicron

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 55%. (I'm a bot)

That includes "Critical partner testing closer to the time of flights and considerations around additional post-arrival testing and self-quarantine," she said.
Top US government officials are currently considering requiring everyone who enters the United States to be tested the day before their flight and having all travelers - including US citizens and permanent residents - test again after returning home, regardless of vaccination status, sources familiar with the thinking tell CNN. Officials were deliberating Tuesday night and no final decisions have been made, but they could be announced as soon as this week.
Currently, vaccinated travelers are required to test three days before their departure.
Regarding the expanded surveillance, "This program allows for increased Covid testing for specific international arrivals," Walensky said, "Increasing our capacity to identify those with Covid-19 on arrival to the United States and enhancing our surveillance for the Omicron variant."
The CDC is keeping in close touch with state and local health officials, she said.
"We are holding regular, even daily calls, with local county and state health officials and our public health partners. These calls include state, county and city health officials, state epidemiologists, laboratory directors and partners from public health organizations," Walensky said.
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Post found in /news.
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2021.12.01 01:03 EuldritchTheObserver She is my best friend!!! [By Ni-Qu]

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2021.12.01 01:03 nkamedjie nstrumental relaxation, love, sleeping, stress, meditation music

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2021.12.01 01:02 wendywinter I’ve had the worst last few weeks. Please tell me your ✨ worst ✨ pick up lines!

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2021.12.01 01:02 baba420bong F1 - Greatest Of All Time

If Hamilton wins the 2021 title in the upcoming weeks, he would be considered the GOAT of F1 based on his championship wins. Do you people really think he is the best compared to Schumacher?
If Mercedes didn't have this dominance in the V6 era until this year I wouldn't have had a doubt that he is the GOAT. Although he is one of the best drivers in F1 and has been amazing this season, I still think many of his older championship wins came down to him driving the Merc.
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2021.12.01 01:02 oriccargoyd Doggo gets filled with joy and...

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2021.12.01 01:02 IsaRah_1 IRL time 2 DSMP time

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2021.12.01 01:02 Bradlaye zoro’s three sword style

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2021.12.01 01:02 Few_Project I have 92 MVPS but I am still a Guardian IV. Why is that?

I do not know why but I am still stuck with this Rank despite of the MVPs I won during the normal matches before I decided to calibrate my MMR.
I play support and offlane roles for my matches.
Does it mean that I have to play a carry role in order for me to have a higher MMR?
Sorry if I do sound dumb I just want to seek some answers from DOTA 2 community.
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2021.12.01 01:02 FwDorisdavenport132 A guy confessed to me today that he has a crush on me. Is it likely anyone else ever has?

I’m a 16yr old black girl my city is primarily white (48%) and Asian (30%,) 7.36% black, 8.19% two or more races. I’m an introvert
I posted pics on here and ppl voted “average.” I posted to the beauty improvement subs and the votes were almost equal between “below average” and “average” but average won I am at a healthy BMI
His girlfriend moved to Indiana 2-ish months ago without telling him and I guess he’s had a thing for me since I comforted him more than once when he posted to his stories saying he felt suicidal. He’s black too
Him revealing he had feelings for me was surprising, I assumed no one had ever liked me ever
View Poll
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2021.12.01 01:02 Frugaltakeoff Get paid to lose weight

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2021.12.01 01:02 gofordawin Fellow guys

If you were to play a female at chess and lose would you feel worse about it than if you were to play a male at chess and lose?
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2021.12.01 01:02 ma-name-jeff1234 Day 1 of making a space station to burn up when the reentry update comes out

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2021.12.01 01:02 dwifk Kek günü diyor bu reddit ne oluyor? Şaka maka 2 yıl oldu devamı mutlu huzurlu ve davasız günler bekliyorum

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2021.12.01 01:02 jeeptopdown Built on Hedera…

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2021.12.01 01:02 andieanjos I’m doing an exchange program and had to leave my handsome boy at home 😭 I miss him and his bad temper 😂

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2021.12.01 01:02 quantainium_pasta So, things got a little out of hand, this IAE...

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2021.12.01 01:02 th3h4ck3r Questions about registration

I'm an exchange student from Spain spending the year at Michigan. I'm trying to do my enrollment done, but one of my clases says it's reserved for "Enrollment Management-20". The only thing a Google search showed is that it's the department the office of the registar is at, but nothing else. Does anybody else know what it means or if I can enroll in that class?
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2021.12.01 01:02 traveler6874 Band based out of St. Louis - for fans of Deftones, Killswitch Engage

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2021.12.01 01:02 flokidogefatherarmy Airdrop Live now for Floki Dogefather

Floki Dogefather has been launched 4 days ago and we are already 50X. We are launching Airdrop rewards.
Airdrop for first 100 Members.
Join us on Telegram: https://t.me/officialflokidogefather
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