fi4kk y277b 4378h 835d8 hhi84 5k967 saefk t5an2 bdn8b 274s9 24f92 95a8z 7n2bz azna9 bddsa ed88z 7zkdy 9dkaa 97rz9 azyrz ts329 Winter storage |

Winter storage

2021.11.27 19:58 Narwhal2B Winter storage

Hi, so here in quebec winter has hit, snow an ice and no warm days in sight. My XR is currently at 70% battery and the manual says that 40-50% is better for long term storage, how do I discharge it without riding it outside (not enough room inside) and at what percentage do you guys usually keep it for that long?
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2021.11.27 19:58 RW-One I succumbed, or more to the point my wife gifted me.

So I've had a Gen 5 as my first watch and with the cost down to $229, we had missed the Black Friday 209 sale. Sale My wife decided that I should get the watch and deal with it until wear OS 3.
So I bought it with the leather brown and silicone band because I have bands that I bought from my Gen 5, I only wish that I could find a cover for it like my Gen 5, the TPU that covers the entire watch face and sides so I can't scratch it.
So far as it's downloading and doing the software updates and whatnot, I'm watching it and it is noticeably quicker and I like the fact that the AOD screen is color which is a slight improvement on the totally black and white Gen 5.
The next step since I have both watches on my Play store under my account is to install my other watch faces that I purchased already. I don't think that I'll have an issue there.
There were a couple reviews I read on Amazon that it said that there was no customization of the battery modes, that is absolutely positively false - The same custom settings are there as they are on Gen 5 and I would expect that because it's the same wear OS 2.
Anyway, the fossil outlet store was not matching everybody else's Cyber Monday 299 price but when I brought it up they looked and then matched it, and I was informed when I asked about return policy that I have until next year the end of the holiday to do so. So with that in mind, I figure I can give this thing a good evaluation and then decide if it was worth coming up from the Gen 5 considering that I just don't know how it'll run with OS3 when it hits .
So I'll have more later as I get into it...
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2021.11.27 19:58 Fantastic-Okra-703 Flying out from Italy tomorrow (Naples) where there are currently a lot of storms. Are the turbulence trackers usually accurate? I am very afraid of the descent and this is the first time that I see such a bad projection for the turbulence. Do a lot of clouds make the descent more difficult?

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2021.11.27 19:58 plxbl How can I build a trap that drops several coconuts on a persons head?

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2021.11.27 19:58 Extension_Ant_7369 Remove Third Row Permanently

I purchased a seven seat 2017 Model X 75D off of Carvana this summer. Discovered that the 3rd row is practically useless for us. Our boys are two big to fit comfortably in the 3rd row and it is too difficult for our special needs daughter to get into. Also, to accommodate our daughter's wheel chair, the 3rd row is down 99% of the time.
I am wondering if it would be possible to permanently remove the third row from the seven seat configuration. If it is possible, how is it done? Also, would it be possible to put in a cargo floor in the space the seats occupy?
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2021.11.27 19:58 kshayem I pumped to induce my labour

I really didn’t think it would work but it did!! Pumped for 20ish minutes and started having contractions right away. Labour was only about 9 hours and pushed for 20 min
Although please keep in mind I was 39W 5D and was having signs I was very ready to go into labour soon. Had a membrane sweep done the day prior as well which probably helped. I wouldn’t advise trying this unless you are close to your due date.
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2021.11.27 19:58 Prestigious_Tough845 Mushroom and Snow Leopard

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2021.11.27 19:58 craigp5986 [StatMuse] Anthony Davis this season: 16.7% on threes — worst in NBA history by any player with 2+ attempts per game and 20+ games played. 38.3% on midrange — worst in the NBA by any player with 100+ attempts. 33.1% on jumpshots — worst in the NBA by any player with 150+ attempts.

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2021.11.27 19:58 plugindeals Kush Black Friday Sale
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2021.11.27 19:58 BsPaigexx I just had my first kiss with an amazing girl last night

We’ve gone out together quite a few times before this, and last night was a little impromptu, but it ended perfectly. She asked very politely if she could kiss me, and once we finally kissed it was like I couldn’t stop wanting to kiss her.
I made a post a little while back about going on a date with her… same girl :)
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2021.11.27 19:58 axlbeats1 (FREE) *HARD* Anime Type Beat - "Survivor's Guilt" Free Anime Type Beat ...

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2021.11.27 19:58 appleflapstealer I make my friend insecure?

Lately I noticed that my friend has been comparing herself with me and trying to do better. Last week, I mentioned that after I graduate, I am planning to get a masters degree. Today she announced she is going to do the same, but she wants to do two at the same time.
I got a new job besides my major and it was tough and I told her, she proceeded to tell me that it was nothing and that her job and major were way harder.
The last few months have been very busy for me with college, work and sports. I told to her that I was a bit exhausted and she replied with ‘but I am way busier than you!’ and is comparing her activities with mine and starts to downgrade my experiences.
I know she is insecure, but am I intimidating her? I don’t want her to be insecure, but does that mean that I don’t share accomplishments or just simple work-related stuff? If she is intimidated, how do I make sure that she isn’t intimidated?
Note: I am not bragging about any accomplishments or some sorts. It just comes up in a casual conversation. Of course I am proud, but I don’t need acknowledgment from anyone else to tell me how good I am.
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2021.11.27 19:58 luckythegamer What would be of the world without romance?

Think of all the media we have that talk about romance or love. How would we fill the gap they would leave?
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2021.11.27 19:58 AnthonysKeys Never seen this blue background doing a google search and haven’t been able to get it again.

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2021.11.27 19:58 Glittering_Beat3693 Modesty..

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2021.11.27 19:58 Talladegus I (32m) had my hand drawn hentai discovered by my family and I don't know what to do.

Backstory: I draw hentai of characters of cartoons and anime and have been for about a decade now. The characters in them are mostly over 18.
Anyway I usually keep them in a notebook under my bed. Yesterday, while I went outside to get food and groceries my parents cleaned my room for me (it gets a little messy and admittedly I'm not the best cleaner) and found them. Since then they have threatened to kick me out unless I got therapy, called me a paedophile, said I would not be allowed to be in the house when their grandchildren are visiting, and other bigoted stuff.
What should I do? For one, I don't have a job or a college degree, so it would be hard for me to get a house in my own; and my siblings (35m and 26f) are estranged from me for reasons I won't get into. Any advice is welcome.
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2021.11.27 19:58 MistaPersonality It’s about that time!

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2021.11.27 19:58 botanicaf Oh, really?

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2021.11.27 19:58 Biggyyes Rongeku

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2021.11.27 19:58 Joanne-and-Zoran Payments for Goods and Services in Croatia

Payments for Goods and Services in Croatia
Here is what Joanne and I learned about payments through our multiple trips to Croatia.
We paid for the restaurants, stores, tours etc. by credit card. Both our Visa and Discover are widely accepted and have no additional fees for foreign transactions. You might want to check about the fees on foreign transactions with the bank that issued your credit.
Tips in Croatian restaurants are around 10% or less so lower than in US. There was no way to add tips to the restaurant bills to your Visa or Discover card so we always made sure to have enough cash, usually in smaller and different dominations, to pay for the tips.
There are also some goods and service that can only be purchased with cash.
The best way to get Croatian cash is to bring some US dollars and exchange them at any local bank. The exchange rates at the banks are competitive. Make sure to bring your passport to the bank when exchanging. Since you are not a member of the particular bank, you will be charged a modest fixed service fee. There are also other exchange places that have even better competitive rates but you probably don’t want to spend your vacation looking for one. We brought last summer $1,500 for our 25 day trip and exchanged only some of it.
Not that anyone would bring over $10,000 to an European airport but you are in big trouble if you are caught with $10K+, even if you are just a tour guide holding money for a group of wealthy guests.
ATMs are convenient to use but can be really, really expensive. This summer we got charged what was an equivalent of 10.5% charge on the total amount withdrawn. We formally complained when we returned back to US to no avail. This was in addition to an extra 2% that our bank charged. Let this be a good lesson to everyone.
Of course, things change all the time. Your situation and experience might be different.
You can always find more about all the above topics on the Internet.
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2021.11.27 19:58 disgruntledNarwhal [US-MO][H]Tons of DC/Marvel/CMF/Ninjago/Other Minifigs, UCS 7191 X-Wing Display, Bionicle EXO-Toa [W] PayPal or Rare SW Figs

I've got a ton of minifigures I've just finished sorting through from various lots I've bought over the years. Before purchasing, I can take specific photos for you, and do a once over of the minifigures to make sure I didn't miss any obvious damage. I'm not an expert at selling figures, but I will absolutely do my best. Worst case scenario, I'll refund you if you're not satisfied.

Availability Once an item is paid purchased, I'll update the quantity to reflect stock.
Pricing I've priced everything basically at Bricklink averages, but that's just the no questions asked price. Feel free to give me an offer, especially if purchasing multiple figures. I need to clear this stuff out, so willing to make good deals.
Shipping I am only shipping to the US via the smallest appropriate flat-rate box/mailer. This cost will be in addition to the agreed upon price. If you're buying multiple, I will combine shipping and likely give a discount.
Star Wars Store Displays Bionicle Collectible Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
col069 Cave Woman, Series 5 $2 3 1 figure missing bone
col076 Evil Dwarf, Series 5 $7 1 Complete
col077 Boxer, Series 5 $3 1 Complete
col079 Gangster, Series 5 $6 1 Complete
col085 Bandit, Series 6 $4 1 Complete
col086 Flamenco Dancer, Series 6 $3 1 Complete
col087 Clockwork Robot, Series 6 $9 1 Complete
col089 Leprechaun, Series 6 $4 2 Missing gold plates, some markings on hat for one figure
col092 Skater Girl, Series 6 $2 2 Missing skateboards
col093 Intergalactic Girl, Series 6 $4 1 Missing trans-light blue bar
col095 Mechanic, Series 6 $2 1 Wrong leg(s), missing toolbox
col096 Genie, Series 6 $6 1 Back of torso is marked/damaged
col097 Swimming Champion, Series 7 $4 2 1 figure missing hat and medal
col098 Aztec Warrior, Series 7 $6 2 Missing gold pike
col099 Bunny Suit Guy, Series 7 $14 1 Complete
col100 Bride, Series 7 $9 2 1 figure missing crown
col101 Ocean King, Series 7 $10 2 Complete
col102 Bagpiper, Series 7 $14 1 Complete
col108 Computer Programmer, Series 7 $6 2 Complete
col110 Evil Knight, Series 7 $6 1 Complete
col111 Rocker Girl, Series 7 $5 1 Complete
col113 Evil Robot, Series 8 $4 1 Missing trans-red bar
col115 Lederhosen Guy, Series 8 $10 1 Complete
col116 Cowgirl, Series 8 $5 1 Complete
col118 Diver, Series $8 1 Wrong head
col120 Businessman, Series 8 $10 1 Complete
col125 Red Cheerleader, Series 8 $3 1 Complete
col130 Cyclops, Series 9 $4 1 Complete
col136 Roller Derby Girl, Series 9 $8 1 Missing skates
col138 Judge, Series 9 $7 1 Complete
col142 Mr. Good and Evil, Series 9 $5 1 Complete
col143 Forest Maiden, Series 9 $14 1 Complete
col154 Sea Captain, Series 10 $12 1 Missing black binoculars
col156 Revolutionary Soldier, Series 10 $8 1 Wrong head
col170 Yeti, Series 11 $4 1 Complete
col171 Mountain Climber, Series 11 $3 1 Complete
col175 Diner Waitress, Series 11 $10 1 Missing tray
col177 Constable, Series 11 $5 1 Complete
col187 Jester, Series 12 $6 1 Missing Joker card

Marvel Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
sh067 Aldrich Killian $2 1
sh109 Armored Truck Driver $2 1
sh106 Captain America - Blue Suit/Brown Belt $4 1
sh014 Captain America - Dark Blue Suit $4 1 Includes shield
sh030 Chitauri Foot Soldier $2 1
sh029 Chitauri General $2 1
sh117 Cyclops $7 1
sh110 Dr. Octopus (Otto Octavius) / Doc Ock $7 1 Missing oct arms
sh034 Hawkeye $3 2 1 figure missing arms
sh013 Hulk with Black Hair and Dark Tan Pants $14 1
sh108 Hydra Henchman $2 1
sh065 Iron Man Mark 42 Armor $9 1
sh015 Iron Man Mark 6 Armor $10 1 Missing helmet
sh033 Loki $8 2
sh119 Magneto - Dark Purple Outfit $6 1 Missing head and cape
sh107 Red Skull - Dark Brown Belt $4 1
sh038 Spider-Man, Black Web Pattern $2 1
sh116 Storm $16 1 Missing hair
sh018 Thor - Beard $4 1 Includes hammer
sh066 War Machine - Dark Bluish Gray and Silver Armor with Backpack $16 1 Helmet is a bit loose
sh118 Wolverine - Mask $19 1 Cracked Torso, missing head piece, missing one claw

DC Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
sh050 Aquaman $3 1
bat020 Arkham Asylum Guard, Light Nougat Head, Black Cap $6 1
sh047 Batman - Arctic Batman $5 1
sh016a Batman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest (Type 2 Cowl) $3 3
sh089 Batman - Dark Bluish Gray Suit, Gold Belt, Dark Bluish Gray Hands $3 1
sh025 Batman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest, Dark Blue Mask and Cape (Type 1 Cowl) $6 2 1 figure missing hands and cape
sh019 Batman - Wings and Jet Pack (Type 1 Cowl) $6 1
bat002 Batman, Black Suit $10 1 Cracked Torso, no cape
bat001 Batman, Light Bluish Gray Suit with Black Mask $11 1 Head not in great shape
bat013 Bruce Wayne - Dark Blue Suit $12 1
sh006 Catwoman, Purple Lips $4 2
sh078 General Zod $2 1
sh024 Harley Quinn - Black and Red Hands $5 1
sh316 Kabuki Twin $3 2
sh086 Man-Bat $3 2
bat011c01 Mr. Freeze $30 1 Missing white hose
sh049 Mr. Freeze, Medium Blue $4 1
bat012 Mr. Freeze's Henchman $6 1
sh085 Nightwing - Red Eye Holes and Chest Symbol $4 2 1 figure missing hair
bat018 Poison Ivy $15 1
sh011 Robin - Black Cape $5 1
bat025 Robin - Short Hair $20 1 Cape is discolored
sh003 Superman $4 1
sh077 Superman - Dark Blue Suit $3 1
sh087 The Flash $5 1
sh005 The Joker - Lime Vest $3 4 1 figure missing hair
sh020 The Joker's Henchman - Lime Jacket $4 1 Wrong hips
sh096 The Penguin - Fur Collar $3 1 No head
bat010 The Penguin, Dark Purple Short Legs $7 1
sh088 The Riddler - Green/Dark Green Zipper Outfit $3 1 Cracked torso
sh008 The Riddler, Bowler Hat $5 1 Playwear
bat004 Two-Face with Black Stripe Hips $20 1
bat004a Two-Face with Plain White Hips $20 1
bat006 Two-Face's Henchman $6 1 Cracked Torso
sh004 Wonder Woman $4 1

Ninjago Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
njo080 Cole - Final Battle $4 1
njo039 Cole ZX $3 1
njo034 Jay ZX $2 1
njo071 Kai - Final Battle $2 1
njo117 Kai (Tournament Robe) $2 1 Missing hair
njo032 Kai ZX $3 1
njo073 Lloyd (Golden ninja) $8 2 Includes gold swords
njo065 Lloyd ZX $9 1
njo078 Lord Garmadon - The Final Battle $10 1
njo320 Nya - The LEGO Ninjago Movie $4 1
njo326 Puffer $3 1
njo033 Rattla $2 1
njo356 Shark Army Thug $1 1 Missing hat
njo040 Skales $13 1
njo035 Snappa $2 1
njo072 Stone Army Scout, Yellow Face, Red Quiver, Short Legs $2 3
njo077 Stone Army Swordsman, Blue Face $2 2
njo075 Stone Army Warrior - Red Face $5 1
njo053 Zane ZX $2 1

TMNT Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
tnt005 Foot Soldier - Robot, Dark Red Legs $2 1
tnt011 Foot Solider - Robot $2 1
tnt003 Michelangelo $4 1 Wrong head (Leo's head)
tnt029 Michelangelo - Jumpsuit $5 1
tnt012 Michelangelo, Grin $4 1
tnt026 Raphael - with Armor $4 1 No head
tnt022 The Kraang $2 2 1 Figure has a cracked torso
tnt027 Victor $2 1 Bad condition, head nearly destroyed

Harry Potter Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
hp110 Harry Potter $3 2 1 figure missing left arm and cape
hp107 Marcus FLint $3 1 Missing cape
hp109 Oliver Wood $4 1

Random Minifigures
Expand Table
Item No Name Price Quantity Notes
min017 Alex $1 1
aqu004 Aquaraider 1 with Hook $4 1
aqu019 Aquaraider Diver 5 $1 1
twn132 Bride, Printed Legs $4 1
rac049 Captain Stunt $2 1
cas342 Crown Knight $5 1
nex012 Crust Smasher - Armor $2 1 Missing armor
din002 Digger - Rope Torso $2 1
agt026 Dr. D. Zaster $6 1
cty0120 Firefighter $1 1
ww015 Gold Prospector - Female $4 1
tlm031 Ice Cream Mike $3 1
pi135 Imperial Solider II $3 1
cas482a Lion King $6 1
cas478a Lion Knight $4 1
cty0456 Police - City Bandit Male with Black Stubble and Aviator Cap $2 1
pm007 Power Miner - Brains $1 1
cas479a Red Sash, Light Bluish Gray Neck Protector, Black Eyebrows $3 2 1 figure missing helmet
pm001 Rock Monster - Boulderax $3 1
cas155 Scale Mail Knight $5 1
adv053a Snake Charmer $3 1 Wrong head (brown eyebrows)
soc010 Soccer Player - Red, White, and Blue Team Goalie with Number 1 on Back $1 1
sp093 Space Police 3 Alien - Kranxx $2 1
sp101 Space Police 3 Alien - Skull Twin $4 1
sp106 Space Police 3 Officer 8 $2 1 Missing helmet
cty0223 Spacesuit, White Legs, Space Helmet, Orange Sunglasses $2 1
min009 Steve $1 1
tlr001 The Lone Ranger $2 1 Includes gun
min010 Zombie, Minecraft $1 1

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2021.11.27 19:58 dik3rman Reesykle ♻️ | Long Term Investment 💰 | Ecofriendly 🌏 | 1,000+ Trees Planted 🌳 | Holder Rewards Coming Soon 🤑 | Decentralized Real Estate Coming Soon 🏠 | Listed on CMC and CoinGecko 🦄 | Real Gem 💎 | Growing Fast! 🚀 | Dividends Soon 💴

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2021.11.27 19:58 ShittuOlumide DFyn Announces WBTC-WETH Popular Farm (Fantom Chain) is now LIVE 🤩 💡 Rewards: 12,500 DFYN/day 💡 Start date: 25th Nov, 2021 💡 Duration: 1 month 🔗

DFyn Announces WBTC-WETH Popular Farm (Fantom Chain) is now LIVE 🤩 💡 Rewards: 12,500 DFYN/day 💡 Start date: 25th Nov, 2021 💡 Duration: 1 month 🔗
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2021.11.27 19:58 NoArticle2833 Tally Hall Loadouts (Cosmetics in the Comments)

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