2021.11.27 20:54 BrilliantDay0 Weddings

So. In 2023 my SO and I are getting married. He has two kids who will be 8&9 (a boy and girl) when we get married and we will have a 2 and a half year old. I don’t have the best relationship with my dad so I think our son will walk me down the aisle. How do you incorporate two other kids into a wedding? I also want to have my niece in the wedding who will be a year and a half at the time (if that’s even possible) I guess my question is…how do you involve your step kids/multiple kids into a wedding?
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2021.11.27 20:54 BettyVonButtpants It's all about image (building a city on a budget)

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2021.11.27 20:54 AdrianRPNK Does anyone else have this issue of captions settings being reset in-between videos?

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2021.11.27 20:54 rainfullofghosts Dear mom, my family is broken...

Hey mom,
I hope this isn't too much. I feel so hopeless lately.
I love my daughter (3), but from the moment she was born my marriage started falling apart. My husband had a breakdown and couldn't cope. He didn't want anyone to know, so he didn't want me to ask for help. I had PPD and I struggled so much to keep the three of us afloat without his support. I feel like he put his pride ahead of daughter and I.
Mom, the thing I could never tell you IRL is that he had non-consensual sex with me one time, and tried to coerce me another. I never told you this mom but I was a victim of child sex abuse, and what happened with husband brought everything back and I froze. Afterwards I blamed myself for not doing anything.
Something else happened too mom. I fell in love. I know it's hard to understand, and I worried that I was just wishing for a Knight to come save me, or trying to make him the answer to my problems...but I've been working it through with a therapist and I believe it's real. I'm in love with my husband's friend, and he feels the same. It's the warmest, and most fulfilling feeling I've ever felt. I can never be with him, it would cause my husband a lot of pain and compromise our co-parenting relationship, and I wouldn't do that to my daughter. But letting him go is breaking my heart.
Why have I made such a mess of things mom? My husband says he loves me, and he's desperate for me to fall back in love with him. But I feel sick whenever he puts a hand on my waist, arm, hip, lower back - and he won't stop even though I've asked him to.
I don't want to be the reason my daughter doesn't get to live with both of her parents. I don't want to separate him from her. I don't want to live apart from her some of the time either. I did suggest I move out once, and he threatened suicide. I don't want to cause him pain, mom. I think he's a good person deep down. I just can't make myself fall back in love with him. We're sleeping in separate rooms. He still calls me baby and tells me he loves me, even though I don't say it back.
I'm lost, mom. I'm scared to leave. I'm scared to stay. I wish I could go back in time and choose a different path. My heart is out at sea, and the sky is so dark. What do I do momma?
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2021.11.27 20:54 CormacTheDoggo I need friends to play Minecraft with.

I already have a server ready so we don't need to set one up and I have two other people one it right now. It is java 1.17.1 DM me at Mugify#1111 on discord, or dm me on reddit.
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2021.11.27 20:54 jimogavlin Cyberunners 8,888 UNIQUELY ILLUSTRATED REBELS FROM THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE. A great and active community! Join the discord channel. There is easy active 🎁NFTGiveaway. Link at the comments.

Cyberunners 8,888 UNIQUELY ILLUSTRATED REBELS FROM THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE. A great and active community! Join the discord channel. There is easy active 🎁NFTGiveaway. Link at the comments. submitted by jimogavlin to NFTCollect [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 20:54 Fearless-Ordinary-66 Found this in the channel of the official editor of the Mr.Beast squid games at 3:38 on the video, 99% sure it's Albert in the suit

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2021.11.27 20:54 Deesh_12 Play station 4 looking for players to run expedition with! I’m level 84. Don’t necessarily want to be carried. Enjoy the grind and learning curve. Currently working on a fist build in the forth region. Running through all the side missions along the way! Drop your tags below!

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2021.11.27 20:54 NTheory39693 Oh Trasha, we know you want this group gone. But if anything happens, we will be back again and again ....until you are off the internet doing psychological damage to people, ESPECIALLY KIDS. You have influenced children in the most despicable ways with no remorse and it is gonna stop. ~KARMA

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2021.11.27 20:54 RAYdittDITTray 😂

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2021.11.27 20:54 Badassdeee Zumba

Did anybody take ZUMBA from Around the World with Jana Walker? If so how was the class?
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2021.11.27 20:54 you_loud2 Really feeling these tights and body suit!!

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2021.11.27 20:54 mykeyboardiswireless Am I skinny for being 145lb @ 5' 10" ?

View Poll
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2021.11.27 20:54 BeginningIcy3816 Help! Did I ruin my pacifist run?

So me and my sister are playing, and this is her first time. I used to be a huge fan when it came out. But it’s been a long time.
We forgot to befriend undyne before meeting Alphys and beating muffet! However if I remember, flowey lets you go back in your save if you spare everyone right?
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2021.11.27 20:54 GhostSZN- Fraudimp Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Me With My STG44 Build

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2021.11.27 20:54 ThereCanOnlyBe1KING What song ruins your mood every time you hear a second of it?

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2021.11.27 20:54 AnalysisVisor Adventuring

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2021.11.27 20:54 bot_neen Sudáfrica sufre el señalamiento internacional ante variante Omicron

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2021.11.27 20:54 CommissarRed 20 [M4F] Georgia/Anywhere - Looking for my other half

Hi, I'm 20, from Northeast Georgia, and i'm looking for a serious relationship with someone who I can hopefully marry and settle down with eventually. I intend to live off the land in the near future. I want to grow my own food, raise my own animals, and be as self-sufficient as possible. I don't really like to travel, so I guess I'm more of a homebody. But if you're a girl who loves nature, and wants to live a simple, romantic, slice of life type life then look no further!
About me: Physically, I'm 6'0, very slim, got black hair, and dark brown eyes. I am half white and half Mexican, so I am slightly tan. I am a nondenominational Christian. I really like manga/anime, playing guitar, anything outdoors related, reading, history, and cooking. I also like music except for rap and most country, but anything else goes. I am both extremely loyal and affectionate. I've also been told that I am patient, hardworking, funny, and easy-going.
What I'm looking for: I prefer someone around my age (18-26) though I'm willing to make exceptions if we get along really well. I am looking for someone who has similar beliefs as men, and would want a similar future as well. I want someone who will put in just as much effort in the relationship as I do, so that we're both happy. I want someone who is willing to work out any and all problems that we may have in the future. And I want someone who isn't afraid to be herself, and would prefer someone who doesn't care to act weird. I don't mind if you're clingy, or whatever either.
Bonus points if:

Deal breakers:
Feel free to message me if this interests you. I can tell you whatever else you wanna know about me, you can ask whatever you'd like, and I'd love for you to tell me about yourself as well. No messages that are just 'hey' or whatever. I'll just ignore them. I hope to hear from you!
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2021.11.27 20:54 GreatMorningOk Moving in together after 4 months

Hi. I am a 23 M and my gf is 25. We have been dating for 4 months. I am just graduating college this semester and we plan on moving together to my new job in the new year.
I understand this seems like we are rushing it. My family has expressed this concern about this with me.
It was my gf who originally proposed the idea that she come with me. I was initially pretty skeptical because we hadn't been dating long (but have been spending almost every day together. I've been practically living at her apartment and am barely ever at my own). I'm still a little hesitant, but have come around to the idea.
I've seen her living habits because I've spent the night at her place for a majority of the past few months. We are pretty similar in terms of cleanliness and schedules.
We've discussed that she (well both of us) need to try and find new friends in this city. I don't want to be codependent.
My grandfather said that no other man he knows in my circumstances would do what I plan on doing. Especially since this is my first relationship (I've been on dates, but never led to a relationship).
He says I'm in my prime right now and it wouldn't be right to not give myself a chance to meet other people. My thing is, I've been in college the past 4 years. I haven't been exactly drowning in women wanting to be with me. I could be wrong but I don't think it's gonna get any easier to meet a partner after college. Why yes, I think I'm decent looking, I'm not super impressive by any means. I'm also short and that limits my options a bit (I don't care about being slightly short, but guess a lot of women do).
I personally think the risk might be worth taking. Worst case, we breakup and she would probably have to move back home (or do whatever she wants - that is just what she said she would do).
I will be the only one with a car, and only one who can drive. I will also be making 3x more than her if that matters.
Am I making a huge mistake? I don't think I am.
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2021.11.27 20:54 Ducelong [na] jungle main

Just returning to league looking for people just to hit some normal drafts up with getting the rust knocked off before season starts! IGN: New Drake Album
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2021.11.27 20:54 SufficientBee Trying to instal Google thermostat 2020 from Trane thermostat with W1, W2 and O/B wires, no C. Will it work? Where will the W2 wire go?

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2021.11.27 20:54 beefnflex Not gonna lie I'm so annoyed at the Barbarians men's game being called off whilst I was there. What other sporting events have you been to that have been called off?

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2021.11.27 20:54 ksdio I took a picture of some young people on the underground

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2021.11.27 20:54 andthey_wereroomates How I(M20 )regretfully and accidentally became and "Orbiter" and am now seeking advice on how not to be one.

I apologize this is going to be a long one. This is the story of me(m20) and my roommate(f23), This kids is a lesson in what not to do and how I became and the thing I fear. I became the guy that’s waiting for a girl and I don’t know what to do now. About 6 months ago I met a girl in a coffee shop, I was a regular there and got to know some of the staff pretty well. Usually, when I went in I ordered, waited for my food and kept to myself, and listened to music or something with my headphones in. One week a girl we’ll call Katherine was working and she was picking the music for the store that day and I talked and got to know her pretty well. I ended up getting my coffee that day and drank it. I asked for her number and when she came over to give it to I accidentally handed her my tray my coffee was on because it was done out of habit( It is the type of place with real plates and cups). After that awkward moment, I still got her number and we talked and hung out later that week. When we hung out we went to a local park and walked around for an hour or 2 and really vibed and had a good time. Near the end of it, I asked if it was a date or just hanging either way I was cool with it. She replied that it was not a date and then we walked back to our cars( we were on the way back anyway). She hugged me and we went our separate ways. We still talked and then hung out again less than a week later where she invited me over to her place and got me probably top 5 most stoned I’ve ever been. We just chilled and hung with her bunny then went and got food. We hung out a third time after that and I told her in the interest of honesty that If she’s open to it I would really like to date her. But if not I like our friendship so far. She said no. I honestly don’t remember the specifics of her answer but it was a no. Life moved on and we hung out more and more than around the 4th of July I had just gotten off work and texted her and It ended up that we hung out that night. We sat on her roof watching fireworks. We talked about life and how we were both looking for a place to live. She joked that we should live together. I left soon after that to go to sleep. We continued texting as usual and we ended up deciding it would be extremely beneficial for her to live with me and my roommate along with one of her friends because the rental market was that bad. I did tell her over the phone that I was not sure if it was a good idea and told her, to be honest, it is due to the fact I might like her. She said it would be fine and I kinda agreed it would not be a big deal because my crushes are usually low-key and fleeting and I normally stay good friends with them. She left for a month to be with a guy she liked in another state and we kind of kept in contact but it was tough because the reception where she was genuinely bad like we would be on the phone talking about houses and the call would just drop. And just like the call my crush dropped like it normally does for my and I was excited/ nervous to live with her and be her friend. She came back and we helped each other move a little bit and had a good time living together. But whenever we hung out it was always me and her; without our roommates. Like we would run errands together and we took shrooms and went hiking together. Our relationship was kinda flirty too like once I was buying a belt and decided to put it back and she said “what are you gonna spank me with later?” in front of the cashier. Stuff like that kept happening and I did not really feel anything outside friendship for her until one day it all just hit me like a truck. We decided to try acid together ( my first time not hers) and so one weekend we got up went to breakfast together and came home and took it. Unfortunately, we did not know acid needs to be kept cold so it didn’t work. But we didn’t know it wouldn’t. So we hung out on the couch together listening to music and podcasts I was reading and she was drawing. Then she grabbed my foot and started cracking my toes and playing with my foot. Then we decided to walk to a park an hour away and put out a picnic blanket and draw together for a couple of hours then went back. She said she wanted Chili for dinner so I offered to make it for her and so we went on our way back home. She started texting this guy on the walk back and I was getting a little jealous and then I found out he had the same name as me( I know it’s a little petty but It kind fucked / fucks with me). So before we got to our house with our roommates inside. I told her, “ I have always been honest with you and I still really like you and would still like to date you”. She replied that she might if, “I was a little more confident, a little taller and a bit bigger”. I respected that but also rejection is still rejection so I wanted to be alone so made dinner for her and everyone else and said that I don’t need help when she offered. Later that night I talked with her for 2 seconds and she told me to let her know when it passes, I told her from where I’m sitting it might take a while. So life moved on and she started seeing the guy she was texting and after a couple of weeks, I was just getting really jealous and internalizing it into anxiety and self-deprecation. I didn’t tell her and tried to keep it from her so I could respect her relationship and be her friend. We still remained a bit flirty and more than a couple of times she called me adorable, and we had a lot of genuine moments I would not have had with a friend. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I needed distance from her and specifically our friendship. Her birthday was coming up so I did not want to tell her then so I decided to wait until the week after her birthday. Then her birthday rolled around, and I was busy that day and night dealing with some family stuff. I gave her, her birthday gifts a few days before. So I was busy and all the sudden at like 9 pm I get a call from her and asked to pick her and her friend up less than a minute later while on the phone still with her I get a text that says “sorry butt dial, but would you mind picking us up”. So I oblige and go and pick her and her friend up they are a bit drunk and my roommate is with her friend. Her friend who I had met a couple of times before and got along with, I got them in my car and my roommate puked 2 min into the drive so I pulled over next to a hotel and got some paper towels and trash bags and stuff. When I got back Katherine was crying and her friend told me to take them to her house and stay for a bit. During this time I was trying to act a bit apathetic because I was planning on distancing myself from Kat. We got to the house and I sat on the couch while Kat had chilled out and was on my phone. Then she starts crying again so he friend suggests that she goes to bed and we help her to one. I was once again asked to stay for a bit so I did. Then all of a sudden Kat starts crying again and her friend was comforting her and I was motioned over by the friend and I sat with Kat telling her it was going to be ok. She was venting about personal stuff so I am not going to go into it. She calms down and I start getting my stuff together to leave and she starts crying again so I go back to comfort her and I am literally kneeling by her bedside comforting her. Then she finally calms down and we all start talking then she says she’s going to break up with the dude with the same name as me. We talk for a bit longer and I leave at this point its like 11:30 So we were good for a bit and I was staying as apathetic as I could. And then less than a week later she “broke-up” with the dude and told me. They are FWBs and still go on dates. A couple of days later I tell her that I need distance from our friendship, I was careful to say that I still wanted to be friends(due to some of the things that happened on her B-day). I told her that being with her gives me a lot of anxiety sometimes and I’m really trying to get over her. She just says variations of the phrase you don’t want to date me. Then we settle on a safe word for whenever our friendship gets too much for one of us, we never used it. Due to differing schedules, we did not speak again for 3 days and my anxiety was just going haywire. I broke the silence over text, I said That the situation we are in is probably not easy for her either, and I want to make sure we are both comfortable in our home. She says she ok and wants the same. Then I said in an effort to get over her romantically, I wanted to know why she said no and that it’s ok if she didn’t want to reply. I also acknowledged that I knew she said it before. She said it was because “You’re a nice guy and you deserve a break that’s why”. I told her that it kind of feels like a cop-out and regardless of how I feel I'm her friend and I’m here for her life anyway. She said I wasn’t a burden just persistent. I responded that none of this was me trying to date her just trying to understand and get over her. We left it on good terms for the rest if the conversation and were good for a bit. We talked and texted regularly. Then this weird thing started happening and where we would make unmitigated eye contact for a couple of seconds; where it felt like something should be happening but wasn’t. Then one night she was going on a date with a guy with the same name as me and brought him over before they left. She tried to introduce us( I had already met him once) and I was uncomfortable so I left as quickly as possible literally in my pajama pants and flip-flops during a cold fall night. Luckily I had stuff in my car. That night I decided I couldn’t be friends with her so I drafted a text saying just that Ill paste it in: *I'm so,so sorry but I can't be friends with you, I wish this wasn't how it was. I like you too much to maintain what we have right now. I am worried I'm unintentionally becoming the guy that's just waiting for you to change your mind about him and thats not friendship. When we hang together it just feels so much more intimate than friendship alot of the time and I know that its not. I know its a one sided feeling. When I came into your room to talk to you before your date I did it to try and be confident as ask you not to go out but instead do something with me; I just couldn't do it so I panicked and asked you that favor instead because I know you dont and won't feel the same way I feel. I have tried so hard to get over you and this is honestly my last resort. I have never liked someone like this or this long before. . My relationship with you isn't healthy anymore. None of this was your fault at all. I have never had any thing kind of similar to this happen to me before, so i don't know what to do, this probably isn't it. I don't know what happens next, I can't imagine its going to be fun. Seeing as we live together total separation isn't possible but I'm going to be out of the house as often as possible and try not to cave and hang with you. This is my problem to deal with and i don't want this to effect you. So let me at least do that for you. Im sorry, I can't say this to your face I just don't think I physically could. I hope we can be friends again one day. I just can't right now not with how I feel, hopefully, someday. Goodbye. *

 She understandably did not reply and We didn’t speak for 3 days. I broke the silence after she sent a text exchange in our roommate group chat about a party we were throwing later in the week and I realized that its was not a sustainable thing. She agreed to talk to me and be friends again; she said she was worried about me. We talked and I told her the fullest extent of what I felt. I told her that it felt like sometimes she liked me too and that a lot of the time the stuff we do feels more intimate than friends. She just said I was a nice guy and something like this has happened to her before and she likes and values our friendship. Also that she was happy I did not try to kiss her as it would have been embarrassing for the both of us. We were fine after that. 
Then the next day I did genuinely fuck up and regret it we were preparing for the party and were joking around and I said something along the lines of guys hate being called “nice guys” due to the connotation involved. Then the conversation steered to when I tried to bring up feelings and whenever I try and talk about it with her she just gives non-answers and tries to avoid it, and that she never really gave me a real reason( when I was talking I completely forgot about the time we did acid). Then I realized how what I was doing could be perceived and that I was in fact being a weird asshole. So I apologized saying that I should have accepted the rejection she gave no matter the reason or how I felt about it; That I care about her and consider her a friend so she was the one I wanted it to talk to about relationship troubles(or lack thereof) even when they included her. She accepted and said she understood and did not want to talk about it and if I wanted to I could talk to her friend(from her birthday) about it. She also said that she won’t go out with me ever, but we are friends. Then the party happened and the other guy showed up and stayed the night I didn’t say anything, but he was clingy and she was clearly uncomfortable but I brushed it off because it is not my business, but it was brought up by one of my other roommates. Then I left for a week and got back today, the entire week I missed her, but when I got back I just became sad. And all of our roommates are gone for vacation so it is just me and her for now. She invited me to breakfast this morning and I was just so depressed the entire time. I want to be her friend and I can’t move out so I guess I'm just going to be depressed for the next 8 months? I really don’t know what to do. What do you all think? About me: I have depression and pretty bad anxiety, I have never been in a relationship, also something like this situation has never happened to me before. I think this is my first real crush, I have never liked someone so long or for lack of a better word intensely. TLDR; I am an idiot and moved in with a girl who I have unrequited feelings for and am now fucked.
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