Campus hire question

2021.11.27 21:07 LargeIndependence115 Campus hire question

Background: finishing my last year in college (CPA eligible upon grad). Did SLPs and remote audit internship last year. Hated it. Reached out to recruiters during internship and asked to interview for M&A advisory. Did the case and behavioral interview. Got the offer and still planning to go ahead and follow through with it.

  1. CPA is still a good idea to get, yes? Offer letter highlights prep course reimbursement and CPA bonus, so I'm assuming so. CFA though? Probably not?
  2. Working on Excel skills and using keyboard only. Any specific skills needed for FDD?
  3. Audit got a comp update and some other advisory lines in the same office did as well. Campus hire audit is now making nearly the same comp as my offer letter outlines. Email recruiter? Can't hurt right?
  4. General tips?
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2021.11.27 21:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | Acun Ilıcalı Çıldırdı: Biraz Daha Durursa Döveceğim Adamı #AcunIlıcalı #TV8 #OSesTürkiye #Yarışma #AcunMedya son saatin en çok aranan 12. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 5 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2021.11.27 21:07 sheMehay Gift for a wacky friend

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2021.11.27 21:07 Mythradites Tis the Season

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2021.11.27 21:07 Unit_Unknown [WP] You tried to stop the high wizards rule over the world. They cast you away into a black hole. You survived, trading away all your memories for the powers of the singularity, and you’re back for revenge

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2021.11.27 21:07 assrah Blown head gasket, what to do next?

Hey guys! Please let me know if this kind of post isn’t allowed, or where else on Reddit it would fit better.
Info: I drive a 2002 Honda Accord EX. Bought it used in June ‘21 for $2,000. First car I ever bought!! :)
So, on Friday, I went to check the oil level on my car to see if the oil change I did was settling in right. I had to put in almost 4.5 quarts, but had no leaks under the body of the car or by the pan. So, I was racking my brain trying to figure out if it was an exhaust problem out of the tailpipe or if it was going someplace else in the car.
After some investigating, I found that there was a lot (like, A LOT a lot) of black, used oil where my antifreeze would go. Blown head gasket is the most likely issue here, and I just don’t think it’ll be worth fixing at this point. I just spent over $1,000 after getting my catalytic converter stolen last month and my savings are very Not There.
So, does anyone have any idea what I should do next? I’m in my early 20s and don’t have a ton of car experience, but my dad does and he’s good friends with a couple mechanics. Should I try to sell it as is to a scrap yard, or try to sell different parts of it? Or, should I bite the bullet and go for a repair?
This just happened and I’m so lost as to what to do. Any guidance would help so, so much. Thank you guys!!
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2021.11.27 21:07 myriyevskyy I want to share with you my dream, impressionist landscape:"Mountain Paradise" acrylic, oil on canvas

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2021.11.27 21:07 Ok_Cryptographer6092 Has anyone made major life changes after hitting CoastFIRE?

For context, I'm 27 and have been working as a software engineer for about 5 years at a few companies. Fortunately, this field pays well and I hit my CoastFIRE number about a year ago.
So things seem great, but I'm extremely burned out on this industry. The work is highly complex and mentally draining, which has taken a serious toll on my mental health for a long time. It feels like I haven't been truly happy in years.
I often find myself fantasizing about moving back home and living with my family (very LCOL area) while I take a simple job. Since I wouldn't actually need the money, I'm hoping it wouldn't be as miserable to do something like work at a grocery store.
Obviously making a change like this means it would take way longer to reach true FI, but I'm just so tired of being miserable due to my job. Am I crazy for seriously considering something like this?
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2021.11.27 21:07 igotdooms This is YOU. Stahp.

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2021.11.27 21:07 Soul_Ripper Kiara Daydreams About Being Ame's Partner

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2021.11.27 21:07 C1RRU5 Can't wait to get a steel bumper

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2021.11.27 21:07 Maximum_Marketing546 Picked up a celebrations box in Mexico!

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2021.11.27 21:07 Disastrous-Share-604 Could anyone make bo1’s original Nuketown as a map with some weapons from the game if possible in blades and sorcery for u10?

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2021.11.27 21:07 yeetuscletuss Irish militaria/police memorabilia?

Hi, I’m looking to start collecting Irish military and police memorabilia after by grandfather gave me an old Irish police helmet/coat, but I’m not sure where to go after getting these, I’m interested in finding more Irish things though.
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2021.11.27 21:07 Kawaru_Natari How would you like the God scene from Chapter 153 to be animated? (Assuming we get a Season 3/4)

Personally, I like the idea of the aspect ratio changing to be cinematic like during the God scene. Curious which you all prefer the most though.
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2021.11.27 21:07 katmio1 Employers, if yall need people that badly then make your ATS less picky...

I get it... you're trying to save money from using actual people from HR to look at resumes.. but you're losing out on some really hard working applicants by filtering them out just b/c their resumes aren't "perfect" enough for yall...
...& that, ladies & gents, is how you remain short staffed. No sympathy from me!
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2021.11.27 21:07 incineratewhatsleft Why is this tea spicy though

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2021.11.27 21:07 Finalcheetah379 You guys still using pc?

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2021.11.27 21:07 PaulMayer1 The long man is back.

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2021.11.27 21:07 seanspeaks77 The BBC have been informed about Pizzagate on the 15th of Nov 21. They have a duty of care to report the facts and tell the public the truth. Join me and Sonio Poulton this Monday (29/11/21) to discuss how important this story is. See SS for context and links.

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2021.11.27 21:07 DrMatis I actually find this insult very funny.

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2021.11.27 21:07 KaosSpazzJr69 Heatran raid on me!!

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2021.11.27 21:07 Ok-Avocado464 Does anyone else overthink their social interactions days after they’ve occurred ?

I will literally just spend so much time and energy just hating certain words or sentences I’ve said in a social interaction even if it happened hours/days ago and even try to brainstorm better ways I could’ve phrased things I said to come off better :(
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2021.11.27 21:07 LegalBegQuestion Convinced my wife to pick up $200 of LRC & got a little Bitcoin dip bonus

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2021.11.27 21:07 Bluejay929 Wesley was a certified G and a bonafide stud

I’ve recently started a rewatch of the show, after some rumors about Daredevil’s return to the mcu, and I forgot how much I really liked Wesley! I don’t really know why, but I love the guy.
He’s the only person it really seemed that Fisk actually considered a friend. Vanessa is his love, but Wesley is his boy. I like his and Fisk’s dynamic a lot. I just wish he got a bit more time to shine.
He had a quiet kind of power, and it would’ve been cool to see him running Fisk’s operations in season 2 on the outside
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