56d25 87aaa 2zi5d 47z2i 6f2ih 5kyb7 d73ht tenyf rf539 7s6td enk53 zyae2 7itzy bd4r2 8773z 6zb3d f6sy2 feffk 6dzn4 fr687 t65ny The wife- Xmas gift I made for one of my daughter’s nurses as a thank you for everything |

The wife- Xmas gift I made for one of my daughter’s nurses as a thank you for everything

2021.12.07 19:30 crshorty3 The wife- Xmas gift I made for one of my daughter’s nurses as a thank you for everything

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2021.12.07 19:30 TerraLunaHODL Nocturn.Fi being released next week, join the waitlist using my referral link below and get priority for launch, thanks 🚀

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2021.12.07 19:30 SerpentsMawPath Cradle Foodies

How do you think Sacred Artists enhance food? There's a WoW out there that says something like lowgold chefs are great, highgold chefs are amazing, and truegold chefs are the best you'll ever have. But how exactly do these chefs enhance the food? Do they infuse it with food madra? Or do they work with already madra-rich foods and just blend flavors and contain the madra already within it? Does anyone have any opinions or fan-made paths relating to this? I'm curious to know your thoughts
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2021.12.07 19:30 Exotic-Gear-9619 New into sneaker / retail botting… whats the best bot that i can rent atm for thursday and the sneaker releases in December? i appreciate opinions

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2021.12.07 19:30 lss_bvt_and_01 LssTest-TextPost-92549

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2021.12.07 19:30 noel_edmondso Interferon beta has potent antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 including variants of concern

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2021.12.07 19:30 Prestigious_Emu_7986 The journey of first broken vessel

I don't remember my past, but I heard the calling so I came to this little fading town. I met old bug there, he had a lovely little monolog and I went further into the town. Almost every building was abandoned, city was very silent, till I got close to the well. I don't know how, but I heard the screem, very familiar, yet I couldn't recall anything like this from my memory. I didn't know what to do so I just jumped into the well. I landed in caverns covered in darkness, the light from the nearby lanterns show me the sign on my left. Forgotten Crossroads, I don't even remember my name, if I even had one, this place suits me. I went to explore this new location, I quickly realised that bugs here were different then Elderbug, they were hostile and had something in their ice, something bright...
Fortunately I crossed paths with another nice bug, her name was Milla she was singing a song, the hearing that song, gave me a thought. A pink colour, like a crystals near Milla, maybe these crystals were inspiration for it.
I wonder if that hostile bugs have thoughts too, I didn't have a lots of thoughts before I came here. Right now I'm sitting on the bench in a stag station and soon I'm going to free that green bug from the jar, the problem is he's guarded by this giant bug in armor with the bat. I hope that everything will go well.
First broken vessel discovered songs, colours and feeling of justice before they died, let it rest in peace.
May another of this kind come to this little fading town called dirtmouth
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2021.12.07 19:30 HarrisonAbbotsford I'm still surprised Vancouver Island isn't a Province (compared to Prince Edward Island)

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2021.12.07 19:30 stroff Quick poll about your ESF control settings (mainly aimed at players that tried/are trying to get into ESFs)

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2021.12.07 19:30 thisTRBLMKR fast short hyper pop track

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2021.12.07 19:30 RoxieJunior ID help - Southern IL. I think one is a very small raccoon possibly and maybe the other is a deer?

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2021.12.07 19:30 MasterOfOne1 ZEKROM ON ME 0485 1151 1302

Please be online
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2021.12.07 19:30 AU_WarEagle Cloud Gaming unusable.

I have a new iPhone and fiber internet. I have troubleshooted everything on my end. When I click on the cloud gaming shortcut it just goes to a white screen. It will sit and do nothing. Then there will be an error.

I have gotten in to a few games after trying it a bunch but then it will eventually fail out. Anyone know what is going on?
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2021.12.07 19:30 Non_Enemy_Standuser We need more Koichi’s in the world

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2021.12.07 19:30 CthulhuFor2020 The boy was pronounced dead via drowning at the pool.

I knew that he was drowning, but at least it's one less man in the world.
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2021.12.07 19:30 Davidsuth One of the units at harlaw🤪

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2021.12.07 19:30 mosley6686 Logan Refusing to Buy Ken Out

Does anybody else wonder if that comes back to bite Logan in the ass? Let’s say Logan wont buy Ken out, like he asked, because he gets some sick pleasure out of holding it over Ken. Is it possible that those shares could play into the eventual end game? Like Logan ultimately loses the company because the shareholders build enough momentum and somehow buy Kendall’s shares to overthrow the other Roys. Can anyone else see that happening?
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2021.12.07 19:30 H3yImJP My moms gonna love it!

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2021.12.07 19:30 RefugeeDutch_Syrian Don't be fooled by a previous ATH of coin!

Some of you might look at a coin that reached an ATH of $10 back in 2018 and argue that since the project is still alive, liked by many, it will at least reach $10 this cycle as well! Wrong! Consider the difference in Circulating Supply. Let us look at an example:

If a coin has a maximum supply of 1B but only 80M were in circulation in 2018, that means that the coin only need a Market Cap (Not a Diluted one, the normal one) of 800M to be $10 a piece. But 3-4 years later, when all coins are in circulation, you would need a market cap of 10B to reach $10 a piece.

So next time before making estimates, try to figure out the circulating supply at the time as there is always more nuances to it than one thinks.
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2021.12.07 19:30 okfnjesse [USA-NY] [H] Dell XPS 15 9510 (i9, 16gb, 3050ti, 1tb, FHD+), Full SFF Build (5600x, 3060ti FHR, 16gb, 1tb, Noctua Cooler, SF600) [W] Paypal, Local Cash, Blade 14 3070, M1 Macbook Pro/Air

XPS 15" 9510: i9-11900H, NVIDIA RTX 3050ti, 16gb ram, FHD+ non-touch matte screen, 1tb SSD. Newest Model, mint condition, comes with Dell 130w usb-c charger. This is as powerful as you can spec out an XPS 9510 and still get good battery life with the FHD screen. Asking $1,500 shipped via Paypal G&S, local cash Manhattan 10021
NR200P White Build
Part Price Available
Ryzen 5 5600x + MSI Gaming Edge B550-i WIFI Mobo includes Windows 11 license $400 yes
Noctua NH-U9S Black $50 yes
Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 16gb 3200mhz CL16 RAM $85 yes
NR200P White $50 yes
Corsair SF600 Power Supply $100 yes
Gigabyte Aorus Master 3060ti v1.0 (non-lhr) w/box $1,150 yes
1tb Crucial P5 SSD $75 yes
Corsair QL 120 RGB Fan 3 Pack $60 yes
ENTIRE BUILD $1,750 Local Cash (10021) $1,850 shipped yes
At the moment I will prioritize local buyers for the NR200 as I don't have the original box for it. I'm interested in a trade for a Razer Blade 14 with a 3070 for either the build or the XPS. Also interested in an M1 Macbook Pro or Air +/- cash depending on value.
Comment before PM or Chat
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2021.12.07 19:30 queensharlene Marshmellow Mushroom

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2021.12.07 19:30 felixthursday Trump’s social media platform hits roadblocks as major political battle looms

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2021.12.07 19:30 hugo_151 Drop any advice

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2021.12.07 19:30 Imma-Come Frog Knight on Horse

Is anybody willing to draw a Frog in knight armor riding to face Death for free?
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2021.12.07 19:30 myrmekochoria Fan Ho, The Omen, 1964

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