Guys I think I’m in

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2021.12.07 19:08 Raichu76 Guys I think I’m in

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2021.12.07 19:08 Nico_Geek So i translated seven rings in hand with google translate

The story comes out again
We want everything we know
A complex and distorted story

Update (play!)
I want to tell events in your head (I want to tell events in your head)
Ask all you know (Ask all you know)
Dark and corrupt story

This is OK-)

There is no way back
Turn off the clocks, they will not break
Many were destroyed before they could begin
You can do nothing, you want to dream

The future dies like a voice on stage
It looks okay
Not so easy (yes!)

Once you have eaten, we wish you the best of luck
When I arrive, everything is ready
To make you feel like everything is real

VII works in Jane
They run fast in the sand at night
VII works in Jane
Everything is under control
VII works in Jane
You are lost in your hands
VII works in Jane
Now the business is on fire

Update (play!)
Remember your story (secret is in your heart)
Hear all you know!
A complex and distorted story

There are no letters in the arrow
Expectations may be high, but they often fall short.
First you have to push or pull again.
You cannot move freely without your other hand.

Like it or not, it will never be the same
Not only bad
No, you all say the same thing
If they are all the same, they will never be the same
When I arrive, everything is ready
To make you feel like everything is real

VII works in Jane
They run fast in the sand at night
VII works in Jane
Everything is under control
VII works in Jane
You are lost in your hands
VII works in Jane
Now the business is on fire

The last dance
By history
I know what I believe (I know what I believe)
Impartiality (middle)

I want to tell events in your head (I want to tell events in your head)
Ask all you know (Ask all you know)
The story is sad and sad (yes!)

This is OK-)

VII works in Jane
They run fast in the sand at night
VII works in Jane
Everything is under control
VII works in Jane
You are lost in your hands
VII works in Jane
Now the business is on fire

VII works in Jane

Steps to the beach at night

VII works in Jane

VII works in Jane

Focus on the story (focus on the main story)
Ask all you know (Ask all you know)
Dark and twisted story (clear and confusing story)

There are 7 genes
Sound speed in the sand
All our thoughts and intentions
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2021.12.07 19:08 NewsElfForEnterprise Semiconductor stocks, led by Nvidia, were on fire Tuesday. Here’s the breakdown

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2021.12.07 19:08 ConducingSoup20 Please add another final to the Aloy show

Hex of all finals has to be the only one? Give me a break
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2021.12.07 19:08 PenaltyAccording8800 OTIUM Tech ☮️ | Utility Token: Revolutionizing the Hotel & Tourism Industry 🏨 | Low MC at TGE: 100x Potential 🚀 | BUY $OTIUM ON PANCAKESWAP!

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2021.12.07 19:08 laurengray9948 Me (19F) and my boyfriend (20M) can’t get his dad (45M) to close & lock the doors before he leaves the house despite asking so many times. Please help me, this is my first ever post on reddit, I don’t know what to do at this point.

Please bear with me, as this is my first post I’ve ever made. I love reading everything on this thread, and it has always helped me, but have never really been at such a loss or needed advice for a specific situation up until now.
My boyfriend (20M) and I (19F) have been living together for a little over 6 months, together for almost a year. Because he and his family are all from Brazil, it made sense for us to all move in together as a family unit. His parents actually invited me to live with them once the lease at their apartment was up so we could all have a bigger house, as my boyfriend’s stepmom has two younger daughters (12F, 13F). That way, it wouldn’t be so expensive, as we all split all expenses equally. I‘d been living on my own since I was 18, and I was happy I could have a house with family in it. I always loved coming to visit them at their place, and they always asked me where I was if I didn’t come to stay the night. They even took care of me over the summer when I got surgery, before we moved into the house.
For the most part, I actually have a really good relationship with my in-laws (his dad, 45M, and his stepmom, 48F). They’re my family, and I think that’s really what kept me from asking for help for so long. They are really more of a family than a lot of my own family have been. I thought that maybe these disagreements or the lack of respect I am receiving about simple boundaries were just a form of our family dynamic that I had to become accustomed to. What I now realize is that I don’t think this is normal or healthy, and that’s why I need advice to help me figure out if this situation can be solved in a healthy way. I should also mention that my in-laws do not speak English. I can speak Portuguese, and I learn more every day, but my fluency isn‘t advanced to the point where I feel like I can communicate with them about boundaries, respect, etc. especially if I’m nervous about having the conversation in the first place.
On our own, my boyfriend and I honestly do so well living together, and even with normal arguments on occasion, we’re always good at communicating and trying to understand each other. When we all first moved in together, things were fine. Eventually, I started to notice some things that bothered me, but when I tried to communicate, it didn’t go over well.
The doors would never be locked. And I mean never. We have a double glass door in the living room/kitchen area, a front door, and the small side door in our garage. These doors would always be left unlocked, and even when I would lock them over and over to try and gently send the message that they should be locked, they would remain unlocked. My last straw came when I came home alone and the garage door was wide open, and then I came into the kitchen to find the double glass door cracked open in the living room. I immediately was worried someone broke into the house. His stepmom came home and I explained to her what happened, and together we looked through the house to see if someone came in or took anything. This continued despite my boyfriend talking to his dad and being blown off, as his dad didn‘t think it mattered if we lock the doors or not. His dad said, “we never locked the doors in Brazil, why should we have to lock them here?”. Keep in mind, their old house in South Carolina was broken into and robbed because they didn’t lock the doors in that house either. We live in California, but the same things can happen everywhere, especially if you make your home a target by leaving it completely unlocked.
I finally had a sit down with everyone and my boyfriend and I tried to explain that the doors need to be locked before we leave the house, and before we go to sleep at night. I explained that this is my only request, and is the most important thing to me. I can’t feel safe knowing that I could come home alone to a stranger in my home, or to see my space ransacked or trashed if someone came and broke in when we weren’t home. The younger girls were also often home alone, and the doors would remain unlocked, and I told my boyfriend’s patents that I worried about their safety as well. I tried to stress the importance of keeping our home safe and that I just wanted them to respect this one thing that I asked.
I always respected when they would ask something of me. “Take off shoes in the house” “help clean on Sundays“ “Help me translate over the phone”, etc. It didn’t matter what it was, if I could oblige, of course I’m going to respect these requests. They’re my family, that’s what you do.
During this conversation his dad argued that if someone wants to come in they’ll break in byway, even if the door is locked. I responded that well, if we lock the doors, at least it’s not an open invitation for someone to come in. He also said that just because I have “traumas” doesn’t mean they should have to always lock the doors. I got upset and said it wasn’t about that, it was about respecting the one thing I’m asking to keep our home safe, and that he needed to respect this, just as I always respected them when they would ask something of me. They ultimately said they would try to remember to lock the doors, but that they might forget. I’ll admit I felt so discouraged.
The doors continued to be unlocked, but it’s gotten better over time, especially with his stepmom, she always remembers to close and lock the doors now. Recently though, another family from Brazil has come to stay with us until they find a place. I wasn’t really asked if they could stay, but I also don’t mind, they’re very sweet. My father in law started leaving the garage door and the smaller garage door open and unlocked again. My boyfriend and I have tried to remind him to please be sure it’s locked and closed before he leaves the house. My boyfriend said maybe it‘s the other family who is staying with us also.
From my POV, I can see they have guests here, and they know to take off their shoes because that’s what my boyfriend’s parents ask of them. So why can‘t they also let them know to please lock and close the doors behind them? It’s a basic respect to follow the ‘rules’ when you go into someone’s house, so I just don’t get why his parents wouldn’t let them know to do that also.
My boyfriend works with his dad and tried to have a discussion about it today, because I’ve been pretty frustrated and exasperated trying to get a grown man to listen to one thing I ask. My boyfriend said all of the sudden that he thinks him and I should move out together with just the two of us. He tried talking to his dad and said that he doesn’t listen. I offered to try and patiently have a respectful conversation with him myself so that he didn‘t have to be in the middle. My bf said that it was no use, his dad wasn‘t going to listen and is just stubborn.
So my dilemma; I love my family, I love my bf, and I don‘t think we should necessarily move out. I just don’t know if this issue can be solved. His dad is from a different country where the norms are not the same, and has a different mindset. He doesn‘t care about my feelings or frustration with this. I feel I’ve exhausted every avenue trying to respectfully communicate and set my boundaries. I haven’t asked for anything from them other than this. I just want to know that when I come home, I’m safe, and when we all leave, the house is locked. That’s it.
If anyone has advice on how to solve this in a healthy way, please givee any and all ideas you have. I don’t want to cause any issues for my bf, or put him in the middle of a confict that will stress him out more. He is on my side in all of this, the dynamic is just hard to balance out. Thank you if you read this far and if you decide to give any advice!

TLDR: Father in law continuees to leave the doors open and unlocked in the house despite my bf and I having many conversations with him about it which has now resulted in my bf wanting to move out with just us two. I want to solve the conflict in a healthy way and love my in-laws, but my bfs dad does not respect my feelings and continues to leave the doors unlocked and sometimes open when he leaves the house or at night. Their old house got robbed because of them leaving the house unlocked and I want to feel safe in my home. Need any advice that can help keep the situation from becoming volatile.
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2021.12.07 19:08 Captainpepper89 Who here has done seen Spotify wrapped?

View Poll
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2021.12.07 19:08 bobagf [FT] merengue [LF] bells or nmt!

i’m fine with 1 mil bells or 10 nmt!
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2021.12.07 19:08 Possible_Abrocoma_22 Michigan school shooting: Why were the suspect’s parents charged?

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2021.12.07 19:08 realityfilter There is no effective way to balance stubs without removing them.

Even aside the fact that in/m players can’t do anything when they’re stunned, an item that essentially removes your opponent’s ability to play the game and execute basic movements is inherently imbalanced and should probably just be removed altogether. Flashes are annoying but not fundamentally broken in the way stuns are, since you’re not rooted to the floor and can actually navigate
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2021.12.07 19:08 tayfeelshungry PUBLIC MINT DATE DEC 19TH join the Funge Fight Club

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2021.12.07 19:08 Chosen4934 Zekrom on me 4341 9298 7130

4341 9298 7130
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2021.12.07 19:08 Im_So_Lost96 Can we finally agree that Millenials range from 1981-1996?

Sort of been getting into this stuff a little bit lately. Basically just want to find people experience the same nostalgia and stuff growing up
Not a fan of the drama on here but I notice alot of people born 1995/1996 (more actually 1995 than 1996) want to not be grouped with Millennials because they are "older" but I oppose that
I get that "Zillennialz" are a thing too for us born in the 90's but I think 1996 is actually a good stopping point for Millennials because it is the most popular said thing online and it's for a reason
If research didn't back up the dates then they would have changed it to 1994 so 1981-1994 would be a generation? But get real 1981-1994 is only 13 years? I read that Millennial are the largest generation so how would it span that little?
We already established that 1981 is a set date for Millennial because they hit 18/19 during the new millennium (come of age) and that would mean a 15 year range would work perfectly meaning 1981-1996. 🤔
Now I get that 1997/1998/1999 feel left out and that's fine, that's why gen Zillennials exist. And yes I feel best placed there too.
Thank you everyone!
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2021.12.07 19:08 ComfortablyYou Looking for games on the Switch

Me and my roommate play point and click adventure games on consoles, but we have exhausted what games we knew of. Grim Fandango, The Journey Down, Sam and Max, and Thimbleweed Park are games we played and really enjoyed. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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2021.12.07 19:08 steyndelijk Touch Trade for evolution

Anyone wanna help me evolve one of my pokemon touch trading real quick? Can give you a shiny jpn ditto in return
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2021.12.07 19:08 peluriback i got this item from an event pack. its disappeared from my trackers, but its still on my banner. maybe from the next event?

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2021.12.07 19:08 SpcDark_muscle Reshiram - My Trainer Code is 5472 4931 6094!

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2021.12.07 19:08 Yeeteryeetboi Help

How do I make my car go faster cuz my fastest car can only go 213 and I want it to go faster
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2021.12.07 19:08 Sovetika Greece - Crete - Rethymno lighthouse - modern postcard - h1384

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2021.12.07 19:08 Op_en_mi_nd What's the best steps to take when negotiating with a car dealership get the lowest price?

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2021.12.07 19:08 bearofbutter [OC] Aglar Ubeioel, forest guardian/father of one

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2021.12.07 19:08 Dear_Garbage_7952 Sem perspectiva

Entrei num curso de banho e tosa pra ver se dou um up na minha vida mas até agora só vi o quanto é puxado e difícil essa área. Me sinto uma merda por ter 27 anos e não conseguido nada na vida. Preciso de dinheiro pra pagar a faculdade que comecei, mas tá tão difícil. Acabei com minha vida por não ter me especializado em algo mais cedo
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2021.12.07 19:08 orbitcon Gov. Brown responds to criticism over maskless photos in DC

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2021.12.07 19:08 Blackkcherry Gloriosum Verde and Dark form.

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2021.12.07 19:08 __DiscoCryptos__ Testing to see if I can post an image here

Just seeing if I can post
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