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I tried one of my first (semi) wildstyles, can u guys give me some tips on how to improve?

2021.12.07 19:03 sbe_forever I tried one of my first (semi) wildstyles, can u guys give me some tips on how to improve?

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2021.12.07 19:03 sharewithme Word of The Hour: thermotical

thermotical: produced by heat
See tree for thermotical: https://treegledictionary.org/define/thermotical
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2021.12.07 19:03 ZiggyTriick PlayOnMac Error

Is anyone else getting the error on the new playonmac 4.4.3 download? It always say "Playonmac has encountered a fatal error" and to terminate the download. If anyone else figured this out please help. Bought Windows games of GOG and can't play them now.
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2021.12.07 19:03 vegaskid0 boost for boost?

Can anyone in the Earnin Community help me boost my Max? 🙂 https://earnin.app.link/MbmsBSWPyib
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2021.12.07 19:03 openrangestudios Check out these clips from recent Arizona trip

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2021.12.07 19:03 EdCowell Chris Wittyngham is a fancy lad.

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2021.12.07 19:03 alexanderino NSW COVID-19 update: 403 new cases (55% increase), 1 death, 151 in hospital.

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2021.12.07 19:03 IdentidadPersona join Amazon’s affiliate without original content ?

Hi, question. If I have a high traffic website with solely other people's YouTube videos will I be accepted into the Amazon’s affiliate marketing program?
Thanks for the answer!
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2021.12.07 19:03 Meiner997 Am I the only one who thinks they look the same? (in this special image)

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2021.12.07 19:03 jorgeribs People who were previously homeless: how did you bounce back?

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2021.12.07 19:03 Loud-Individual2945 Status Panel didn’t working yet?

I’ve got my velocity flight a few days ago. The status panel behind the yoke is lightened up the hole time. The description says the field in the panel shine based on the action, gear up or down or something else….
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2021.12.07 19:03 Sovetika Как правильно расшифровать "СССР"? | Sovetika | Яндекс Дзен

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2021.12.07 19:03 wet_socks_over_candy Killed my man->swipe for murder

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2021.12.07 19:03 JumpGlittering8120 The Prosecution After the Pest's Defense rested..

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2021.12.07 19:03 royalee_soggy_socks Information about my main OCs <3

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2021.12.07 19:03 Pierstopher 3 tickets available for sale for tonight's Sacramento show

I have 3 tickets for Sec 206 for tonight's show in Sacramento. $100 a pop obo
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2021.12.07 19:03 antitutkal İyi geceler Kgb. Bi süre burada olamayacağım. Kendinize dikkat edin

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2021.12.07 19:03 txphost DAY 4 "Join Game" Greyed out. Server "crashing" WITH players in session. HELP.

Day 4 of raising visibility on these issues.
Hello All!
This is the beginning of a series of posts that I have decided to embark on.
Link to original post : https://www.reddit.com/ARKone/comments/r9lfn1/join_game_greyed_out_server_crashing_with_players/
link to day 2 post: https://www.reddit.com/ARK/comments/r9m4p1/day_2_join_game_greyed_out_server_crashing_with/
link to day 3 post: https://www.reddit.com/ARKone/comments/rae2lc/day_3_join_game_greyed_out_server_crashing_with/
link to day 4 post: current.
day 2 Twitter callout: https://twitter.com/CrossplayTx/status/1467559885739106306
day 3 twitter callout: https://twitter.com/CrossplayTx/status/1467920963278888967
day 4 twitter callout: https://twitter.com/CrossplayTx/status/1468339695025373193
day 2 imgur posts: https://imgur.com/gallery/aPwaC6g
day 3 imgur posts: https://imgur.com/gallery/rNcnOiK
day 4 imgur posts: https://imgur.com/gallery/jsISWhO
"I am now in charge of a small community and i feel it necessary to at least try to elicit some support from the devs.
It's honestly disgusting wildcard, you have extremely faithful players who want to support your community in the most important way (by hosting) and you show them no love.
As title states, server "crashes" while players are still inside session. Players in-session are unaware of the "crash".I have dubbed these soft crashes, as the world can still be saved and progress made, but no new players may join.The session is no longer joinable until full restart when this occurs.I have never gone more than 2 weeks without one of these "crashes"
The server list for player dedicated arks takes 3-6 days to even show my server when i start it, Why wildcard?? (this is CRIPPLING!!) I know this is an issue that has plagued player dedicated hosts since the beginning. Can we get any info on this issue wc? A possible fix date??
^^^^in combo with the above issue, it is near impossible to create a stable community around a player dedicated server (dont get me started on clustering)
WildCard, Is this your intention?
Why is every thread on this topic closed without discussion or even a dev response?Every.
Dont believe me? Check below.
I have compiled them below, saved them on waybackmachine, screenshotted them AND linked them ALL for you below.
I am positive that I have not found every reported instance of this, if you want to help me please message me here or at usmedieval#1739 on discord.
We DESERVE answers fellow
u/Jatheish u/WildcardJaeger u/WildcardJenu/WildcardVanilla u/WildcardLelantos
As you can see there are dozens of reports, hundreds of replies, thousands of views and ZERO responses from wildcard.

UPDATE: WildCard removed my previous posts, banned me(24hours) and provided no response per usual. I am going to continue posting these until we get answer, I really need help and I know there are people out there who still have passion for this game.

UPDATE 2: I posted a revised, tamer version of my original report and it was removed without any response or notification see here https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/645494-join-game-greyed-out-server-crashing-with-players-in-session-help/
UPDATE 3: they are just removing them instantly now and im only posting screenshots, using a vpn and creating new accounts to post. ( I am not spamming, posting in the wrong spot. I am not even getting notified of the post removals or my ban status.
old link:
UPDATE 4: I have decided to not post on the survivetheark forums anymore. Every post is a waste of time, if someone can get one past their mods I will be thankful and impressed.
Update 5: Some excellent people in the community are currently helping to see if we can at least give WC a starting point on where to look for these issues. shoutout to u/stronze for the connect. Also apologies if this post is gettin mad long - I am thinking of future survivors who will inevitably encounter this issue.

thanks for reading! any and all support is greatly appreciated.
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2021.12.07 19:03 blue_galactic_knight 💫 Looking beyond the Veil: The story about the enslavement of humanity, the liberation process and our journey back into unity 💫

💫 Looking beyond the Veil: The story about the enslavement of humanity, the liberation process and our journey back into unity 💫 Hey guys!
In case you haven't read this article yet, here is its most up to date version!
Dislaimer specifically for this sub:
I've been invited here to share my article with you guys and hope you guys enjoy reading a maybe somewhat different perspective on things. I am aware that there is a huge mistrust against beings of light among people in this sub and I can totally understand where you are coming from. Also I am aware, that the author of the blog which is one of my main sources, is considered by some a psyop.
But I hope some of you are at least open to the possibility, that there is actually true forces of light on our side and that we are not alone in this fight.
We all know, that there is massive deception and lies floating around, like almost 99% of bullshit in this world is false.. but there is truth to be found! and only with an open mind, one can arrive there..
And one last thing: this is by no means meant as an invitation to sit back and do nothing! everyone is ofcourse called to resist as much as possible and to destroy the matrix in whatever way they feasibly can!
So here we go :)
[TL;DR:] Humanity is in midst of the greatest transformation process in history and about to finally liberate itself (with the help from above) from the agelong oppression by the Dark. But this story is so much bigger than one could ever imagine:
Humanity has been enslaved by parasitic consciousness beings of alien origin for the last several thousand years who created an artificial slave-matrix to keep us in an endless cycle of suffering and reincarnation for the sole purpose of harvesting our energy.
Now the time has come that humanity is awakening to this truth and is rising up against their spiritual hosts of wickedness. We are supported in this liberation process by the highest hierarchies of Light, including the Galactic Confederation (yes, they are here!), the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Jesus Christ himself!
What we are currently experiencing is quite literally the end of an intergalactic/interdimensional war between Light and Dark, that has raged for millions of years in this universe, with Earth being the last occupied planet under the control of the Dark and the victory of Light being inevitable... Sounds incredible? It is!
As always: please approach this with an open mind and use your intuition and discernment!
[For context: I am researching this stuff since 2009 and only recently found the last crucial pieces of the puzzle. This is my humble attempt to summarize this all-encompassing topic. It does not claim to be 100% accurate or even to be only slightly complete - but I think it paints a rough picture of our reality.]
Have fun reading!

Table of contents:
  • Some background information
  • The bitter reality up until now
  • Time of change
  • The EVENT/ Final liberation
  • Beyond the Veil
  • Update on the current Situation (July 2021)
  • Resources and Links
  • Addressing disinformation / Disclaimer

💫 Some background information:
Through the interaction of free will with the Primary Anomaly (which is the Contingency, the polar opposite of purpose and the antithesis of Source), Darkness emerged long ago, when the first beings began to turn away from the Light, disregarding the law of unity and enriching themselves at the expense of others.
At first, this development was tolerated, but that so much suffering would ever result from it was never in the spirit of Source!
[In Duality, which only emerged after the fall from unity, and it's 3rd density consciousness, it was the first time souls were able to experience the uttermost disconnection from Source and therefore create immeasurable amounts of suffering for themselves and others.]
This means, the belief that suffering is inevitably part of existence is a huge misconception! Our true state of being is pure peace and unconditional love!
[There are other self-aware species currently living in 3D duality consciousness, but in a free universe they can actually evolve past the illusion of separation quite easily and experience no where near as much unnecessary and cruel suffering as we as humans had to endure here on earth!]
So, with the dark parasitic consciousness on the rise, millions of years ago, the dark entities we call Archons [Greek: rulers, see gnosis], have set out to subjugate the universe and have occupied and enslaved many star systems and planets. Among them is our beautiful Mother Earth, which they conquered about 26.000 years ago.

💫 The bitter reality up until now:
Since then, humanity has been controlled, oppressed and exploited from the shadows (other planes of existence, mainly the 4D mental and lower astral planes) by the Archons/Chimera/negative ETs and their Minions, the Draco and Reptilians and many other minor dark entities and thoughtforms.
[The Draco and Reptilian races are not inherently evil - there are many positive ones as well - but some of them sadly were genetically modified and twisted by the dark to serve their evil agenda.]
(this is a rough outline, not 100% accurate as these factions intertwine)
Our natural connection to higher levels of consciousness and ultimately to Source has been cut off by a matrix of energetic barriers, etheric implants, scalar devices and further through energetic attacks, psychological warfare, manipulation and the poisoning of our minds and bodies and ultimately fracturing our souls.
Earth was literally in quarantine for the last 26k years and one of the darkest places this universe has ever seen…
Through the installation of patriarchal religions, the image of a punishing God, the suppression of our true history of origin, suppression of the divine feminine, sacred sexuality and spirituality, suppression of (metaphysical) science and holistic medicine by maintaining a hugely limited materialistic-deterministic world view and a school-medicine that often does more harm than healing.
Through the poisoning of our food, our drinking water, the atmosphere and the tainting of our minds through the perversion of art and media plus the constant fearporn on the news...
The list is endless! Not a single important aspect of our lives has been left out!
Virtually everything has been corrupted by these parasites and used to our detriment. They have deliberately kept us in a vicious cycle of trauma, suffering and reincarnation and have sown disaster wherever they can.
But why the actual fuck were they doing all this, you might ask?
Those beings have removed themselves so far from source, that they depend on the lifeforce energy of other beings for survival! They are literally feeding on our fear and the lower vibrational energies, that all this suffering generates! They are parasites in the very meaning of the word!
And so they created this malicious system - a prison of suffering, invisible to the inmates - where they could feast on the prisoners without them even noticing. In this way, they subdued many solar systems and space-races and perfected their cruel technologies over millions of years.
This is the reason why our world is ruled by tyrants and psychopaths, the reason why there is so much injustice and inequality and for many here is hell on earth. It explains how it was even possible for the 1% to screw the 99% continuously pretty much since the dawn of civilisations, why there are still wars, when most of humanity simply wants to live in peace and why it was not possible for humanity to achieve unity until now.
No species would ever destroy itself on its own initiative in such a dumb way, that simply contradicts the laws of the evolution of consciousness.
We would have long been ready to travel the universe in peace and harmony as one species (like all other races in the free universe do). But our governments are controlled by the Deepstate, which in turn is controlled by the dark aristocratic bloodline families, where the Archons incarnated and ruled, which are the origin of our misery in the first place.
Humanity has been oppressed and poisoned, raped and traumatized, and their souls have been caught in the endless wheel of karma and rebirth.
We were mere Batteries, conditioned to believe in the false freedom of our prison-reality.
This is what our sad reality looked like so far...
Of course, throughout history, there have been repeated attempts by the Lightforces to free humanity from within this prison (Jesus, Buddha, Hermes Trismegisto, St. Germain and many others). But even if these beings brought much wisdom and light to the earth and illuminated it sustainably, the Matrix was simply too strong for humanity to free itself…

💫 But now the time of change has finally come!
Since the 1970s, the Galactic Confederation with the Ashtar Command at the helm of this operation (they already reside in our solar system with millions of ships!) has been working with the Resistance Movement and many Starseeds and Lightworkers here on Earth to free humanity once and for all!
[The Galactic Confederation are the joint forces of all the most advanced star-nations in this universe, which they formed in response to the expansion of the Dark millions of years ago.]
The universal law that states the basic rights of all beings in this universe and allows the Galactics to interfere wherever those rights are violated by the negative actions of other beings, is called the galactic codex.
The reason though, why the Galactics are not already landing here is, that humanity is literally held hostage by the Dark. This means that if the Lightforces would physically intervene here on earth, complete chaos would ensue and the dark forces would destroy everything with their exotic weapon technologies before humanity could be saved. Too many would lose their lives... Therefore, unbelievably skilled and careful action must be taken to resolve this situation.
The dark rulers are fighting back - as you can see - and are now using their last resources to install their NWO and force humanity into ultimate submission to keep their power.
But they are checkmate and the upper ones already know it! The victory of light is inevitable and already visible from the higher planes!
All positive timelines have been secured, all drastically negative ones have been resolved and Armageddon (as the black-sun worshipping Satanists who ruled this world have prophesized) is cancelled! Everyday more and more people become awake, the matrix is continuously being dismantled and the light here on earth is increasing steadily.
However, the dark ones are not willing to surrender and continue with their evil agenda. Therefore, the situation for us on earth is now becoming more and more unstable and intense until everything discharges at once:

💫 The Event/ The final liberation! 💫
Once the Matrix/ the old system has collapsed and the dark ones are disempowered and disarmed enough for the Lightforces to intervene, the Cabal/Deepstate will be arrested and held accountable for all their actions. Everything is prepared:
- The financial system will be reset and replaced by a fair one - The media will be liberated and report the truth again - All suppressed inventions and technologies are going to be released
The veil of illusions will fall and we will be finally free!
With this cosmic event - the timing of which cannot be predicted, but will probably happen within the next few years - a wave of love and light from the Galactic Central Sun will hit the Earth, dissolving the last remnants of the Primary Anomaly and illuminating the entire planet, which will be clearly felt by many.
The Matrix will finally collapse and there will be a collective sigh of relief!
Nevertheless, it will also be a shock for many, because not everyone will have woken up by then - the matrix programming still sits too deep. A lot of healing will be necessary, but the worst will be over...
All humans will finally be able to live in peace, freedom and abundance again!
[There will of course still be attempts to highjack the situation because not everybody will suddenly be able to let go of their 3D mentality, but the critical mass will have reached a point where they know, that only together we can strive and will act increasingly only in alignment with the greater good. So all remaining shadows will slowly but surely be integrated and no new ones will be created, since the source of darkness will be gone for good.]
Not long after the Event, the Resistance Movement will make itself public and the first official physical contacts with our starry brothers and sisters will be made and nothing will stand in the way anymore of our returning home to the higher planes of existence. 💖

💫 Beyond the Veil
In the years following the Event, Gaia will be ascending into the 5th frequency dimension of unity consciousness and everyone, who is willing to step fully into the light is going with her. The new golden Age of Aquarius is dawning…
Since Earth is the last planet under the reign of the Dark in this universe, the liberation of this planet and the total removal of the Primary Anomaly will also mark the final victory of the Light for this entire universe!
The process by which Source is bringing the whole creation back into unity is called the AN-Conversion and will be finalized, once the last beings have ascended back into oneness.
Now imagine this: 5D unity consciousness is literal paradise - but it‘s still only just the beginning (or rather the continuation) of our journey (considering we live in a 12-dimensional universe)...
Since the entire creation is continuously experiencing itself as fractal part of the One in eternity, luckily there is still much to look forward for us... 😋
Thank you all for reading!
PS: Each and every one of us who is committed to this shift with love and truthfulness or who simply lets his/her light shine, contributes an invaluable part to this liberation! We have a very bright future ahead of us! That’s 100% sure! How soon and how smooth this transition is going to be though, lies within our own hands!
With every action and thought, that helps raise the vibration,
you are pulling literal paradise closer to us!
So continue to shine! 🌞
Victory of the Light! 💖

💫 Update on the current Situation (July 2021 - will eventually be updated):
- In fall of 2020 the Resistance Movement managed to defeat the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in their underground bases.
- In the same timeframe the Galactic Confederation managed to clear the last remnants of the Draco and Chimera fleet in sublunar space and near-earth orbit (the Galactics are now closer than ever!).
- Our last huge global mass meditation on December 21st 2020 with about 400.000 people meditating in total synchronicity anchored a huge amount of light on the surface, which allows the Lightforces now to actively dismantle the matrix and remove etheric implants and dark quantum technologies even faster.
- On February the 10th the Resistance made a significant blitzkrieg breakthrough and now holds the upper hand in the in planetary subterranean domain.
- The last several months the Resistance was fighting the Chimera in their underground bases (which were by far the toughest ones to engage) and have now cleared all of their bases and liberated all hostages captured there.
- The Lightforces also managed to dissolve the quantum matrix/ the energy field behind the Cabal's "Great Reset", which means their plans for the total domination of humanity are now slowly falling apart.
- Running out of ideas, the Cabal were resorting to their ancient tactic of creating chaos and suffering by engineering a war in order to delay the Event (which is a clear sign of their desperation). So they tried to escalate the conflict between Russia/China and NATO via Ukraine and also in the middle east between Israel and Iran. This also failed.
- Sensing their defeat, they now want to take down with them as many as possible and are triggering natural catastrophes via weather manipulations which already caused many floods as well as droughts and wildfires.
- Another thing on their mind is a global cyber attack via their cyber polygon plans from the world economic forum, in order to disrupt supply chains to cause possible food shortages and/or reboot the whole internet with a new digital financial system under their control. We’ll see how this goes...
- Still, the Lighforces are constantly clearing the huge amounts of Primary Anomaly and the legions of negative entities in the astral planes, which millions of years of darkness have accumulated:
- The number of non-physical astral and etheric negative entities has fallen below the significant threshold of 1 trillion (around 100 per incarnated human) in May, and as of July further down to “only” 50 billion (around 7 per incarnated human). So great progress is being made in this regard too.
All things considered, the liberation is proceeding nicely and steadily as the Lightforces are also advancing into the different structures of society and contacting key people within those to prepare for the final breakthrough and to secure a smooth transition.
Still, we need to remember, that the level of our collective consciousness is a deciding factor in this liberation process and I can only encourage us all to look within to transmute our own shadows as well as raising the vibration of the collective by supporting each other and spreading awareness as well as working towards more unity.
If you feel so guided, you can join one of the many ongoing mass-meditations, like the daily flower of life meditation here: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2019/08/daily-flower-of-life-meditation.html
Thank you all for your dedication!
Goddess wants peace, and peace it shall be! 💖

💫 Resources and Links:
Cobra's Blog (the speaker of the Resistance Movement and the main source of intel, spanning hundreds of articles from the past 9 years):
Overview of the most important articles by Cobra:
A timeline of events:
More details compiled from interviews given by Cobra:
Community Leader’s Brief (a guideline for the Event):
Other truthful Sources:
Neva (Gabriel RL) a brazilian medium, whose main goal is to awaken the Starseeds, also heavily engaged with the liberation:
More valuable blogs and sites:

💫Addressing disinformation:
The idea, that the Galactic Confederation are playing some kind of evil game and that there are no beings of light whatsoever on our side, is pure false light propaganda in itself and complete nonsense when you know about the true history of this planet. There were always both parties involved (all the way back to the times of Lemuria and Atlantis) and the ascended beings of this universe have a great interest in our wellbeing and our ascension and wish nothing but the best for us. Spiritually inclined people are able to connect with them and simply know they are legit!
It is true, that the Archons (lords of karma) posed as beings of light to convince poor unenlightened souls to reincarnate over and over again, but their time is up and the light is coming for them! You simply don’t enslave one of the most beautiful planets of this galaxy and its inhabitants without drawing the attention of the most powerful and advanced beings of light!
💫 Disclaimer: This text is aimed at people who can relate and feel the truth to it. First and foremost it wants to raise awareness as well as provide hope and encouragement. It obviously can’t proof any of it and is not meant to convince any overly sceptic person. If you have trouble believing this, I encourage you to still hold this as possibly true and maybe take some inspiration for your "own puzzle" and your own approach to truth.
Also, this is not related to Qanon or any of the Psyops/Larps like Throwawalien’s story (although it shares some truths). Those who are familiar with the intel provided by the Resistance, never fell for either of those.
And no, this is not a sect, I don’t want to sell you stuff and I don't claim to be 5D already.
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2021.12.07 19:03 The-Closer And another one ☝️

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2021.12.07 19:03 ellojello12 Do dining dollars carry over between semesters?

I can't find a definite answer on this please help
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2021.12.07 19:03 dannylenwinn US CDC: All Air Travelers Must Test Negative for COVID-19 One Day Before Flying to the U.S. 'All travelers two years or older are required to show a negative test result regardless of vaccination status or citizenship.'

US CDC: All Air Travelers Must Test Negative for COVID-19 One Day Before Flying to the U.S. 'All travelers two years or older are required to show a negative test result regardless of vaccination status or citizenship.' submitted by dannylenwinn to Covid19_economics [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 19:03 tgefm Italy's Eterno Ritorno just shared the first song from their upcoming self titled EP. The track is called "Sola." The EP comes out on Sentiero Futuro Records on 13 Dec 2021 and you can stream ... Click link to read more... #sentierofuturo #New_Releases #News #Streams

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2021.12.07 19:03 rulesforrebels @binance: ☕️ https://t.co/bcIjqH5u7O

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2021.12.07 19:03 houseofmel 23/M/UK - Looking for potential pals :)

Hey, I'm looking for someone to talk with - hopefully we'll get on and become really good friends. I think I generally find it easier to talk with women (my age or older), but I don't particularly mind.
It would be nice if you're lifestyle is quite different to mine. For example, maybe you're an outdoorsy person, go to the gym every morning, or enjoy cooking/baking. I bet there would be tons we can learn from each other!
It's also great if we share some interests. Mine include watching TV - especially the DC superheroes, playing video games, listening to music, and watching sports (such as football).
Oh, and if we share a timezone, that might be ideal.
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