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[GTM] Probably my hardest one yet

2021.12.07 18:32 rapbarf [GTM] Probably my hardest one yet

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2021.12.07 18:32 BeBopNoseRing Just arrived in port, where's the cathouse?

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2021.12.07 18:32 _graciastotales_ Need help pruning

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2021.12.07 18:32 Chart-trader Outlook

Today was the follow through day that we needed.
Charts remain the same. I am not making any changes to the portfolios at this point.
Still heavily relying on reopening, Russell, Brazil and China tech.
In the new year portfolios will be repositioned to mainly ETFs and leveraged ETFs again. That might take half a year to complete.
In my opinion the bull case is still intact.
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2021.12.07 18:32 unimportantsarcasm [Offer] If you are looking for a virtual assistant for your store

Hey there. I am not sure where to put this statement, so sorry if it does not belong here. So basically I have been underpaid and am being exploited in my current job(also a VA job). I have done anything from photoshoping, creating text animations with after effects, sourcing products, fulfilling orders, putting ads(i am not that confident with this one, however i put up facebook and tiktok ads), finding instagram influencers, linking facebook and tiktok pixel, doing a little bit of coding, using apps(putting badges, doing customer support with Tidio) ... so basically everything. however i am being exploited and being paid about 7$ a week. So I really want to be hired from someone, just for the sake of my knowledge and just to leave my current job.
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2021.12.07 18:32 TheBlindBard16 Self-contained omnibus recommendations

I pretty much solely buy X-Men/Spider-Man/Batman omnis. What are omnibus of other heroes that are pretty much entirely self contained to that omnibus (basically no multipart events or “you need to read this first to understand this”) that you highly recommend? Also I’ve learned recently I am not a fan of older comics, I’m looking for ones 1990s-now.
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2021.12.07 18:32 sweatpantsandwhiskey STAY CALM EVERYBODY STAY FUCKING CALM

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2021.12.07 18:32 NorthsideBuni Probably Giddey's best comp as a player. It's scary how similar their rookie stats are right now lol.

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2021.12.07 18:32 failimuhtar Top up $100 earn intrest and $25

Nexo.io is giving $25 if you join with a refferal link, top up $100 and wait for 30 days. My refferal link is below.
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2021.12.07 18:32 Felt_Ninja Solovair Derby Boots - Top of Foot Tongue Stitch Quite Hard

I recently bought a pair of Solovair derby boots, and have been in the process of breaking them in. So far, they feel great, with the exception of one area: the top of the foot where the tongue stitching is. I've tried the frozen Ziploc bag method, a stretcher (which was smaller than advertised and didn't have the span it probably needed), repeated conditioning with alternating mink oil and Dr. Martens Wonder Basalm, and thick socks with a hair dryer.
The area has loosened considerably in the 3 weeks I've had them, but can cause foot pain if I'm sitting down for extended periods of time. At first, I could barely walk in these boots.
Is there a timeframe anyone has experienced to where this area softens, or anything else I might try to adjust it?
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2021.12.07 18:32 Colteeeeeeeee DAE feels like Logan does not want to buy Kendall out because he loves him?

Keep in my mind my mother is the poor version of Kendall’s mother…so my family dynamics of what love is aren’t great.
That being said! When Kendall asked Logan to be done. He was out, I interpreted Logan’s reaction as almost a panic? He still wants Kendall to take over? That Kendall is still his favorite child?
In closing I am wrong about nearly everything in my life and in this show. Just curious if anyone else saw it this way?
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2021.12.07 18:32 db82 Marker and pen on photo paper

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2021.12.07 18:32 ArtisticApe I have a DeviantArt account, and I used to draw random things every day. Then I decided to do detailed drawing where characters do an activity in a specific area, until I lacked inspiration and got lazy. I need an update in order to keep active. What should I do?

View Poll
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2021.12.07 18:32 ADLurker Aliexpress customer support has has gotten downhill

We all know buying from China is a risk. Cheap items, cheap prices. So disputes happen all the time, it used to work perfectly fine. If something came missing or broken, Aliexpress would side with you and reimburse you. The past two disputes I opened, instead of partial refund for items arriving broken, seller force me to return the items for reimbursement. We all know shipping back to China is costly and risky as items can take months and often time get lost in transit. If you are buying with confidence that customer support would back you up if something happens, don't do it.
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2021.12.07 18:32 Gullible-Ability-751 My favorite basketball shoes to hoop in

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2021.12.07 18:32 gibberishparrot Wire splicing for switch signal device?

I have a small switch signal device I'm wiring in to a controller, 24VDC, max current load of 40mA. It's pre-wired with a 2 conductor AWM style 2851, which internet tells me is roughly equivalent to 30-24 AWG. I don't have anything that small on hand, is it ok to splice it with, say, 20 or 18 AWG? Even if the spliced wire is bigger than the lead wires, the device itself is only pulling 40mA, right?
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2021.12.07 18:32 TheAutisticPoet AURICOM - WIPEOUT

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2021.12.07 18:32 thisismybirthday when do the payouts go up

do they increase if they sit long enough? if so, how can I predict when it will go up? is it after a certain amount of time? or after a certain time of day?
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2021.12.07 18:32 Jimbag21 wtf is that Jane dying scene?

I just finished that episode and this scene felt so out of place, cringe and all kinds of weird. Why was it included?
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2021.12.07 18:32 zut_lucas Qui a des photo de chelxie et des leak de son onlyfans ? Venez pv m'envoyer et envoyer aussi les reddit oú elle apparait svp

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2021.12.07 18:32 DistressedMemer made for each other

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2021.12.07 18:32 RalphGuevara God of war Resources not working

For some reason when I try to add resources to the save it doesn’t work once loaded up, could I be doing something wrong or?
There’s some resources I know I have and when I use the wizard on that resource it still doesn’t work.
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2021.12.07 18:32 Pudutr0n Chonky Pudu sent to me by a friend

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2021.12.07 18:32 Illustrious_Sign_495 Anybody working full time &Repeat taker

How’s it going? What’s keeping you motivated? What’s working best for you?
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2021.12.07 18:32 fillumpro MBP M1 Pro/Max and After Effects

Hey mates,

I'm going to swith from PC to MBP (looking at M1 Pro or Max 32 RAM) and have several questions for those who work on MBPs in these configs:
1) Do plugins, scripts and extensions work under Rosetta 2?
2) Is there a big difference between working on M1 Pro and M1 Max in After Effects (I work on 2D animations mostly, sometimes do simple motion graphics in 4K)?
3) What about cooling in 14 and 16 inches models?
4) Are there any pitfalls I should think about?

Thanks in advance!
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