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Anyone else have trouble with doctors?

2021.11.27 20:51 GutenTag69 Anyone else have trouble with doctors?

Does anyone else have trouble with doctors? Like you know proven facts by scientists multiple scientists and other doctors but the doctor you go to doesn't even know about it in the slightest. Like I go to the doctor and my doctor's naming off a bunch of stereotypes for autism that I know aren't true especially stuff for asperger syndrome which is no longer in use anymore. I was told that I was too smart to be diagnosed with autism. You know stuff like that, anyone else have any similar experiences. Sorry for the grammar.
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2021.11.27 20:51 himikotogaz I despise sharing a room with my little sister

I feel like I'm in jail sharing a room with my lil sis
I remember when I used to have a bedroom all to myself, the computer in the top left right next to the window. My dresser right next to it, then behind me is my bed and two dressers on either side. I miss the experience I would have. I could stay up late however late I want without it affecting anyone. I remember summer 2020 watching movies and anime past midnight and horror movies. I remember the comfort of the actual room essence. It felt like a movie theatre experience. I remember my bed being right next to the window, the fresh breeze of the summer morning. I could open the window up however I want. I could adjust the room however I want, without anyone telling me it's bothering them.
I remember I would go on reddit past midnight in the dark laughing at memes without anyone interrupting me. I remember the amount of space I had. I remember the laughter of true teenhood watching my favorite shows, movies and anime such as: Kill la Kill, Sailor Moon, Superhero movies, psychological thriller movies and horror movies. I remember how I would eat in my room without anyone telling me it's bothering them. I remember being able to listen to whatever music I want on the radio.
I remember I got the view of the sunrise and sunset and the essence of it on my face. I remember being able to dance to music without anyone interrupting me being able to sing songs past midnight. I remember being able to go to online school uninterrupted and could actually focus. I remember feeling actual happiness and actual space in my room where I can express myself however I want without anyone telling me that I can't.
Now, I lost that. I no longer have my own full space. Its shared. I despise sharing a room with her. She opens the window in the morning and it's freezing. She plays classical music on repetition on the same radio station because the same station that plays repeats the same classical music. The classical music is too loud. I'm in online school and I can't talk to my teacher with background music and there's nowhere else comfortable to go.
I can't go downstairs cause the television is on and my parents disrupt me during class. This makes my room unsuitable as a study room because there's now the music factor; I can't study with music because my attention shifts from coursework to following the music's tune. I can no longer do my homework there and can't concentrate.
My room is so cluttered now it's an unsuitable cluttered environment. I have to go to bed and be on the same schedule in sync with my lil sis and im a 12th grade student. I'm different and have more coursework and more concerns and responsibilities. I'm older now and I want more space and it's just so unfair that I can't even be my true self in my bedroom. I also have rotations such as when she needs the room to do a presentation I have to leave the room.
My parents dont give a shi either.
Currently a high school senior can't wait to start uni. That way I can have my own space full of freedom. I do online school so it sucks that I can't study with the music on.
Even in university dorms you can get a small room all to yourself but it costs more money than sharing a room with someone else. I may never have somewhere comfortable to cry or be my true self. I feel trapped, i feel so built up with emotions and just sad. By the time I'll get my own room it will be like when I start working after I get an education and that's like years from now and it's honestly sad.
In summary, it's similar to jail. Same schedule everyday. I lost control of my room. Its so annoying and the fact that ive been stuck in this state.
The most annoying thing she does is spray perfume in the room and it just makes it unbreathable. It's so horrible and it's been like this since September 2020 and I feel so trapped like a bird in a cage. My accommodations are not to my liking currently. If I cause any problems with my sis i'll get my phone confiscated.
I don't have enough money to move out and I don't have a job. I'll be stuck in this state until August 2022 when I move out to university and that's a long time from now I'll have to be stuck with this annoying child. I feel like I'm dancing to someone else's tune when I want to dance to my own tune. I feel one day I'm gonna crack and I'm just suppressing this anger and feeling boxed up.
Thanks for reading my story
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2021.11.27 20:51 RaGeBoXxx Tonight we battle the T-REX! Come join me live for more Parasite Eve!

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2021.11.27 20:51 Madithebadi99 Different cultures

I’m currently writing a fantasy book. There’s magic, myths, legends, etc.... but I’m also trying to incorporate other cultures so it’s just not another white washed book. Even though it is a fantasy world with kingdoms with names I’ve created, i draw from cultures from Arabia, Russia, and Japan. My question is: i use actual historical pieces from these places (ex. Abaya, language, scimitar,jambiya, tekkan,etc.) basically, do you believe this cross over of real cultures in a fantasy setting makes sense. I’m staying away from religious aspects out of respect and created my own religious system as well
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2021.11.27 20:51 cannibalsunite I think my therapist thinks my “sexual abuse” is worse than it was and will be disappointed that it’s not

I remember my dad French kissing me when I was very young. I’m fairly certain it really happened. It wasn’t a recovered memory or anything and it kind of makes sense based on his history (he once confessed to my mom that his own father raped his sister).
However that’s all I remember my dad doing and though I remember it happening regularly (or having the feeling that is was a regular thing) there was no coercion, no violence, no feeling of fear or “ickiness,” when I remember the memory. I think I was just too young to know what was happening? I actually remember it being “fun” which is really embarrassing to admit and even makes me feel guilty, because most survivor stories I hear about involve horrible feelings.
Anyway I told my therapist about the French kissing and I explained that was all I remembered and I’m still in contact with my dad (though I avoid him as much as possible and felt uncomfortable around him since I can remember). But I have extreme or “obvious” (his word) anxiety and I think he thinks it was worse than I’m saying it was but I really don’t remember anything else happening even though I have tried to remember! sometimes even I think “why did it stop there at French kissing?”
I feel like he probably assumes I was brutally abused and I almost feel embarrassed that I wasn’t. I feel like he’s going to be secretly disappointed or something.
He suggested we try EMDR, which we are doing now. I am avoiding bringing up the sexual abuse.
We were working on memories to target in EMDR and I was really trying to remember but I kept saying I can’t remember anything. I didn’t bring up the French kissing maybe he was waiting for it. I was distressed but mostly because I wanted to give us something to work with and I had nothing. I kept saying I was sorry I don’t remember anything.
He then said something at the end about how I did great and it was okay that it took the whole session. He said there are defense mechanisms that protect us from reliving or experiencing painful emotions and memories. He is CBT attained so that was surprising. I think he thinks something terrible happened that I am denying or is too painful to bring up but I already told him I’m not.
Now I feel like my actual experiences aren’t bad enough. I feel like my situation is weird. I feel like a fraud. He hasn’t said anything like that but I just feel it.
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2021.11.27 20:51 Knario1954 Dark-Bizarre-Gothic-&-Surreal-Art

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2021.11.27 20:51 BrightBeaver bcache vs lvmcache in 2021 - What's the general consensus these days?

The last time I built my system I used bcache because it seemed to have the best performance at the time while still being actively maintained. Now that I'm rebuilding my system and moving my RAID solution from mdadm to LVM, I'm wondering whether I should use "its" caching, too.
Does anyone have experience with "lvmcache" or currently use it on any of their machines? Is it robust enough for the root filesystem of my daily NAS? How's the performance on the 5.10+ kernel?
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2021.11.27 20:51 Full-Construction661 Grupo de discord

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