neon, me, mixed media, 2021

2021.11.27 23:57 cfowlart neon, me, mixed media, 2021

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2021.11.27 23:57 random-kid0000 well, its gonna happen, i guess

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2021.11.27 23:57 spssps If I buy office 2021 and decide to switch computers, do I need to buy another copy of office 2021 to reinstall onto another computer?

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2021.11.27 23:57 craychel My Thanksgiving leftover concoction: Shepherd's Pie

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2021.11.27 23:57 South-Steak-808 Shiba Lambo | Next BSC GEM | 7% SHIBA Rewards | Less than 1hours old | Low Marketcap 💎 | Safe Contract ✅ | Renounced and Locked | Dont Miss Out

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2021.11.27 23:57 kirphioc2004 Nets continue to fold against good teams

Like I don’t care that they’ve beaten the Celtics or Cavs, they need to show up every game. Nash and the team as a whole need to be better. Nets beside maybe Brown and Bembry have no fight in them. They second they get down on a team that they don’t completely outclass on talent, they just look look. They spend to much time complaining and half the time seem disinterested. James Harden especially has been concerning, like it’s 20 games into the season and he still hasn’t gotten his shot together. James Johnson is straight up hacking out there. Mills is good but missed some big ones down the stretch. KD needs to play like a 7 footer on the boards man, he is allergic to boxing out. Millsap shouldn’t touch the floor and neither should Carter. Nash needs to learn to run some plays to get better looks because a lot of their stats have been padded by playing bad teams, the second they play a team on their level they completely fold. They need a center bad because right now this small ball isn’t working. Also the switch everything was getting exposed, all they needed was one switch to get Aldridge onto a guard and it was all over, Nash needs to be better.
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2021.11.27 23:57 uecpd who do you feel sorry for?

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2021.11.27 23:57 babyshark0929 What’s the best controller to buy??

Getting ready to set up my first retropie and would like some advice on the best controller. What are your favs???
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2021.11.27 23:57 Djosa945 Schwurbler: "Ich hab eine Bekannte die in einem Krankehaus arbeitet und...

sie sagt, dass die Intensivstationen nicht mal annähernd gefüllt sind"
Ich: "Sie arbeitet auf der Intensiv?"
Schwurbler: "Als Putzkraft, aber jedes mal wenn sie vorbeigeht sieht sie kaum Leute am Gang"
Ich: |-¦
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2021.11.27 23:57 Elite_Senzi “America is not evil”

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2021.11.27 23:57 K4_Sweaty Website problems: Cannot connect to page in order to upload files

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2021.11.27 23:57 Kooky_Ad_6045 Join

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2021.11.27 23:57 HannoPicardVI "Little green men" at Simferopol airport (Crimea) (masked troops with no insignia; possibly Russian)

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2021.11.27 23:57 somebodyhurtmy I wish the new Omicron variant would wipe out all people unvaccinated by choice, by the end of this year

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2021.11.27 23:57 viktorbir One week ago I was asking when episode 02x06 would be out. I was told today. Now it seems it will be next week... Let's see what happens.

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2021.11.27 23:57 bigmack1023 Mystic Challenge

I’ve now done this challenge 5 times and anytime one of my players gets to 26-28 points I get injured. Multiple players in multiple games. This is ridiculous. Can anyone tell me how to beat this one? Seems impossible.
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2021.11.27 23:57 nelst A few more interesting photos

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2021.11.27 23:57 Alexanderjk5 Making memes until TTS returns day 121

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2021.11.27 23:57 iandefranco The Skewer is Nutty

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2021.11.27 23:57 T3armad 1862. A seed looking for SoC players! DM me

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2021.11.27 23:57 No_Department_902 I have 2 random questions.

For one, I need to drink more water. I literally drink atleast 5-6 things of my 20 ounce cup a day. But apparently I need more because my baby is low on fluid. Been trying to drink a gallon a day. Want to include some electrolytes as well. What’s the best? I know coconut water is great for hydration but the taste grossed me out.
Lastly, i hardly ever got period cramps on my period. And when I did they were so light I could barely notice. I’m so nervous because I know contractions are supposed to be extreme period cramps. And I never really experienced period cramps.
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2021.11.27 23:57 SuperSecretSpare Could this stud be load bearing?
I need to run water lines for a new vanity to the other side of the pictured pony wall and thinking of putting it through the pictured stud. It looks like a 4x4 with a 2x4 next to it. I know nothing about framing and load bearing walls and I don't want to kill myself. What are the chances the 4x4 carries a significant load?
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2021.11.27 23:57 LuluStardustArt 1930s “Germany Awakens” Propaganda cards.

1930s “Germany Awakens” propaganda cards. I have 15 of the larger ones, 3 of the small.
Thank you!
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2021.11.27 23:57 SilentHillFan12 I'd like to see everyone except MVG and NatetheHate booted from spawncast

Them along with spawnwave are the only ones who give any interesting insight into the video game industry...the others don't really add much other than ranting/fanboying
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2021.11.27 23:57 PixelatedCouchPotato Whats your favorite unit from the recon base aside from bliss of finality?

View Poll
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