Smoke trees everyday

2021.11.27 23:50 Bobbytheman666 Smoke trees everyday

Feo Ul, Khrazie, Slozz and Vorash, please go away XD I need tips here.
So, I sent a Treant to my level 5 party last session in a forest. A group including a sorcerer passionate with burning stuff. 1 + 1, there's now a giant fire in the forest. That's where we ended the session.
They are near a small rocky hill, so they'll be safe from most of the fire. But if the entire forest burns around them, I wanted to know how to rule the smoke ?
Encounters for the mission are mostly done until next long rest except for one thing, so I was thinking of a Con save and Exhaustion level(s). Since it's a pretty heavy smoke, I was thinking of like a DC 15, +1 Exhaustion level if missed, +2 if missed by 5 or more.
Is it too severe ? A single level of exhaustion won't do much because a long rest ain't too far, so I'm thinking of the idea of giving 2 for the major smoke around them.
What do you think ? Other ideas for breathing in that bad of air ?
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2021.11.27 23:50 RedditorAVP101 Damn . . . Nogla really liked the Meme I made : D He even posted it in every social media!

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2021.11.27 23:50 runepl8body First Dose of Aubagio

I just took my first Aubagio pill (14 mg). Actually, I took it about 10 minutes ago lol…
I was diagnosed with RRMS on 9/4/20 at 25 years old. This July, I learned it is not RRMS, but Tumefactive MS. My neurologist wanted me on Ocrevus ASAP and after a year of research, I finally became comfortable with the notion of starting it. Sadly, my insurance decided to revoke their prior approval and Aubagio is what they’ve offered me instead. I have read that it’s not particularly effective… But with such a rare foem of MS, I feel it’s impossivle to compare my experience or others anyway so…
Here’s to hoping for no new lesions. No more disease progression. And no serious side effects.
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2021.11.27 23:50 mark_____0 Macro crinoid stem segment

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2021.11.27 23:50 United-Spray6157 Ohio - Is this a brown marmorated stink bug?

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2021.11.27 23:50 dare2batman Green P Driver here

I ran a red on Friday and I know that I'm gonna get demerit points. Seeing as I'm already up to 4 points and this will add a few to it, will I be suspended or do I have 12 points?
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2021.11.27 23:50 fabiokuo 11/28 Taiwan Series Preview

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2021.11.27 23:50 wolff3957 Does bungie realize there’s been an API issue with Iron Banner KD for a while now?

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2021.11.27 23:50 localhorst Punks not dead

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2021.11.27 23:50 Pleasant_Lunch_7566 Must try restaurants

Will be in NYC for new years and I want to try all the best restaurants/food there is to offer there! Korean and Japanese cuisine is my go to but I’m open to anything, really. Much appreciated!
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2021.11.27 23:50 Nikh-Filmman What made you watch eternals?

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2021.11.27 23:50 Fi_Sci No sure what stupid I did. Was messing with my settings hoping to help it run smoother, now it won't go back to normal....

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2021.11.27 23:50 1398_Days Shipping nfc coins?

I want to send some amiibo coins to my friend in Canada (I’m in the US) but I’m worried that customs will inspect it or something. It’s a Christmas gift and I’d hate for them to unwrap it. Has anyone had problems with this or is it fine?
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2021.11.27 23:50 Front_Yogurtcloset44 guys….

i just love devi and honestly all her decisions seem reasonable
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2021.11.27 23:50 Psychic_Energy_369 Should I take Finasteride? Blood Results

Considering hopping on Fin and Minoxidil. Before doing so, I had some blood work done just to make sure the sides, from Fin in particular, were not going to be a major issue.
Considering the results, do you think it would be appropriate to take? (Note: not on gear).
Estradiol –– 54 pmol/L –– (14.7 pg/mL) (conducted via LCMS)
Testosterone –– 8.4 nmol/L –– (242 ng/dL)
Free Testosterone –– 255 pmol/L –– (69 pg/mL)
SHBG –– 12 nmol/L –– (345 ng/dL)
DHT –– 0.6 nmol/L –– (17 ng/dL) (conducted via LCMS)
To me, my E2 seems low enough to suggest that post-finasteride sides associated with elevated E2 levels (eg. gyno) are unlikely.
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2021.11.27 23:50 sunnygorl521 I'm crying in the club because Sulani is such a beautiful world. Perfect place for my high maintenance sim to find her ✨Inner Peace✨

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2021.11.27 23:50 No-Promotion-2955 simbakubwa often considered to be the largest land carnivore

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2021.11.27 23:50 asterixmaker how to make div overflow when adjacent div's dynamically determined height is surpassed

i have two adjacent divs. One is a filter search form, the other is the search results. The height of the filter form is determined by its contents. This height changes with the size of the screen. I want to now make the search results such that the max height is equivalent to the height of the filter form and it it overflows after the filter form height is surpassed by the search results
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2021.11.27 23:50 xXGonzoClanXx Quick wfl?

Me: shadow dragon
Them: bat dragon, no pot flamingo, ride lion, neon snow owl, frost fury and no pot rhino
View Poll
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2021.11.27 23:50 global_loser1 She’s not even paying attention to the camera and she still cute

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2021.11.27 23:50 ElectronicHamster773 [For Hire] One-Stop-Shop for All your Homework Needs

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All papers are written as per the provided instructions. To order, just DM or email: Discord: maluking#3418
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2021.11.27 23:50 ashmute 211127 Jimin

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2021.11.27 23:50 Fabulous-Pineapple47 COVID-19 variants you haven't heard of

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2021.11.27 23:50 ultra11_7 Family of Fox and Snakes
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2021.11.27 23:50 CascadianGuardsman1 Humans adapt when given no choice, especially when the threat hits close to home. (figured I would supply a unique zombie short for HFY have fun... or not) OC

A short story, by CG1 "Upon Verdant Fields" "Allister Cadby of Dartmouth, My King" Announced the Court Crier bowing before returning to the row of nobles and record keepers. King Edward the Third looked over the man, though to be called a man with his youthful looks amused the king. it had been a few years since he had gained the throne of Britain and France, he only wished it was during a more peaceful time. calling for this man to rise, the now named Allister did so with a stoic look set upon his face.
"Allister of Dartmouth, not many can say they had the privilege of meeting me with you're... class. Tell me how a commoner such as you gained entry into my halls?" he asked his forceful voice echoing within the meeting chamber. Allister's expression sobered into a saddened one before schooling again.
"My King, I bring word that the terrible calamity plaguing the mainland has finally reached our shores, Lowland Traders have brought the demons to our shores, via my hometown..." at this Allister paused, the sad expression falling onto his face again. during this pause the king straightened, a dark look fell upon his visage. my armies are already stretched thin, the castles will hold but only so much farmland can be tended to within their walls. he thought his hands gripped the armchairs of his throne straining the decorated seat.
"My king, My hometown of Dartmouth has per your decree been burnt and cleansed" Allister continued once he found his voice again "those lefts of the port village fall under myself and will pledge their services as mercenaries." he kneels and bows his head "My king, I offer the Warband of Dartmouth including myself to combat the enemy, still left on our land, and from there hopefully unto the mainland as well."
King Edward III stood and motioned for his Captain of the Guard to Rally his men. "Stand Allister of Dartmouth" the man stood his face showing a righteous fury one mirrored by the king. "Collect your Warband, and sweep away the filth from our lands, Upon Victory, I shall send you to Normandie on the mainland, from there unleash you and your men upon the enemy and reclaim Europe for Brittania"
10 years later
the Wooden doors of the redan Groaned under the pressing wait of bodies as they with wailing cries pushed and clawed, atop the 1 story palisades archers and Skirmishers loosed arrows and through spears into the mass of writhing limbs. two such archers donned in iron mail and kettle helm strained their tiring arms drawing back on their yew bows.
"Blaxton, how many have you gotten?" the figure on the right asked as he loosed another shot the feathered death stick flew into the face opening of a similar mailed soldier, piercing through its cheek and bursting out the back of the neck sticky and clumped blood flew forth from the wound, yet the damned soldier with it's torn and blooded mail and gambeson barely staggard before shuffling on into the growing swarm.
"aim higher Caldwel" he instructed before losing his arrow and a meaty thunk followed by a thud were lost into the wailing screams of the possessed swarm "and that one makes thirty" Blaxton looked to his quiver perched again on the ramparts the four arrows left seemed to mock him, soon the cracking of the doors to could be heard.
"HOLD THE GATE, FORM A WALL!" the cry of the sergeant went out, the responding cry of, "for king, and country" was momentarily louder than the cursed wails of the long already damned batting away at the door.
"Blaxton, any prayers for today?" Caldwell asked
"Nay Caldwel, for that would mean I have given up, and by god, we will live through the day"
"that's all well good, but I still say we could use a hail mary"
Before Blaxton could retort a rumbling horn sounded out across the rolling green hills, turning to look Caldwel noticed a small band of soldiers clad in plate armour marching towards the swarm, upon the standard waving by the carrier who also was garbed in plate was a Red sword rising from equally red waves constricted within a circle the green flag with its three tassels waved and dance on the breeze.
"Good heavens, it's the Dartmouth Mercenaries!" Caldwell exclaimed. a smile broke across Blaxtons' face though hidden by his mail hood. he did a little dance and readied another arrow.
"yes, come on then you undead demons feed yourself upon my bow and sword!" he yelled gleefully as he loosed the shot, another horn call roared through the air and the clanking of armour increased as the war party of thirty plate clad knights stormed into the swarm swords drawn, limbs and blood started to fly as the doors to the redan finally caved, one spearman too close was crushed by the doors and the weight of the horde trampling the onto him, another a swordsman was grabbed after he had separated ahead from its owner, the abnormally strengthened creatures wearing decayed flesh, tore his sword arm from his torse before many reached for the now exposed flesh, his dying screams were drowned out by the sounds of battle. an hour had passed since then and the swarm was diminished any outside the redan had been slain, bodies of reanimated peasants and fallen soldiers littered the ground, limbs and guts painted macabre images fit only for the devil himself. still upon the palisades stood Blaxton Caldwell and ten others their swords, tunics, and armour blooded, the stairs themselves were draped in the fallen hesitantly Blaxton moved through the top of the pile poking and prodding each body friend and foe, and without a head injury were stabbed through the head, Caldwel, of course, accompanied his friend on this endeavor both never venturing down into the mustering field as the Dartmouth Knights and pockets of Lorraine Gaurd still had the dwindling tide of demons to contend with.
"so I have an idea Blaxton, would you like to hear it?" Caldwell asked as he stabbed a fallen soldier through the opening in his mail hood the body jerked a bit, as blood seeped around the blade before it was withdrawn.
"oh dear, it had better be good. I still regret following you all the way out here" Blaxton Retorted as he pushed another Lorraine guard who was missing most of his face into the mustering field with his foot
"hmm. well, I say we join up with the Dartmouth crew" he stated causing Blaxton to falter a bit before thrusting down into another body.
"wouldn't that be deserting?" he asked
"well yes," Caldwell Answered as he motioned for them to go back up onto the safety of the palisade "here me out, we still help the king fight the demons but instead of this mail stuff, we get some of that knightly garb."
Blaxton nodded along, listening and he could see the merits it usually took one or two of the foul creatures to tear through mail armour, and don't even get him started on the poor bastards that were only issued padded jackets and vests, at least for the good stuff that he had seen nobles and some captains use it could take about eight to ten of the things to really dig a person out of armour, and for the most part even in close quarter battles like this people were rarely swarmed by ten at a time. collecting his bow he looked down into the mustering Field the combat had stopped and now most troops were doing the same as he and Caldwell, "pig-sticking" the job and been unaffectionately been called. then he looked to the mercenaries they seemed to be mourning the loss of one of theirs he was still alive but not for long one of his armguards were torn away by the looks of things and he had his hand holding his forearm blood leaked onto the ground, he nodded at something the black-steel clad leader said and took off his sallet helm before kneeling on the ground, the leader raised his falchion and brought it down in a smooth arch, the man's head rolled away as the body slumped to the ground.
"er' maybe not" Caldwell expressed in disgust
"no, it was a good idea Caldwell" Blaxton nodded to himself and picked up his quiver after sheathing his sword "come on then this time you get to follow me into a regretful situation"
giving his friend a deadpan look Caldwell huffed and packed his kit "bloody hell, my big mouth and giving him ideas. next time I just won't say anything" he muttered and quickly fell in step with Blaxton who was making his way over to the Dartmouth Warband leader, who introduced himself as Allister Cadby of Dartmouth.
AN: Feel free to critique, and offer advice. I don't write often as I got other stuff to do but it helps with clearing my head of ideas that just don't seem to stop popping up every now and then.
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