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Covered Calls vs. Protected Puts

2021.11.29 12:28 JoeMamaBiden2020 Covered Calls vs. Protected Puts

Is there really a difference between the two types of options trading? To me, they seem very similar, and was wondering if one is better than the other.
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2021.11.29 12:28 ianijc99 Alguien para intercambiar videos de primas y hermanas espiadas desnudas? Tengo videos de mi primita bañandose.

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2021.11.29 12:28 Cochrane01 What’s the stupidest thing you chocked on?

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2021.11.29 12:28 Treczeone [FREE FOR PROFIT] Posting 2 beats a day to help out artists free for profit, everyday (DAY 504 🔥)

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2021.11.29 12:28 GoldieMatic Battlefield 1: Total Domination

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2021.11.29 12:28 TRAKRACER Title: Cheap Hotels Author: Minnie Bytes

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2021.11.29 12:28 BillyBob_showbiz Yes i screenshot nfts

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2021.11.29 12:28 Avidanthebest MADFUT please read this

I spent hours on your game and now I’m getting a new phone so can you please add a feature that allows me to convert my account onto my new phone. Thank you so much.
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2021.11.29 12:28 solorpggamer App to automatically redraw chord midi notes into arpeggios?

Hello all!
Yesterday I was manually redrawing midi notes from some chords that I had exported from Tonaly. It's a bit of a hassle and puts me more into the driver's seat as far as choosing how to express the arpeggiated chord.
Because I'm lazy and also enjoy being surprised, I was wondering if an app could take in a chord and randomly redraw its notes into an arpeggio. Dunno if Riffer maybe can do this?
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2021.11.29 12:28 Weekly_Heat_6272 What will you do if you meet your high school crush with whom you've lost contact for 5 or 6 years?

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2021.11.29 12:28 Cultural_Wallaby_703 Warspite is a hybrid, and I this could be my true rarest achievement

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2021.11.29 12:28 freebiehivecom Realistic Christmas Tree PNG

Realistic Christmas Tree PNG
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2021.11.29 12:28 cmm1828 You look good mirror back as limited edition! You can buy it solo or they give you one if you spend $60+!

You look good mirror back as limited edition! You can buy it solo or they give you one if you spend $60+! submitted by cmm1828 to glossier [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 12:28 pkmckirtap Does an Italki for Programmers exist?

Every year I try to get into programming. I have tried so so many ways to get started, but there is always something that stops me from progressing. Now for example is my virtual environment that is not clean at all.
I think a mentor would be the right approach for the situation I am in. I have so many projects I want to work on but for that, I need a push at the start to get the idea of what/Where things are.
A platform like Italki does for people who want to learn new languages but for coding would be brilliant. To talk to someone experienced for 1h and align all my questions, fix my issues, and learn.
Does anyone know any platform like this?
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2021.11.29 12:28 investvoyager The $40 CyberMonday Referral Special is live! Starting now, we’ll boost any Voyager referral an extra $15 in Bitcoin on top of the base $25 reward. Dish out that referral code to rack up crypto. Offer only lasts 48 hours—refer fast to scoop up rewards. T&Cs apply.

The $40 CyberMonday Referral Special is live! Starting now, we’ll boost any Voyager referral an extra $15 in Bitcoin on top of the base $25 reward. Dish out that referral code to rack up crypto. Offer only lasts 48 hours—refer fast to scoop up rewards. T&Cs apply.
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2021.11.29 12:28 agaroud9 Microsoft Power BI module for Laravel

Hi all,
I'm relatively new to Laravel and I was wondering if there are some Laravel modules that I can implement for integrating Power BI dashboard in my application.
I've tried searching for such a module, but I cannot find anything useful.
I know that you can integrate Power BI dashboards using Power BI Embedded which works mainly with Javascript. But I was wondering whether something similiar exists in some sort of PHP/Laravel module.
Any advice?
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2021.11.29 12:28 Ash_Clover Got Volume 29

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2021.11.29 12:28 jokasi58 Advice on how to shoot b&w when sunny!

hey there. so I still struggle with shooting b&w film when its sunny outside. When I meter for the shadow to not lose the details, the highlights get blown away and it looks bad. I want to keep the details of the shadow and at the same time not have the highlights blind me. The clouds for example completely disappear and there is just a huge bright white sky.
Hope to find some advice here (: cheers
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2021.11.29 12:28 m1xed0s Quick question about 10-speed cassette.

I have Shimano HG500, 11x34 cassette and I am looking for a compatible cassette for the new direct drive trainer...
Majority of the less experience ones I could find are "10s 11-32T" and "10s 11-36T"...So will either of the two be compatble for my bike with the trainer? I think the trainer comes with a spacer if that matters...Also any spec info I should pay attention to ensure compatibility?
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2021.11.29 12:28 abz786 Internet Streaming - Buffering Often

i have a question to all, hope it isn't a repeat elsewhere:
- i have been sharing tv shows/movies with my family members via a friend account (added 1 account to plex). each week i upload their favorite show or movie (1080p or 720p) and off they go.
- plex server is running off of a qnap device with remote access enabled
-they would play files without issue until recently within the past week or so, it just buffers, regardless of quality selected (480p, 720p, 1080p, auto) it buffers often and regardless of player (Apple TV, Web - Chrome/FF), iPad etc
- another change that maybe related - i updated plex server to the latest version
Any thoughts to the situation above? only change that has happened is my family got a mesh system installed to ensure better wifi coverage at home
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2021.11.29 12:28 Klaasiker Earn $60 with Crypto.com and CakeDefi

Crypto.com ($25)
Crypto.com is surely the best available exchange and the best place to get your own Crypto Creditcard (with a 2% Cashback for each payment!) . They give you a nice referral of $25 worth of CRO.

CakeDefi ($30 +$5)
CakeDefi is a Singapore cryptocurrency exchange. Their referral program offers a massive free $30 for depositing and trading $50 worth of crypto.
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2021.11.29 12:28 Saxobeat28 It finally happened!

(This is my first post here so forgive me.)
After waiting 5 years since my miscarriage, I’m pregnant! Tomorrow I’ll be 8 weeks. I’m so scared, but I’m also so excited. I feel like I’m constantly fighting my head though, trying to overanalyze everything. This pregnancy is nothing like the first time, all in good ways.
My husband, like always, is being totally wonderful and supportive and loving. He is very excited about our rainbow baby but also doesn’t want to see me in that kind of pain again.
A part of me wants to be over the moon about this life growing inside me, but another part of me still thinks “don’t get too attached, it won’t last.”
What should I do?
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2021.11.29 12:28 True_Egg_5685 If you go around somebody elses house, you should not EXPECT food

There is absolutely nothing wrong with inviting somebody round your house to visit but not providing food them if you cannot be bothered to cook, and getting a takeaway but them paying for themselves or going out to eat and them paying for themselves. submitted by True_Egg_5685 to unpopularopinion [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 12:28 hadddfgdfgdfg ShibaWallet At 3K MC! | 🚨 Stealth Launched Gaming NFT Project! 🚨 | ✅ CoinGecko Application At 50K MC ✅ | 📝 Ownership Renounced 📝 | 🔒 LP Locked Till The End Of The Year 🔒 | ⭐ Paid Booster, Marketing & Much More Ladz ⭐ New ! Fair Launching Soon!

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✔️The project is well-invested and has gone through many stages of inspection by the parties to come up with a project of extremely good scale in terms of the number of investors and capital sources with guaranteed cash flow.

Shiba wallet token is our platform currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions or even trillions of coins in their wallets. Between its international recognition and its legitimate utility, SHIB has grown thousands of times and is constantly expanding its scope of activities.



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2021.11.29 12:28 GoldieMatic Battlefield 1: Total Domination

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