Good times. Did you participate in the Gears 3 beta?

2021.12.07 19:29 UniverseContinuum Good times. Did you participate in the Gears 3 beta?

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2021.12.07 19:29 MilkingFrodo The Halo multi-player experience

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2021.12.07 19:29 Potential-Squash1706 Elite 4 team

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2021.12.07 19:29 JtheLeon What the flair says

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2021.12.07 19:29 Sovetika Dorothy Stratten - h1390

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2021.12.07 19:29 sugarcactus Does this jumper suit me?☺️

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2021.12.07 19:29 Jsdnaj It’s almost burn time 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2021.12.07 19:29 Top-Fox-9349 Man

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2021.12.07 19:29 TheRealThenill Why did the Dodo go extinct?

Because it was a shit bird
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2021.12.07 19:29 Pardusco NSW plan for Kosciuszko feral horses a threat to endangered freshwater fish

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2021.12.07 19:29 Killerk0 Random crackpot idea/theory/question

Random crackpot theory that just came to my head. Is it possible that 1. The time of the living tribunal gods could be considered it's own mini kalpa? and 2. Lorkan was actually betrayed by the aedra in a similar way that nerevar was? While listening to the latest fudgemuppet podcast on sotha sil I started to think about how the tribunal used the heart of Lorkan to gain their divinity but then as they were talking about the enamtiomorph I started thinking. Is there a possibility the it is not the heart of Lorkan itself that gave them power, but the recreation of convention. Just as Lorkan was the primary leader of the aedric creation of nirn, Nerevar was the leader of the combined efforts of the chimer and dwemer. As the dwemer attempted to use the heart of Lorkan they simply vanished, but after the betrayal of Nerevar the tribunal were able to use the power of the heard to become living gods. Could it be that it is not the heart of Lorkan but instead the betrayal that gave not only the tribunal their power, but even the aedra themselves? Just as in the enamtiomorph where the watcher, mage, choosing party, whatever you want to call it is maimed or hurt in some way, maybe the betrayal of the originator of the plan could be what truly gives the power unto their killers.
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2021.12.07 19:29 Athleva Small fleet of imported RD4’s in Sturgeon Falls, ON. Quite a surprise, very small town.

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2021.12.07 19:29 LTCAB Surplus of new restaurants suggest Salt Lake is on its way to becoming next culinary capital

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2021.12.07 19:29 turbogowhooosh Beach Candy (Sea Rocks)

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2021.12.07 19:29 astralrocker2001 Symbolism of Doors / Time Loop / Janus God of Doors / Reality trap "No Exit"

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2021.12.07 19:29 dipperdog Florida seeks to scuttle environmentalists’ Piney Point lawsuit

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2021.12.07 19:29 Abulafil80 Coinbase AWS

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2021.12.07 19:29 ThreadbareAdjustment Why were adult My Little Pony fans aka "bronies" so controversial when adults actually watch children's shows all the time?

Like Disney and Pixar movies, Doctor Who was actually considered a children's show when it started, tons of adults watch SpongeBob, lots of kids' cartoons like Animaniacs and Rugrats had all sorts of hidden jokes for adults all the time, etc.
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2021.12.07 19:29 jobsinanywhere Liverpool close in on club-record £90m Jude Bellingham transfer as rivals focus on Dortmund team-mate Erling Haaland

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2021.12.07 19:29 Zacharoni24 Can someone draw an oc tournament character for me?

I’ve got this Oc for a tournament I’m entering on Reddit which is based on jojo and it’s power system! I was hoping someone could draw him and maybe have him strike a cool pose? He has this weird power called flow that gives him markings and teleports so if you see anything about ‘flow’ in the text that’s what it’s about!
His names Neon glow if you get confused at all by the descriptions! It’s a song reference to a song called neon glow by glass beach!
Character appearance:
Neon is of Brazilian and British descent giving him beautiful olive skin. Neon is an athletic, wiry, muscular built male standing at 6’1, Neon has sharp eyes that are gold but shift into a pink and is considered handsome by many that he has met. Neon’s hair is black and always messy but somehow manages to look nice, if this hair is played with or has a hand ran through it you can see neon pink hairs under the black. He also has gold and pink painted nails alternating colours each nail
While in flow Neon’s body begins to glow with pink glowing marks across his body and face similar to the look of sukuna from jujutsu kaisen, Neon’s eyes also begin to glow in flow (heheh it rhymes) except the eyes change to no longer being half and half to being 1 eye gold one eye pink. These marks fade in when flow is activated and fade out when going out of flow after a successful match, if the flow is interrupted through blows the marks jitter, fading in and out with a static effect for 15 seconds before he calms down.
Neon wears your basic black tech wear pants that stop a little above the ankles, these pants have been slightly accessorised, the straps being gold on one side and pink on the other, behind these straps can be seen the word “NEON” Inscribed onto the pockets of the pants, the inscription being pink on the gold side and gold on the pink side giving a faint glow. He wears a grey T-shirt that’s too big for him, one side of the shirt going down to his upper thigh as the other stays next to his waist. This T-shirt has a line from the middle of the waist making an arch to the middle of the back with a good line under it. He also wears black fingerless gloves with a half pink half gold cloud symbol on the back. For shoes Neon wears [big shoe brand name] sneakers which have been repainted to be black with gold accents. Neon also has a long Black scarf with a gold lining down the center that reaches down to just below his waist, this scarf looks like it’s always in the wind when Neon is in flow and while in flow the Scarf gains extra Gold markings on either side of the gold lining.
Personality if you wanna use this to base a pose off it!:
Personality while out of flow: Neon is probably the most carefree guy in the world with a major sense of adventure and is a huge flirt and is always able to get away with this thanks to his good looks laughing as both guys and girls shy away but if the energy is returned Neon will panic. While Neon doesn’t appear to always be listening due to his attitude he is, always listening to others’ problems and giving proper feedback based on what he hears being kind but also being very to the point. Even though Neon is the type to surround himself with others and just generally be easy to get along with he has a huge fear of being alone and even when surrounded by others he feels alone this void normally only being filled when close to close friends or a partner if he has one. It isn’t easy to make him dislike someone but if he does dislike someone it’s pretty obvious, he doesn’t snap at them but he will make off hand comments. Lemme make clear that he hates selfish people but doesn’t exactly have a stance on lone wolves or just people who distance themselves.
Personality in flow: Neon becomes a much more headstrong person when he’s in flow, Neon enters a hellbent tunnel vision state. Neon will step over others to reach a goal and will become highly more aggressive and energetic, spewing badass one-liners and striking poses when doing tricks but most importantly Neon becomes reckless. He’ll throw himself into danger to protect others without a second thought but he will simultaneously step over others to reach his goals. Every time he leaves the flow state he has to deal with these consequences but while in flow he strives to reach his goals.
Once again I would be highly grateful if anyone would bless me with this skills
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2021.12.07 19:29 kiloShinobiwa Arcade Platform riser

Hi all! I’m getting a ddr SN2 cab In a few months and I wanted to put the cab on a sort of platform base. Like a riser so that it isn’t sitting directly on the floor but a few inches to a foot off the ground. Does anyone have any recommendations or name of what kind of category this is in? I tried typing arcade platform on google but I don’t see anything relatable. Next bet is that I just keep the shipping pallet it ships on and use that instead, if i cant find anything. Help is much appreciated. Thanks!
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2021.12.07 19:29 Ok-Personality-636 Baguette?

Parisi just isn't hitting for me and it looks like the last time this was asked was 4+ years ago: where are people going for baguette/artisanal italian-y something/what comes to mind when a recipe says "serve with crusty bread"?
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2021.12.07 19:29 XYoshiaipomX All the wrong moves in all the wrong places

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2021.12.07 19:29 Knario1954 Weird_Things

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2021.12.07 19:29 artisanal_doughnut hahaha anyone else got something in their eye 👀👀👀

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