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Social Gathering Renaissance

2021.12.07 19:08 GTOADINATOR Social Gathering Renaissance

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2021.12.07 19:08 retrokyla Could anyone touch trade me the following pokémon?

spearrow, ekans, voltorb, senret, poochyena, bidoof, panpour, spinark, mightyena, glubbin, castform, turtwig, tediursa, apiom, murkrow, illumise, chespin, piplup, froakie, fearrow, seviper
they aren’t in my pokédex which means i can’t transfer them to pokemon sword so hopefully someone or multiple people in this community could touch trade me these pokémon :)
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2021.12.07 19:08 RenTheWiz Note to Self: Make sure you know what you're doing when using the weight paint on blender :)

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2021.12.07 19:08 TheMysticLizard Ways to protect dying characters from magic missile?

What the text says. We have a very meele happy healer character and there are no revive spells and healing potions. She takes a lot of damage. One villian already took her hostage this way. We are leveling slowly now and are at level 3. I have abjuration shield but that would only eat one missile at level 6 onwards. Each of them is a failed death save. We are hunted by bounty hunters and our big bad is an archmage mastermind, so i expect this to be repeated. Magic items are not likely and heavily homebrewed.
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2021.12.07 19:08 Renxer0002 PS Plus 2021 Infographic Shows Game Ratings, Value

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2021.12.07 19:08 lazarushelsinki It's now widely regarded as a classic and in the Criterion Collection

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2021.12.07 19:08 PolymerClayJewelry this is a fridge magnet

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2021.12.07 19:08 99centsplustax Marty is down with vape nation in the metaverse

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2021.12.07 19:08 Rubber-Name 16/US/PS4

Mounting time US. I was looking for some people to go back to bo3 and play some zombies we could play casual or do the Easter eggs it's up to whoever
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2021.12.07 19:08 DuctTapeAir Nylon piston swiss cheesing

Doing budget build on parts that I have around. Planning to squeeze a bit more RPS by short stroking and swiss cheesing piston. But how much could Cyma nylon piston take holes without it becoming too weak to last? Piston is new and has steel rack, if that counts.
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2021.12.07 19:08 M_A_G_I_C Another Story About how Bad Programming Destroyed Lives

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2021.12.07 19:08 KatFoodNFT 1st Puxxies Memes Contest! Join discord(link in comments)Only 4 hours left!!!! 1 Puxxies free for the winner. Good luck!

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2021.12.07 19:08 eat_ass_FXCKDRAKE69 [FO4] Give Weapon to Settler

Is there a mod where i can give a weapon to settler and make him actually use it?
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2021.12.07 19:08 missjorru MAGICAL GIRL ENAMEL PINS

MAGICAL GIRL ENAMEL PINS Over 20 of your favorite magical girls available at https://jorru.ca/ ♥♥

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2021.12.07 19:08 FallCompetitive7976 07-December I am still here

It is 07-December 22:08. I am desperate.
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2021.12.07 19:08 Mr-Mongol I need help with my girlfriend's situation

My girlfriend currently lives in Spain alongside her mother and little sister (who's 10). Her mother wants to divorce her father, but cant contact him or see hin directly, since he is always avoiding her Her older brother (+18) lives with him too.
Because of this, her mother cant divorce and therefore, get money from him to help her kids. Right now things aren't looking well for them, since for various months they haven't been able to keep up with WiFi bills.
On the other hand, her mother works as a cleaner at a school and my girlfriend has some mental health issues, and isn't able to pay what its needed to revalue her "handicap title" (sorry for bad english).
Today, her father made ir so that my gf's mother has to pay for a Speaker he bought while not being "legally" divorced, and she has no way to actually pay it without sacrifising the WiFi/Phone and my girlfriend can't get a job.
I try my best to confort her but I dont know what to do. Please, if anyone has any serious ideas or things that can ease or help in this situation, I'll make sure to tell her who I got the "x" idea from.
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2021.12.07 19:08 hitmanM79 Who's using 203s? BOOM

Total hilarity, with a bonus 1UP M203 frag at the end.
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2021.12.07 19:08 Hot_Zookeepergame140 eu_nvr

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2021.12.07 19:08 Reasonable_Adagio749 mind isssues

hello my name is maddy and i have an issues this is really tmi but when i have a little fear of sitting on the toilet and getting prego because even tho its a small percent it can happen so i use cleaners to wipe my self off now i've started to have cramps and bleeding and i know its from the cleaners what should i do to fix this now also i have ocd so thats why i did it to
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2021.12.07 19:08 OoTho5oa In regards to trying to unlock Salmonella, do I have enough feeders?

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2021.12.07 19:08 Doctor_Buttoots The End of Shadowlands - Why The Warcraft Story Went To Left Field and How It Could Come Back - SPOILERS

Over the last two expansions many of us have been left scratching our heads over why blizzard has chosen to take the story in such unexpected directions. From the burning of Teldrassil, to Sylvanas ruining Lordaeron with Blight, to the sudden appearance of the Jailer in the lore as the phantom hand that guided the story of Azeroth since Warcraft 3. Covenants, First Ones, Changing Reality?
Many have said, myself included, that the disorganized narrative of the last two expansions has simply been an indicator that Warcraft’s story has lost direction. It is true that some character’s actions have recently been unexpected and the story has felt somewhat aimless.
I think I have stumbled upon the reason for the direction of the story. I believe Blizzard has been sacrificing narrative quality on the altar of building a moment. A massive moment that will be the final chapter of Shadowlands. A moment hidden in plain sight.
In order to strengthen my case I want to refer to the facts of the story given to us at this point in time.
Warcraft III to Now
According to the Developer Preview for 9.2, “Eternity’s End serves as the final chapter of one book of the Warcraft saga.” They also say “The Shadowlands story pulls together threads that started in Warcraft III.”
There is a lot going on in the Shadowlands and it is difficult sometimes to determine what story is being told. Is it a story about the Pantheon of Death? Elune and An’she? The cosmic order of the universe? I think not. This cosmic backdrop is massive and though these ideas are interesting, they are at this point in time still secondary or tertiary aspects of the story. In my opinion, the table is not set to delve deeper into the cosmos… yet. Though floating in a cosmic soup, the story is still about a handful of Azerothian characters and their stories. I want to focus on four whose stories from Warcraft 3 are unresolved.
Arthas Menethil
The Prince of Lordaeron. You know how it goes. The Dreadlord Mal’ganis (who we now know worked in service of the Jailer) manipulated Arthas into becoming the Lich King. He then returned to Lordaeron, decimated his kingdom and became the monster he swore to destroy.
“I’ll hunt you to the ends of the earth if I have to! Do you hear me? To the ends of the earth!”
Jaina Proudmoore
Archmage, Leader of the Kirin Tor. Friend and love interest of Arthas, her life was forever changed by the events of Warcraft III. Then changed again after the destruction of Theramore.
Sylvanas Windrunner
Ranger-General of Silvermoon. While defending Silvermoon and the Sunwell from Arthas and the scourge, she was killed and transformed into a banshee. Her soul split and mind controlled. Later after freeing herself from Arthas power she would conquer Lordaeron Keep and rule Undercity, the home of her former master. After defeating the Lich King, she threw herself from Icecrown Citadel in an attempt to end what was left of her life. On the other side she encountered the Jailer, who offered her the rest of her soul in exchange for help to free himself. Her obedience would later result in the burning of Teldrassil and the murder of countless night elves as well as the ruin of Lordaeron with blight. Now finally that the jailer is freed, the jailer holds up his end of their bargain and returns her soul.
Tyrande Whisperwind
High Priestess of Elune. Most recently, Tyrande watched as Sylvanas burned her home and killed her people. Empowered by Elune, she sought to make Sylvanas pay for her crimes. Consumed by hate, she will stop at nothing to get her vengeance.
Four heroes whose lives were altered forever by the manipulation of the Jailer. In the raid, we know that it will take two weeks for the story to play out. Week one is Anduin. Week two is the Jailer. We have begun to enter the realm of speculation, so please keep an open mind.
Sepulcher of the First Ones
“Our hope is that we can learn whatever Anduin knows about domination magic. We need to be able to resist it, or better yet, fight it.” - 9.2 Developer Preview
In Anduin’s fight there are references to “Remnant of a Fallen King”. This is almost certainly Arthas soul. I believe we will defeat Anduin and shatter Kingsmourne which will free Arthas’ soul finally from the runeblade. Arthas will have his moment to regain his awareness and to make peace with the past.
Its at this point that I believe Anduin will teach us something important about domination magic. Together with the Covenant leaders we will devise a plan to use the domination magic on the Jailer just as they had in eons past to dominate him and finally destroy him.
Arthas, Jaina, and Sylvanas will then go with us on to the next boss. I do not think Tyrande has caught up with us yet.
The Lords of Dread
The Dreadlords have been excellent manipulators of the Warcraft story for the benefit of death. I believe the fight will begin with Tyrande showing up to exact vengeance on Sylvanas. As theyre about to fight we will hear a familiar voice echo through the halls. Mal’ganis. We will fight the Lords of Dread in a “Paragons of the Klaxxi” style fight. One dread lord, then another, ending with Mal’ganis. All the while they will taunt them. Reminding them how weak and easy to manipulate they all were.
As Mal’ganis is about to die we get a cutscene. Mal’ganis is subdued. Arthas, Jaina, Sylvanas, and Tyrande stand over him. As he lays defeated, he taunts them one last time about how it is too late. He reminds them of all the ways they’ve been mantipulated. Then from the back comes Arthas. “To the ends of the earth…”
They all look at one another realizing that the cycle of hatred started with the Jailer. Arthas was his victim. Sylvanas was his victim. Each of them, if left untouched by the Jailer, could have had vastly better lives. With the Dreadlord’s work laid bare, they band together to stop the Jailer.
The Jailer
“The Jailer’s true goal has never really been to escape the maw or to gain power. He’s been focused on reaching this place called the Sepulcher, to go into this place of power, and to really rewrite the rules of the universe.” - Steve Danuser
Here in the final battle, these four heroes get a chance to face the architect of their suffering. But the Jailers work has already begun. A portal gateway has been opened between Zereth Mortis and Azeroth. The machine of the First Ones is siphoning off Azeroths essence in the form of a beam reaching into the heavens. Her essence is already being taken into the machine for the Jailers horrific plan. As players we fight the Jailer in an attempt to weaken him just enough so that the Pantheon of Death can dominate him. But the process is too far gone. The Jailer has extracted too much power from the process to be subdued. The Pantheon realizes that only the Mortals can stop him now.
And so we finally come to the moment. As the players beat the Jailer to his weakened state, the Sepulcher Machine finishes powering up. Just as the Jailer gets control of the machine, the Pantheon directs its magic into the four heroes. The Eternal Ones blast their domination magic through Arthas, Jaina, Sylvanas, and Tyrande. Four covenant colored beams of magic come together and seize control of the Jailer. But it is too late. The machine roars to life. Reality is about to be rewritten.
With all their might, with all their soul, these four heroes of Azeroth dominate the will of the Jailer. If reality must be rewritten, may it be rewritten by the children of Azeroth. An epic rewrite of “O’ Thanagor” begins to play.
Boom! The beam shoots back down to Azeroth but splits into four spectacular colors as it nears the surface.
The white beam of energy crashes down into the blight ridden forests of Lordaeron, onto the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. A blinding sword of light and energy that erases all within it. As the light fades we see the gleaming stones of a city renewed. Lordaeron Keep is reborn again to its former glory. Stratholme, Hearthglen, Lordaeron and all its people returned back to life. Ripped back into existence as if time rewound.
The red beam descends into Kalimdor and down onto Dustwallow Marsh. As the light fades, Theramore is made anew. The destruction of Garrosh’s mana bomb wiped from history.
The green beam flies into Quel’Thalas. As the shimmer breaks we see the Dead Scar healed, Silvermoon renewed, and the Sunwell reborn. The undeath erased from time.
The blue beam hits Teldrassil. When the view clears, the world tree has been remade. Darnassus and all its people returned to life.
And with one final surge of energy, they will use the power of the Pantheon to destroy the Jailer.
The will of these four Azerothians avenge the people and places they held most dear. One final act to thwart the creator of chaos and redeem themselves. Finally, at long last, Arthas and Sylvanas can be at peace and return to the Shadowlands.
Azeroth renewed. Long gone civilizations restored. The table is set for a return to Azeroth.
In game, I believe this will mean a semi revamped Azeroth. I believe much of the landscape will remain the same but Azeroth will be retextured and perhaps have Quel’ Thalas finally added to the main map. A cataclysm like revamp.
I don’t have any evidence other than a gut feeling, but i think that this usage of Azeroths energies will weaken her and somehow free one of the Old Gods. Perhaps Yogg Saron.
The next expansion will be returning to Azeroth and experiencing the new world as well as battling an Old God.
I know some of this may seem a little out there, but i have a few points id like to make.
The current in-game Azeroth is narratively and functionally broken. Over the last two expansions Blizzard has torched and destroyed two capital cities. This is not a functional way to kick off yet another expansion. There is a hazard sign at the Undercity zeppelin at Orgrimmar. They must address these cities somehow and i have a hard time believing that they will stick by the decision to have Teldrassil and Undercity barren, unusable wastes from now on. So now we have several Azeroth locations that need fixing and a hero from each broken location in an end expansion raid where the villain wants to change reality.
The Jailer wanting to change reality is such an out of left field motivation that I can almost certainly say somewhere, somehow reality is going to be changed. Will he succeed and dominate all life? No, the game will always continue. Will he destroy the other aspects of reality and sacrifice all future possibilities of developing Life or Light in the story? Even one? Almost certainly not. So then who will change reality? Will our heroes, victims of this being, merely kill the Jailer? I don’t think so. If Shadowlands has taught us anything, it should be that when Blizzard has a goal for the story they have no issue with shattering the sky.
Would it take away from the history of warcraft to bring back Lordaeron and Teldrassil and Quel’Thalas? Yes, in a certain sense it would violate the history of the story. But Blizzard has no qualms with violating the history of the story for a cool idea. Warlords of Draenor being the obvious example. Bringing back Lordaeron is a cool idea. Sylvanas, Arthas, Tyrande, and Jaina saving their people and destroying their life long villain is a cool idea.
The Jailer could have been written to do so many things. If he is to ultimately die without consequences, why bring us to Zereth Mortis? Why have the final battle in a place of such power and just walk away when he’s dead? He could have just climbed down from Icecrown and we could have killed him there. I am almost certain we are going to a reality changing place because reality is going to get changed.
As much as I agree with the idea that the Lich King story should have ended after ICC, it is indisputable that there were many unresolved mysteries surrounding him. Yes Arthas was killed, but there was little resolution for Jaina or Sylvanas or really any of the characters of Arthas’ story. This ending is the resolution I think they have been building toward. The execution has been sloppy, but out of all the noise, if you listen closely, i think you can hear what the story is trying to tell us.
If you stuck around this long, I appreciate you hearing me out. Hopefully you can see where I’m coming from. As always, Blizzard may take the story in a wildly different direction. But this ending is the only one I can currently imagine that would be an adequate ending, given the circumstances, of these characters from Warcraft III.
I hope you enjoyed the idea and i look forward to any feedback. Thanks!
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2021.12.07 19:08 redboy78_ MNK Solo/Duo Rank Issues and why Splitting Playerbase never Works

Great game, been super fun to play. The first couple weeks have been amazing from a gameplay perspective.

-Mnk ranked solo/duo made does not have enough players, especially in the higher rank
-Likely from the AA being so strong, why would anyone who's good at the game use MnK at a higher rank RN
-Will cause quite a few players to just leave the game/stunt the overall growth of it if the two inputs the game is made for are not even attempted to be made balanced (yes tracking fps games with high TTK can be more balanced then what the current state of Halo is, just look at Apex or Splitgate)
-Controller gatekeeping community of shitting on KBM players should stop. Game is made for Xbox AND PC, PC default input is KBM, nothing wrong with change and bringing an amazing game to potentially new and larger audience. Not that most KBM players want AA to be removed, they just want it to be somewhat balanced.

I know been quite a few hot debates over MnK vs Controller and how us MnK (I am a MnK user) should just stick to our solo/duo ranked playlist only and be happy with it. Well it's been 2 weeks and the playlist already feels like it's starting to die and waver out population wise. Been diamond 5/6 in this playlist and played everyday from essentially the start of launch. Ik the matchmaking for ranked is not perfect, rarely would you play with gold/silver and low platinum in MnK solo/duo in the first week or two (I've qued the playlist for a few hours everyday since launch).
Now when I que, I'd say about every other game has multiple gold or platinums in the lobby. This is basically a sign of the playlist not having enough people queing it to keep it at a healthy competitive level where you can actually rank up and have fun. If you lose to these platinum/gold you lose a lot of rating, if you win you gain nothing even if you drop 40 kills.
Now, where did everyone go? It's only been a few weeks, surely they have not all left by now. I don't think they have, it's just due to the aim assist being so strong I feel most people around the diamond/onyx level on MnK just made a switch to controller cause it's so easy, not complaining about AA. Just saying, the strength of it really sucks if you ever want to keep a MnK player base to any extent at all in the future. The Competitive Que is already dying out, and telling a Mnk player to just go play their own playlist won't work, it's a dead playlist that is no fun cause you can never see gains anymore MMR wise once you get to simply mid diamond range.
Congrats to all you gatekeeping controller players, who constantly just shit on MnK players telling them to either switch to controller or leave the game. Although it's early enough to still fix the issue, you are successfully just removing players from the Halo game and stunting it's growth by causing whole playlists to just die out cause you refuse to believe MnK should get any optimization or aid when it's clearly such an inferior input nobody wants to play it even tho it feels better to many people.
I bet if they just balanced the strength level between controller and kbm slightly so we could occasionally win some 1v1's a lot of players would switch back to kbm and it would revive the game mode again and make it back to a healthy population at the higher levels. Otherwise you might just lose a lot of new players from gatekeeping a silly archaic idea of oh "Halo is a controller game, only controller, shut up or switch". The game could be so much bigger and fun for everyone, if it's just somewhat balanced between the two inputs the game IS MADE FOR.
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2021.12.07 19:08 KezBlaz This weeks box says delivered… but have yet to receive anything. Went to the chat and this automated message keeps appearing in live chat. Also tried calling and no answer. Any thoughts?

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2021.12.07 19:08 cine_bite Celtx just deleted my entire library???

Have been trying to login this morning, once in it seems that I no longer have any script files? Please tell me this is just a glitch... I have several features (including optioned material) in there.
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2021.12.07 19:08 nickn32 [WTB] MAWL C1+ (VA)

FDE or black
Would prefer the newer model with updated programming but open to the old one.
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