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2021.12.07 18:17 flyboyanthony BEST SND TEAM IN THE WORLD

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2021.12.07 18:17 RC_Cola95 Why don’t they release heroes planned for OW2, to save what’s left of the community?

With everything going on, I don’t understand why Blizzard doesn’t just release some of the things they have made for OW2 on OW1 just to save the community and somewhat salvage the game.
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2021.12.07 18:17 Alberth64 MFW i actually managed to pull that off

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2021.12.07 18:17 aLittleKrunchy Wild snail and turkey tails

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2021.12.07 18:17 RMillz ITAP of a cow tongue

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2021.12.07 18:17 Obewyn Micron Technology jobs in Atlanta

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2021.12.07 18:17 PubicDogHair Do We Have Any Confirmation On If Larois Gonna Be On Juice’s Album?

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2021.12.07 18:17 Obewyn Red Hat Security Advisory 2021-4953-03 – Torchsec

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2021.12.07 18:17 Maminizer To the 3% of people out there, according to the psoriasis foundation. Anyone tried a shampoo for psoriasis and actually worked ?

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2021.12.07 18:17 parkstar86 The plane flew itself there!

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2021.12.07 18:17 ameeryabdallah Undesired Behavior: Turn off mouse scroll changing values of drop-down elements and sliders

Did a bunch of research and cannot find a single way to turn off this feature. This feature is getting super annoying and the only posts that I see that talk about it are like 3 years old. Is there really no way to remove this feature? I can't scroll through any application without worrying that I am completely ruining the settings I laid out for it. It's even worse for the apps that autosave changes without verifying first. I've heard it is QT behavior but is there a hack for it at all?
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2021.12.07 18:17 Daywalker_Max Finally reached 1800, grind to 2.1k starts now, need your help!

So I posted here 3 months ago and you guys helped me and I'm again in need of help. Long story short. Raiding guild disbanded and me and my friends started playing arena and we had no experience. We play Necro Rsham / Kyrian Warrior.
We hitted 1.8k in roughly 200 games, and we want to keep pushing but need to improve on certain points.
We are now struggling against certain spec that we have no or little knowledge of and would like some tips on their dmg and defensive cds and how we should be playing. Affli/demo warlock, BM/MM hunter, disc/holy priest, DKs.
Another thing we have an issue that we want to work on is how we track CDs. Do you all track them on CD with omnibar? What do you use for them while they are rolling? Some are easy to see like paladin wings / monk's clone, but some other are tough like colossus smash. We are trying to see what are our different options to be as efficient as possible in dealing with them.

Thanks again for your help and wisdom!
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2021.12.07 18:17 SpaceRocker420 RINO Rep. Liz Cheney Down Double 18 Points To Trump-Backed Candidate

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2021.12.07 18:17 RobGThai What time will the fundraiser ship and emote drop?

Just redeemed mine and it was no where in collections as specified.
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2021.12.07 18:17 Obewyn Healthcare Cybersecurity Market Size to Reach Revenues of USD 24.1 Billion by 2026

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2021.12.07 18:17 Junior_Bath5555 Yo, if anyone has a 6p skin that they don’t want consider giving it to me when trading comes out :}

I don’t really have any skins to trade for it, but I’m a 6p main so I would love to have a skin for it (doesn’t matter what the skin is, I love them all haha) so before you roka that 6p skin you didn’t want, consider keeping it for just a few weeks! As some form of compensation, I can give you money, rokas, arrows, etc.
(And yes, I know this comes off as begging, but I would LOVE to have a skin for my main, but my attempts so far have been unsuccessful)
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2021.12.07 18:17 ImportanceSilver3251 FC Porto 0-1 Atlético Madrid - Antoine Griezmann 56'

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2021.12.07 18:17 blankblank That strange Cybertruck whistle? Might have just been an attempt to muddy the search results to bury the story about the Tesla SEC whistleblower.

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2021.12.07 18:17 awkward_pakistaniX7 Berserk Mari and Unit-02 by さぶ

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2021.12.07 18:17 HandyAggie Price for door dent repair and repaint (U.K.)

I wanted to ask roughly how much it should cost? It’s on a Mini Cooper (in U.K. but not my car), the door has a small dent but mini body shop said they’d have to install a new door and sent a quote out for... over £2k. Safe to say I’m beyond shocked, they want over £700 just for labour.
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2021.12.07 18:17 jhmsr Insight on Aruba Instant On vs TPlink Omada using Firewalla Gold(router)

I've had a Unifi setup for years. Even with the latest news that it was an inside job. I have been slowing going away from Unifi. Nothing against them, I like to try new companies and see what they have to offer. That being said, I am planning to go with Firewalla Gold > then... HP Aruba instant On or TP Link Omada solution. I would like to see other Work From Home users on what your thoughts are? I wire everything in, if it has a port. I'll wire it. But... I also have IoT device and the typical wireless devices. I want to blanket my home and also outside, so I will look at 2-3 AP's for my home. Again, I've sold my Unifi equipment and still in process of selling it. Going to Reolink / Ankee POE camera's. then, 24 POE switch and soon arriving a Firewalla Gold (which was a toss up between Netgate, maybe in 3-4 years I'll switch again). Anyways. your thoughts between HP or TPlink? Also after switching my process of proper wire management that I've seen many others here have done, makes me look at mine and say...gotta do better. TYIA, enjoy your holiday season, grab a cigadrink and relax.
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2021.12.07 18:17 FlaaffyyLoL Destiny 2's BR in a nutshell

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2021.12.07 18:17 Death2Coriander Nightmares of being hunted by a murderer

I’ve been having nightmares the last couple of nights where I’m being hunted down by a stalkemurderer. The first nightmare was back at home in the small coastal town where I grew up. I was back in high school and one of the teachers was stalking me. The dream ended with him coming to my house. I locked the door and called my Dad and my boyfriend but he managed to get through the door. The dream ended with it swinging open and this creepy look on the guys face. I woke up in a panic. I had a similar dream last night but not as vivid. The guy in the dream was completely made up (as I’m not anyone I’ve met in real life) but it was so vivid I can still recall his features 2 days later.
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2021.12.07 18:17 krae430 Pokemon

Hey! I'm just looking for people to add to my Pokemon game. 9874 1764 3287
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2021.12.07 18:17 Obewyn acquires ClearCycle, a proven Claims & Disbursement technology company

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