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"Sara," her father said, "Life is a prom! I know you won't disappoint me and mom."

2021.11.27 23:35 korgdrax "Sara," her father said, "Life is a prom! I know you won't disappoint me and mom."

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2021.11.27 23:35 daniellejosh_d Random 10 pulls got me screaming so loud at night

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2021.11.27 23:35 Expensive-Log2679 My friend (24F) and I (25M) stopped talking because of something that happened years ago. How do I

I had a pretty normal friendship with my friend for about 7 years(2012) leading up to the silence. She was one of my closest friends. About 5 years ago(2016), as young adults do, we had a lapse in judgment, and long story short, woke up in the same bed. We never talked about what happened, pretended it didn't happen, and moved on with our lives/friendship. She got married at some point after that (before anyone asks; no, I was not "that guy"). 2 years ago (2019), her (at the time) husband found out what happened years before, which somehow started a fight between them.. my friend and I haven't spoken since then. I heard through a friend that they ended up getting a divorce (which I feel bad about, because I feel like somehow I was at fault for even though it happened before they were a thing). I miss talking to my (former) best friend and I think about texting them but I feel like too much time has gone by to say anything.. and even if I still could say anything, I'm at a loss for words..
Additional information: Ages given are current, length of time is approximate.
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2021.11.27 23:35 EnPointe4Lyfe Too Young to Write?

Here's the thing: I don't have a lot of experience in life. I've never been outside of the country, and my parents don't let me travel by myself for various reasons. One being the crime rate of my country. So I don't know if I can write a convincing adventure story without it sounding like a glorified fantasy. I don't want my naivete to shine through and make people think that my work was written by someone like me. It makes me insecure, especially with all of the infamous teen flicks in Wattpad. I don't want people to think that all I'm capable of writing are dumpster fires that are too emotional or otherwise tacky. Think YA novels with stupid love triangles and unrealistic teenager problems. My current project doesn't feature anything like that, but that doesn't stop me from doubting myself as an artist.
My goal is to write a high fantasy novel, which means that I'll have to tackle a lot of world building to create an immersive story. My MC has the goal of saving the world, and I fear that will make my book a good candidate for rejection and mockery. Do I have goals beyond my capabilities? Heck, thinking of fictional cultures and languages freak me out because I have to create some for my story. Aren't most famous authors of this genre older adults? Don't they have college degrees?
Should I stop thinking of writing a book if I don't even have enough time and knowledge to create one? Am I biting off too much than I can chew? Should I just create simple stories because I'm a stupid teenager who can't even arrange their own thoughts? Am I being irrationally ambitious for a person who isn't even that smart?
I'm a scatterbrained idiot who can't commit to one thing. My interests constantly change, and I'm pretty forgetful. Can a person who possess those qualities write something worthwhile? Let alone a girl at my age. An emotional wreck who has to deal with the pressure of high school as I stop my overthinking brain from ripping my sanity apart.
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2021.11.27 23:35 Linguisticsaccount1 The hornbuz

The feeling of only being slightly turned on, but enough to feel a bit nice, and still not feel fully horny.
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2021.11.27 23:35 PruloAgency New Nostalgic Music Playlist 📲

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2021.11.27 23:35 IAmWallSt To what extent did The United States massacre, and destroy Vietnamese villages, towns, etc.?

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2021.11.27 23:35 analeater4 Send me your favorite subreddits and I'll rate them

I'll be rating them based on how I liked it
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2021.11.27 23:35 Vextery Heatran on me! Inviting as many as possible. 6119 3431 9057

6119 3431 9057
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2021.11.27 23:35 josemini10 Croix

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2021.11.27 23:35 _Uncle_Ted He's been single far too long

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2021.11.27 23:35 wishingwellington Hello sir or madam, I’m your dasher with your order from Meowlive Garden

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2021.11.27 23:35 ZD_17 I have taste

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2021.11.27 23:35 Tea_Puddle Copper Mountain Ski Town

I stepped out of the car, yanking my gloves on with a shiver. I glanced at the modern looking, sleek building that loomed above me before turning to grab the rest of my stuff. It was my first time going skiing in the actual Colorado mountains, and I was definitely excited. I walked up to the doors and opened them, going in and stepping up to the front desk.
“Room number?” The lady at the desk asked, barely looking up.
“314,” I responded.
“Daniel Kroskaroff.” She nodded and scribbled my name down on a piece of paper, next to the numbers 314.
“Okay, you’re good to go. Also-“ She handed me a paper that appeared to have been made in Google Docs, titled boldly:
“Copper Mountain Hotel Rules”
“Read these before you go in your room, and follow them at all costs. If you don’t-“ She arched a brow at me. “Good luck finding a new hotel.”
I nodded and folded the paper up, putting it in my pocket before walking away.
I reached my room and took it out, scanning it quickly.

  1. If you open your door and the light from the windows is white, enter. If any other color, close and open the door until it is white.
  2. If you are on the elevator and the door opens while you are not on a floor yet, use the emergency rifle. They don’t come in peace, no matter what they may say.
  3. If you see a woman with a dark brown and white chihuahua walking outside, leave the hotel and say a greeting to her.
  4. If you hear a concert near the hotel, find it and join. Do not return until the concert has ended. Anything you see in the hotel as you are leaving is not what it seems to be.
  5. If the heater turns off on its own, turn the AC on as soon as possible despite the cold. Keep it on until you encounter Rule 3.
  6. If you hear a bell ringing rhythmically, find the origin. If you are unable to locate the source, whistle or stomp along with the beat and slowly bring down the tempo until you are able to bring it to a complete stop.
  7. In the event that you choose to leave the safety of your room, do not be caught without a flashlight on your person. In the event the lights go out in the halls, use it and do not return to your room until they are restored.
  8. It is to be noted that animals are not permitted in the building. In the event you see any inside, you will be required to get rid of it.
  9. If the fire in your room goes out, immediately make sure all exits and entrances are securely closed and locked.
  10. If a landscape photo of a mountain range appears in your room, burn it. In the event of an ongoing Rule 9, evacuate the town after contacting hotel staff.
  11. In the possibility you enter your room for the first time and see all of your belongings already inside, go into the room next to yours and tell the inhabitant(s).
  12. Enjoy your stay, and keep these rules in mind!
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2021.11.27 23:35 DaveDel Looking to get/build my first rifle!

Im looking to buy/build my first AR-15 and have seen time and time on this forum that buying from an FFL is far more expensive than building one myself. There are some awesome deals online right now for some Radical Firearms rifles, but they are non-compliant, and after FFL and compliance fees, its about the same as what's in my local shop.
Im leaning heavily towards building my own and wanted to know what everyone here recommends. My budget is $500-600 (not including transfer fees for the lower).
Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.27 23:35 McCorgiHappymeal Making the defense cohort

So all the videos I've found on YouTube about the defense cohort were videos with the 8th edition codex but not the 9th edition codex and I don't have, nor can I find all the rules on them so I was hoping my fellow toaster lovers would be willing to send me a picture of all there rules from the book of rust and some tactics yall have used or thought of
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2021.11.27 23:35 dailycasualty Miltank 8993 4016 6934

Only need a few
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2021.11.27 23:35 Tumsh Half Man Half Biscuit - The Best Things In Life

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2021.11.27 23:35 DanDaAnonymousMan Feelings for my brother's and friend's ex?

So. This might be a long one. I (18M) think I may be developing feelings for C (18F, who is also my brother's (20M) and my friend T's (20M) ex.
The story is that me, my brother (E), and T were all in a friend group to which C was introduced end of last year, by a mutual friend, I (19F). C needed some friends and we were happy to be there for her. All of our first interactions were online, for the beginning. From the start, C dropped some hints that my brother and I interpreted as her maybe having a lil crush on me. So shortly before our first irl meeting, me, my brother and I "made a plan" to try and get me and C together. A bit silly, I know, but they thought we'd be good together. Now, C has since then told me she didn't have a crush on me at the time, and during the meeting we all got quite drunk, and E and C ended up flirting quite hard right in front of me, which hurt quite a bit, especially bc I was in a quite bad place at the time.
Next morning my brother apologised, and it became clear that E and C are gonna get together. I made my peace with it, for the most part, still seeing it as a bit of a dick move, but I became fine with the idea of E and C being together. At around the 3 month mark, they broke up, after C having become quite distant for about 2 weeks before she broke up with my brother. I told her I thought she should have communicated stuff in the relationship better. She then told me a few stories that made me question some of E's actions and attitudes towards sex (C lost her virginity to E, he was already a little sexually experienced) and said that she felt used for sex. I didn't particularly believe her much at the time, thinking she was reading too many bad intentions into E's actions , but since then other things have came out and yeah, I believe that my brother was probably pretty shitty towards her, at the very least in the sexual department.
Now the controversy here is that for the last two weeks of her relationship with E, she was very actively texting with T, getting very close to him. Four days after the breakup, she met up with T. She has since said that she had no intentions of getting with T when she ramped up contact, and I think I believe her, for the most part. Still, many in our friend group, E especially, thought that this was quite the betrayal from them, T more than C, since has was a "bro" to E. C and T then got together soon after, despite C having told me in confidence that she didn't really have feelings for T and only got together in a foolish attempt to spare his feelings. She knows this was a bad call and has since expressed deep regret over it.
T and C were also together for about 5 months before she called it quits 3 weeks ago, this also seems to have somewhat reconciled E and T, although I assume that my brother still thinks it was a shitty move from the two. Now, me and C seem to have somewhat fallen into the pattern C seems to have when she builds up feelings: we spend a lot more time together texting and chatting online, sharing music and all the like. T asked me last week if I liked C, and I truthfully answered no, but I think I may be getting a lot closer to that point now.
I really like C. She's great. She's funny and sweet, we share the same taste in music, we have a lot of the same values, we can always make each other laugh. I could theoretically see a future with her. Now obviously, this is only an issue if she is also developing feelings for me, but if it does get that far, would it be stupid to get with her? I think E and anyone else who somewhat took his side in the whole debacle may well judge me quite harshly for it. People on that side seem to make it out like there's some more malicious side to her (I think someone said that "she's not as innocent as she makes it out to be") but I just don't see it. C has been nothing but amazing and kind towards me, and she's one of the sweetest people I know. I feel naive falling for someone who's been with my brother and one of my closer friends in the span of less than a year, and even naiver for considering getting with her. Am I being dumb? Should I care what my friends and family think of this? Is it breaking the "bro code"?
TL;DR: I am falling for a girl who in the last 9 months has been my brother's and my friend's gf and I don't know what to do about it.
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2021.11.27 23:35 TinyChickenNugget_ A few sketches from a vent animation I wanna make (TW: Gore!!)

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2021.11.27 23:35 No-You-1405 Faço cock tributo pra novinhas

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2021.11.27 23:35 Deikser GOD

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2021.11.27 23:35 SleepySeaStar ISO these three items! Please comment/PM wishlist if you have these for trade 😊

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2021.11.27 23:35 Mundane_Recording_49 Looking for an RTX 2080 Super or Ti...

I'm looking for a RTX 2080 GPU for my build, my setup is an i9 10900KF, RTX 2070 FE (non Super or Ti), 32GB Crucial Ballistix 3200Mhz, MSI Z490 MPG Gaming Edge Wifi, Samsung 970 Evo, Corsair RM850x. As for Budget... $1,500.00 is my max, Looks of the GPU don't matter to me.
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2021.11.27 23:35 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - How COVID-19 has changed academic life | Sydney Morning Herald

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