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Player taking ignoring the personalized plot hook to a new level

2021.12.06 18:56 Ok_Emphasis6873 Player taking ignoring the personalized plot hook to a new level

Ok guys this is my first time posting. I feel really bad and have to let this out. (sry for bad English if there's any)
>Be me, a new DM of a homebrew campaign where I tailor the plot to the backstories of all my 5 PCs
>Be not me, urchin half-elf ranger who has 2 goals: to find his mother, whose only connection to him is a star-shaped neckless; and find his previous commander of a powerful group of mercenaries
>Be not me, the rest of the 4 party members: An oath of redemption tortle paladin, a tiefling celestial warlock, a half-elf hex blade, and a kenku monk
>First several sessions were a blast, everyone is having fun, finding out secrets about their own personal storylines, saving a village from undead gnolls, solving an undead mystery in the city.
>Party entered an isolated elven village to looking for an elven blacksmith to repair a sacred weapon
>Upon entry the hexblade noticed that the blacksmith shares the same last name as the urchin half-elf ranger right away and asked him openly
>Ranger says it's coincident for sure
>Blacksmith's wife disappeared as soon as the party arrives at the village
>Soon party tracked her down and finds she is sealed in a huge magical ice cube (she was running away from the party since she knows her abandoned son is in the party and asked a hag for help in desperate)
>Party asked for village elder sage for help, the elder get mad at blacksmith saying "Told you that you shouldn't bring that outsider woman into our village 25 years ago." (Ranger is 25 yo)
>Later the other two party members went to talk to the blacksmith about his wife, blacksmith spilled more information about how the two met: the woman was a performer with a traveling circuit, 25 years ago she was trying to run away from something and came to the elven village asking for sanctuary.
>Ranger still not picking up the clue.
>Good thing that I planted the night hag disguised as a harmless NPC along with the party
>I have the night hag give the ranger bad dream about this past and parents, and straight up going into his room, and said that "I see you are having bad dreams."
>Pick up the STAR-SHAPED-NECKLESS "The elven woman sealed in the ice had the same star shape neckless as yours. I knew it because I was a traveling merchant and she tried to have me fix it"
>"Is she someone important to you? You don't have to tell me..."
>That should be straightforward enough. I thought.
>To be sure, later the party finds the hag and planned to ask her to help break the magic seal, the party asked who is that woman in the ice. The hag even told the ranger "I can smell you and that silly woman have the same kind of blood in your vines "
>The ranger still refuses to take the plot hook, said to the party "We shouldn't risk enraging the entire village to help someone just because she had the same last name as I do."
>I was so damn mad, so I told the party another important NPC in the city wants them back to solve something back in the city.
>Confronted the player after the session: "Do you really don't understand what is happening?"
>He went: "Yes I knew she is probably my character's mom since the beginning."
>"Then... why are you not trying to help her?"
>"As a professional adventurer, I cannot afford to let personal issues affect my behavior. Also, we don't have enough motivation to help her."
>"The motivation should be that she is your mom!"
>"Yes, but that is not enough motivation for me"
>"Then why you tell me that the only two goals of your character are to A, find his mother, and B, find his previous commander?"
>"The finding mother plot should serve my main plot, which is finding my previous commander. I don't understand why the finding parent plot appears before my personal main story."
>"I designed the entire finding mother plot just to give you your first clue in finding that mercenary gang!"
>"The story shouldn't go in that order. If you do not give me my main story and directly give me my less important goal, the situation will get wired and I don't know how to act."

>Am I doing something wrong here? How can I avoid situations like this from happening in the future?
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2021.12.06 18:56 seethroughplate Two Christmas Parties - A Contrast, 1917

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2021.12.06 18:56 rows_on_rows Eli5 book value vs market value

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2021.12.06 18:56 19Gypsy_soul87 My stepfather responding to a message I posted about missing my sister who died in 2007. My mother is not speaking to me because she's an alcoholic killing herself and refuses to get help, I told her till she gets help I can't speak to her it's bad for my almost 4 yrs sobriety!

My stepfather responding to a message I posted about missing my sister who died in 2007. My mother is not speaking to me because she's an alcoholic killing herself and refuses to get help, I told her till she gets help I can't speak to her it's bad for my almost 4 yrs sobriety! submitted by 19Gypsy_soul87 to toxicfamilies [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 18:56 DumbNBANephew To make tests more interesting, SR should be used to resolve draws

Test cricket already gets a lot of flak for taking 5 whole days. Adding on to it is the fact that you could play FIVE days and end up with a draw?? That's what turns off most new fans. Also, players spend so much time just blocking instead of real cricket shots, it's boring to the average viewer.
The best way to resolve all of it: NO MORE DRAWS!
If you don't have a result at the end of 5 days, the team with the higher strike rate wins. It will make teams play to score runs instead of just defending. By doing so, it will force players to take more risks making for a more entertaining game.
Has this ever been considered?
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2021.12.06 18:56 zophya OC by me. Yoshizawa & Senpai

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2021.12.06 18:56 UgoTheNew Are we not analogous to God?

My knowledge on the bible is trivial, relative to what it ought to be in order to understand the answer to a question like this and i still insist on requesting an answer, but i was watching a video of you speaking on the bible on youtube and you posited that the story of Noahs ark can be deciphered as one that is metaphoric and relates to the reality of being capable of protecting yourself when a period of turmoil befalls all living things because you have the support of the people who are near and dear to you, you then go on to posit that if you're alone and the flood comes then that could be a truly catastrophic situation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7ZUay6GM0g. But I was thinking, if we are made in the image of the Lord and in the beginning he had 'the word' which is analogous to what we term consciousness today and both figuratively and non-figuratively we also have "the word" which is probably not a coincidental apology for the reason we are analogous to God when the bible says we were created in his image, doesn't this mean that we may not necessarily need people in order to be protected from whatever the flood may be in distinct scenarios but rather our reason, logic, creations?
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2021.12.06 18:56 BeepBeepYeet Carburetor Question Regarding Throttle

Hey! Now that I've got my question regarding choke out of the way, it's time for me to ask about the throttle plate.
How does a throttle plate control how much fuel makes it into the cylinder at all? I understand choke controls the ratio of air:gasoline, but I just don't get how the throttle plate does anything.
Won't the same amount vacuum still be made on the intake stroke, and then the fuel mixture still needs to go somewhere? If the throttle plate is closed more, won't the fuel just go... around the plate?
What am I missing?
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2021.12.06 18:56 ghostyafbuttcute We can do funny faces here too right? Lol xoxo 💋

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2021.12.06 18:56 M4xwel1 My Converted plague champion finally done

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2021.12.06 18:56 SnooEagles3037 Online sandbox social game

Hey everyone I’m an indie developer and I created a new online sandbox social game that can be played from your browser with html5 and NodeJS. It’s still in an alpha stage and no where near completed but im finally opening up the doors to users who are interested in helping me find bugs, and such. The discord can be found here
Game can be found at http://buildrooms.net
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2021.12.06 18:56 MakingitHappen1986 Reliable RC benzo vendors that ship to the US?

Any one know of any, thanks
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2021.12.06 18:56 EasyGrowsIt Check out this self topping Cherry Gorilla

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2021.12.06 18:56 KyleReid17 Here’s the actual vinyl as a few people were asking. Sorry for poor photo quality.

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2021.12.06 18:56 Heroslejer Thoughts on the NFT

Hello apes, I’ve been a cuck on this thread for too long and figured I should break my silence, and was interested to see what people think about this new NFT Adam announced and what that could bring to the table. Personally, I don’t think it’s enough to cause the squeeze, but I feel like it’s an easy foot in the door for introducing the idea of NFT dividends. If anyone can claim one of these, obviously the total number of NFTS would exceed existing shares.At that point I think it would prompt the company to say “well we should register these so this doesn’t happen again, yada yada yada.” Not to mention other companies seeing this happen could make the rollout even more aggressive than the shits after Taco Bell, Creating more tendies and green crayons than the fed can print. Thoughs?
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2021.12.06 18:56 lachaimtruth Inside a Captive Audience Meeting

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2021.12.06 18:56 TheStruggleville Amazon: GEARWRENCH 40 Pc. Ratcheting Tap & Die Set, Metric – 3886

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2021.12.06 18:56 smartybrome Facebook Chat Bot in Python from Scratch.

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2021.12.06 18:56 niiiikiiiitaaaa Permanent sub for sub!!!!

Reply in the comments and I’ll return the favour. Thanks in advance 😀
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2021.12.06 18:56 ratherbeexplorin Reminiscing on yesterdays hiking while I’m busy indoors today.

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2021.12.06 18:56 kimpie_slayer A look back at the incidents of the Saudi Grand Prix, because the media cannot.

Disclaimer: I am not, and can not be unbiased, but I’m trying my hardest not to be.
This has all been done from memory and I am really sorry if I forgot something.
First incident: Bottas holds up Verstappen to make sure the Mercedes’ double stop will work. This is not illegal but can be considered as “small dick energy” by Merc.
Second incident: Hamilton slows down before the start of the race after the red flag. This is deliberately done so that Verstappens tires will cool down and cause him to have a worse start. Also not illegal but, It can again be considered as “small dick energy”.
Third incident: restart after the first red flag. Hamilton gets an amazing start and overtakes Verstappen from pole. Verstappen however brakes later and is able to make the corner. This is in vain because Lewis has squeezed him out, because the corner is his. This causes Verstappen to skip the corner and take the lead. For this skip he has to start third for the next restart.
Fourth incident: Verstappen again brakes later than Lewis does, and retakes the lead.
Fifth incident: now we are getting to the spicy part of the incidents. Lewis attacks Max for the lead. Verstappen again brakes late to defends his position. He overshoots it and runs wide. It is not clear to me if Lewis would have made the corner without Max forcing him of.
Sixth incident: Because of the corner cut of the last incident, Verstappen is forced to give the position back. Both Lewis and Max wants DRS for the next straight. According to the stewards Max slowed down to let him overtake, and Hamilton did not take the chance. Verstappen slows down even more with 2,4g~23km/h to let Hamilton overtake. Hamilton presses the gas at the moment Verstappen brakes, and runs into the back of him. Verstappen argues he tried to give the position back and drives away. OPINION: this was not meant to be a brake check, just scrambling for the DRS by both parties and that is a big difference.
Seventh incident: Verstappen let’s Hamilton pass again at turn 27, but instantly passes him back for the lead. (Small dick energy).
Because of the failed two attempts to give the position back, Verstappen gets a 5 second penalty, and after the race again receives 10 seconds for the collision with Hamilton.
Eighth incident: Verstappen again has to give the place back to Lewis for the fifth incident. Lewis pushes him wide at turn 27 and this is not investigated and Hamilton gets away with a warning. OPINION: this was not the right call, and should have been handled like incident 5 with Verstappen.
Lewis goes on to win the race with Verstappen second.
Things I want you to consider after reading this: Verstappen “tried” three times to give the lead to Lewis and got 15 seconds of penalties for it. The attempts were not all great but he was in my OPINION: severely punished for running wide.
Hamilton/Merc where also playing dirty using different tricks in the beginning and did not even get investigated for it. (Illegal or not)
OPINION: there was no brake check intended, and Verstappen would have been disqualified if he tried to. Brake checks are no thing in professional motorsport, even when you are frustrated. This is beyond every boundary and everyone on the grid knows this.
There are only two moments you could consider Verstappen to be overly aggressive: the lunge into turn 1 (incident 5), and the “gifting the lead” incident. OPINION: the second one is debatable, and the first one was copied by Hamilton (incident 8). So to call Verstappen overly aggressive and suicidal is not justified.
OPINION: It is also really easy for Hamilton to keep the racing clean when he is on a strategic advantage in a (arguably) better race car on Sunday.
I hope I made clear what happened, because the media apparently sucks at it. I also hope you will be able to produce your own opinion on the race, not regarding who you are rooting for.
Have a great one in Abu Dhabi and may the best driver win.
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2021.12.06 18:56 HowLongCanIMakeACock Don’t flush the toilet

Don't flush the toilet, I will flush it for you" So I work as a retail cashier and yesterday I paged my manager requesting a restroom break. One of my coworkers came to cover for me while I went. I don't mean to be graphic but I had to go number 2 and was feeling really constipated, so it was one of those poops where was in there for a while pushing what ended up being a fairly small product. But while I was pooping my manager knocked on the door and she told me "don't flush the toilet, I will flush it for you". I was confused but I figured there was an issue with the toilet or something that I wasn't told about. So I finished my business and my manager went in after me and flushed it. She later came up to me and told me that in the future I need to exit the bathroom as soon as I'm done using the toilet. That's when I realized she literally went into the bathroom to look at my shit to see if I was really pooping. And since i only produced one little turd I guess she assumed I was just hanging out in there. This made me feel really embarrassed and violated. Is this even allowed?
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2021.12.06 18:56 LapsedVerneGagKnee No new Voltron news from Voltcon 2021. Franchise continues to remain in hiatus.

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2021.12.06 18:56 emofather Vent- I hate my stupid job, I don't care about stupid data tracking!!!! I'm going to be a fucking mom and I'm closing on a house!! And I have the worst heart burn of my entire life! Why do I have to work??? I literally don't care, stop asking me to do things.

I'm supposed to close on a house this Wednesday but it's probably not happening since the sellers have some significant outstanding inspection items to take care of and they haven't given us any updates.
I'm not living with my boyfriend anymore because I'm too pregnant to be able to tolerate his roommate so I'm staying at my parents house until we can move into our house. But its so cramped here because we're storing my stuff here until we can move it into the house.
The seller hasn't given us any updates so I don't even have an idea of when we can move in, im starting to get worried that I'll have to start the search process all over again.
And im one week away from my third trimester.
And my boss is giving me more and more work and not raising my pay.
And I'm stressed because even when we do finally move in, I'm going to have to clean and put shit away but I'm literally so big right now it's hard to move. And the longer it takes to move in the harder it will be to clean.
And UGH!!! I've been really chill up until today I feel it boiling over, I just had to vent. Gonna finish working and then make dinner and chill out because I'm annoyed.
But at least I hit viability <3
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2021.12.06 18:56 Illustrious-Owl-4059 Great quality! It’s a wonderful addition to my collection.

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