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Gigastructures - UI mod for Situation Log

2021.11.29 12:34 66stang351 Gigastructures - UI mod for Situation Log

Actually, this isn't specific to gigastructures... i've had this problem in the base game. Specifically, I'm facing the blokkats, and am currently preparing for a grand final battle. While doing so, I am capturing blokkats and reprogramming many of them (they are, after all, extremely effective admirals, generals and governors).
Problem is, the "blokkats' entry in the situation log has run out of space, and I don't see any way to scroll further down. If I could somehow remove the previously completed "reprogram" tasks, it wouldn't be an issue, but I don't know a way to do that.
In the past, I've had this happen back when the enigmatic fortress used to glitch and repeat itself.
Is there a mod that will correct this?
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2021.11.29 12:34 recycled_can the oracle's cave (spectrum, c64, zx81; 1983)

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2021.11.29 12:34 furryTay Sooo... We're getting shafted, aren't we?

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2021.11.29 12:34 SS_material Who keeps overstocking my department??

Is it inbound seasonals, overnight seasonals, or regular inbound/overnight crew?? Like backstock the shit and don’t mess up my counts when someone audits it behind you on my days off. Ffs. I work in pets. STOP OVERSTOCKING unless it’s litter or big dog food bags. I can’t flex those. But tiny bags? Adjusting my shelves to crush whatever it is on top, making it difficult to pull out, just to make room for a big cat food bag you were too lazy to backstock. Fuck. It’s not hard. And IM SEASONAL.
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2021.11.29 12:34 gameboymicro 5 Coin

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2021.11.29 12:34 Lion_share My partner [6'1, 200] is a back/side sleeper, I [6'4, 230] am side exclusive with terrible hip pain that I'd give just about any amount of money to solve [probably >$6K for King but could go a little higher if worth it]

hello! i know a lot of these posts are variations on a theme so appreciate you taking the time to look. i've had years of really bad hip pain [with 2 torn glute meds from athletics]. My partner has back issues as well, with 2 herniated discs.
He, however, is able to sleep on anything, anytime [and snore while doing it!] and says he prefers a firm mattress. I am much more restless, and tend to toss and turn regardless. Probably my favorite mattress that i've owned was the Casper Wave, and the best sleep I ever got was at a Ritz Carlton in St. Thomas, but not sure how their consumer beds would hold up. When we moved in together, my partner had a Zinus, which I always hated, but did not realize pose actual legitimate health risks until coming here.
Considering Sleep Number so we can adjust, but have read here those bases are mostly scams/don't really help with snoring [much appreciated!].
Any guidance would be super appreciated.
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2021.11.29 12:34 blackcrows1 Redownloading a deleted album

I managed to delete a whole album I purchased. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to redownload it. I even had an Apple employee try and they couldn’t get it done either.
Anyone? Please?
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2021.11.29 12:34 TasseFroide Whats your crazy thought about space?

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2021.11.29 12:34 hugadogg Where can I dump a ton of cardboard boxes?

Everything I’m reading online is confusing and no one is answering phones because New Orleans.
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2021.11.29 12:34 onex7805 10 of the Weirdest Video Games You Will Ever Play (Obscure, Weird, Hidden Gems, and Very Japanese) by Denver Gamer

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2021.11.29 12:34 EndlessMc I made a game about hedgehogs, and could use your vote

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2021.11.29 12:34 BadaB00mBabay Ученые из Кембриджского университета разработали желеобразный материал, который способен выдержать слона

Гидрогель на 80% состоит из воды и при сжатии обретает новые свойства, становясь супертвёрдым и прочным.
Это стало возможным благодаря его молекулярной структуре.В качестве сшивателя, авторы использовали кукурбитурил. Он способен «сковывать подобно наручникам» и удерживать две соседние молекулы. Это позволяет композиту переносить огромные нагрузки и самовосстанавливаться.
Новый материал пригодится в биомедицине, например, для замены хрящей, и в робототехнике.
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2021.11.29 12:34 rocketinspace Daily Reed Richards panel, this is from Fantastic Four #42

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2021.11.29 12:34 Mahaloth Why don't they just prescribe Nicotine to people who smoke in pill form? Is nicotine inherently dangerous or is it just the smoking part that is bad?

I get that nicotine would still be addictive, but is nicotine harmful on its own? Couldn't they just give nicotine to people who smoke and they could take it in pill form?
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2021.11.29 12:34 hermanlastlov Cresselia raid. Please add only one code

1635 6520 4192 Or 4324 9328 6307
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2021.11.29 12:34 svanapps r/ethtrader - Guess it pays to HODL

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2021.11.29 12:34 ZeroRozuMagi Stop being toxic, let’s spread some love!

As a member of the LGBTQA+ community, it’s come to my attention that this sub and trans has had a lot of upvoted posts about how bad their experience here in Reddit or elsewhere is. Yes, we all get it, and it sucks right? But posting and ranting about it daily is toxic! So let’s spread some love! In case you need extra sleep validation because you’ve received external invalidation, you’re valid! How you feel is how you feel! And if hearing you’re valid makes you cringe then move on to another post! It’s all good. Let’s just try and show each other love. I wanna see support! I wanna support people too! Hey you, yeah you, you’re fucking amazing and you deserve a cookie 🍪
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2021.11.29 12:34 Big_Drawer_9122 Kucoin --> Trust wallet transfer

I am currently working on transferring from kucoin to trust wallet and I did 2 test sends and neither of them have been received but the status of the transfer is complete. It's been about an hour should I just be more patient? let me know what y'all think about this.
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2021.11.29 12:34 trueworldnews Second biggest ethnic group by municipality (in Montenegro) - 2011 census data [/u/zurivoiah1234]

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2021.11.29 12:34 FourChanneI [MICHIGAN] UIA Messing me up?

Worked more hours and with a larger hourly wage this year, and made more. Last year I applied for UIA, got $362 a week benefits, this year applied and got $215 a week. Last year made $16,232, this year made $17,545.
Can anyone help with this? They said it has to do with wages reported.
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2021.11.29 12:34 LIKE_and_LURK Lag in ESC tones???

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2021.11.29 12:34 WeAreFoxSports Hypocritical for Oklahoma Fans to Be Mad at Lincoln Riley

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2021.11.29 12:34 fatguyfatcock I'm blessed this big cock has just hefty, massive balls to swing around.

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2021.11.29 12:34 CameronD86 Are pension estimates in present or future dollars?

My wife is part of a DB pension plan. Her pension estimate is based on her current best 5 years.
If she were to retire now but defer her pension until age 60 (10 years) would she receive the amount shown at age 60 since that’s based on her final salary or would we also need to increase this number by 10 years of inflation?
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2021.11.29 12:34 Billai2006 Ξέρει κανείς πού μπορώ να δω το ντοκιμαντέρ "Παύλος. Ένας ασυνήθιστος βασιλιάς" διότι κάνει 45€ στα βιβλιοπωλεία

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