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Slightly modified moonshiner outfit

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Find 20 ways to say SLIGHTLY, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Join the Mailing List. Name * First Name Slightly Stoopid Summer Traditions 2020 Tour with Pepper, Common Kings, and Don Carlos Classic Flight Reward seat availability will be increased by up to 50% to the most popular destinations in Australia for the rest of the year Synonyms for SLIGHTLY: barely, hardly, just, marginally, narrowly, scarcely, little, negligibly; Antonyms for SLIGHTLY: considerably, significantly, substantially ... [In The Sky (Nakano Sora)] Chotto dake Ai ga Omoi Dark Elf ga Isekai kara Oikakete Kita | A slightly pushy dark elf chased me from another world [English] {Exo Subs} [Digital] [In The Sky (中乃空)] ちょっとだけ愛が重いダークエルフが異世界から追いかけてきた [英訳] [DL版] # 347363 We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Slightly Mad Studios - Founded in 2009, we’re the award-winning team behind the Project CARS franchise, and era-defining games such as the GTR® series, Need For Speed® Shift™, Shift 2 Unleashed®, Red Bull Air Race – The Game, and many other top-tier games. MSN

2021.11.27 23:53 Your_Mushroom_Gaming Slightly modified moonshiner outfit

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2021.11.27 23:53 AnonymousFog501 I've been looking for a Psyduck at Ravaged Path (so that I can have one before the first gym) for two hours now and this is what I get instead

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2021.11.27 23:53 _fanel TRADE tickets from Nov 28th BTS show for Dec 2nd or Sell at face value 🙏

I have 3 tickets for tomorrow's show if you are interested.
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2021.11.27 23:53 rauakbar Superbad Solace - Better Days Ahead

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2021.11.27 23:53 FuIIofDETERMINATION Got my fashionscape going on. Thanks, Jagex, for the opportunity to fulfill my childhood goal!

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2021.11.27 23:53 Ok-Requirement7836 Part one of many: WIP

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2021.11.27 23:53 DeadShotm1 [DIPLOMACY] Supremum Concordatum

Early July 1503
The citizens of Antwerp crowded the streets of the Grote Markt, their shouts and cheers warring with the cries of the gulls overhead. The construction of new guild houses lining the packed streets had stopped for the day, and numerous children ambled up the rickety scaffolds to get a better view over the bustling crowd. Several hundred paces away, long blue, red, and gold pennants flowed in the morning’s seabreeze above the masts of a small flotilla of ships now moored at Antwerps busy docks. Suddenly, trumpets blared, announcing some notable’s presence. The street rats looked on with delight as the princely procession made its slow way through the market streets. Prince Philipp of Asturias, flanked by his councillors and guards, rode at the head of the procession, with a lavishly decorated carriage bearing the arms of Habsburg-Valois and the Tudor Rose following close behind.
When the procession arrived in front of the city’s meeting hall - a rather small, ancient building - Prince Philipp dismounted his mare, and waited for a servant to open the door of the carriage. Out first was the young Karl of Ghent, who refused the hand of the servant and rather indignantly climbed out of the carriage backwards. Following him, Princess Mary of England accepted the help of the servant and gracefully stepped out of the carriage. Both followed the Duke of Burgundy into the town hall.
Inside the building were packed dozens of guild leaders, powerful merchants, and local magistrates, who buzzed eagerly with excitement. Most already knew the contents of the vellum scroll Antoine de Lalaing carried to the table before the Duke, but they still awaited its official reveal with bated breath. Turmoil over the collapse of Hanseatic shipping in England and Denmark had threatened to turn the trade city into a riotous frenzy, and this new agreement with England’s King hoped to settle the matter. Prince Philipp raised his hand, bringing the room to silence.
“Merchants of Antwerp, and the Flemish Coast, I bring to you, on this day, a contract.”
This Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion, as inspected, agreed, and approved by the Parties Signatory: the Serene King of England, Henry; the Archduke of Austria and Burgundy, Philipp; the Captain-Generals and Admirals of Flanders, Holland, Brabant, &c.; the Mayors of London, Antwerp and other Ports and Cities of the Domains of the others.
Article I of the Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
This Convention and Concordat shall exist, from this day forth, between the Most Serene King of England and his Heirs and Successors, and their Subjects present and future, and the Most Gracious Archduke of Austria and Burgundy and his Heirs and Successors, and their Subjects present and future. All hostilities and enmity between their Dominions and Peoples, where they exist, by the Land, the Sea, and the Sweet Waters, will cease, and all discord shall end; and they shall, present and future, at their pleasure, travel, visit, sail, reside, and engage in commerce, without worry that one party will cause the other some damage, grievance, or annoyance by the captures of persons, ships, or goods of any kind.
Article II of the Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
All property owned by men of Flanders, Brabant, Holland, Burgundy, and the other domains of the Burgundian House of Austria is forever respected and protected by the Joint Power of the King of England and the Archduke of Burgundy. All Property Confiscated in acts Legal or Piratical in the years since the last Convention and Concordat shall be restored at the earliest convenience of the Confiscators, without legal repercussions for the act itself. Should a Confiscator fail to return the Confiscated Property within Three Years’ time from the signing of this Convention, they are to be declared Outlawed by all Signatory Parties, and their own Property shall be forfeit to all.
Likewise, all property of Englishmen in the Dominions of the aforesaid Archduke are forever respected and protected by the same Joint Power.
Article III of the Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
The Signatory Parties recognize the Immemorial Rights and Privileges of all men of Flanders, Brabant, Holland, Burgundy, and the other domains of the Burgundian House of Austria in the towns and ports of England. These Honored Privileges, so Enumerated in the old Treaty signed in Utrecht One Score and Nine Years ago, are Guaranteed and Agreed by both the Lord King of England and the Lord Archduke of Burgundy to extend to all aforesaid Merchants who conduct their business in the Domains of the aforesaid King, and all the Sea and Sweet-Waters nearby and there encompassed.
Following the accusations of certain merchants of the Dominion of the aforesaid Archduke, who say that, in England, they have been, in many ways, injured in the Judgments of certain Courts, against the Tenor of their Honored Privileges, it is decreed by the Signatory Parties that in all Types of Pleas (except for when the Crime for which they are to be Sentenced for has the penalty of death, &c.), the Lord King will ensure that they ought not to be sued nor dragged to judgments in any other way than according to the force, form, and effect of the aforesaid privilege.
The Signatory Parties decree that the Lord King will provide that the Inspectors, upon finding no Defect in the Merchandise of the Merchants of Burgundy, shall not cause any Hindrance or Duty to prevent the Merchants and Sailors from Moving or Selling their Goods without Burden.
The Lord King shall make a provision that should the Ships of the Merchants of Burgundy, and the Goods by which they are loaded, befall to shipwreck in England, suffered in any manner, they shall be restored to those to whom they belonged before the shipwreck, should a worthy wage be paid for the labor provided to save them. Should any living animal survive and be rescued from an endangered ship, let it be Horse, Dog, Cock, Cat, or any other animal, they shall likewise be restored to whom they belonged.
A Provision shall be made by the Lord King that, with a sufficient guarantee on the Honored Rights of the Merchants of Burgundy, the reasons causing the Arrests of their Goods shall be hastily granted to them.
Article IV of the Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
The aforesaid Lord Archduke declares: Merchants of Wool, Hides, Supplies for Sea-Going Vessels, and any other Merchandise of any kind, as well as their Artisans, Houses, Guilds, and Magistrates, will henceforth be able, by land, on foot or on horse, or in any other manner whatsoever, armed or not armed - provided that, when they are armed, they do not exceed forty men gathered together - with their Goods and Merchandise, securely and freely come and go, and to communicate with each other and other parties to Purchase, Buy and Sell, and to make Trades in the Merchandise of Wool, Hides, Supplies for Sea-Going Vessels, Arms, Horses, and Precious Metals and Minerals, and any other, and that aforesaid Archduke himself will enforce this clause, as will his Heirs and Successors, at their will and the will of the Lords of Holland, Zeelandia, Flanders, and other dominions of the aforesaid Lord Archduke.
Additionally, the Archduke will make no separation or distinction between Merchants of his Dominions or those of the King of England’s Dominions. No Tariff, Tax, or Other Duty on the aforesaid Goods of England will be imposed separately from the same Goods originating in the lands of Holland, Zeelandia, Brabant, Flanders, and other Domains of the aforesaid Archduke.
The Lord King will employ diligence in making the timely Provision concerning the Woolen Cloths of England, so that defects found in them, as much in the Quality of Wool as in the Length and Width of Cloths, may be reformed hastily.
Article V of the Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
Any Rights or Privileges held by the Lord King of England or the Lord Archduke of Austria, or the Merchants and Subjects of their Dominions, as Guaranteed and Provisioned in the Intercourse signed in 1496, that have not been Amended or Overwritten in this Convention and Concordat, are to be Respected as Honored Privileges under the Laws established by this Convention. Any such Right or Privilege Amended by this Convention shall follow the Agreements provisioned by this Convention, and none before, to the extent at which the Privilege is Amended. Should any Dispute occur between the Lord King or Aforesaid Archduke or between their Subjects or Dominions, this Convention will serve as the Supreme Concordat by which the Dispute shall be settled.
Article VI of the Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
The Signatory Parties and their Commissaries, Orators, Procurators, Ambassadors, Deputies, and Envoys approve each and every one of these Articles in the purpose of creating a Supreme Concordat and Convention between all aforesaid Parties, and have determined, completely and finally, to Conclude this Concordat, in so far as it seems expedient and opportune to them.
Additionally, the Signatory Parties and their aforesaid Agents agree to make the provisions of the above Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion known in their Dominions, and take what actions deemed necessary to ensure the Articles are upheld throughout their Dominions and by all their Subjects. And, in their general manner and conduct, each of the aforesaid shall treat the new Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion with the same manner and respect as we all have in the presence of each other Party so signed, even, and especially, if some affair demanded a Special Mandate regarding the Articles above.
The Undersigned do Promise, in Good Faith and in the Eyes of God, that all and every single one of our Commissioners, Orators, Procurators, Ambassadors, Attorneys, Deputies, and Envoys will follow our Conventions, Articles, and Conclusions in this Concordat. We shall observe them in our Dominions, and so, we give our Patent Letters of Approval, in due and authentic form, as needed for the propagation and provisioning of this Convention, Concordat, and Conclusion.
In Solemn Testimony of this matter, we have caused these letters to be made patent.
Henry, Reg.
Witness the King at Westminster, June 14, in the Eighteenth Year of His Reign.
Philipp, by the Grace of God, Archduke of Austria, Prince of Asturias, Duke of Burgundy, of Lothier, of Brabant, of Styria, of Carinthia, of Carniola, of Limburg, of Luxemburg, and of Guelders, Princely Count of Habsburg, of Flanders, of Tyrol, of Artois, of Burgundy, Palatine and of Hainaut, Landgrave of Alsace, Margrave of Burgau & the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation, of Holland, of Zeeland, of Farette, of Limburg, of Namur, and of Zutphen, Lord of the Wendish March, Portenau, Salins, and Malines, &c., to all who shall Witness these Letters Patent, Signs.
[The rest of the document is filled with the signatures of various agents of the Signatory Parties and major merchants in the two dominions.]
The Kingdom of England and the Duchy of Burgundy have come to a settlement in the trade dispute that engulfed the North Sea for the past year. As such, they have composed a new treaty where all Burgundian merchants now receive the rights laid out in the 1474 Treaty of Utrecht between the Hanseatic League and England. In addition, the protection of England’s wool trade in Dutch cities, as outlined in the 1496 Intercursus Magnus, is enshrined once more, and all tariffs imposed by Philipp are removed. All property belonging to Burgundian subjects seized by the English in recent events is to be returned, or the owners compensated in kind.
Additionally, Princess Mary of England has travelled to the Low Countries to be educated in Mechelen, as part of her betrothal to Karl of Ghent. The dowry has not yet been made public, but it is practically public knowledge that Baynard’s Castle will pass to Karl on his wedding day.
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2021.11.27 23:53 RealReedOne Be there tomorrow at 1pm est (today 7pm cet) to hear about the latest updates with UselessCrypto. Hoping for some large announcements with the revenue generation features under development! See you there.

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2021.11.27 23:53 BDawgJackson Beautiful In Black

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2021.11.27 23:53 user6661014 A reflection

When reading unsent letters from all of you, I realize how much of the voices of her is speaking to me through each and everyone of you posters.
It’s simple to say it’s just the poster and I’m making this personal. It’s also selfish to think that every letter sent here is about me.
But im challenging the very thought of this: memories speak through time of each post , and we are both the reader and sender.
The beauty of this is I hear her speak to me through all your letters, and I hear myself saying this to her as well.
We have a shared experience of love hate trust and breaks.
Thank you everyone , I know what to do now.
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2021.11.27 23:53 Hydro_011 What did I do…

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2021.11.27 23:53 spagarus Is it okay to bond a neutered male with an unspayed female? Or is that a bad idea?

We're getting our male bun a friend, and while we're going to spay her sooner or later, we just want to know if we can start the bonding process before her getting spayed or after.
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2021.11.27 23:53 gettheplow Liga soccer/football cancelled when team went down to 7. Seventeen players and staff covid positive after a player returned from South Africa. Questions of Omicron...

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2021.11.27 23:53 rauakbar Bronze Nazareth ft. Roc Marciano - Survivor's Vow

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2021.11.27 23:53 Designer_Kangaroo817 Anybody got a ruiner 2000 on bennys and/or f1s

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2021.11.27 23:53 Savings-Teaching5820 What does “a toll machine with a symbol of stag” do?

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2021.11.27 23:53 Primary-Raccoon-9499 UPVOTE AND JOIN DISCORD 🎁 To GET NFT 🌈 BE Quick 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Drop Address 👇🏻👀 Pls See Comments 🎁

UPVOTE AND JOIN DISCORD 🎁 To GET NFT 🌈 BE Quick 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Drop Address 👇🏻👀 Pls See Comments 🎁 submitted by Primary-Raccoon-9499 to NFTgiveaways [link] [comments]

2021.11.27 23:53 Catsnfish H: AA5050vat Railway rifle W: Offers

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2021.11.27 23:53 mertis0420 [Tech Support] Left Joycon won't connect sometimes

My Switch's left (meaning the one with the capture button) Joycon won't connect during handheld mode sometimes. It shows it's charging but it doesn't work in handheld mode, sometimes. Randomly, it will connect and work. I've tried my other pair of Joycons and the same problem appears.
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2021.11.27 23:53 jimbo-the-goose whats up, moonmen

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2021.11.27 23:53 Mikeismike1234 Someone's with me. Right

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2021.11.27 23:53 EhJusttryingtovibe As the previous one was misunderstood, what should the punishment be for a child rapist and murderer?

A poll by someone before was misunderstood, so the results were mixed up, I wanted to see the actual results.
View Poll
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2021.11.27 23:53 ShyShyIsFly Insight on my husband’s behavior?

The relationship between us has been VERY rocky to say the least, but today I asked him if he actually wanted to try to make things work or if we should just get divorced. He said he wanted to make things work, so I asked if we could talk about things each one of us could change to make the relationship better - knowing full and well that I am the one who is severely unhappy and miserable in this marriage, but not trying to be that pointing a finger person.
I told him he needed to stop yelling at me all the time, and yelling at out two year old all the time. That he needed to deal with his anger in some other way without yelling. He told me I needed to just listen and not offer advice when he needed to vent. Then I said he needed to spend more time with me in general. I’m a stay at home mom and we have one car, which he takes. It’s just me and the baby all day long, until he gets home from work around an hour before her bedtime. Then whilst I’m laying on the floor trying to get her to sleep, he’s rushing off to his gaming room to play video games until 1 or 2 in the morning. It’s been extremely frustrating for me. The next thing he wanted me to work on was: I’m going to go out with friend next week to a playoff game and you can’t be mad.
Like wtf. Doesn’t that undermine what I was JUST saying? Again he’s leaving me alone to play perpetual babysitter.
I called him on it and it turned into a huge fight. For the hour before bed that he came home tonight, he played on his phone, took a 20 minute dump, played on his phone more while he was supposed to be reading bedtime stories to our daughter, and then came in and yelled at me for getting frustrated with her when she was standing up in her bed bouncing and screaming and trying to climb out of it. Then immediately, once again, sprints down the stairs to play video games while I lay on the floor and sing to her for over an hour.
Is it just me, or is this insane?
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2021.11.27 23:53 rauakbar Remedy – Remedy Meets Wu-Tang (album)

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2021.11.27 23:53 tropadoratao Ana Paula Leme - Telegram nos comentários

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