I noticed

2021.12.06 16:51 Lotrnerddd16 I noticed

At the very beginning of episode 12 I noticed Eleanor is wearing the sunglasses that she said got from and Instagram ad when she first arrived in the good place.
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2021.12.06 16:51 Korvdeg Spørgsmål angående coronapas

Hej folkens.
Jeg er så "heldig" at jeg blev testet positiv for corona i lørdags, jeg har været syg siden torsdag.
Inde på sundhed.dk kan jeg læse at man kan betragte sig som ikke-smittende 48 timer efter man ikke længere har symptomer. Så langt, så godt.
Hvad jeg så lige har opdaget her til aften er, at mit coronapas (for min modtagede vaccination) er blevet trukket tilbage, men jeg får først mit immunitetspas d. 18. december. Det vil sige, jeg ikke har mulighed for at have et coronapas før d. 18., for jeg kan heller ikke bruge test.
Kan det virkelig passe, at jeg ikke må lave en skid frem til d. 18. december? Jeg håber da så sandelig ikke jeg er syg så længe, jeg har det allerede langt bedre end jeg havde henover weekenden.
Sorry, hvis det står et eller andet sted på deres hjemmeside, jeg kunne bare ikke finde noget om det. Og jeg er virkelig sur lige nu... rent egoistisk, så havde det langt bedre betalt sig at jeg bare lod være med at lade mig teste og ikke gik udenfor en dør. Så havde jeg stadig mit coronapas, når jeg var rask igen.........
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2021.12.06 16:51 HolyPolli tModLoader 1.4 . Can Nucleus Coop open it ?

Hello guys, I wanted to use Nucleus Coop to play modded terraria.
Nucleus Coop support tModLoader 1.3 ,but now there is tModLoader 1.4 Alpha that I want to use
The only problem is that tModLoader 1.4 doesn't have an exe, but a .bat called start-tModLoader.bat
I tried converting it to an exe and renaming it tModLoader.exe, but it didn't work.
Do you have any idea about what I could do?
(all i want to do is play terraria 1.4 split screen using Recipe Browser)
Ty a lot for your help and time!
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2021.12.06 16:51 Benign_Narcissist Off-label in DE?

Hi Leute,
leider schlägt Strattera bei nicht an und bei Stimulanzien zeigte sich wiederholt eine problematische Tachyphylaxie (=Toleranz).
Im Ausland gibt es für diverse Präparate teils gute Evidenzlage. In Deutschland wird eine Zulassung vermutlich Jahrzehnte beanspruchen. Wie finde ich einen Psychiater, der Off-label z.B. Kombinationstherapien unterstützt?
In Frage kämen für mich in dieser Reihenfolge: Bupropion, Modafinil, Clonidin und im entferntesten womöglich: Guanfacin, Agmatin, Memantin.
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2021.12.06 16:51 Agent847 Looking for some research help (Vietnam-era)

I hope y'all don't mind me posting this here. I have a family member who is a USMC Vietnam Vet. There was an incident he told me about relating to a helicopter crash that took place in August 1970 at a fire base overlooking the river Southwest of An Hoa.
Can anyone give me some pointers on how I might go about finding people who were there? Would the Helicopter squadron have those records?
Thanks for all help.
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2021.12.06 16:51 TelerinVelho Portugal D7 Visa - US Veteran Disability Income

Hi all, curious to know if there are any US veterans who were approved for a Portugal D7 visa using their disability compensation as a sole passive income source. Was there any trouble proving that this was a stable income source? Was there some combination of other income/savings in addition to your rating amount that worked towards approval? Is there anyone who has been rejected on those grounds not being adequate (in spite of the rating meeting the recommended minimums)?
As a side-note: I'm at 90%, with IU, so currently paid at 100%. This is my sole income until otherwise. I'm daily doing work towards improving health while attempting to start my own remote business (I compose music), so being somewhere calmer and a bit more stable (and where healthcare/therapies could be better accessed) would seem to go a long way towards becoming more effective all around.
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2021.12.06 16:51 sainp7 M24, looking for someone to talk about life.

Hi I'm a software developer by profession and a gamer by heart. Just like you I've spent an amazing life so far. I'm here to find new people mostly a woman to talk about my life and would appreciate to hear about theirs. See you in DM please mention your ASL. Thank you!
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2021.12.06 16:51 NewsElfForEnterprise From BTS to Coldplay: 11 Bands With The Most (Collective) Instagram Followers

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2021.12.06 16:51 Mpromptu MAGA Cultist Robert Jeffress: The Biden Admin is the “Ungodliest” in History

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2021.12.06 16:51 Michal_Baranowski Toyota Announces 2022 Sportscar Racing Activities

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2021.12.06 16:51 GiantSniperMonke [BIG SHOT]

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2021.12.06 16:51 Young_guy02 Change

Today I’ve joined nofap and I hope I can achieve my goal of 1 year💪 hopefully I don’t see yous for another 365 days.
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2021.12.06 16:51 Spotted_Muffin All of my Ninjago Minifigures that I’ve collected over the years!

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2021.12.06 16:51 marchylookalike Waterville Valley Ski Resort from the Tripyramids

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2021.12.06 16:51 ivanadrianart [For hire] Commissions slots are open Starting ar 40$ pm me if you are interested

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2021.12.06 16:51 stillchill3 Cj Loafing in the grass

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2021.12.06 16:51 22in2months An Introvert (21,F) dating an introvert (24,M) , things were fine at first, now I'm not sure if he still likes me , are we doing it right ?

Hey, so guys I need your advice on something, it would really help me out since I don't really know who to talk to about this. Been in my head for awhile, have 2 tests in 2 days, need to clear this out, please help.
I (21,F) have been with my current boyfriend (24,M) for almost 6 months now, we lived together for 2 months since we both study in other cities not our hometown+ corona happened so we couldn't go back home. We are both introverted, with me being more introverted. I would describe a bit about us and then state my questions + things I need advice on:

  1. We are both in med school so studying take up a huge bunch of our time, but luckily we were friends for a few months before the new semester started + texted a lot + went to dinner date every 2 weeks when we first going out + spent 2 months staying with each other, so we had a lot of time knowing each other before going into the relationship. Met through school, he was tutoring me.
  2. Intimacy was good at first, kissing, hugging. But it went down somehow (?) based on normal standard.
- My last relationship was when I was 16 and was sexually abused by my first boyfriend (no penetration), yet still I felt disgusted, I hated my own body, stayed single and was afraid of touching other people + scared of being touched for almost 4 years until I met my current boyfriend. I told him about this at the beginning of our rela. We kissed, hugged, held hands, slept together but no sex because we were both not ready (I have insecurity about my body).
- But recently somehow for the past 3 months, all the intimacy was only initiated by me. No more kissing on the lips, hugging was only by me, sexual stuff initiated by me , done to him 'cuz I am not ready for sexual stuff on myself yet, I am insecure (had acne scars on my body + I'm petite and don't have huge boobies and much ass). Weekends over were just : Cooking together + studying for exams + sometimes watch a movie if we finished our exams + kissing on the cheek + me doing stuff for him down there + we talked about school + stuff going on in our lives to each other.
- Last time he tried to kiss me were when we were eating, I initiated the kiss and he put out his lips for me to kiss. But I reacted like I didn't want it ( I did!!! Still do, I just freak out). I asked him why did he do that ? Another time is when I asked him for a kiss on his cheek but he couldn't rotate his head so he let me kiss his lips but I reacted badly again ( again, I freaked out, I am not used to intimacy and when it happened, I just acted crazy). I asked him "Why did you do that, I have a test tomorrow, I wouldn't be focusing on my test if you do that" In a cute, I am very in love with you way aka : If we kissed on the lips, I would be thinking about it the whole time.
- I tried to initiated kissing him on the lips again a few times but he kinda just pushed his head away, I confronted him one day asking " Are you not kissing me on the lips because I do (sexual stuff) to *his down-there's name* ? ( I named it). He said no, but still, I don't initiate it anymore, I don't want him to feel uncomfortable.
- He was never intimated sexually with another girl before (kissing yes, but other stuff no). Or at least that's what he told me.
What should I do about this ?
I feel very loved when he initiated stuff at first, hugging and holding my hands. And also, all the intimacy should be kept for a healthy relationship in the long run.
How do I make him do it too ? Or should I just keep doing them and let him be comfortable ?
3. He had 4 exes before me, he only told me about 2. One was his first (high school sweetheart) and another was one that he ended it pretty badly because it was a toxic relationship (long distance, over jealousy) . I found out about another one earlier (the one before me) when I was going through his social media, she broke up with him a month before we met each other for the first time officially (he was a tutor). She still lived in the same city now, they ( I don't know who initiated) added friends again a month ago, but he unfriended her because she was posting too many pictures ( I think so, because there was one day that he was going through his friend list). From what I knew, he really loved her, I didn't know much about them from his story since he didn't know I know about them.
- I tried to confront him by asking about one group vacation that they went together when they were dating (no one knows they were dating because the girl didn't want to). But he was trying to avoid it, telling me that I don't know the people who went with him and that most of them have moved out of town/ out of country (I was a junior, in lower batch). I asked him again : " Is there anything else you think I should know about ? Is there anyone here (indicating his relationship with her) that I should know about ? " and that whether or not any of his exes hurt him badly. He said no. And then I finally conclude that " Ok, if you say so then I won't be asking any questions anymore". At the time I was trying to convince myself that he was trying to protect me : I tend to be quite jealous when we were first into our relationship. I went over every weekend and he just spend most of his time studying + going to his lab research work + playing video game with his flat-mate. So I don't think there is anything going on between them right now.
- I asked him about the topic : Being friends with exes before. He did, still, with his first love. They talked occassionaly as friends. He said he would only do that if he's no longer have feeling for them and they for him too. He's a man of his word and I trust him on this.
- For now : I chose not to confront him about the ex he didn't tell me about since I think we had that convo and he really didn't want to talk about her + I don't think there's anything going on btwn them. But since this, my trust for him is less, I trust him a lot still, but it's like 98% only now. Should I do something about it ? Or should this forever be a closed-topic now ?
4. I am not on social media (any platform at all) due to something pretty bad that I went through last summer (before 1 month I met him). He knows that and supported me throughout the whole process. The trauma was big enough for me to finally shifted my personality from being very extroverted to introverted + no more spontaneous. I went from ENFP -> ISTJ.
Problem 1 : I checked on my boyfriend's facebook ocassionally and I found out that he added or they added him, some new girl friends on facebook ( people I know too). I 'stalked' with my clone, he knows I have a clone + I only use it if I need to (mostly to sell stuff or studying-related). I don't think my boyfriend is doing anything with these girls, but I know that he's friend online with one of my school study's mate recently (whom I mentioned to him a lot about). I don't quite know what is the reason... And I can't just tell him that I stalked him, and saw that, then ask him what's the deal right ? There's nothing going on between them for sure ( I know both of them well). But I mean, why add random people ? Just because they are your SO's friend ? (Or is it just me, I don't do that)
- Problem 2 : I don't take selfies often nor update on social medias. My close friends ( I have 2 and both live abroad) keep in touch through whatsapp. I talk to my family + sister often. That's about it, I am very content with my way of living even though I know it could be a bit extreme (everyone seems to be on social media these days). So I was wondering : Is it because I am not on social media, showing my best pretty, funny, socializing side that he kinda loses interest in me ? ( I don't know if he's loses interest) I spent my weekend studying a lot now and if not, I am sleeping and resting while he's playing video games.
- Problem 3 : That's about it too, I don't show much of my hobbies around him. I pay the ukulele, draw and do photography but since school's got very overwhelming, I only focus on doing daily tasks well + manage school. He, on the other hands, cooks + plays video games + his dad talks to him a lot about new stuff => He has stuff to tell me every week. He's interesting. How should I manage this to keep him interested, I don't know why he got interested in me in the first place. I am funny, got my strong opinions about life, dress well for the first few months. Now : still funny, but dress in PJ + Still strong opinions but mostly just focus about school now.
- As an introvert, I don't have many friends. I can talk to people for the first time easily but to keep them long term is hard for me. Both of my best friends now have been my friends since secondary school (roughly for 10 years). So, even if I go back online (facebook, insta) I wouldn't be that "hot chick" (like most of his exes and people nowsaday). I don't know how to feel about it, what should I do ?

  1. His parents got divorced (but the father remained in very good terms with him, he looks up to his father a lot ) + his brother got divorced (now happily married with a new wife, expecting a son) + all 4 of his past relationships didn't end well. Could this be a factor of why he's not putting in much into our relationship ? Or like hm, why it is unconventional ?

  1. Other than all of these above, everything else is amazing. We are supportive of each other in our career and studying. We talk about aspirations + ambitions and all. He kinda does the small things to show that he cares, but not much verbally or physically. I want to ask him to take the 5 languages of love test but I'm scared that it's too cringy. How do I bring the subject up, I mean, should I even ? Does it help ?

  1. We are both Asian. His family is chill but my parents are very strict towards me having relationship while still in school (even though I am 21). This is one of the factor in our relationship, but I am not sure if it contribute to any problems. But I figured I would just state it out here. We both grow up in household where verbal love expression is not well-used.

This is a very long post, I don't know if anyone actually read all the way through but if you do, any advice from your POV would help. For me, overall I think my boyfriend and I are having a pretty healthy and supportive relationship. Just lack of intimacy + a bit of communication + trust issues on my side. I really like him and I look up to him a lot, If there's a way I would want to work things out with him. Any advice is welcomed! Thank you Reddit, have a great day!
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2021.12.06 16:51 omega_rip Some Juicer changed the MasterChef-Wiki article of Felix Fang

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2021.12.06 16:51 ALiddleBiddle Jeffrey Epstein Victim Says Ghislaine Maxwell Made Her Dress in Schoolgirl Outfit to Serve Him Tea

By Kate Briquelet | Link to article
When Kate entered her guest room in Palm Beach, she says, there was a schoolgirl outfit on her bed, with a short pleated skirt and white socks. She testified that she went downstairs to ask Maxwell what the costume was for, and Maxwell handed her a tray and told her she “thought it would be fun” to bring Epstein his tea while dressed up.
Kate said she didn’t know anyone in Palm Beach and was terrified to disobey this directive. At the time, Epstein was next to his pool house working out with a personal trainer. The trainer left, Kate said, and Epstein then initiated sexual contact.
“She asked me if I had fun and told me I was such a good girl and that I was one of his favorites,” Kate testified of her conversation with Maxwell after the encounter.
Asked why Kate continued to see Epstein and Maxwell into her 20s and 30s, Kate answered, “I had witnessed how connected they both were and I was fearful.” (On cross-examination, Maxwell’s lawyer Bobbi Sternheim pointed out that Kate emailed Epstein while he was in jail in Florida in 2008 for soliciting a minor and kept in touch with him through 2011.)
“Why don’t you give his feet a little squeeze to show him how strong you are?”
During her testimony, Kate described how she was a 17-year-old living in London when Maxwell befriended her and encouraged her to give Epstein sexualized massages—including in a small upstairs room at Maxwell’s townhouse in a tony neighborhood.
Kate said she first met Maxwell during a trip to Paris in 1994 when she was dating a man 18 years her senior who happened to be an Oxford classmate of the heiress. The accuser said Maxwell was “very sophisticated and very elegant” and asked Kate questions about her life. When Kate returned to London, Maxwell invited her to tea at her home.
“I was excited to be friends with her,” Kate testified. “She was exciting… She was everything I wanted to be.” Kate told jurors she felt “special” in Maxwell’s presence and believed they had a genuine connection. She told Maxwell about problems in her home life, including her mother’s poor health, and her aspirations of pursuing a career in music.
In turn, Maxwell told Kate about her boyfriend, Epstein, a philanthropist who liked to help young people. Maxwell said it “would be great for me to meet him,” Kate testified. “She said he was going to love me and that I was exactly the kind of person he would help…”
Weeks after this tea date, Maxwell allegedly invited Kate back again to meet Epstein. “She was very animated, very excited and there was this sense of urgency,” Kate testified.
When Kate arrived, Epstein was wearing sweatpants and a hoodie and sitting in a chair, talking on the phone loudly. Maxwell told Epstein that Kate was talented, possibly going to Oxford, and surprisingly athletic for her 95-pound frame.
“Why don’t you give his feet a little squeeze to show him how strong you are?” Maxwell asked Kate, who rubbed Epstein’s feet before giving him a shoulder massage.
Maxwell would call Kate a couple of weeks later saying that Epstein’s massage therapist had canceled and asking if Kate could “do her a favor because [she] had such strong hands.”
Kate testified that during this second meeting with Epstein, Maxwell led her to an upstairs room with massage tables and towels. Epstein was already inside, wearing a robe. She said Epstein slipped off the robe and was naked, while Maxwell stood in the doorway facing him.
According to Kate, Maxwell handed her some massage oils and shut the door. That’s when Epstein initiated sexual contact with Kate.
When Kate came back downstairs, Maxwell allegedly asked, “How’d it go? Did you have fun? Was it good?” Kate said Maxwell seemed “very excited and happy” and thanked her.
On a third occasion, Kate testified, Maxwell brought her to the upstairs massage room and said, “Have a good time,” before shutting the door.
“You’re such a good girl. I’m so happy you were able to come… he obviously likes you a lot,” Kate recalled Maxwell saying after the “massage” session was over.
Kate testified that she once saw a blonde and slim girl meeting with Maxwell in the London townhouse, too.
Maxwell also asked whether she knew of anyone who could give Epstein “a blow job because it was a lot for her to do,” Kate testified.
“You know what he likes—cute, young, pretty like you,” Maxwell allegedly said.
“She said he needed to have sex about three times a day,” Kate added of Maxwell. While Maxwell said it, according to Kate, “her demeanor was almost like a schoolgirl.”
But Kate testified that she never recruited girls for Epstein or Maxwell.
When assistant U.S. Attorney Lara Pomerantz asked Kate of her understanding of the relationship between Maxwell and Epstein, the woman said she thought they were dating but that “I understood her job was to take care of Jefftey’s needs.”
Those needs included managing his properties around the world and supervising the household staff using “aggressive” commands. Kate said Maxwell told her that she owned her home in London and a place in New York which “Epstein got for her.”
Meanwhile, Kate said Maxwell would name-drop her famous friends during conversations with her, alluding to Britain’s Prince Andrew and former President Donald Trump.
During cross-examination, Maxwell’s legal team worked to discredit Kate by asking her about the $3.25 million settlement she received from the victim’s compensation fund and peppered her with questions about her prior substance abuse, asking if it impacted her memories of the timeframe she claims Epstein and Maxwell sexually exploited her.
Sternheim asked Kate whether she was hoping to secure a special visa for victims who cooperate with the government; Kate said she inquired about it.
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2021.12.06 16:51 filmorebuttz 1994 2.5l semi high oil pressure and slight ticking noise

Oil pressure reads a solid 75-80 when cold and only goes down when driving for a while, well after reaching temp. Recently it's been doing a slight ticking noise at a higher rpm. The ticking is consistent and doesn't change pace. I don't know if the two are connected or not.
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2021.12.06 16:51 Fair_Ask670 Nr 5327 - Us 3 - Cantaloop

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2021.12.06 16:51 POJJERZ Is my reasoning for this question correct? [Blueprint FL 2 spoiler]

The correct answer is (D). I know that for liquid solutions, the solubility of a solution generally increases as you raise the temperature (and decreases as you lower the temperature). I assumed that the same would apply for gaseous solutions (?). So in this case, as the temperature decreases the solubility of water should decrease. So there should be less "dissolved" (?) water per unit volume of air. Is this correct?
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2021.12.06 16:51 ObedientSandwich Very impressed with Mac n cheeze

First serving I made was bland and watery, but I knew I made a mistake because the pasta was still hard.
I left it for 10 minutes, covered up, after THOUROUGHLY shaking the back and scooping fr the bottom, and oh my. What an amazing product.
That is all. New favourite unlocked.
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2021.12.06 16:51 commonone16 Considerations when buying a frameset

Apologies in advance for the n00b questions. I'm considering doing a frame swap (current frame does not fit correctly) and want to reuse my components and wheels.
Mechanically, Here's what I believe I need to change/consider... but I'm sure I am missing a lot. Is there anything else I should be thinking of?

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2021.12.06 16:51 Aguacactus ENFP’s and Narcissists

It’s been well documented that ENFPs and narcissists attract. Or rather, narcissists are attracted to a ENFPs for our empathetic, child-like outlook on life.
I just escaped a narcissistic, romantic relationship and am still working on “finding” myself.
What are your stories about you and a narcissist?
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