Entitled Karen Tries to Tell Me a Trans Woman, That I am Racist...

2021.10.26 01:37 HydrophonicsTV Entitled Karen Tries to Tell Me a Trans Woman, That I am Racist...

So as you may have read this one is going to be a doozy, Last sunday I had My very first encounter with an entitled parent. I manage a VR Theme Park In a mall close to my states capital. I service everyone from Newly immigrated Afghani Men and Women, Turkish, Native American, Indian, African American and Persian People's, I have a great rapport of being Outgoing, Friendly, Fun, And always good with kids. I'm also able to explain to people about the technicalities of the theme park, to put them at ease of getting on a giant machine that requires them to take a risk. Finally I am transgender, I dressed like a devil, an incubus to be exact, and I wear Gothic occult clothing. I am discriminated against all the time, I have had a Uber drivers tell me that they do not drive sissies, in my last town I have had people follow me and threatened to beat me up. So I know what it's like to have a baton in the Discrimination Olympics that we are in right now. Enter Sunday I had just gotten finished putting people on our hurricane model 3, it is a robotic arm simulator that twist people upside down. The Karen had walked in with a very you need to service me right now attitude. Looking inpatient as s*** as she was I decided to immediately tend to her after I was done getting the 4 people that were currently in the hurricane situated. In the midst of this her little boy decided to get on the VR racing car and put the headset on, I told him not to do that because it is against our store policies where we need people to pay This angered the karen and had her say "FINE WE'LL PAY" After I got the family off oh, I tended to the Karen I said " good evening ma'am welcome to (insert name of company here), what can I do for you today" The Karen with a very snarky attitude replied " he wants to do that" then pointed to the racing simulator that we had on the side. Now before I let anybody cash out I always direct them to our store policies, this is because we don't want people to ride the rides and then leave (as her kid got on the racing simulator without directions), we don't want people to exchange the rides with someone who hasn't this will be important later), and we don't give discounts to anyone except military personnel. I said that's "no problem ma'am, did you get a chance to look at our store policies an-" Before I could even continue the Karen Cuts me off. "Uhm No I didn't But I'm Not going to read them" So I then told her the policies She replied with "Okay fine, I understand your goddamned policies, Now can I pay or not" This was a defining moment that I knew I had a Karen on my hands. So I quickly cashed her out for her son who had a birthday, as well as her two little kids for one on the egg Motion Simulators (which is $11 per person for 2 rides) Plus 2 on the on the hurricane. Now it is important to mention that there was a queue in front of her so I had to put two more people on the hurricane before she could go. We also had a line of two other families behind her. As I'm getting done strapping down the family I turn around and see Karen's to children sitting in the egg simulator ( remember she had only paid for one child on the egg simulator, not two, and she has been recited the policy that you cannot exchange rides with anybody.) I calmly walk over to the Karen and tell her about the situation. I say (loudly because the hurricane Is in motion and The speakers run nearly 60 dbs which is damn near movie theater imax loud) "Ma'am, I can't have two kids on the ride because you only paid for one kid on that ride, but if you want me to I can charge you for another." She replies with " why the f*** are you yelling at me I'm just trying to get my children to have a good time, fine I'll pay" Immediately I think I've had enough, between the attitude in the swearing, and the holding up of the line And since I am a manager of the store I say "well now you can leave, You've been rude this entire time, I'm going to refund you and then you can leave." Karen wasting no time, looks to me a Puerto Rican transgender and Say " you're just making us leave because you're racist against black people." Karen then proceeds to pull out her phone and in a giant spectacle record on her snapchat and say " don't come here y'all this place is full of racist they're kicking us out because they don't like black people." I am shaking as I look at her and say " ma'am how can I be racist if I am Puerto Rican and transgender, not only that but I serviced Afghanis, Turks, and anybody who comes through these doors" Karen then proceeds to look at me and Say " well you're still racist, you must hate black people " I immediately refund her purchase, and tell her to leave holding the money to her. She snaps the money out of my hand and as they're leaving, I tell the little boy that I am sorry.
But it doesn't end there. My boss ends up calling me about the incident, and I think I'm screwed. Because apparently she had been talking to him for near more than 2 hours not letting him finish a sentence.
I calmly explained to my boss what had happened and what had gone on. After both of us dealing with her we can finally agree that she is a stuck-up entitled parent and I had every right to throw her dumb ass out.
He also got mad at the fact that she tried to call me a racist when my boss has witnessed first-hand a Prejudice against trans people when he called for my Uber that one day, and the Uber driver said I don't drive sissies. :) Validation.
If you're going to come to my store don't be an entitled parent, because I will throw your ass out.
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2021.10.26 01:37 avalovesjackmanifold I cant tell if this guy likes me, or hates my guts.

I don’t want to share ages, however we are in highschool. I understand that we are still young, but I can’t differentiate between him actually liking me, or if he hates me. We joke around and say insults to eachother but on the other hand he can be nice and we joke around and such. For context, we dated before as immature ‘tween’ kids, and now we joke about it… but like. I genuinely do think we have a weird chance now. He always talks about being single with me too, and jokes about it. I literally just can’t tell if the insults are truthful or playful. Any advice to see this through?
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2021.10.26 01:37 dasyohlands In person Event

Hey there,
Did you guys hear about Campus Party?
I saw that we're going to have an in-person experience in Montreal. Is anyone here going?
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2021.10.26 01:37 StreetSyke Poggers

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2021.10.26 01:37 doinglineswithtryst Which side would you rather have? NON PPR

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2021.10.26 01:37 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Business] - White House to Name Rosenworcel as F.C.C.’s First Female Leader | NY Times

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2021.10.26 01:37 Leleannee Freshly painted. Thinking about painting the whole S14 this custom blue?! 🤭

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2021.10.26 01:37 Fun-Conversation1538 Hulkling MCU introduction theory

Out of all the Young Avengers, the only one not introduced so far(Iron Lad was technically introduced via his future self) is Teddy Altman, Hulking. It's assumed he will make his debut in either Secret Invasion or The Marvels. In the comics he is the son of Mar-Vell, a Male Kree who held the title of Captain Marvel, and the Skrull Princess Anelle. He was sent to Earth by the princess with her nursemaid to be reunited and raised by his father, only to discover he had died without knowing of his son's existence. This lead the nursemaid to go into hiding on Earth and raise him as her own. This backstory significantly clashes with the MCU's version of Marr-Vell, who wasn't a Captain Marvel or even a hero at all. My theory, hear me out, is that the MCU will relegate Teddy to instead be the son of Carol Danvers and a Skrull Prince. This comes from Monica's unexplained aggression toward even the mention of Carol in Wandavision. It could be that Carol fell in love with the Prince(The MCU has made her very close to the Skrulls) and had Teddy, but the Prince was assassinated by the Kree or another, more malevolent Skrull faction. Then, Teddy was sent into hiding on earth as, just like in the comics, his heritage made him a major political target. Monica's anger toward Carol could be because she feels like she abandoned her son, she would probably be very close to him as a sort of "Cool Aunt" or perhaps is even the one who raised him in this continuity. Whatever form it takes, Monica's realtion to him could be how they facilitate said hybrid prince's meeting with a certain chaos mage, who she also has strong ties to.
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2021.10.26 01:37 monkeyfang My experience , from a old man.

I’ll start by saying my first controller never really had a button.
My first recollection of FIFA was brought to you by the band Blur. Best opening song ever.
I had a goal tonight. Max Kruse. Had some time and figured I would make this happen. Finished work at 5. Had already bought RTTK Immobile earlier today during a teams meeting. He fits we’ll with Flashback Pedro.
5 o’clock, took some edibles. Not enough to wreck me, just enough to get lost. I got lost. I watched the cinematic while I played the games. I ran. 4321 In an effort to accomplish more XP. I normally don’t run this formation so it was a bit to adjust too. I decided to watch all the cinema-tics. I’m lucky enough to have a series X but holy crap, the game is so beautiful. From cut scenes to the cinematic story of scoring a game tying goal in the 85’ minute. Watching it all, and not skipping was awesome. The way the game presents the story of your match is quite amazing. The visuals and cuts are very good.
I ended up getting kruse a few hours later. I took a break to finish Midnight Mass. that’s a different story.
In the end I got my Kruse. Who knows! Love the fact that we can have so many untradeables. Opened my last pack and got RTTK Immobile. Overall a good grind, enjoyable, visually appealing.
We often don’t pause and look at the world around us. It’s nice too. It’s a beautiful world.
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2021.10.26 01:37 NotASilentShitter Shhhhh. He's sleeping.

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2021.10.26 01:37 kaatie80 Midnight Mass creepiness level? (Safe)

No spoilers for anything!
I've watched both Haunting series and loved them. However, I am a huge wuss and was scared for WEEKS after watching them. I'm a grown-ass woman in my mid-30s and I still get freaked out by the dark, it's ridiculous lol. And yet I love ghost stories!
Anyway, so I haven't watched Midnight Mass yet because of this. I've got enough going on in my life right now, I don't need to add in another reason to not be able to sleep. But I really want to watch it! So for anyone who's seen it and the Haunting shows, how would you say it ranks in scariness? Jump scares and sneaky/background ghosts freak me out. Does this show have that? If so, is it more or less than the Haunting shows?
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2021.10.26 01:37 texlivn210 Pikd up 40. Good price for a .7?

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2021.10.26 01:37 ComradeCummins What is the worst twitter post you have ever seen?

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2021.10.26 01:37 TERRARIAN_12 Hi I am Luna you can call me eggo too

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2021.10.26 01:37 xxslushee I am living a lifetime of sadness

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2021.10.26 01:37 AlexDeathway Thanks to everyone’s advice, my mouse drawing algorithm has gotten much better and faster!

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2021.10.26 01:37 lesangpro007 Encore ! Encore !!!

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2021.10.26 01:37 Elrickooo A couple more from this morning's boat rescue as the storm rolled in

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2021.10.26 01:37 Guilty-Tea-8501 Delta F2F tomorrow!! Any tips on what I can expect from someone whos gone please ? Feel free to pm. Just recently got a CJO from American! If you want to swap stories!

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2021.10.26 01:37 jakejanoski Macintosh 512K floppy

Hey everyone I’m doing a restoration project on this old Macintosh 512K but the previous owner apparently removed the internal floppy and I’m having a hard time tracking one down. Anyone know where I can find one or if you have one would you be willing to sell?
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2021.10.26 01:37 BryansFury What should I change/upgrade?(second is In game)

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2021.10.26 01:37 Familiar-Explorer188 oputtake

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2021.10.26 01:37 glimpsesaveme someone comment 😇

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2021.10.26 01:37 Liquidsun-1 Is Sierra Swan’s “To the Moon” a response to Save Your Tears?

I was checking out Sierra Swan’s music after learning more about her and Katie Cole and their relationship and contributions to the band’s music. Her song To the Moon has a lot of lyrics that sounds like it could easily be a direct response to Save Your Tears. It’s interesting, give it a listen.
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