Really needing help!! Can’t live this way forever!!

2021.10.26 02:27 poboyrich Really needing help!! Can’t live this way forever!!

As stated,I really need someone to just point me in the right direction. I’ve been to Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt (live in Nashville) and was scheduling for Mayo till COVID hit. Seen over a dozen Neuro’s ,otolaryngologist’s. So many doctors!! Now starting all over trying to get in Mayo again. Long story dating back to 2017. But the jest is basically 24-7 vertigo + vestibular migraines +ST memory loss, along with many other symptoms. I honestly need someone to listen to me even though it might critique another MD. Tired of treating the symptoms, Need help treating the cause.
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2021.10.26 02:27 Nederland5 New sensor detects low air humidity

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2021.10.26 02:27 shujao From my yesterday's observation...

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2021.10.26 02:27 sachinsharma32182 HELP PLEASE

So I have had 2 cyst on my right testicle for like 3 years now and it doesn't hurt but they are quite large idk what they are exactly. Anyone got a clue and how to fix it?
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2021.10.26 02:27 BumBumCow How well will a 4x felt hat keep its shape?

I'm looking for a cowboy hat and was wondering how well a 4x hat would hold up over time in harsh weather such as rain.
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2021.10.26 02:27 carrotz101 Monitor blackscreening

My monitor is a VIOTEK GNV32DB-DP. I have updated my video drivers, unplugged and replugged the video cable from both the monitor end and the io end, and I have done a manual restart from the monitor's buttons. Yet still about every 45 seconds the screen blacks out for about 3 seconds. I have a 3070 so I don't think that's the issue, and my second monitor that I have plugged into the same GPU has never had any issues. I really hope I don't have to sell the monitor off. I don't know about the warranty but id like to avoid the hassle either way. could anybody help?
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2021.10.26 02:27 The_mango55 Does Spellstrike stack with Flurry of Blows

Meaning if I have a magus/monk, can I get an extra attack with spellstrike and a second free attack with flurry of blows?
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2021.10.26 02:27 Jumper090988 Toronto Advanced Air Mobility White Paper Launch October 26, 2021

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2021.10.26 02:27 ivtonic Holon Hackathon 2021

Hey all!
Wanted to invite you to a Hackathon I'm organising at the moment, sponsored by Filecoin and IPFS
Up to 55k in FIL to be won!
Check out this link for all the details overview
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2021.10.26 02:27 user1018324 Are perforated sheet trays a thing? Like perforated baguette pans?

I got a few perforated baguette pans a few years ago and I use them a few times a month to attempt to make baguettes. Regardless of how the baguettes turn out, I absolutely adore the way the crust ends up with the underside texture. Is that something you can do with round buns? I feel like I’ve had round buns with that texture on the underside, but I can’t seem to find any photo evidence. If that’s a thing, can someone show me what the pan looks like? And follow up, does a perforated pan affect the end product aside from imparting that texture? Thanks!
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2021.10.26 02:27 CheLeung Political Spectrum of Mainland China and other Ideological Charts

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2021.10.26 02:27 ZoolShop PlayStation 5 consoles will be available at more GameStop stores this Friday

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2021.10.26 02:27 johnnythesnake All from a small hole in my tonsils!

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2021.10.26 02:27 Arcanestomper The Sagittarius War: Part 9

Sagittarius Assault
[First] | [Previous] | [Next]
The mass of flesh and glass orbited the star along with its innumerable siblings. Occasionally it flexed and groaned as variances in the solar radiation put too much stress into its organs as it directed the light into nearby breeding vessels. However its normal life was interrupted when it heard an irresistible psychic call.
In unison with its brethren the living mirror turned and aligned itself with much more distant collectors. These collectors in turn directed the light towards a relay of focusing mirrors that aggregated the entire output of the star into one immense beam.
This beam in turn traveled along a path outward that had been previously cleared of traffic and infrastructure. It was unimpeded until it impacted on the hulk of a wellship. The mammoth vessel had survived centuries of warfare and numerous battles with primitive forces, but in the face of the ravening power of a star it simply disintegrated.
Barely impeded by the destruction of the wellship the beam continued onward seemingly unstoppable. Until it ran into a patch of blackness darker than the void. At which point the entire beam was devoured with no more than a brief murmur of scattered energy.
Of course the observers on the nearby station couldn’t see these titanic forces at play. Both the beam and the patch of void were effectively invisible from their perspective. However they could see the wellship being destroyed, and a nearly identical wellship on the opposite side of the patch that remained perfectly intact. They were suitably impressed.
And none more so than Hierarch *(#!^. Turning to the (@%!)> in charge of the project he slurped approvingly. “Good work Sage #$@. You say this can be extended over any vessel?”
Sage #$ was briefly stunned by the addition of a new symbol, but quickly recovered at the question. “Yes Hierarch. The godmind constructs needed to stretch the black gate into shield form become increasingly complex as it moves away from a simple plane, but this is easily handled using the local souls.”
“And what if it comes into contact with another black gate.” This had been a concern for Hierarch *(#!^ ever since he had read Sage #$@’s proposal. After all regular weapons were already readily handled by a standard aegis construct.
“There is an additional energy expenditure as the merger results in strain waves being emitted from the point of contact. But not only will the godmind already be equipped to dampen them, but the shield itself will absorb everything radiating towards the shielded ship.” Sage #$@ displayed a simulation of the event in one of the larger viewing pools not devoted to observing the test fire.
Hierarch *(#!^ chuckled and rubbed his tentacles in glee. “So not only will our ships not be damaged, but it will more than likely reflect on any human vessels attempting to use their black gate weapons.” He couldn’t wait to see locals essentially destroy themselves.
“Excellent, excellent. Your work has been most fruitful Sage. I am authorizing additional resources. I want a full prototype warship outfitted with a black shield immediately.”
Ever since the human invention of the flux drive the battle lines of the galactic lines had been pushed further and further back towards the galactic core. Unfortunately however the daemons had not been idle in their millenia of control over the galactic center. They had constructed Dyson swarms of their own, huge defensive fortresses, and other stranger megastructures. All this combined had slowed the human assault, and eventually stalled it. All this meant that the furthest human foothold was still two hundred light years from Sagittarius A*, and it was dangerously exposed.
However the humans hadn’t pushed so far forward on a whim. While their fleets held off enormous swarms of daemon ships attempting to retake the system hordes of engineers and scientists worked on the largest engine ever built. A twin sided engine that balanced on its own thrust and moved the very star itself.
In a small station orbiting the star Academician Zhakarov entertained a group of select guests as the engine initiated fusion thrust for the first time. There was of course no sense of movement, but the pillar of fire made a suitable backdrop for his speech, “And there you have it. The stellar engine is online and operational. The first step in our final assault.”
One of the navarchs attending raised her wine glass in salute. “Most impressive academician. A toast to your engineers. The reports I read say they have exceeded all expectations. We should arrive in a mere million years.”
Zhakarov smiled at the good natured jab. “Yes, four times faster than we projected at the start of the project. They have truly done an admiral job. And your fleets have done just as well protecting us here in the heart of daemon territory. But of course we can do better.”
He raised his own glass. “To Phase Two, and the largest Pritha-Trinh drive ever constructed. We will show these daemons just what heights their own technology can reach.”
The work was already underway. Immense bands of habitation pods and accelerators were being wrapped around the star along with huge flux capacitors to power the massive warping of space that was needed. This was the reason humanity had pressed so far into daemon territory. The flux tide was too thin in the far reaches of the galaxy to support such a grandiose project as moving a star.
Archon @#@#^*12 was perched on her pedestal of state dealing with the petitioners begging for favors, mediation, and resources. It was soul crushing work. Normally she would be in favor of some light soul crushing, but not when it was her soul under pressure.
As she dealt with the hundredth (@%!)> begging for a larger fraction of the siphon’s power @#@#^*12 felt a tug at her soul. It felt as if a ripple of flux had just washed over her. Which given that she was in the most heavily shielded and fortified structure in all of (@%!)> space was actually quite alarming.
Quickly swiveling to a nearby viewing pool the Archon commanded the nearest sages to scan for anomalies. And those anomalies did not prove hard to find. Eight new stars shone in the sky where none had been before. Stars that were altogether closer than they should have been. A paltry few light days away. And worse the godminds were already detecting swarms of primitive craft streaming outward to assault the siphon.
“Impudence!” cried @#@#^*12 as she rose to her full majestic stature. “Rally the hierarchs! Awaken the battle gods! Prepare the siphon for stellar engagement! If these primitives wish to move closer to their own deaths. Then we will oblige them.”
The ships of the twenty second assault fleet drove hard for the star S2 on conventional drives. Normally this sort of voyage would be an epic multi century trek, but the stars of the S cluster orbited Sagittarius A* so closely that the twenty second would arrive in a matter of weeks. Many of its recon probes had already arrived and were beaming back detailed information of the daemon forces there.
Admiral Jolaro was reviewing this information on his flag bridge when the alarms blared. The daemons had decided not to idly wait for the assault, but instead intercepted the twenty second with a mass of drones, or what passed for drones in the daemon inventory anyway. Disassembling drone wrecks after various battles had revealed some kind of organic nervous system that was suspected to be sapient.
Such thoughts drifted across Admiral Jolaro’s surface mind as he entered the battle fugue and his consciousness melded with the fleet network. Jolaro’s comprehension expanded until he could take in the millions of vessels under his own command and the tens of millions of drones facing them. They were numerically superior, but much smaller than his warships. It would be a simple matter to plow through the cloud of drones or blow them away.
Unfortunately however S2 was a hive of daemon activity and the twenty second had limited reserves of everything. This wouldn’t be the last drone swarm in their way, and enough ammunition and energy needed to be stockpiled for the actual assault on S2’s globe of daemon fortresses. The twenty first and twenty third would be lending their support to the assault as well, but judicious use of firepower was still called for here.
So instead of ordering his ships to simply open fire Admiral Jolaro contemplated the drone swarm. Expert systems highlighted its density and the track of various components of his fleet through it. The occasional random surface thought penetrated the depths of his analysis with bits of helpful information on various drone configurations encountered in the past.
Eventually Admiral Jolaro began giving orders. This group of battleships would deploy kugelblitz mines in the densest drone formations. That flotilla of destroyers would escort his logistic ships through the resulting breach. The second scout wing would swing wide to ensure there was nothing being obscured behind the drones.
Orders and contingencies stacked on top of each other until at last Admiral Jolaro contemplated a full battle plan that orchestrated the entire fleet in a series of dizzying maneuvers. The planning had taken mere minutes of augmented thought, but as the orders streamed out Jolaro knew that the resulting battle would take far longer as the human ships oriented themselves to counter the approaching swarm with a precise application of firepower and a minimum of energy.
The next few days would be hard fought, and the weeks after even more so. But they hadn’t come this far expecting an easy victory, and they were prepared to give their all to the battle.
“Sir, the assault on the cluster stars are progressing well, but the vanguard fleets closest to the megastructure around Sagittarius A* are being obliterated. There’s nothing near them in real space, but we are reading an immense flux signature coming off the structure.” The adjutant delivered the news to Cluster Admiral Mallon in a normal voice, but the undercurrent of its data streams were rich with a subtext of casualty reports and sensor anomalies.
Cluster Admiral Mallon was in charge of Olympus. One of the eight stellar engines assaulting Sagittarius A*, and she didn’t really need the adjutant’s report. She could read the sensors well enough herself. But she had found it helped organize her thoughts to have an outside voice providing input.
“Yes, it must be one of the devourer’s flux weapons. We haven’t seen one on this scale before though. The closest assault fleet was still billions of kilometers out. What was the previous record?”
“The battle of Centauri Eight Thirteen Admiral. The devourer super fortress employed flux effects at two hundred million kilometers to divert an incoming fleet.”
“So orders of magnitude stronger just in range. And more orders of magnitude of power in effect. I wouldn’t be surprised if they could reach us all the way out here. Even if only slightly.” The admiral snapped her fingers and pointed towards a particular structure from her viewpoint over the stellar engine’s many components. “Prepare the Star Awl for activation. I’m sure the others saw the same thing we did, but contact them and ensure we’re all coordinated. We probably won’t get more than one shot at this.”
Humans didn’t understand flux theory. Oh, they knew enough to get the flux to do what they wanted and warp space in very convenient ways, but they had yet to fully explore the nature of flux and what exactly it was. It didn’t help that all the best places to do experiments were literally war zones.
Still they knew the basic principles and some things were obvious inferences from that. For instance you could affect energy and matter with flux. And if you could cause effects in one direction, then it followed that you should be able to cause effects in the other direction.
The fact that it was possible to create sensors that worked through flux space seemed to support this. And basic experiments had further refined the theory. By modulating energy in just the right ways and with a few flux pilots guiding things humans had learned to create a flux flare. It didn’t do much by itself, just blinded any flux sensors in the area it was pointed. In theory it could also disrupt any purely flux constructs, and the daemons did use a lot of flux constructs so theoretically it would be a useful weapon.
But in practice the current implementations of the flare devices were too slow to point at enemy warships, and they needed the energy of a star to power them so they weren't useful in assaults on daemon defensive installations. Unless of course you were planning to bring a star with you. Or better yet eight of them.
So the Star Awls had come into being. The entire output of a Dyson Laser pumped through a ring of toroids where flux psions bent their wills to channeling the beam into the flux. From there humans couldn’t follow the process very well, but as eight lances of solar pumped flux disturbances pumped into the alien megaconstruct surrounding the supermassive black hole they could tell something was happening.
Pieces of its strange architecture seemed to be bending, warping, and phasing in and out of existence. Flux readings were off the scale. But most importantly the vaporization of the forward assault fleets had stopped. Though most of the admirals had decided to maintain a prudent distance from the disturbingly anomalous movements of the megastructure anyway.
Archon @#@#^*12 raged with a fiery anger that had already resulted in the deaths of many of her hapless subordinates. Her default state of being seemed to be wrath these last few days and weeks. First the primitives had dared to assault her personally. Then her hierarchs had sloppily handled the defense of their fiefdoms in the nearby stars. Then the worst indignity the primitives had deployed some sort of crude flux lance.
The siphon's godminds weren't suffering much damage from the lances themselves, but everything looking into the flux had been blinded, and the siphon was being damaged by the flailing of its own godminds. Her own flux sense was blinded too so she couldn't even use the siphon's output herself. And her praetorians had reported that some extremely impudent primitives were beginning to assault the siphon directly.
The Archon had ordered the praetorians to attack the intruders, but the situation was growing increasingly untenable. Even if she won it would be a bitter hard fought victory. And she was the Arcon of the (@%!)>. She always won with effortless grace. As such the Archon fumed as she boarded her personal shuttle and boosted along the siphon’s loops. One particular loop in particular that bent in just the right way. This wouldn't do at all. But she still had options. She would regroup and then show everyone here just what it meant to fight an Archon.
The shuttles flux drives activated, and it vanished into the depths of space time.

[First] | [Previous] | [Next]
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2021.10.26 02:27 rainrat What are some good words to seed a Job Job icebreaker with?

You've answered the icebreaker prompt but can fit a few more words in. What do you seed it with?
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2021.10.26 02:27 Packedlight0 Insurgency Xbox needs left trigger option to shoot.

Title says it all. I do my real shooting with my left trigger, so I don't want to squeeze the wrong finger in a real-life life and death situation because I got used to Sandstorm controls. To be real though, all my other videogames, when you choose left-handed controller layout, switch trigger controls. Sandstorm doesn't. This should be basic. Anyone know if there is a way to contact the developers? It should be a really easy fix for next update.
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2021.10.26 02:27 kalliopemarx do u ever just...

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2021.10.26 02:27 BeeWithDragonWings You can turn your bone marrow into lasers.

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2021.10.26 02:27 travisahicks Just started playing Go West Young Raccoon for the first time in about 6-7 years.

God I love this episode. I remember skipping school one day to stay at home at my Nana's house and play this episode on my vita. Needless to say it was great day. Hahahahahahaha
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2021.10.26 02:27 Mwe_Baby The Kermit Arcana

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2021.10.26 02:27 Independent-Ad419 Millennials! Do you have a friend or friends? If not then why? Does a friend matter?

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2021.10.26 02:27 lowkey-zealous Steinke acquires 50k worth of shares in the public market

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2021.10.26 02:27 Equal_Passenger2630 sweet

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